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  1. Anson, I'm thinking he didn't make detective, looking for tire tracks and boot marks in the dust 🤔
  2. Now to load up head south and give db1486 a hand😁 Bins all full? Any on the ground? Looks like pup is working out great!
  3. Looks like disc/drums yes that's a bit excessive Nice main compressor 😍 those Devilbiss pumps 446? lived in a ton of body shops and put out lots of air and lived for decades That's one common problem with hawgs 🥺
  4. Depends if the previous owner tried to externally power the coil
  5. I would test the coil, it's probably fried
  6. Staple of bikers diet since 1903😎
  7. Burn wood in the shoulder seasons in stove and delay turning the floor on with the coal boiler, if Mike says coal is selling for $1000 a ton shoulder season might be Oct-April, in the 70's and 80's this week, still riding the motorcycle to work dodging deer in the morning which is weird but really welcome, the temps not the deer
  8. My Dad talks of a sow they had on the homestead that would wander off into the bush each time for birth and return later, not interested in a pen or straw, hoping it's the same for you
  9. Why would big oil want to invest in new construction give the climate, if I was them I would just do enough to take it to the end and bleed out as much profit as possible in the meantime
  10. Same thing happened with a guy shot a Grizzly in self defense, he felt the crushing weight of the law trying to defend himself, it was probably easier dealing with the bear
  11. I'd like to see a video of this thing running @augercreek
  12. I have heard DD used by many, wanting to hear from the machinist types, there is a learning curve for doing by hand but once you have it you are set for life with nothing more required, I would say sharpening your bit centered and back grinding the flute and maintaining your angle are the 3 biggest challenges
  13. That has to be awful concerning for a cattleman, as if you don't have enough other challenges. We have a member here that farms and is tucked up against the eastern slopes of the Rocky mountains that started losing a few head a few years back and would find Coyotes, I suggested it could be a cat causing your problems and the Coyotes are just cleaning up the scraps. Recall an old Outdoor Life condensed story of a couple of cats in the US that developed a taste for select organs, the number of cattle they killed before they were exterminated was staggering
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