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  1. Here is a video that slams both IH and JD

    ^ that's funny. but true. My ex boss ( AC dealer) claimed AC starting fluid was the best on the market because it was pure ether now theres a claim! did you sweep all the oil dry you could find under each Allis to soak up the oil leaks? Also in 3000-4000 hours the guy could do a sequel on how that engine comes apart
  2. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    Hey I think Turdeau is planning that vacation
  3. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    I was out putting a cylinder head on ( best place for thinkin) and remembered Western Canada had to ban Pension Funds from buying up farmland a couple years ago. http://www.westerninvestor.com/news/saskatchewan-manitoba/saskatchewan-kicks-pensions-out-of-farmland-1.2214476
  4. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    Well said again ! I have American friends, I look at them no differently than my neighbors. We can compete head on and work together in most cases. I think all the other trade agreements should be abandoned . We cannot trade with Third World countries and come out ahead. I really hope the USA finds a solution to the milk troubles, it gives no one up here any pleasure seeing this happen btw,- our idiot lead government is now looking at a Free Trade Agreement with South America.
  5. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    that's crazy! how much is a cup of coffee in your town?
  6. McCormick OS6 Restoraton

    I use Agri Services out of Alden , New York Good guy and quality harnesses http://www.wiringharnesses.com/
  7. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    "Farmers reported 1.4 million acres of cropland in BC in 2006, down from 2001. The province accounts for about 1.6% of all cropland area in the nation." ------BC is not a huge agricultural province and is not representative at 1.6% . I know of farmers selling their land in BC and buying here as well. . I do not support foreign ownership of farmland in any country BTW Please keep this civil........... IMHO all dairy farmers regardless of their country should be paid well. Why on Earth should a dairy farmer make the huge investment and suffer all the grief that comes with it and not be paid well? Doctors, fireman, police and farmers ( esp dairy farmers) should be paid well. What baffles me is dairy farmers from other countries wanting to bring Canadian dairy farmers into their low return ranks. If every cow dropped dead in Canada this instant( and all of Canada never milked again ) within 2-3 years the surplus milk problem would once again be forcing out the small family dairy farms south of the border . Canada is not the problem. sorry it just ain't. This past January ,Daren Von Ruden - President of the Wisconsin Farmers Union spoke in London Ontario about Supply Management and his approval of a system in the USA but possibly based on market shares or something to that effect. He invited Canadian dairy farmers to speak in the USA. It must have worked _ please read https://www.wispolitics.com/2018/darin-von-ruden-the-time-to-act-on-dairy-is-now/ Something that puzzles me is foreigners ( usually politicians ) lobbying for Canadian consumers - paying too much for milk. Really, they care? Why do they care about my expenses ? I know of no one complaining about the price of milk here I am not anti American farmer but pro farmer . The more free trade agreements I see the more I see Mr Trump's points. but each country should be able to be and function as they see fit. If Canada wants supply management then that's the way it is IMO. After that what next? what does each country have to give up ? Should all countires will be under one government? One more. foreign farmers feel they have the right to sell milk in Canada. I cannot produce and sell milk in Canada But I am OK with that in order for a stable market where producers are paid fairly. No use producing milk with an uncertain future These are my opinions on the topic and if you disagree you are also entitled to your opinion OK flame away
  8. Vintage Ads

    It is possible but unlikely Dale. the ad was no newer than 1961 ( before Cockshutt was gutted) MM and Cockshutt had no corporate ties up to that time
  9. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    I don't understand how you are connecting the purchase of the farm with milk imports Mike, the milk will not enter Canada IMHO. These investment companies /boards etc invest in businesses or commodities they think will make money. They could have easily invested the money in something else in NZ if they thought it would make money just my 2 cents Foreign investment on the other hand is a concern here as well. Chinese buy up a lot of land
  10. What ruled the roads then?

    I took these pics at the Indy Bash as well. not a street car but legendary!
  11. What ruled the roads then?

    COPO Camaros ! all aluminum 427 ! build by GM with full warranty. This link says they were 500 hp but I have read they were closer to 600 hp I took this pic of a real COPO at the Indy Bash. they look fairly tame don't they https://musclecars.howstuffworks.com/classic-muscle-cars/1969-chevrolet-camaro-zl1.htm
  12. What ruled the roads then?

