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  1. hardtail


    I have that Norma, got it from my Dad originally was a 30-06 he had a gunsmith re chamber to this round, great ballistics for it's day, then the 300 Win mag came out and all but killed it Costs a fortune to shoot now if you can even find cartridges usually special order or trying to find brass to reload or modify other brass to work Would have much preferred it stay in it's original chambering 06 was no slouch
  2. That is running a whole lot better, maybe lost a day but it was productive
  3. What year and model truck is that? Clothing style looks like 60's maybe early 70's?
  4. Td9 would be close to D4 of that era Td15 would be close to old D6
  5. Lord help us future ain't lookin bright if relyin on my end Pretty sure I'm on my way to halfzymers
  6. I always thought 40 was the peak of the mountain just didn't realize what a steep slippery slope the other side was Falling off a roof and breaking both feet a week before I turned 40 probably didn't help
  7. hardtail

    Sorry Ford guys

    HD had that design in 1948 and dry sump oiling amongst other Those Dart Cuda Hemis were incredible but they did get caught weighing in with fluid in the slicks they were actually under class weight
  8. hardtail

    Sorry Ford guys

    HD had that design in 1948 and dry sump oiling amongst other
  9. Have a feeling Old Binder Guy would love that one Being a coal and steam guy kinda partial to it meself
  10. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/58684-servicemans-field-reference/ Not sure if this has your info, MD was a wealth of knowledge on pumps.
  11. I see someone welded some high heels on her Need some carpet to keep your knees and ribs intact Nice work did they redo the inj pump?
  12. That's awesome with the upspeed video, like Charlie Chaplin How much is diesel costing up there right now? Staff is adult now, grew up right before our eyes
  13. Been awful busy with younguns growin up, took on a new job with barely manageable workload and deadlines that generated lots of stress so after work generated even more drinkin, quit the drinkin a year ago not the job yet, figured 40 yrs was about enough if I wanted to stay above ground, gotta say I have much more productive time, don't seem much more money though which don't make sense and listening to others partaking doesn't have the same appeal anymore Was this too much info? Maybe I should have said fine...
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