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  1. Feel your pain and lack of insight and humour by the investigating officer on this serious concern, likely never baffle them with logic or bs...Unfortunately Canada seems to be a delayed mirror to many of NZ policies and way before the JJ show...Currently sitting in wait on court challenges for our newly prohibited assault weapon ban which doesn’t seem to garner much concern by other gun owners here...that will be the only progressive idea by our current left leaning government is which group of weapons they will focus on next
  2. Classic symptoms of module, fuel pump is still working?
  3. Forging coal should be the highest grade and unless your living near source probably is marketed now to renewed interests in blacksmiths and hobbyists and I’m sure their price has increased lately? Not going to help your question in the US but I live 30 miles west of the last privately owned coal mine in western Canada and due to the green movement and our current left leaning federal government coals days are numbered to 2030 with 200 yr reserves below our feet. Cost of coal today $42 ton, carbon tax $57 I believe so as of now the progressive tax implementation is more than the produce but only for domestic users, coal is still being mined and sold internationally with no tax attached Most of Alberta’s power was generated from coal fired powerplants now retrofitting to burn natural gas and the loss of many jobs dead ahead, can’t wait to see what the price of power is going to climb to once they have all the rats in the same cage I burn about 15 tons a year and go get it myself
  4. Guy a year older in high school Bird had just got a 66 Impala with a 327 and glide, think he had it 2 days and it as winter and drag racing another guy in a Chevy pickup at night, they took off and the truck took the hole shot but Bird started running him down on the lake bottom, around 80 mph Bird shifted to 3rd gear which was absent on the glide into reverse, blew the tail housing apart and then the driveshaft hit the pavement in quite a spectacular shower of sparks this would have been 1980 ish and that was the end of it.....
  5. Ragnor from here did a fourlift out of a W4, did a nice job of it, will see if I can find a link to it Too bad thought the pics were bigger
  6. We have 5 in the yard, peas, strawberries, beans, beets, cucumber, carrots, lettuce and chives this year they are raised about a foot, they are fairly easy to maintain, we have done a few hills of potatoes before but I think they are better off in the ground
  7. My neighbour has a few old Willy’s pickup and uses a 345 for the transplant Vic has a nice old Jeep that he uses daily living at a high elevation in the NW, he goes by “the bunns” and usually hangs out on the construction side I suppose I am the enemy, I have a Samurai that I kept to do a VW 1.9 conversion but hasn’t happened yet
  8. hardtail

    Free BS 1066

    Can you go to Flaman or elsewhere and rent a trailer?
  9. UD18 691 probably came out 1939, only of only gas starts that has injection pump driven by shaft and coupling UD16 554 came out around and I’m guessing 1958, you see a very similar looking engine in early graders and other but likely UD 525 HP wise almost the same as last 18’s, hp numbers climbed over the years, exhaust manifold differences between the 2, dull stacker as CC would say
  10. Still not sure depends on the day At least she keeps you guessing...lol
  11. I had the floor poured and the shell of the shop erected but no overhead door installed and had a yearling calf moose wander into mine that year, hunt of 05 could have been over in seconds had not considered blasting holes through the new walls, some rope and come along over the rafters and done like dinner There was a cow moose that every year at hunting season would stay right tight to the yard site for safety then the next spring the calf would stick around for a few days being around another living thing, she must have finally cashed it in hasn’t happened for a decade
  12. It is a UD18, looks like an earlier version with the filter arrangement, only one visible exhaust stack kind of odd?
  13. hardtail


    I’d say mandatory
  14. Recall a guide saying varmit hunters were the best shot placements hunters, attributed to lots of rounds a few hundred yards away at small rodent practice Back to the shot placement recall an outdoor life book of condensed stories read reverently as a teen where a hunter went up to Alaska and found a pile of Kodak skulls taller than a man from Inuit that took them all with a 22 rim fire, one place in the skull where the bone was thin, right of passage for boy to man was to hide behind a mound and flip dirt to mimick a marmot, once the bear was on the opposite side they stood up and had one chance
  15. mmi is one of the experts for these, they always seem to have parts issues in the same area which can make finding new used parts challenging, this one has a lot of other issues also, I would pass
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