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  1. there's another downside to the Dutch farmers being offered " well over" the worth of their farm - They have driven the price of land sky high here when they bring their fortune over from their little farm in Holland, increasingly harder for young Canadians to compete
  2. as a tractor they are not worth it but it is nice to see them as a collectable go for stupid money. IMHO the inline 6 diesel is superior in everyway
  3. 😲 I didn't get that memo😀 Are you on Face plant? I said I would never join up but that's where everything is these days. There's some very good free auction groups on there and the items sell for good money. There is still lots of interest in literature
  4. the answer is a full hard NO! IF a guy wants a good tractor he ain't looking at one of them They are a collectable novelty...a want not a need IMHO
  5. hillman

    Foot wear

    I could have posted that ! I drive local and am out of my truck alot with no issues. weekends are brutal on my back . If I go to an auction and stand alot I feel it later!
  6. Good news. I believe your support network says as much about you and your family as it does about them .
  7. LMAO, The ad actually said Farmall C engine so it more than likely a C113. theres more than one way to tame a beast😏
  8. I was thinking of that comparison when I saw this thread. I am in the Bailey/Mary Ann group.
  9. I know a few guys with incredible skills who waste their time on garbage like that Frankentractor This one to a lesser extent popped up on Kijiji this morning
  10. this is a great thread. I am glad I found it!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving guys. we celebrate ours in October heres some Thanksgiving car fun
  12. this will be like an oil thread😏if you can get dry ice go for it, they will not slip in at room temp
  13. now that you have some extra free time you could build yourself a filter cart , with all the equipment you have it would be very handy
  14. with it being a 2 stroke put in a simplistic way it's more like 2 times the displacement, - not that simple but a quick and easy comparison if you follow my reasoning without all the theory and efficiencies etc
  15. I think most guys have had some experience with other colors. Those putt bang tractors were well built and possibly great to some people. but if they were so great how would it have worked out if they continued with that archaic design?? How about the Farmall Doctors favorite power shift with a putt bang 2 cylinder ahead of it. Those tractors were past their best before date 10 years before the second gen tractors, I have no issues with JDs esp 2nd gens but the 2 lungers were one step above a steam engine
  16. strap wrench or by hand. if you put Teflon tape on it , it will go in easier and farther with the same effort. should be OK
  17. I haven't been up to date on news with the FIL passing but my area has no snow but areas north of here got a dumping of snow. some as much as 2 feet. lake effect snowfall
  18. I almost bought an 826 2 weeks ago, That engine was smooth and quite 👌very nice runner
  19. I am not an expert on Sideflips and their cousins but what I know is GM and Suzuki had a joint manufacturing facility in Ingersoll 20 minutes from here- CAMI. They built those little guys ( GMs and Suzukis )there not sure if Detroit built them . I know a few guys who had them and really liked them Suzuki walked away from CAMI in 2009 and turned it over to GM. It is being refitted to produce EV delivery vans
  20. the combine can be replaced ! we will be thinking of your brother and wishing for a full recovery
  21. ^ with some editing of blizzard footage and a good producer they could have made a good video without the musicians even seeing snow, oh well at least it didn't feature a Volvo
  22. I would love to have a narrow front tractor with a cab. now thats cool I don't think the price is high if it's a want not a need. If you are using it on the farm probably could spend your money better on something else BUT if it's something you really want as you said it's a bucket list tractor I think the price does not matter. You could buy a $4-5000 tractor and get that much tied up very fast plus that M&W turbo kit is worth a few bucks. Quality often is the cheapest route to go IMHO
  23. sell them the yellow snow😏
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