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  1. I'm sure the 303 numbers are staggering in commonwealth countries for the bulk of the 20th century tailing off at the end
  2. I wonder if the 06 has put more meat on the table than all the others combined? They both have their place, bigger game I would take the 06 but I do like the AR10 platform, there are guys shooting them accurately to a mile, oddly enough those long range guys all seem to like velocity around 27-2800 fps as the sweet spot, which that article says is slow, I've just started watching this guy, great videos with tons of info
  3. Too bad you would have been a trendsetter
  4. So unfortunate that they keep repeatedly running into his fist, hope the dogs had a good time too
  5. You might want to check what SAE bellhousing they both have
  6. That advice kind of sucks for the new owner who is unaware
  7. Now they will see the willpower of Zachercise
  8. Still dry in parts of Alberta really patchy on what areas are getting moisture, not smoking out the US anymore though
  9. Looks like a rolled edge and hollow, I would say steel
  10. Perfect for climate change, need power nope, that's a good price
  11. I think me and Pukeko got a TD18A running within an hour much to the chagrin of the seller that had let it sit 20 years, it was a good candidate, engine was free and near new undercarriage before it had been parked, I would definitely but some effort into it if it was sitting on my property, I will send a couple pics of what a buddy did at my place landscaping with his older than this T6.
  12. Try and salvage your head gaskets they are unobtanium
  13. Just like hemi under glass Buzzin dozen with a window 🙄
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