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    Rare and unusual IH tractors...Love the Wheatlands and Industrial models. We have 2 grandsons (Jul03 and Aug05) and 2 grand-daughters (Jun09 and Mar12).
    **Grandkids, Farmin', truckin', and trackin' old IH tractors**

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  1. I am looking for an Orchard tractor to enjoy with my 2 grandsons.  Do you know where there may be one for sale?

  2. Well, you have a project in front of you, that's for sure! Below is a pic of what it can look like with enough time and dedication. And good fortune in finding the parts or the people who can create the parts. Surprising to read Worm's post that there are 76 Diesel Groves......we'd been always led to believe that there were quite a few less than that. In any event, Good Luck!!
  3. I haven't been really following this thread regularly, but The CSM has and he wanted me to add these images of ads he found during his deployment to Iraq in 2005.
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