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  1. Have to agree the modern factory lighting has exceeded comfortable brightness, unfortunately we live in a me world and regulators that are focused on all the wrong things
  2. Here is a similar thread that has a lot of info, unfortunately OP never responded if he got it fixed
  3. Condolences of your dad ♥️ Pretty sure those would have been oval port on a pickup, I don't even think L78 was an option on a pickup, if they were closed chamber, semi closed i would guess, cant remember when open chamber came out but think it was later, casting numbers would be the same for 396 or 427 just depends which style head they were, thats from the memory bank which is a bit dusty, haven't played with bb stuff for 30 years, long overdue, race trick that shouldn't work but does is put a rectangle port manifold on oval port heads
  4. Entertaining character for sure
  5. Wouldn't be too hard for Quick Dick to have fun with those on things you need to do and places to see while in SK 😳
  6. 🤣 hope they weren't traveling east, wait til they get to Newfoundland
  7. My buddies uncle used to haul into the US, got down into Texas and there had been a recent snowstorm overnight and he was rolling down an interstate and sees a trooper going the other way, about 5 miles further he gets pulled over by a trooper, he comes up and asks what the he !! he's trying to prove, Mike says nothing why, about this time the trooper notices the truck is from Canada and says I guess you guys are used to driving in these conditions, only 6 months every year, he says ok can you knock it back abit you might be fine driving in this stuff but somebody's gonna loop out in front of you and have a wreck
  8. First year offering for a BB in a C10, maybe fuel consumption was why it went down the road 🤔 my 396 got 8 mpg, throttle position didnt seem to make much difference so...
  9. I'm thinking the rack maybe stuck and not allowing fueling? @rustred has lots of topics and experience with these, I think you can remove the oil fill cover, disconnect the pump linkage and then move the lever to see if the rack is moving accordingly
  10. Odd place to crack the counterweight 🤔 was it a 911 landscaping call and you were at redline 😁 Good job pulling that plastic bedliner out, they usually hold water and never dry out but yours looks good all things considered Nice truck, even your stock trailer looks good for age and steel 😊
  11. a bit of history on the shop mule, even a member here with that handle that seems to be very educated on these
  12. Used to be a Chevy Luv in Vancouver BC, rodded with a 427 bbc, was setup properly to handle it, that was one fast truck on the street, be the 80's
  13. I got one recently really similar, has one big drawer on slides instead of 2, think i would prefer yours, had to screw 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood together and bolt it underneath to reinforce the metal tabletop, after that I think it will work out OK for reloading.
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