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  1. Finally got a bit of rain today but they had pics from southern Manitoba and I would assume the Dakotas would be similar...total devastation, my heart goes out to you
  2. hardtail


    Not sure but I know a hot needle melted through your thumbnail is heaven
  3. That’s what happens when you turn a rolling pin on your wood lathe🙄
  4. Mr Newman had a great banker pic on his Mack air cleaner Id go with Nasty Pickle
  5. Believe me the planes crash too, a lot of hazards in that line of work and almost no recovery that close to the ground, don’t think you can get life insurance in that occupation
  6. Volunteered to do a summer stint at another building they needed help with for work that had an environmental and agricultural focus in the 90’s, in the middle of a city of a million that had some large pens out back. Looking in them one day that had deer and then looked a bit closer and this buck was a cross between mule and whitetail, not as freakish as that though.
  7. I had a 185 gallon water tank in the back put 3 2x4’s flat down under the tank and then put about 1/3 water in it, then go to lumber yard and fill gaps with boards and then back to bulk water to fill tank and head home, did a few trips to get all of them home
  8. Space X seems to have its share of catastrophes don’t see Elon climbing into the can, I thought for sure one of the 2 would have a mishap but they barely left earth
  9. My buddy used to snap spindles on his 1085 loader regularly running over frozen patties at sub temps
  10. We had a security guard like that at work, one night I told him he should get substantial more pay than his coworkers for his superior observational skills and 270 degree vision
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