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  1. hardtail

    Soft language

    He was pure gold
  2. Sorry but I have to ask why would they be at risk? You recently shack up with Lorena?
  3. Skidsteer is the most versatile piece of equipment ever built with their accessories, I would go tracked on those slopes, I’m taking it you have access to that other equipment? The HD5 loader or dozer could be handy for road and site prep, steel tracks suck on steep grades on ice
  4. Wonder how much vibration develops Some mag companies used to have some multi fit slot rims and the washer offset centered them, definitely not their finest idea
  5. Tough crowd Mike😳I see your recreating hiatus from livestock operations did not last long before burying into another intensive activity, watch the body it’s great until it isn’t
  6. Not saying to do or not but true story Early 80’s traded my buddy vehicles for his 74 Camaro, lemon yellow should have been my first clue, worn and tired 350/350, happened to have a rebuilt 283 sitting for a project never used so this supplied the engine refresh, a couple thousand miles in it slings the harmonic balancer off as I’m going down the highway as those early engines never had a tapped hole and bolt like all engines after, now installed and not easy to perform machining operation insitu I went over to my uncles and he welded it on, years later traded it with another coworker whi
  7. The camera usually downplays the true slope and even if it doesn’t that’s bloody steep, Douglas fir was more $ than hardwoods when I was finishing my house, hope that’s still the case, gonna have to setup up a sluice on he river so you can keep your helper in the hills
  8. Scary how many people are texting or on their phone when your on a motorcycle
  9. Allis undercarriage is hard to find, must have wore out a couple sets by now
  10. Have a feeling that will not buff right out😳
  11. Sounds like there’s a story there?
  12. So sorry for your loss, so demoralizing to family and HCW’s caring and expecting to leave next day, comfort and faith in your days ahead
  13. I did mount the ram to the plate and had to double up that plate and I think reinforced above also, but not the hanging part it’s all welded up solid now, I have a spare powerpak that I was going to use but just ended up using the hand pump, not sure if I will ever build the big one, going to have to be a bigger shop first 8 a little bench arbor press is extremely handy also, not every job requires a bigger press
  14. My late Uncle would dismantle the old abandoned businesses on village Main Street in the 60 and 70’s and would salvage it all to build on the farm, I miss him but not constantly working with straightening old nails
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