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    Rare and unusual IH tractors...Love the Wheatlands and Industrial models. We have 2 grandsons (Jul03 and Aug05) and 2 grand-daughters (Jun09 and Mar12).
    **Grandkids, Farmin', truckin', and trackin' old IH tractors**

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  1. I only swiped these 3 pics from the facebook post and it wasn't on the IH page, a friend had commented on it so that I'd seen it. It looks terrible!! Sure hope the driver and anyone else involved is alright. The towing/recovery company is out of the Springfield/Urbana area in Ohio. Anyone have any further info? Thanks!
  2. Southeast Iowa...... Tractor would have likely been traded at the IH dealer in Ottumwa or Fairfield Equipment in Fairfield. It would have been gone from our farm probably before 1968. The_CSM doesn't remember it being around when we started dating. Thanks for asking.
  3. If, by chance, any of you have an old 460 Farmall sitting in the shed or run across one somewhere and the S/N happens to show 23666SY, I would really appreciate a heads-up on it. We've been moving my mom to a new residence and in the process, ran across the purchase info on my dad's 460. I don't have great hopes of ever finding it, but unless I put it out there, the chances are nil. Thanks, all, for any help.
  4. The CSM and I were both so sorry to hear this news today. Had many good visits with Jerry over the years. One of my favorite memories was Jerry and I being cooped up in a corner of the crowd in the storm shelter during the Great LaPorte IN RPRU Tornado!! We had a great talk that evening. He'll be missed by a lot of people.
  5. I am looking for an Orchard tractor to enjoy with my 2 grandsons.  Do you know where there may be one for sale?

  6. I haven't been really following this thread regularly, but The CSM has and he wanted me to add these images of ads he found during his deployment to Iraq in 2005.
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