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  1. Very well said and we do owe them everything ♥️
  2. Fire at Ft Mac isn't out but weather has cooled and a wet forecast so things are looking much better, also helping Grande Prairie.
  3. I call photo shopped, our crime minister has transformed military and border services, this is the new tactical issue
  4. I bought a dead TD6 a few years ago and just before I arrived at the location the monsoons started, I had a heavy construction car hauler with beavertail ramps and he pushed it on with about a 30hp MF utility tractor, let's say I was skeptical and impressed, hopefully it rolls freely but it was pretty easy and didn't take long. With a good winch and tilt deck if it rolls it should be a cake walk
  5. What was the box on the Dodge?
  6. The Trans AM is a rare and valuable car. Nice to see someone using it for what it was intended.
  7. It's your bday you get a pass 😁
  8. I'm sure your meaning Win? That was one cartridge that never really interested me
  9. Haven't really had much for lightning yet, not many can be nature?
  10. Not sure this matters but SS can work harden quickly as machinists will know, might be an effect that would be positive in this case? I don't live by saltwater and never saw a benefit to sneaking around with a shiny object in my hand, one of the reasons I never found another acceptable 44 mag is none of the ones I'm interested in are available in blue or black, not that we can buy one with the current rules by our crime minister.
  11. None near me but getting close to Ft Mac again 4 miles from town towards the same neighborhoods that burned 8 yrs ago
  12. Corn crib I think you mean tire shop 😁
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