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  1. right click on the meme and then click on search the web for image. theres many meme's online with his pic
  2. I came up behind an Allis 7040 on the 53 highway driving a 1066 with 20,8s , went around him let he was sitting still
  3. can't go wrong at that price , keep us posted
  4. if he bought an extra head what does that possibly say?
  5. good to hear you are feeling better Frank I have been coughing so much the last 24 hrs my forehead hurts and my eyes are going to pop out. I think I coughed 1/2 of the night last night Am I getting it? I am too stubborn to get tested
  6. it saved me a lot of time. the seals weren't leaking so I hated to disturb the axle I built a press with hubs in mind. We got a 250 tobn at work but its a PITA to get them in it and I need a helper to do it My press I sit the axle on the bed , throw a strap over the press and lift them up with the loader and crank the bed up. 30 seconds. I leave it outside covered with a tarp so its easy to access
  7. Normally I have to press the rear hubs off these tractors. Some guys are lucky and they come off easy , Don't ask me why ! maybe humidity in Ontario is a factor So last week a dairy farmer/collector gets his eyes on my second SW4 with live hydraulics. He immediately wants it. I wasn't going to sell it but I got another and too many tractors. I am elbow deep into it right now . The rims were rotted off so I took tires and rims off and noticed the notch that stops it from spinning on the rim is really worn, I think it had a front blade on it a some time and the forward and reverse motion along with loose clamp probably caused it. I don't want to sell him something he cannot fix or later be unable to get parts. I took the replacement hub with ready rod and a jack and the crazy thing came off. First one for me so it can be done
  8. I ain't the smartest guy on here by any means so thats why I usually just watch these threads, being there yourself is so much easier. You guys do this everyday. I drive truck for 26 years but one thing I know a little about is loading dead tractors
  9. I am giving him all scenarios wheter out landish or not. For all I know its been sitting under an evestrough for years or under the pond I think its brakes
  10. maybe you can come at it differently than "whats it worth as is" Do you have a budget in mind. Go look at it very carefully and write down everything you think it will need. go home and price everything and then probably double it. if its more than you can afford walk on. theres another just around the corner I have $1700 CAD in my W9 head Webers have head gasket set in RPM for $300
  11. if theres enough water in it the ice will lock the crown gear from moving
  12. parts tractor IMHO if you need one They are expensive to fix and may as well figure the head is cracked, The hood is longer than a Farmall M and exhaust on opposite side so finding a cheap hood may be harder than for a gasser car tires on front so even if you are OK with that theres no value in them. A restored one would be cheaper in the end I think . but there will be guys disagree so take my advice for what you paid for it😏
  13. thats possible if its cold there, had it happen more than once worst one-I borrowed a 5th wheel trailer& truck years ago on a Friday to pickup a tractor- I drove it on the trailer, Got home late so left it loaded until morning. It got very cold over night and I had a terrible time getting it off the trailer. couple hours, ice everywhere and no help When I returned it they were p-o'ed I took so long to bring it back because they needed it, 2 lessons, if it moves during winter time mild temps it may not move if the temp drops so move it ASAP and deal with it later, second don't borrow trailers
  14. Thats awesome. I will be getting it there when I need some , Thanks for looking into it
  15. I am with Red Flyer,. brakes seized or stuck in 2 gears loosen off the bolts on the brake housings about 2 turns.usually thats enough when I encounter one with stuck brakes
  16. ^ very funny but did you fact check your memes??? you reckless farmer you🤣
  17. Winger told me O Niel's was selling it but I never followed up on it
  18. I have an extra Farmall 130 and a BN with a power unit engine in it. I don't like that swap with the bellhousing mess so I am going to make a 130 with the BN parts With a buddy seat and mounted plow it will be great to take Grandkids to plowdays and teach them to drive. And I get that beautiful 2 tone tractor
  19. I cannot imagine anyone not liking this one
  20. what pic? the first meme? . The thread is about who likes plowing not who don't
  21. my neighbor's White was the slowest thing I ever saw on the road
  22. I rebuilt the engine and 100 % restored this i4 so my brother and I had a private plowday to breakin the engine in my tractor and he had his W4 with 8C 2 bottom Rex plow ( I had 2 bottom 8C Ace bottoms) Since then I put a pintle hitch and a heavy duty frontend with 20s on it My brother always whines if a plowday is later in the year and its cold. I figure you ain't plowing if it isn't cold I added a pic of big brother on other side of field
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