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  1. If it is Manley they make quality valves
  2. My neighbor used to convert all his old screw style adjusters with a homemade hydraulic tensioner, sorry didn’t think to take a pic, sorry can’t answer your specific question but if NLA you can probably come up with something else, have you tried FP Smith?
  3. That was one of MB Cats posts, he had another that was pure gold, for some reason I can only open his topics not his responses on other people’s threads🤔
  4. I didn’t take it that way, I looked at it as an attempt to open some dialogue to gain some sense of their vision, side or take on things
  5. BJ I have been having more and more problems lately, type out reply and hit submit and it just sits there with save ghosted out forever, back out of thread go back it there is previous response and same thing over and over Not always smart enough like Sandman to copy prior in fact I went to the effort of trying to formalize a thoughtful version of opposing viewpoints in a long drawn out version...not like my usual drivel...without copying and viola can’t post and all lost again, at that point I was done, didn’t have it in me to try and start from scratch again Cant begin to think the frustration Gary must have been feeling with posting on his thread
  6. Basically your rings only need to seal to produce the compression required for combustion, gas lower-diesel higher, now that is a super simplified statement, ring design, composition of materials used, application, using gases to travel behind to push and seal etc are all a serious consideration, I always read the instructions and examine the ring for markings at install and checking/adjusting gaps, I have installed them as you say but bought the tool over 30 yrs ago and use always since, I wouldn’t run without a ring, if the rings aren’t flat now I would replace, easy now at this point, if your asking there’s a little voice telling you what the right thing to do is-listen to it
  7. Price is right in my window now, it if runs and moves can’t lose Should have made an exception for a TD25B for 3K, the one that got away
  8. Some nice haying equipment and pics
  9. Need a pig for the mash, no apple sauce required internal
  10. Was living in a mountain resort town and me and my cousin had to get to Edmonton 180 miles away on Feb 8, 1986, the only reason I know that date was it was the morning of the Hinton train crash that killed 23 people that we would be traveling past later. It was very cold that morning probably getting close to -30 and my roommate asked to borrow my truck to run downtown before we left, I thought it would be great that he would warm up it before we were leaving but when he got back the heater core had developed a leak with misting the passenger side windshield and that telltale smell. We bought the stop leak silver shards and instead of dumping them in the rad these 2 Einstein’s pulled the heater hose to direct this magic in a tube directly to the source and viola it worked...so well that it plugged off the entire core. Well we still had to make the trip so we dressed up as warm as we could, threw a -40 sleeping bag in and headed out in the 74 F250, we had to keep the windows cracked to prevent from fogging up and a vehicle related to the train crash almost created another accident close to the scene, now the Furd was not equipped with such luxuries as cruise control so after awhile my feet were numb, 2 hrs in I said we were going to have to stop at a cafe in Edson to warm up and I pulled out to pass a vehicle and got the Furd up to 70 which must have slightly increased the cooling system pressure and all of a sudden we start hearing flow through the core, I can flat out guarantee we were the 2 happiest guys in Alberta at that moment
  11. 2 things take the spirit right out of a guy, constant technical problems that prevent one from submitting a post after going to all the work of placing pictures and editing comments after a decades labour of love and then that body of work disappearing overnight Gary I’m hoping this returns and you can take this past 1000 pages and reconnect with friends made here
  12. The letter series Monarchs were some of the nicest styled to me Dave happened to my buddy once starting his 3406, sounded a bit off but he realized he had no power steering
  13. Is the smell outside or in the cabin? Does it still have the original dexcool?
  14. Hard to tell but are the hubcaps nickel plated? Fires bad deal for all ☹️
  15. Is that J Mechs? Looks like just like recycling pails for culverts, barrels for choo choo
  16. Where did you get the core from? Happy with it?
  17. Got their UC conversion book but not that one Buddy has a D6 dozer blade on his TD15 it is big
  18. Isn’t there marks on the flywheel first then you go to the front? Ill see if I can dig up MB Cats thread https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/542-diesel-engine-timing-degrees/
  19. It looks like it has a newer radiator or at least top tank, starting to pressurize the cooling system, paint looks a bit different there that would be late 14A or 141 series circa 53-56 ish
  20. I’m leaning towards the line of answers but if under warranty why not get them out and how competent are you working will electrical? Who did the install?
  21. Took a long time to get up there, good part is bugs might be declining Calling for first frost tonight
  22. I think that one went that he finally parked the dozer on a big rock so it wouldn’t drop through the muskeg when the frost went out and the sat phone was used for the fly out and hopefully see the dozer again in the fall There might have been some spooning sleeping in front of the dozer blade😳 And of course squatch sighting🤔
  23. Nice cable dozer still keeping the blade shiny❤️
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