    GM, around here. I cannot say I ever ruled anything let alone the street. one of my midlife crisis' was this Z28. I bought it with that tunnel ram on it and took it off the first year. It then got stroked to 383 cubes and a nice cam. 4 speed car with air and Type LT. very odd optioned out car. I took it on the Hot Rod Power Tour, Indy Bash 2008 ( did a lap around the Indy ) It had stump pullin torque with the stroker crank in it/ I sold it about 5 years ago I 've had a bunch of Camaros, V8 S10 , 454 1968 Nova but my 1993 Z28 LT1 6 speed was the all round best car
  13. that's a very good question. I have a McCormick Orchard and Grove sales brochure and it does not hold to either marking on O and OS tractors. on one page an O has Grove on it and the next page Orchard- Same with the OS models When IH started building Supers they discontinued Orchard and Industrial models. OS4 is short for "Orchard Special"
  14. Letter Series at Work

    I love Letter Series ! esp W series. I did a rough tally on the total production numbers of the Letter Series ( including Supers ) and its around 1,050,000 units made without the Cub . Yet there is a few who just won't let up on them . ....whatever. What other series of tractor made by any company sold that many tractors. AND they were not cheap throwaways like some clunkers. I have been inside enough tractors to appreciate the quality and durability of these machines. So I thought we could tell or show with pics what little job your Letter Series still does for you. If you hate them please start your own thread on why you don't care for them I believe the Letter Series is what started the love we have for the red tractors. IH had such a presence in the rural culture in so many ways in that era I am just a hobby farmer /collector with a Farmall 656D and 434d as my modern tractors I try to use a Letter Series if I have a job they can do. My favorite plow is a 8C - 2 ace bottom plow with a W4, sure makes for a smooth field if I have time. Lets see what you have!
  15. Letter Series at Work

    The pictures in all this thread are great. The above pictures are both guy's first posts on Red Power Forum. Welcome Farmall Bob & Farmall MD! Great introductions !
  16. Electronic ignitions

    IMHO they are the greatest thing since sliced bread in automotive applications but spending the dollars on a $1000-$2000 antique is unnecessary but whatever turns your crank. 660 driver no longer gets a fouled plug and I have no reason to not believe him and he may get easier starting . spending the dollars on making sure the distributor is not wornout would be my first step in the ignition area. My friend the electronic guy says new condensors are very poor so keep the old ones and your points may last longer here are some dyno results for a car engine. very little difference in results http://www.hotrod.com/articles/ccrp-9812-ignition-performance-test/
  17. Electronic ignitions

    Good discussion guys! Thanks! I started the thread just to see your thoughts and it was balanced. I have 3 gassers I use during the winter W4 with 6 volt gen./live hyd, W6 with 12 volt gen/ live hyd and Farmall 300 12 volt alt/ live hyd. all of them start easily. The 300 has sat outside all winter and I leave the choke 1/2 out incase it freezes up and it starts instantly .All my tractors I plan on keeping start within seconds of the starter engaging
  18. Electronic ignitions

    I think it would be nice if guys understood my position before disagreeing with me I do not believe there are noticeable hp gains with engines running under 2000 rpm, super low compression and a tame camshaft/ I have heard guys online and in person claim hp gains. I can not see it. easier starting and less fouled plugs I can see but that would be it for me. I don't have issues with points failing prematurely and I stopped counting gas tractors at 20 so I won't be converting any time soon just wanted to show dyno results for guys who actually will look at them if they think there are ponies to gain
  19. Electronic ignitions

    did you look at the link?
  20. Letter Series at Work

    do you know how to email your pictures? if you can I will pm my email address and I will post them for you Dukester
  21. Super A

    at a glance you look for the Super A hydraulic system. your pump is not original . I took a random pic off the Internet . Hope the owner don't mind
  22. Super A

  23. buyers guides

    I checked my Guides and found my own answer ( memory issues ) ones in those years I have: 1966 full year guide Canadian 1968 full year Canadian 1969 full year Canadian 1970 full year Canadian as well as Summer & Fall USA 1971 full year Canadian 1972 full year Canadian as well as Summer & fall USA 1973 full year Canadian so I assume IH of Canada issued yearly only and IH of US issued twice yearly ? the only USA ones I have in those years are summer and spring so it breaks the years up . what are the ones you have Brady?
  24. 500 hour M on page 33

    serial # 207314x1