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  1. Some things you can’t unsee
  2. Does the pan feel like it’s hitting something internally?
  3. 5 yrs is a long time sitting, from coal train I assume black smoke, could be governor when quickly changing rpm, I would try 2 stroke oil or ATF in your fuel and work it to see if it gets better
  4. This video kind of shows the removal, you can see the metal tabs he made to keep the clutch drum compressed for removal
  5. Hope the link works for general gear http://www.tpaktopc.net/td1820strcltch.htm These are for TD 18 and 20, they are all the same parts you just need less steels and frictions for TD14 and 15 if I remember There was some special plates (3), basically a piece of flat stock with holes drilled in specific places but I don’t think you actually needed them with these There are some videos on YouTube for sc replacement mostly TD6 or 9, same process just way more cramped, you may need to roll the machine back and forth to rotate the bolt holes for ease of access as your doing this You could search king of obsolete website he has probably worked on everything on these era machines, I think he had tips for using grease gun hoses to replace the old lube lines to the spline shaft as a cheap replacement and how to pay attention to orientation of them, sorry been awhile since I’ve been in there
  6. Yup once the deck plate is off it’s all accessible from the top and a little underneath for the brake banks and linkages and the clutch fork bolt, easier access than the little ones but of course they weigh more...new steels and frictions are available from general gear or I think the name now is steeringclutch.com, John Parks in Idaho, you may need some other parts once you get in there, spline shaft etc but won’t know until it’s apart, he may have those used, your steels maybe good to reuse, have to see if they are pitted from corrosion, you can choose regular friction material or bimetallic which are more $$$ but less likely to seize up in the future, the bolt spacing on the drum to coupler is not symmetrical so you want to make sure the pattern matches each side on reassembly. There probably is some good topics of this from the past describing the job with the pitfalls to avoid, i’ll see if I can find and link The coolant leak hopefully can be solved by retorquing the heads, coolant seal concoctions or pulling heads, I would try to avoid latter as head gaskets are likely hens teeth and the fire rings are tricky to get properly installed after. Old frictions would probably contain asbestos?
  7. They said when automatics came out Ronnie Sox was the only one that never gained any ET using one he was that fast with a gearbox and then to have the elephant under the hood you were against the odds from the start...RIP
  8. I can’t remember seeing any pressurized lube system before on those, but there it is, not sure of the benefits, didn’t seem to be a failure point of splash? The track doesn’t have to come off or be split, you will have to pull the fuel tank and then the deck plate comes off to access, some guys with then cut the plate into 3 sections to keep the wet side covered while you work on the clutches, you will need something to lift them out
  9. Congrats that is one cherry looking machine for close to 60 yrs old, Mike might add due to the lack of tons of pig iron hung off it with the bonus of knowing its history. You might get more response posting on the construction side, I thought the trans takes 80/90 gear oil and the finals had the heavier? I can’t find anything on the second hydraulic pump, there were lots of changes and service bulletins issued in those years, but it does look like some lube piping, can you see where the suction line picks up fluid?
  10. Same a littered had done twice in groin area first one was scopic with mesh lasted a decade last one was conventional from outside but have partially torn it again probably over a decade now, heed the advice for easing into work and ask for help so you don’t damage the repair until it’s healed, also painkillers can cause constipation drink lots of water and diet to keep things moving
  11. Can’t help you with your hydraulics issue but that rad looks in need of a good washing, reversible fan in spare parts is good and you might want to check on water pump rebuild parts before tearing the spare one apart?
  12. My buddies relative had a Harvard and a Corsair and would routinely buzz him out on the farm and yes he commented on how scary it was on the first strife
  13. I was wondering how you were doing Crunchie just the day before, glad to hear your ok and ready to start voice command, if it works there are many other things that deserve your attention...lol
  14. Hoping you got the AC fixed, my cousin had one with same scenario in 80’s temps and he almost lost his marbles and was gonna kick the windows out and he’s usually a fairly calm dude
  15. Crazy enough that style is back with the chopper cult whatever powered which is kind of full circle when you think of it, have a shovel chop project awaiting same style been sitting in wait, I really don’t care what the current fad is or if it’s HD or otherwise if your having fun in the wind is really what it’s about
  16. I commend your family values and dedication and hope your future choice brings many more memories ahead I too grew up in the dirt and later my hawg was part of my wife’s attraction but I now have 7 bikes both dirt and street and they are here to stay, gotta admit kind of break instead of bounce now and having wide open roads make it so much more enjoyable, used to cancel the vehicle insurance every spring and ride all summer rain or shine, was extremely strange to get into a vehicle after that
  17. hardtail

    New shop

    Respectfully I’m sure he has thought about his needs, that said I wish I would have built 50% bigger but in time I would have filled it too, now I would like 50x100 I think for aesthetics your width should be 2/3 the length and appropriate height for the size Congrats I take it you found a supplier and builder Also consider your door location based on climate, I wouldn’t put any doors on a sidewall if you have a metal roof in a snow zone
  18. https://www.peacefulcreek.com/pages/product-result?rq=tr_international-farmall~uy_crawler~md_td-7-series-e
  19. I take it you really bought it for the engine, by the dipstick there looks like there is a tapped hole to push but because of the casting you wouldn't be able to get a very long bolt in to start, maybe others 180 deg over, looks like the cylinders unbolt and could be pulled off to look down into the crankcase if the bolts pass through and how crank is joined? You say the pattern doesn't seem to match what you want to replace with...might want to check that closer first, this seems like a well cared for handy unit to have if it may not work out in the end
  20. Heavy trades are hard on the body and one has to be cognizant of the signs when to get out before your body is broken down, if your thinking it getting close to time, the real challenge is going into something else that replaces it and still provides joy, satisfaction and accomplishment that might have been missing for years When my father retired he helped me everyday to build my house for 11 months, his pant sizes dropping along the way, my mom commented he hadn't been in that shape for years, after we finished it he volunteered for habitat but worked as much or little as he wanted, he has had a busy fulfilling retirement now for over 20 yrs
  21. Older ladies at work were talking about RA and the stuff they were taking, one commented a Brazil nut a day was beneficial to which I commented I like Brazil nuts, she immediately said so did I until you have to try chocking one down day after day
  22. Not sure I joined as early as Mike but probably not that long after and used to have a blast with all the guys on the construction side, getting carried away many times, sometimes playing the instigator sometimes a mediator but made many friends both online and in person still going 15 yrs later, the people on this site are top shelf, there are some other good sites also but this is my favourite and it's really it's membership. I do hear you on some other sites, cyber world allows some narcissistic blowholes tell you how stupid you are and how great and revered they are with their tight circle of bullies all with little risk of reprisal sitting in their den, they also usually have some really good guys with an incredible amount of real knowledge that help people everyday, we have had those also sadly some now RIP
  23. As opposed to years of badgering honey with the doo list pretty horrifying also
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