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  1. Those both look great and rust free, does that have a 304? fixing this up not sure which direction I'm going yet but not daily driver
  2. Nope no new vehicles for me, I do like her vehicle but I think I'm going the other direction, never owned one that can link to a phone and talk hands free, I think when I retire the phone will be gone also. I just had one of my best staff retire and he is restoring a 74 Dart for his daily driver, 318, kind of like his thought process on this. Getting back to the weather that has occupied topic, I'm sure North Dakota was enjoying the Alberta Clipper this week, we call it the Siberian high, everyone blames where ever it came from, coldest day I've seen here was -56C in 93 or 94, Vic funny I was through school with the old system then went into tech school and had to learn metric and how to convert back and forth, about the only thing that I ever accepted from metric was temperature, everything else I still refer to old system and Imperial gallons:)
  3. Lol that was my wife driving to work, I would have left a couple hours earlier I'm thinking you are around 25 yrs my senior, hope to be as active as you God willing
  4. Unfortunately that's where the both meet also known as cold either way. I must be getting old, winter of 82 went up north a little ways and it never got above -30 for a month straight working outside 12 hrs a day everyday. We had to rebuild a rear diff in a chevy 4x4 overnight outside after working all day, got past -40 that night, road test at 5am, breaky and back to work all day again kind of like a dream now, seemed more like a nightmare then.
  5. Retorquing the head might be worth the try, you could try to guage the rocker shaft torques as they are loosened other than that they are generic machinist values. Just trying to make sure you have your snow fleet ready to go, -40 here right now, hopefully not headed your way.
  6. Did you opt for bimetallic frictions or normal? What condition are your clutch shafts in?
  7. hardtail

    RIP Neil Peart

    Too bad he didn't get longer to enjoy retirement, a fellow who wasn't heady about the fame but found his own cool way to live his life on his terms and pursue his interests and still deliver top performances every time. He was retired but I do consider him the best recent era drummer, nice to see the recognition by all the other bands, just like when they were snubbed by the hall of fame for so long. I prefer their early to mid stuff the best can still recall my dad enjoying the classical intro of farewell to kings and then the disgust as it switched into the song but I degress as I think I'm going bald...
  8. That's a pretty good deal for a standby or special purpose.
  9. The car had sold each time before for $3500 prior to the auction.
  10. This is the only mention of other torques
  11. Are those fire doors? They should have a label with the fire rating on the hinge side. If so they have specific functions for various different conditions. This may limit your options. If not any chance of engaging some work as a charitable donation?
  12. Was anyone able to help you out on this?
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