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  1. Steiner has them so everybody has them https://www.steinertractor.com/IHS284-Live-Hydraulic-Pump good guess on the price BTW That one off FB was 1/2 the price and twice the quality😏
  2. shouldn't have taken JD forever to drop the green grinders
  3. . They were servicing huge debit with double digit interest rates which also slowed development of new products and kept profits down . You know this but it don't make as good a spin😐 just sayin
  4. some of the buildings I have seen in the past on here would not pass the building code up here. This is a stupid question but do you guys have a strict building code down there? the ones I noticed were more south than New York,Pa or Mich
  5. to the casual viewer that might seem the reason IH failed . it wasn't by any means. Yes it was one nail . but it was a perfect storm that was unavoidable. What often gets overlooked is every mainline manufacturer went bankrupt or sold( or involved in a sale) in the 80s except John Deere ,It was a very tough decade and there was too much manufacturing capacity in the industry, too much debit and high interested rates caught up with all of them
  6. http://www.carrsrepairvintageparts.com/index.html http://www.weberstractorworks.com/ I think I have a set of used MD pistons and sleeves
  7. I thought I was missing something . if there's brass still in threads I agree its not ruined,take something sharp and collapse the brass threads into the hole,
  8. What do you mean by ruined the hole. can you take a pic or describe what you have done? did you tap too far into the hole and the plug goes in too far now?
  9. good to know guys, I would like a 7050 but after a month I am sure I would remember why I hate them 🤣 I was trying to go easy in the thread btw
  10. how did you determine the brakes are not locked up
  11. my question would be what does the yields look like year to year growing corn on corn every year
  12. Well , it was nice for orange to get beat on rather than IH for a change. except this is the house of red so I don't get that Iniected, DT and Iowaboy are great guys hope y'all understand.
  13. They were An Allis 731 cubes with twin turbos - they sounded sweet but I drove one (8550)a couple hours with a 33 foot Allis disc. I thought it was lethargic. That said it was very hilly and it wasn't a lot of time. but what I would say I was let down by the experience They had driveline weakness and I think Allis slowed the shafts down on the 4W-305 not sure its been a longtime
  14. yeah, and you could track a 7000 series from the trail of hydraulic oil🤣... exaggerated a little but not much😏
  15. x2 a like isn't enough for that statement.
  16. I like IHHarvester886;s idea. I would be difficult but add into his comparsion maintenance and overhauls since new To me if something works well for you, you like the design and you don't go broke its a winner .
  17. I am not going to touch the D21. I will get buried LOL I am knee deep already 😮
  18. Nebraska tests: AC D21 Series 2 tested 127.75 PTO HP AC D21 tested 103.06 PTO HP IH 1206 tested 112.64 PTO HP second test with engine at 2070rpm and PTO AT 1000 RPM-106.63 HP AC 190XT tested 93.64 and on a second test with engine at 1937 rpm and PTO at 540 rpm 89.71 hp IH 806 tested 94.93 PTO HP Nebraska Tests don't have bare weight so reluctantly go to Tractor Data for these weights but who knows if they are for a gas or diesel . I will just take the 2 I want to make a point. 806- 8460-9220 lbs 190XT-7675-7945 lbs OK, those numbers are real World numbers not keyboard Dynos. Look at them they don't lie. thats what you would see in the field. The D21 was a decent performer out of the A$$ Cracker line up. We had a guy who had a 210 that said it would run along with his 7080 but guess which one was in the shop the most. I never worked at an IH dealership but from what I have seen a binder will take more fuel than an Allis with better results I saw someone saying the 190XT was a 100 hp tractor last night and thought once again my memory was failing me. I dyno'ed them and thought they were comparable to an 806. Well they are and unless you consider the 806 an under performer a 190XT will not outperfom a 1206 . Allis tended to under build things and the 190s and 200s were good examples.( no LPTO? becuase they are overgrown WD45s) Look at the weight difference with an 806. I don't know why more people don't understand or see how those Binders were build like brickshithouses. The final point is a Binder normally will out lug a AC. If you grew up on one and have good memories I am not here to crush your Team Orange. The D21-220s were pretty good old horse but all and all the AC line up couldn't hold a candle to a Binder. One thing IH knew was how to built engines.AC not so much I love conventional Gleaners❤️
  19. look like you on one of those levers🤠 that would smell good too I can watch Charlie Roadhouse all day with his big Rumely. I had a video of him plowing but a week later I was plowing at a plowday and taking videos of guys around and behind me. I sat my camera between my legs for a second on the seat and it fell off and got plowed under 🙃
  20. good to hear you found one I just noticed a NOS one sold on FB yesterday for $300😮
  21. if some tells me a 190XT will run with a 1206 I say sure ............for how long thats the whole point any tractor can be over fueled but how long will they take it- in any area of the tractor. After the 190XT and 200 trans/rearends Allis built a rearend that stood up very well. nothing poor about them The mid hp 426s were at their limit IMHO and its not a myth they are hard starters, they like ether
  22. The thread was asking who likes to plow, Cecil Wells does ! Last night when I called my friend I asked if Cecil Wells was still alive. Yup , he competed last year at 90 years of age. He has gone to a sulky plow rather than that walking plow, So doing the math he was 79 or 80 in that pic/video We used to go to the Paris Fall Fair just to watch the Draft Horse Show and the 6 horse hitches. Cecil didn't have the fanciest wagon or harness but his teams and Cecil worked in fluid motions. IMHO he is the best horseman I ever saw. I grew up around hay burners and this guy is amazing. Obviously he is still working them if he competes with the horses I would have little interest to competition plow with a tractor and with a team of horses no way!
  23. I don't want to trash the Allis too much 190-200s are my least favorite. There is a reason they are very cheap but even the 7000- series are. I secretly would like a 7050 maroon belly because it has the big shifter on the floor and I almost have good memories in one this statement was the funniest to me but if a guy believes it I don't want to rain on his parade Heck, the One-Ninety XT diesels were outperforming IH 1206's.
  24. ^ bitty can do my talking here silliness in the highest degree
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