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  1. I have a Hypertherm 45, they were the premier machine and one of the first, I thought they had new models out now, maybe that's the XP part, dry air is key, you used to be able to find more reasonable aftermarket consumables, pretty sure Miller is made by someone else for them, used to be Thermal Dynamics or something was another original brand, they have appreciated in value, paid $1000 for mine nib
  2. Wait we have more, what's behind door #3, record inflation rates and double digit interest headed your way
  3. Let's look back to when times were better and compare them with today, although they seem to be trying extremely hard to erase history it still provides an excellent reference Generally your Dad worked and provided for his family and your Mom raised and cared for the kids and had some plan as a team that wasn't distracted by a ton of external influences, taxation levels were reasonable as was the purchasing power of the dollar, there was love and respect, good moral values and this was widely supported by country, communities and worthwhile organizations. Kids were given chores and learned a work ethic and discovered spending power of the dollar, there was no credit so you got to think long and hard about saving and goals, then when you had free time you had imagination and played outside until dark with or without others and made stuff or took stuff apart to see how it worked How much of this seemingly successful system is still alive today and if it exists at all what percentage of the minority, then weigh those numbers against urban vs rural
  4. Every invention had its good merits and its shady side, tv,www, video games, social media, good and evil been around since the beginning, I remember rifle racks full in pickup back windows, not locking your doors and windows down shopping, nobody thought to sieze that opportunity for evil back then, the world has changed and I think technology and parenting has played a large part in it, sad to say given the direction in my life we aren't headed for better times until the end when he gathers you into his fold
  5. Don't under estimate the epoxy, that is good stuff
  6. Mine was Easyrider, Biker, and In the Wind, then I figured out what I was spending on magazines actually added up to bike parts, really good buddies mom had a rental place with bikers, they skipped rent and left behind all these mags back to the seventies, ended up being a pot of gold, think between him and me have 7 huge totes packed full
  7. Enjoy every day you have, I'm betting the love you get back is a hundredfold
  8. You can use the Right Stuff by Permatex for the valve cover, nice work and this thread has lots of info, these models are usually a black hole for info
  9. Expandable plug, different sizes just drive the tapered pin in to seal
  10. We borrowed a nice big pair from another work team, when you needed them it was invaluable, same style with the locks
  11. I believe you are saying your front attachment is bigger than the device it was intended for?
  12. Interested in what are the real prices, have an 03 Duramax CCLB, rockers rusted, starting on fenders 200K, mid trim, runs great, have had for almost 15 years?
  13. I agree with the proper fix BUT a recently passed buddy used to love old 6 cyl Jaguars and they had some groove that could be prone to head gasket failures in the same area, he was a millwright and even he didn't condone this but filled the void with epoxy and machined it flat and never had another issue, it could be a low $$ try, might want to take the head in to a shop, sidenote he must have had a thing for 🐈 as he loved cougars also 🤔 If the fire has gone out in those 2 holes for a while it might be worthwhile inspecting the bottom end with fuel diluting the oil...of course being diesel you should have higher compression than a gas engine in that area
  14. Think they've been tested a few times with the speakers and wall of sound...lol
  15. Don't know about the idiot part but the aggressive drivers up here are any Mazda, must have bought into the zoom zoom marketing My SIL had the puke green Soul of which you speak and loved it, they are a weird looking car, Nissan also has some 🤮 model styling but generally rate pretty dependable I'm driving an 11 Kia Sorento as a commuter, V6 timing chain issues with the tensioner and guides, replaced once already and back again, it was peppy when new 300hp but dealer did software downdate and that took a bit off it, slowly declining to its death now, 150K and asmatically rolling along
  16. The pistons and connecting rod travels normally but the sleeves rotate and open and close the ports
  17. Many options for repair both internal and external, in light of the male plumber thread maybe the shooter knew more about Johnny on his shot placement...
  18. You referring to the govt support for ag there or the terrain
  19. Cost of ownership looks too high, looking like a high houred unit that has already received a lot of replacement parts and updates
  20. Agreed they provide an awesome service to anyone at their most vulnerable time but with the exception of Jeff are often poor cooks and can destroy equipment within a hospital with enviable efficiency 😳
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