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    IH crawlers and harleys and anything that gives a rough ride!<br />If it's loud and crude I'll probably like it.

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  1. Don't know about the idiot part but the aggressive drivers up here are any Mazda, must have bought into the zoom zoom marketing My SIL had the puke green Soul of which you speak and loved it, they are a weird looking car, Nissan also has some 🤮 model styling but generally rate pretty dependable I'm driving an 11 Kia Sorento as a commuter, V6 timing chain issues with the tensioner and guides, replaced once already and back again, it was peppy when new 300hp but dealer did software downdate and that took a bit off it, slowly declining to its death now, 150K and asmatically rolling along
  2. The pistons and connecting rod travels normally but the sleeves rotate and open and close the ports
  3. Many options for repair both internal and external, in light of the male plumber thread maybe the shooter knew more about Johnny on his shot placement...
  4. You referring to the govt support for ag there or the terrain
  5. Cost of ownership looks too high, looking like a high houred unit that has already received a lot of replacement parts and updates
  6. Agreed they provide an awesome service to anyone at their most vulnerable time but with the exception of Jeff are often poor cooks and can destroy equipment within a hospital with enviable efficiency 😳
  7. A Rollercoaster week between the truck and family
  8. Almost looks like inner race isn't snug but might be picture?
  9. Never seen that small model high drive sitting off to the side before?
  10. Looks like the chaulk outline beer belly might have been embellished by investigators...lol Regardless another tragedy of not knowing one's limit
  11. And if you haven't followed this highly entertaining project this winter is soon to make noise 🙉
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