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  1. When the paint went to Low Voc I got my parts guy/buddy to get every ounce of the NOS old paint from other dealers. I am down to 1 gallon which I am saving for my Super W6 T/A, I wanted to stick to what I liked as long as possible.
  2. hillman

    GM Strike

    I grew up with some kids of hired men who had a house provided in their wage. It works well for the employer or a young short term employee If a hired man enters into a career of a provided house he is not gaining equity in a home- the farmer gains equity in said house. after a lifetime of working day and night the hired man enters the housing market too late in life. Some will say he should have been saving for a house but the farmer factors the monthly rent into the wages. ... that house ain't free
  3. hillman

    GM Strike

    "I sure did appreciate the wage" "Unless a contract was up it was a pretty good place to work" "Unions seem to be both good and bad " I would emphasize those points and then I would say I believe every word in your post
  4. I got a more experienced parts guy at Delta today and when I explained the situation to him ,he found the same notice word for word Exeter did not have a gallon but some in quarts, They had 1 gallon at another location which is being shipped to the closest location to me between Delta and Stratford Farm Equipment there are 10 locations and the DW group another four I could find 1 gallon only. the first post I made was Case Ih itself and it listed the quarts as limited stock. If you are looking for Iron Guard soon I would suggest finding it sooner than later. Who knows how long it will take to find a new supply/supplier The John Deere paint uses Valspar hardener. I always was under the impression the Iron Gaurd was made by Valspar. anyone know this to be correct?
  5. its not just Case IH, Valspar - NLA, Corrostop( by PPG)NLA , Case IH -NLA ( according to parts-woman)and the shortline dealer supplier says the 3 gallons they have in stock will be the last- Van Sickle Environmental ? supply chain issues?
  6. got a set today at Car Quest on sale for $42. They look nice with heavy wall like an impact socket Made in Clarinda. Iowa 👍
  7. Thanks BJ, Delta is one of my local dealers, they just took over the area for my longtime dealer DW Group who dropped Case IH this summer. DW did not have any left so I called Stratford Farm Equipment who is the closest. They said they have none in their dealer network and there was none to be had at other dealers, They are all good about getting product in from the other dealers, She said its NLA. Seems odd Delta shows it in stock. I will call them tomorrow The paint I ordered should be Hershell/ Van Sickle ( thats what it was last time from that supplier) it went on beautifully but I haven't seen the tractor since I painted it so I have no idea how it stands up.
  8. I called my dealer(s) today for a gallon of 2150. NLA in Canada from what they said. spray bombs only. I cannot get Valspar, Corrstop( really like that one) I have 3 gallons of another brand coming from a shortline company and they will not be getting more ( I will post brand later) Krylon from Peavy Mart is pink Then I check online USA and its limited supply at $184.50 a quart, What is going on ? environmental issues?
  9. hillman

    GM Strike

    I posted those memes to add some levity to the thread. I have my experience with Unions and 100 threads won't change it or my opinion on the topic. My experience is not pre WW2 🙂
  10. I always used what I had and never looked into an alternative I am going to price them at my local NAPA tomorrow Thanks Dave
  11. hillman

    GM Strike

    whats a guy supposed to believe🤣
  12. its been 15 years since I tried Amazon.com. I just logged on and it appears I could in fact order through them . But I have Prime and with the shipping and duty its within a dollar of the .ca price Ebay Globull shipping also charges duty even though often on small ticket items there is no duty owing , its a nice little scam IMHO
  13. . He cancelled a show because of high ticket prices, He doesn't think they should be more than $25 He gets it! great spokes person for the average Joe
  14. I don't know, did you have to get another Amazon account to buy elsewhere, Seems to me I have tried to logon to Amazon.com and it wouldn't take my account. I have not tried for years at todays rate the Amazon.com price is $50.60 CAD
  15. theres a price drop so I think I will buy them We cannot buy from Amazon.com
  16. I always heard they were the best for clover seed I have never seen one with a corn header on it. thats cool. Was Allis the first to put a corn header on a pull type?
  17. I have no explanation, I try to post facts Amazon.ca lists them and if you scroll down to the bottom it states country of origin China. https://www.amazon.ca/Drive-Piece-Socket-Set-Point/dp/B01H2YWI4C/ref=pd_ci_mcx_mh_mcx_views_0?pd_rd_w=F1o3f&content-id=amzn1.sym.d588ac7e-55d7-47a6-ba73-cac810bf2c84%3Aamzn1.symc.40e6a10e-cbc4-4fa5-81e3-4435ff64d03b&pf_rd_p=d588ac7e-55d7-47a6-ba73-cac810bf2c84&pf_rd_r=J33C1MAVQE11G4AF1EQ9&pd_rd_wg=VWLX7&pd_rd_r=fa121289-3251-44e8-b784-1dbff83ccb8f&pd_rd_i=B01H2YWI4C
  18. the owner's name is Bob Conley. I can get contact info if you want it
  19. I agree with the others the gap could cause an issue with wear due to misalignment, It may never have been tightened up properly to begin with and vibrated loose, keep an eye on it and use the machine, retighten
  20. add Proto to your list, I went to order an 8 point 3/8 drive Proto socket set on Amazon, I have had a set for 35 years and a few are getting worn from using with a tee handle tapping....country of origin China I got this nice little rivet tool at Blyth last week, Made in USA by Indestro
  21. hillman

    GM Strike

    I can't go that far, there might be a round of applause for taking down the CEO, IMHO she should lead by example and her generous pay increases should be fair game . by crazies I was referring to a minority. most guys just go to work and mind their own business
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