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  1. Ford steel wheels should fit through to 98, Dodge should fit until 94, I believe bolt pattern is 8x6.5, center hole of Chevy is too small, not sure you will find a 10” rim though and can’t say if hub caps will fit if you go that route, might be more choices now than years ago Recall looking at a Chevy truck in the 80’s that had wide rally wheels, never offered by GM, widest factory was 8”, he had the tools and skills to cut and extend them out to 10” with another set of sacrificial rims, you can just buy them aftermarket and wider now
  2. Just looked at Grizzly website and surprisingly poor selection Try Busy Bee Tools, KMS Tools, both of these are Canuck I believe but they may have US outlets or international shipping, I realize that could be pricey...Busy Bee has some good deals and selection right now and KMS is showing an industrial 20” helical head for $4500 CDN which would be $3K Does Lee Valley have anything?
  3. I found a small example of equipment and manufacturers that engines went into, that would probably a book in itself for all the combinations
  4. Years ago used to see Beaver, then Rockwell took them over and were double named then more takeovers, nothing likes hardwood more than a beaver 😬 The Grizzly, Jet...about 5 different brands all come out of same factories, interestingly Jet is thought of ok, others more looked down upon, General and King were others, General good
  5. Don’t see Pabst blue ribbon empties, Cobfly must not have attended
  6. You just need height and width? They have a bit of curve to them Maybe I’ll take a pic if it’s the one your thinking of
  7. That is an outstanding restoration Are you going to do the same with a TD18?
  8. Peaceful Creek may have the engine manuals once we determine what it is, I might have genuine IH manuals also, IH called them UD in these applications
  9. There were 4 and 6 cylinder gas start diesels, the 6 cylinders had 2-3 cylinder heads Is yours tandem rear wheels or single? AW had many innovative features for their time They had a multitude of available engines, both 4 and 6 cylinder IH were options and others, got more pics of both grader and engine? Placing a lever into starting position opened the starting valves lowering compression, linkages activated a damper in the intake manifold to draw air past the carb and a switch energized or ungrounded the magneto, then it could be started pulling gas from a small tank to w
  10. That is a tragic story reminds me off another glass half empty full My coworker was telling me a story of meeting a man and woman with six kids and commented what a big family they had and was kind of rare these days, he said that’s half of them, we were going on holidays and had six kids travelling in the holiday trailer behind and got into a bad wreck and lost them all and had six more, he was shocked, expressed his sympathy and said it would have broke a lot of people apart, he said we celebrate each of their birthdays every year, here or not
  11. hardtail


    In the bush open sights 30-30, on more open ground 243
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