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  1. Gotta be a very happy junior in the house, in fact you'll be lucky to find him off it
  2. Like to see it pivot while turning, maybe should have included corrugated sheet metal behind the drivers, first turn ought to do it🥺
  3. When you get to -39 both scales equal Congrats on your choice and purchase
  4. They were more popular years ago before electricity was installed or as a mobile power source with flat belts, they had a number of different size units to match your need, that would be a smaller one.
  5. I thought this was going to be about Santa and the tooth fairy🙄I was going to include elves but had an episode with a couple of them in 1981 and they are real and were lovely🥰
  6. Overdrive transmissions really lower your overall gearing and tire sizes, sounds like a good setup The 632 isn't going to find its way into any production vehicles this will be available in their performance parts lineup and dethrone the 572, I'm guessing this is gonna have a 25K price tag up here
  7. Gary great pics, I would imagine that coal being loaded into the Ford would have been a full load, probably not far to travel home, never had the pleasure of shooting a Colt handgun, still on my bucket list had a limited edition model 629 classic hunter that I unwisely sold, really nice firearm very accurate, don't care as much for the subtle changes S&W has done since and not a fan of stainless, mine was the bottom one in black but it had the sst top front sight, circa 1991 HMR please contribute and post away
  8. I had 3.73 with a 26.5 tire on my shortbox and it was around 3000 rpm at 60 mph and that was enough buzzing after awhile
  9. Was a guy in town had a 69 Mustang with 5.14's in it, it was might quick light to light but his buddies said almost intolerable after 15 minutes on the highway, definitely not a road trip car
  10. I bought a 68 C10 as a parts truck and it has a barely distinguishable appaloosa farms sign on the doors
  11. Glad we interpreted the pics correctly It could have gone the other way If you think your buying this you can kiss my a$$ Seriously for something 50 yrs old that was designed to rip and bash its really clean
  12. Now to get back to the BBC Me likes a lot and yes quite a feat Asked about limit to cu in, yes mountain motors pushed pro stock, the physical dimensions of bore stroke deck height and size starts to get tight to fit in an engine bay
  13. This one was missing the bulldog but the rest seemed good 🙄
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