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  1. Hard drive started going a decade ago, RAM is now acting up, growing old ain’t for the faint of heart but it always beats the alternative 😳 I contacted Gary on smokestak about at TD18 and invited him over, never thinking this would be the foundation for IH history forever, can’t thank him and all the others enough for their contribution, 1000 pages dead ahead...
  2. Could use the right stuff Drag guys use it wet right before a pass Obviously not preferred method but it works just apply properly
  3. True on the round firebox part of cracking 👍
  4. I currently have a CCLB because the SB doesn’t really fit my needs for a truck, they are longer and parking spaces have all gotten narrower and shorter over the years, your wife’s point is valid, all my trailers are bumper pull, my holiday trailer being 53’ long combined with truck makes for a long rig, the longer the wheelbase truck will make backing up slower to respond but GN is better in that regard, I had a hard time finding a LB truck and if it weren’t for my needs would go SB for sure, to be clear 6’6” is what I still call SB I think they call that standard now and short is 5’?
  5. As power cannot realistically be stored at this quantity output must be adjusted or transferred, you can see the main source that has any ability to adjust up or down at your will is coal and your other green options often don’t supply much when needed most
  6. Might have been the odd snake choked 😳
  7. I had a 98 identical last vehicle I ever bought new, was thinking the same thing, got hit and totalled but rust would have claimed it by now Too bad the frame didn’t work out to sit on the spring perches, my concern is there are a lot of single point contacts at the weld points for stress cracks, maybe you have a plan for that?
  8. I’m just saying something must be off to break that many springs or the springs are either crappy reproduction or used and gave up some of their lifespan, this isn’t normal? Anyway I looked in my parts book TD18-20 and the spring is the same part number, I should have a spare starter off a 142 that I can count the teeth on tomorrow if I can find it, hopefully they were same as 14? If you have the parts book starter details should be near end of electrical section. Vic you have a spare running or you waist deep in snow?
  9. I agree with the Nokian WR’s but they aren’t for trucks There is something on the dots and stem position, usually see red and yellow but I can’t remember the rules on which dot and why, I can ask my buddy he worked in a tire shop for years, think it was supposed to get you close but what did the different colours stand for
  10. Can’t help but think there are other problems here to go through that many springs? Does it have a mag? Believe TD14 still had option to hand crank and can’t see that at all being possible without an impulse on the mag, don’t know if you can check that, not sure if the mag was designed or capable of retarding itself for easier starting? Maybe not required seeing as the gas cycle was so short... I have sent an email to Cooper Bros Electric, 70 yr old business that used to be good at finding this old stuff but the spring is 37701 and obsolete, let you know what I find
  11. Well I think that’s a Delco Remy 710 starter and I can get the spring number, you should try Hector @hector gemme
  12. He did a remarkable job, a little more curl to the blade and to be able to lay it down more would be the only upgrade but let’s look at its capabilities really, outstanding creation, doesn’t bounce much looks pretty stable for as much down pressure as he’s using
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