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  1. judging from the coal you are rolling those 42s seem to take traction.👍 I live 10 miles from Salford Ontario the name sake of that company and where it all started. I know an engineer who worked there but outgrew the challenge and works for himself now. He is brilliant ! and is actually a member on here
  2. and then you got the other camp that puts turbos on them
  3. this one? Its posted by smiller - is that the same guy that used to be on here?
  4. I am familiar with brand "x" that went about 4000 hrs between overhauls , But 560s rearends fly out and won't start either There is some truth to the legend but as with all legends they grow as time passes by IMHO
  5. I have seen a few d282s with more than 7000 hrs on them and never had the head off
  6. I made up this little fuel tank to warm it up without the big fuel tank installed , once retorqued I install the IH tank
  7. my neighbor who is a BTO ( biggest around I think) had one of those White up until maybe 10 years ago, Its gone and the only old tractor is a 1066 Hydro in their fleet , I doubt if that tractor will ever leave
  8. you can show him this pic. ....... if you come here wait until its minus 40 😮
  9. yes, I just checked them , I have two CAT 2 top links complete and one missed an end
  10. someone mentioned a tumble plow, this is a friend's
  11. They always appeared to a classy family IMHO heres my take on his MIA which may be less than 2 cents worth This forum and all our best wishes may be very hard to handle at this time. Time heals all wounds and everyone deals with tragedy differently. His is a deep wound. Hope fully he comes back but I for one will not bring this topic up to him if he doesn't bring it up first. He knows how we feel , I wish we could help him with the healing
  12. they sure are pretty, There were 2 auctions on the same day and I went to the other auction and missed out on this 650, My brother and nephew went to this auction. maybe someday.
  13. a pick of a few tractors at the same plowday
  14. I found one of my Super W4 with a 3 bottom 8c with Ace bottoms. I took the 3 bottom because it was held on sandy tobacco country and that Super is all there
  15. that lawn mower does not bother those guys in the least. ,,,,but it would make someone's as$ look big
  16. my fav plowday tractor is a w4 with a 2 bottom drag plow I was looking for a plow pic and found one of a friend. I found this tractor for him and regretting it ever since. It should be in my shed
  17. I have a couple original IH top links I would sell - more reasonable than FB
  18. no no no keep it, its still a useable valve for something, The big price tag is the deal stopper There are a few Facebook auction groups that work well. One of Bate's guys is an admin of one of them and he buys a fair amount , same with JP Tractors
  19. I was looking for a video of a Gleaner K2 test plot combine and came up without one but I found a company who uses them exclusively. pretty cool http://www.alphaagresearch.com/gleanerk2.html
  20. OK, I would like to pass a motion that anyone pulling Chevys and balers with lawn mowers be removed from Red Power Forum. Do we have a seconder??
  21. FIL had his done several years before he passed Nov 22. Problem was the lense moved or was not put on correctly. He only had blurred vision. Whats worse he only had vision in one eye and they almost blinded him in the one they removed the cataract from He also had terrible hearing from farm life and spent 10s of 1000s on hearing aids and at the last could only hear the MIL Then add Parkinson's to the mix.! you would have thought they would have paid extra attention to his surgery . They said they could try to fix it but it could make him blind
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