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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. The contact in Belgium that collects Fiats has not replied yet. Maybach is manufacturing the sprockets and chain but as it is low production it is not cheap especially after I add 30% to convert it to Cdn $ on a tractor which I have not see run. Our tractor club has two slogans, "Years of enjoyment" and "No budget". I understand the 411RG and Cockshutt 1250 were the first attempt at what turned out to be a fair tractor with a poor engine. Most of the following models involved improvement that did not retrofit so I am kind of dealing with an orphan here. As
  2. Are there any Fiat collectors on here? I am looking for information and parts for a Fiat 411RG or Cockshutt 1250 gas. The Oliver 1250 may be the same as well. Also parts, owners or service manuals.
  3. Lucky you Richard, I have a set of M weights for sale. I could send them home with the vegetable van next Tuesday. 🤑
  4. You may want to check the shafts for play at the bearings. Only the very end of the threshers had ball or roller bearings. The good news is that you don't have to go to a bearing house for new bearings, the bad news is that you will have to learn how to pour babbit. In this part of the world very few threshers had rasp bars, almost all had spike tooth cylinders, the spikes can wear out but even if they are they will probably do what you are going to do with it. The sieve frames were made of wood and now 70 or so years later they can start to sag toward the middle, again it won't stop you fr
  5. My 1936 parts book says a Fuller and Johnston engine was used for models 20 and 21 combines. 423D on a block shows up as a "Ball Bearing engine, 3&3/4x5 Vertical 4 cylinder used on combine models 3,4,6,7 and 9. With a D number I would think that is an IH built engine unless you can find Waukesha on it someplace.
  6. That second version really rocks.
  7. As far as I will take it for now. The correct grill and lettering. The top cover for the dash. When my parts tractor arrived it had a piece I didn't realize I was missing. It is the clip that bolts to the bottom of the platform to hold the early style pto shield to the tractor.
  8. You have not gotten much response to your question. I checked today and the steering box casting number is the same on the 560 or 660 International tractors, maybe you have some of them around there. I have a 400 I am parting out but you should take yours apart to see what you need because I don't think you want to pay freight from Sk Canada for the whole steering box.
  9. Backing a horse outfit is way easier than backing a truck. Notice how when he got a kink in it he could swing his front axle (team) over to the other side to straighten it out. You can't do that with a truck.
  10. Well done. I am so glad you went with paint instead of patina. I wondered if you were going to try to solve the cooling issue by mounting that extra radiator laying in from of the duals up beside the batteries, but anyone that would choose paint over patina wouldn't do something like that. Sent you a pm as well.
  11. My truck is a 98. My gauge and engine monitor signal no oil pressure once the engine is warmed up and the truck starts to move. I have tested with another gauge and the oil pressure is in fact within specs. I have replaced the sender and gauge and cleaned all the plug ins between the ECM and the dash. Since all the cleaning now only the dash monitor (light and buzzer) signal low oil pressure, the gauge reads ok. It must be a wiring issue someplace. I am hoping that someone else has run into this problem and can steer me to the likely location. I am not sure but since the ECM does not sh
  12. This is as far as I am going to take it at this time. Weird colour is from my yard light. I even put the batty lids on.
  13. I had to take a lot of tail lights apart to get parts to build one. They bolt to the fender in the perfect place to become a handle for a clumsy farmer to climb on so many get distorted. The seat pic is for the old guys on here. I think the 50 series was the last to carry a factory trip rope clip.
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