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  1. Seeing as it is just the gas side, firing order, plugs, wires...?
  2. These are outstanding era photos, thx J61 we will have to get KOO here to explain this stuff, think it’s a TD18 pulling that sleigh train, I know he says they are toothpick trees but that’s a lot of them, quite the developed ice roads also
  3. You don’t seem to be getting an answer and I’m not sure but gonna throw this out there, I believe there were cw and ccw units out there and am wondering if you have the starter of one and the drive or cone of the other and the rotation will not throw it out?
  4. We bein screwed just ain’t enjoying it
  5. I can assure you we didnt
  6. Prices are good Be easier to just move in
  7. That’s not nice if your referring to DaSnake Rare sightings of the yellow belly sapsucker up north this summer normally they would be congregated in our House of Commons but with pandemic, actually I guess they would be off on their 6 month summer break
  8. KOO swears by carb cleaner says it’s never not worked, we used atf and acetone mix, put the hand crank in and hang a pail of sand of it We sold a TD24 to a fella that engine was locked up, he bought it for the U/C and swapped it out, he poured 5 gallons of used motor oil down the exhaust stacks and had a big pipe wrench on the front and when he would walk by he would try it, 2 years later he fell over when he leaned on the wrench it had broke free and became another runner he needed undercarriage for I hate to think of the grit and grime pouring a lubricant down an exhaust stack but I don’t think he really ever thought it would run
  9. Congrats Tony that is a truly amazing job you all did and one beautiful binder, I never finished a vehicle to that level and usually lose patience at the end to get on the road, you never took shortcuts and sometimes went back another route Must have felt great driving home, your probably going to be waving as much as the politicians this summer A moment’s relax and back to the baler
  10. No illusions they would slap a sticker on for a couple hundred a race
  11. Try John Parks at General Gear Idaho
  12. Looks like a beautiful trip, haven’t been to lake louise in over a decade and was crawling with tourists and buses, must be nice travelling with lack of
  13. hardtail

    Old motorcycle

    Earliest evidence of a bobber...lol
  14. hardtail

    Old motorcycle

    It’s tank shift, probably a foot clutch I would guess this is HD, early bikes had a flat leather exposed belt, then they had enclosed primary cover like this but with bicycle pedals, then this style so I think the forks look right and I’m guessing between 1915-20 for sure Very cool pic of grandpa
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