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  1. The parts book should show how things are assembled. Do you have the spring part number?
  2. Do you still sell Loadstar parts? I'm needing a rear brake cylinder or a rebuild kit for a 1969

  3. Do you have a left rear brake backing plate for a 1976 Loadstar1700 with hydraulic brakes?


  4. When is the last time you oiled the valves?
  5. Hi Travelette,

    I am just wondering what is the best way to get in contact with you regarding the 3 piece exhaust manifold you showed a picture of on the website. I am wondering if you are interested in selling it.

    Thanks very much,


    Graeme Wilson

  6. Hi Travelette,

    I just saw you had a NOS 3 piece RD 406 Exhaust manifold, just wondering if you still have it and if so interested in selling it. Any chance of getting you phone number and I will give you a call.

    Thanks ,



  7. If you are not in a hurry, I can help. Do you have a Holley or a Prestolite distributor?
  8. Most Red Diamond parts can still be found without much trouble. But how much time do have? And how much are you willing to spend? Fixing up a unit like this really needs to be a labor of love. If soaking doesn't free it up, taking the head off for a look inside won't cost anything. The down side of 501's is that they are the only RD without replaceable sleeves.

    Are these rare?

    All of the silo building companies around here had them for crew trucks. A local asphalt sealing outfit has a few. But the Wisconsin road salt has killed the majority in this area. That one looks pretty rust free.
  10. A 1980 S1654 would have a 6.9L V8. But as Eason said 10 bolt wheels points toward a S1754 with a 9.0L V8. The 9.0L gets mixed reviews. I really like them. A local yellow bus operator had over 100 of them, and cried when they were discontinued. They where noted for great fuel mileage, and lifter failures. We replaced the lifters BEFORE they failed and took out the camshaft. Well, most of the time. The 9.0L ended because it couldn't meet emissions, not smog, NOISE emissions. If you buy it, I still have a lot of new parts for them.
  11. You are lucky that hi-lift didn't kill you or wreck something. A low profile 20 ton bottle jack, or even a little 2 ton bottle, will work just fine when lifting one wheel at a time.
  12. Are you sure it's a DT466? IIRC the DT360 was the standard engine in a '89 1754.
  13. Check with Kurt to see if he thinks a float level adjustment may be needed, since this only happens on a big hill. It sounds like you are running out of gas. Is the new fuel pump the same as the old one? I have seen several cases of electric pumps not being able to keep up with the demand of a big Holley on a large c.i.d. engine. I have two F.W.D. pumpers with Waukesha's that have 3 AC electric pumps in tridem.
  14. In Wisconsin a truck registered with collector plates is only allowed to carry 500 pounds over it's empty weight. That 500 lbs. includes the driver and any passengers. In other words, if you and your passenger are heavy set, that leaves 50 to 100 lbs. of "cargo". So, if you want to legally haul a tractor, you need to buy a regular plate that covers the loaded weight. I obey the law, and it annoys me when I see people breaking it. Because I spend about $600.00 each year properly licensing trucks that qualify for collector plates, so I can legally haul my toys and equipment. I see people breaking this law all the time. The other day I saw a rusted out '87 Ford F-150, overloaded with firewood, it's rear bumper almost dragging on the pavement, and yes, it had a collector plate.
  15. I see that you are close to Columbus. There are both an International dealer, and a Cummins Engine Company service outlet in that city. They will fix your truck, you will pay the bill. That is the simple choice. Every day I get calls from customers that want me to fix their truck over the phone. And I do, if I can. But more often, I tell them that they need to bring it in.
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