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  1. There is probably 3 quick ways to tell if it is a 6 or 9, the tag on the firewall if he can get a picture, how many bottom rollers are on one side TD6's had only one top roller unless it was a long track 5 bottom roller frame, this looks like an older machine which are usually 4, measure the U/C is the last.
  2. Fine bit of police work here, use of tax dollars at their finest no doubt initially started by some green concerns, must be right devoted as I haven't heard much climate change talk recently Seems people are more interested in saving their own instead of Mother Nature lately
  3. hardtail

    Corona virus

    If the wives and the concubines have travelled and are holed up together the King may find the virus a refreshing change...
  4. Pretty sure if I would have tucked my head a bit wouldn't have touched a thing my mild concern was that who ever was operating the sprayer would not hold his course and start evasive moves right before we were about to meet Then of course not slamming into a wheel or find a noose as a sagging hydraulic line or sprayer hose a brief moment of exhilaration before oh sh!! an 89 Ford Taurus Funny all what goes through your head in a second on a ride
  5. Your making good progress, taking a negative and turning it into a plus, that lumber looks fine On the rodent thing did anybody ever tell the rats they can't dig lower than 2 feet?
  6. About 15 years ago my buddy and I had just left for a bike rally and I was riding next to the centerline on a low rigid panhead when a I spy'd a sprayer oncoming, figured it would be cool to run right under his feet, barely resisted that urge and after I passed there was a car following I hadn't seen, don't know if I'd have been able to crank it back to my lane Sometimes there's a power stronger than the ideas in your head, how would my buddy have ever explained that one...
  7. Just like 30 yrs ago Sunday morning after the honky tonk Actually gotta be way worse than that, try not to get a dry hole and let us know how the dentures feel
  8. If have to see the exhaust up close but that does look like the original muffler iirc. Lucky they didn't shoot up more or hit the block, the machine looks in real nice condition for 60 yrs old Neighbour farming here was a late fall and he had left his field tractor out from cultivating a couple quarters away and some hunters driving around drunk, bored or both shot his block, found the casings in the gravel, expensive for him but good time of year to repair. Hunters don't understand why some farmers aren't that keen to see you...
  9. That is an impressive resto that is museum quality work and finished better than original Your right about the turbo I think they were rated for 6 hp more but was designed for loss of hp at altitude What part of AB are you from? I'm around Camrose
  10. The 5.9 was used in so many different applications and hp ratings which I guess is a testament to how good they were but are talking a Dodge pickup of that year? I seem the remember it being written on the engine... Maybe 190hp?
  11. So long as you don't say it was you and that's the way you drove just in case you needed to bail out Passenger door open you partner was long gone on the last hill...
  12. My buddy's Dad was farming in a out of the way region and he had a guy wander into his farm and ask for food so he would get this guy to do a bit of work for room and board, he said he moved a lumber pile 3 times when it was fine where it was to begin with. That guy would stop in occasionally with his wife years later and say how appreciative he was, he said you made me work for my keep and kept my pride when you really didn't need any help at all. Remember my Dad saying they would ship hogs by rail and would get a bill as the freight was more than the hogs brought, more people lost their land on back taxes than anything else, that has always stuck with me we really just rent this dirt, you work so hard to buy it but if you really want to see who owns it stop paying your taxes
  13. Congrats must feel good, don't know how I missed this, I could have offered some help with the ignition wire type. Now you have the gas side going you can use the engine running to prime your diesel system, your injection pump sump should have fresh 10w in it, there is a full level plug iirc, you may as well put some new fuel filters in it also, your big diesel tank will purge by gravity but you can cut an inner tube schrader valve and hose clamp it over the filler then you can put a few psi with an air compressor to push it through the system and at least get your primary and secondary filters primed all the way to the pump. Once you have your fuel and (surge tank back mounted, I will go into the surge tank and coolant after) you can start it on gas and when it's running you can push your decompression lever in a little bit and this kind of turns on your diesel side and you should see fuel pressure on your guage on the pump and now you can go and bleed each individual injector, either have someone refilling your gas tank or it might take a fill or 2,3. Now your diesel side should be ready to run, note your manual may say to switch back to gas for cooldown, I would just do a good job of idling it down on diesel after you have worked it and shut it off then you will never forget to switch back the starting valves and risk warping those. You said something about a blob of lead in radiator? You now realize that the bulge in the hood is the surge tank for the cooling system and is also the highest point of the system and should have the cap and fill point there, I would not run this machine without having the system full as these crawlers were famous for cracking heads and your surge tank was IH's last attempt to prevent this, I would use glycol mix but your in hot climate so your call, fill it full and leave the cap off then start the machine and when it gets hot the thermostats should open and the level will drop and fill it up again, from there you can probably check it periodically for level. I would think about changing your oil filters and oil, original would have called for 30w for your climate I think, might be hard to find and I would want to add a zinc supplement if it is cheaper oil or verify it has enough zinc. That's about all I can think your going to encounter next, congrats that is a nice machine in great condition, any story on the bullet hole and hopefully only one... I would only use the 24V for short blasts and switch back to 12v after Does your have a Johnson bar for forward reversing?
  14. I've got an undercarriage conversion book I'll try to see if they have the solution in the next few days
  15. Well it's no sense going on about what you would have and what he should have done now, I don't know if that nest would have been that loose to come out, the job now is to get the broken off studs out without more damage, RR has some success proven methods to get them out and there is nothing easy about easy outs.
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