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  1. Photo radar has been a huge cash grab here for years, they only go after the registered owner and no demerits against your license. Usually present at high volume locations that generate lots of income, and there is a 3rd party vendor for the hardware and contracts. I almost deem them unsafe as traffic can be flowing along and suddenly someone in front jams on their brakes because of a car sitting beside the road could be a photo trap, almost creating accidents when they claim to want to reduce them.
  2. The major highway locations where they installed them have reduced accidents by a huge amount on 1 location and traffic flow is way more efficient in the others. We actually had real traffic circles in our large city for decades in select locations but they function slightly differently with inner and outer lanes and up to 5 entry-exit points, those ones seem to bewilder folks never exposed to them before which I guess is natural. Strangely enough those type seem to be on a slow course for removal and the new type are on the increase. The roundabout reminds me of Europe where they seem to work quite well.
  3. hardtail

    Waste oil

    Guys used to do this with highway tractors and used oil years ago, might need to increase your fuel filter change frequency a bit
  4. Bikes are still way cheaper at 10x's the cost
  5. Maybe float CA over as a return gift also
  6. Well makes acquisition of the 2 C60's easier, anything flatbed is a dump box 🙄
  7. Apparently no one told the banks as they keep lending on mortgages and other that these cataclysmic events are about to topple their bottom line
  8. Start a rumor that there was gold buried there 2 centuries back and you are opening it up for exploration for 50% rights
  9. Those look like a great removable solution
  10. All the ones I remember and still have one mounted on a W6 were behind the rear wheels.
  11. Instead of biomass I think you should should fuel the refinery with the left wing, I'm sure crap for brains probably doesn't burn the best but we can only truly evaluate its effectiveness once that fuel is fully exhausted, I'm betting it will be a resounding success!
  12. If I remember correctly TD20C introduced HD track which was a different larger pitch, also for a brief period standard was available which would be TD18-20B of the shorter. TD175 was a totally different pitch again. You could probably run some SF rollers in the middle but depending on what you are doing with the 250 DF would be preferred they were quite a beast.
  13. Lol the exchange rate goes the other way up north your 8 pointer is a 4 up here.
  14. I'd be the goat on the left and pull back at the last second and utter sucka as he was on his way to the bottom 🙄
  15. That's the way mine is setup with the controls that came with the stove, 2 switches, fan, auto/manual, speed high/off/low, fan starts at pre determined temp and then shuts off when stove finally cools back down to other predetermined temp
  16. The floppy drive was defective in 2002, maybe there was something to Y2K🤣 Forklifts look great
  17. I don't recall serrations on the mating faces but the bolts and nuts were prepped to accept safety wire, serrations would cause the same problem as cracking for resizing which rod bearings were readily available in OS so I would say they just had machined flat faces, been awhile and memories fade
  18. There are a lot of crappy jobs men will commit to doing but when the food is bad it's a mutiny
  19. #2 looks like the Mrs has found hubby out with another shiela
  20. Often it's management pushing it, the mechanic doesn't get up and think how many people can I screw today, that and an uneducated public about vehicle components and purposes, you could probably rip off over half the men
  21. To me it's corruption and fraud and likely some prominent family in the community, think the auto industry has some rough times ahead, I actually like the direction @Dzldenny went on his last vehicle, I'm a bowtie guy and have every generation from 67-07, my 87 is for sure a keeper, would have preferred 86 with carb but I found the truck and we were meant to be
  22. I bought Ryobi drill ~2000 and used it daily building my house and that product was great back then, I think it's demise was not getting used as much later, I have a couple Rigids now that are ok, if you are going multiple tools it might be better to stay on one brand, I think Milwaukee is tops currently and their price is also, their product lineup is pretty impressive, for a blower I think ECO or EGO is tops? I've been thinking of going Milwaukee impacts and putting away all the air tools, if I build a cabin off grid it would be handy and a gas welder generator should handle most jobs that are waiting.
  23. Oh ya I got the connection, good job on the editing addition
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