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  1. I was the owner of I 9559 and registered it with you when it was located in Rosetown Sk. Canada. I sold the tractor to a jockey some time ago and was reading your list to see if it had resurfaced. I have no idea where it is now or who owns it.
  2. I think you have the factory pan seat including the upright supporting it (cut and welded at 90 degrees). I have the same suspension on a Rockol tractor but I am sure Rockol did not build their own. It was probably a jobber available at farm supply stores.
  3. I am working one of those engines in a Gibson tractor. I could not get oil to the oil filter. I found that a previous owner had soldered off the inlet line right at the block. If there is anyone around from the day when those engines were being used was this a factory suggestion? I can't see why someone would close off the oil filter even if it was only a partial flow as they all were in those days. I wondered if the original opening was too large and maybe starved the rear cam bearing (nearest too it) or even the rest of the engine. The original fitting has a 5/32 hole in it. I plan to open the hole but could make it smaller.
  4. 7288cdn

    Trip to S'toon

    I assume the box of bits that showed up on my doorway is the extras from the rebuild? I have that 18.4 x 34 off now if you are interested. I know where there is a nice straight but seized 706 with the German engine in it if you are interested. Not quite free but close. Sorry I missed you I just got a Gibson and a Rockol to show you now.
  5. I am crushing an 806 diesel engine (seized) and wondered if it is worth the trouble to get the exhaust manifold off. Do they rot out and break like the old gas tractors did? If I go that deep it won't be much trouble to get the diesel pump off but I would have to be pretty desperate to go to the trouble to install a pump that had been sitting for 20 years even though it is still sealed up.
  6. You have a 1566 with no motor cheap?  what is cheap and what else is missing?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 7288cdn


      Didn't notice your location.  Price is in Canadian funds which is 700ish US.  LH door gone.  

    3. Rusty_Farmer


      ok thanks  i'm in central Mi. distance is not a problem, not too many 15's around so sourcing parts will be a little hard . i'm thinking . I assume it is 3 point delete ? 

    4. 7288cdn


      yes.  Dual hydraulics.  

  7. July 27. Mixer on Friday night, show on Saturday in conjunction with Perdou summer fair and hang out Sunday. pancake breakfast at 8:30, parade 10:30 visiting all day. About an hour west of Saskatoon if you are flying in.
  8. I am in Rosetown. The IH Chapter 38 annual show is in Perdu, just over an hour away.
  9. Does yours run or loose? I always wondered who to call about that 660, it has been awhile. Coming to Perdu?
  10. 7288cdn

    WK40 wheels

    The front tractor still has WD40 wheels, though as mentioned they are factory rubber. I was told that you had to slow down the rear tractor in corners because the governor would sense an increased load as the leader started to turn. The rear governor would open up and could cause a jackknife or break the rear wheels of the front tractor. You need a super or later 9 series for that type of wheel. Dad's regular 9 was a very late one and it had these wheels as well.
  11. 7288cdn

    WK40 wheels

    This shows that a 34 in tire fits inside a fender on a WD40 but from your pulling pic you already know that. The steel strap going around the nut and then bolted to the wheel is the locking mechanism for the wheel nut. If I was to use that tractor for work I would have to find another system so I could put wheel weights on the rear axle.
  12. 7288cdn

    WK40 wheels

    if you go to http://www.ihc38.com/index.html and go to the newsletters heading, click on "summer of 17" and scroll down. That will lead you to my story about the WD40 tandem hitch. After that newsletter went out to our members I found who the original builder was. He is now deceased but a member of the family who remembers playing on it as a child came and drove it around the yard. I realize that you probably want a good pic of the rear wheel from a 9 on it and that will come later today.
  13. 7288cdn

    WK40 wheels

    Be sure and get the late 15-30 wheels, the early ones have a keyway not a spline. I have a WD40 with WD9 rear wheels on it. The spline fits but the 9 hub must be thicker as there is not enough thread for a double nut to lock it all together. It may be easier to find a WD9 wheel than a 15-30 depending where you are.
  14. 7288cdn

    1566 1086

    You don't say where you are. I have a black stripe 1566 with very low hours and no engine. Location west central Saskatchewan Canada. Very reasonable.
  15. I have a running WD6 with the Boche injection pump that needs main and rod bearings. My machine shop can no longer get those. Is there any supplier that does stock them? Stiener, Rice and Webber do not list them online. Any other ideas?
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