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  1. I don't recall serrations on the mating faces but the bolts and nuts were prepped to accept safety wire, serrations would cause the same problem as cracking for resizing which rod bearings were readily available in OS so I would say they just had machined flat faces, been awhile and memories fade
  2. There are a lot of crappy jobs men will commit to doing but when the food is bad it's a mutiny
  3. #2 looks like the Mrs has found hubby out with another shiela
  4. Often it's management pushing it, the mechanic doesn't get up and think how many people can I screw today, that and an uneducated public about vehicle components and purposes, you could probably rip off over half the men
  5. To me it's corruption and fraud and likely some prominent family in the community, think the auto industry has some rough times ahead, I actually like the direction @Dzldenny went on his last vehicle, I'm a bowtie guy and have every generation from 67-07, my 87 is for sure a keeper, would have preferred 86 with carb but I found the truck and we were meant to be
  6. I bought Ryobi drill ~2000 and used it daily building my house and that product was great back then, I think it's demise was not getting used as much later, I have a couple Rigids now that are ok, if you are going multiple tools it might be better to stay on one brand, I think Milwaukee is tops currently and their price is also, their product lineup is pretty impressive, for a blower I think ECO or EGO is tops? I've been thinking of going Milwaukee impacts and putting away all the air tools, if I build a cabin off grid it would be handy and a gas welder generator should handle most jobs that are waiting.
  7. Oh ya I got the connection, good job on the editing addition
  8. Probably no laces to deal with and waterproof, we still don't have snow and are still enjoying an incredibly mild fall but it could be just as easy -20
  9. Opera music should have them self loading on a trip to the train station Your learning curve on technology is quite impressive 🤣
  10. Jeeper got me going quadruple post 😳
  11. You got that right, that is the perfect Vega, love the first front ends 71-3 and the interior is spot on for the period although I'm sure there are some summer days you don't want to be wearing shorts and your legs touch the vinyl, usually not a problem in Canada, it's not my car as I can't find any pictures but I built one just like this in 1981, same red, 289 C4, had a FMX lined up but it was way bigger to fit, was never beat in it on the street but there would have been a few cars that could of I'm sure, mine wasn't blown I was running a single 4 bbl and a manifold between a high rise and short tunnel ram with velocity stack, and my first and last crack at hot rodding Fords, have been bowtie ever since
  12. Thx for giving us an update 😊 roughly half the time new people join, post their problem usually receive good help and then vanish never knowing what happened, i know your busy but you might even provide some action shots in the future on occasion 😁
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