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  1. yeah I have seen different mags on Farmalls- its an SAE flange, just wondering if the kiwis had something different Thanks for your input Mike
  2. that mag is odd as well American Bosch. do you have any pics of a Zenith carb on an M? never saw once setup to work on M or H type governor tube
  3. hillman

    Coffee shop

    we brought this to your attention weeks ago. When I post now and it says its saving then I open another Window and spend time elsewhere until its loaded. its very annoying
  4. we have a truck at work with a Paccar 8.3 ( Cummins) in it that broke the same bolts off and it was never overheated. Dealer drilled them out but it still leaked and ended up replacing gasket
  5. I didn't want to rain on his parade but agree with you. Don't forget the bad t/a in a cheap 806. by the time your are done there is no such thing as a cheap 806 IMHO did the OP consider a small utility tractor like a 434 or 444. You could even get creative and make a set of orchard fenders for it. I would think one of those tractors would be very handy on an orchard Good luck with your project no matter what direction you take !👍
  6. 30 years ago I worked for a company that built garbage and dump trucks. We were lagging behind the competition on recycling trucks. The engineers came up with a design that was a complete disaster and we only made the first one. One of my coworkers was the smartest guy I ever worked with ( old guy -licensed mechanic trained in Holland and could figure out and do anything ) I can still hear him yelling at the head engineer in a heavy Dutch accent " First you go to school before you become stupid "😆
  7. hillman

    986 power

    take it to a dealer on put it on the dyno. if its down on power find out why if its where it should be turn it up no more than 10% and leave it just my 2 cents
  8. if this is what you are looking for PM me with your Zip Code and I will get a shipping quote
  9. I have a bunch of magnetos . LMK I can take one apart tomorrow
  10. Yogi Berra once said "It's like déjà vu all over again."
  11. thats essence of the coffee shop Mike and I enjoyed the above guys as much as the next guy ( I think Tony leans in that direction too ). You were one of 'em as well. your experience/perspective and pics were great! but what the **** is black billy tea
  12. I think you are over analyzing the meme - it was from a year ago referring to current events. that said as far as the current state of the forum I would say no pain no gain Thats great Tony. I would bet most of the disturbers don't subscribe to RP and have ruined it for the rest of us. I would add to your suggestion that usernames were not permitted and the members real/full name was required to verify the subscription . That way they have to put their name on their posts and stand by them RP magazine is a classy publication IMHO as are the Miesners . so shouldn't the forum be classy as well ? leave the garbage where it belongs?
  13. find the leak? could be a simple fix .
  14. The Coffee Shop is not gone , its a matter of the Admin clicking a box to hide or unhide any section of the forum . they can also make it read only on some platforms. ( I am familiar with phpBB only) They are trying to make a point and some of you guys aren't getting it . just keep poking at the owners and see if that gets you what you want 🙄 Someone asked why is there a Red Power forum. Ask yourself if it was your business would you want it represented it this manner ? ( borrowed image from FB)
  15. alot of thought went into that Jeff but I believe if you guys just let the smoke clear everything will be OK a scab takes longer to heal if you keep picking it🤠
  16. your machine shop can source rings by size as opposed to application, I would suggest talking to the guy out back not the counter help A&I sell them by the piston set if you can determine if they are the same size as yours- A-PR113 Overbore 3" To 3-1/8" Not For Use On OEM Pistons. Includes: 2 compression rings and 1 oil ring. 2 COMP RINGS, .090 THICK, 1 OIL RING .1795" THICK RINGS ARE SOLD PER CYLINDER, 4 ARE NEEDED PER ENGINE
  17. That looks awesome Seth, I my look for one myself after seeing yours
  18. my local dealer will go to the microfiche if its not online. I have a complete set of micro fiche with Letter Series Ws as well as parts books if someone needs a part number you can PM me and I will look it up
  19. I think you are right about Paris but I stay out of the JD green displays anything pre Second Gen JD is of no interest to me. I love oddballs and all others but those relics
  20. Coming from a grumpy old ******* the tractor needs no mods IMHO. the kids need to learn the rules of the farm like the rest of us did.
  21. gave up on another PM so testing here again I believe this all started the last time the message board got an update. its not our computers.
  22. that posted instantly and then I went to the PM and it worked instantly🥺
  23. I am trying to reply to a Pm and after 1/2 hr gave up . this post is a test. tried different browsers and cleared cache. it just says " saving" when I click on submit reply. its very frustrating and its not user friendly at all no other message board operates like this. you should be able to use any browser without clearing the cache ,even if that approach worked- which it doesn't
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