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  1. Last year I worked on a crew with 8 of the largest JDs and two grain carts. We seldom had to wait for the carts. When working close to the home bins two or three super B's could keep the grain away. On the long hauls they used a grain bagger in the field. A couple of times they split us up into teams of 4 combines and then the single cart had more trouble keeping up than two with 8. He figured each machine had to cover a little over 4000 acres.
  2. Where all the International 856's labeled wheatlands or was that a subgroup? This one has the Wheatland decal but the serial number just reads I 856. Are they worth any more than a regular I 856?
  3. The part that I wonder about is the copper rings. What was their purpose?
  4. All I know about this is that my Grandfather was a WW1 veteran and told my mother it was a souvenir. O.D, of copper rings is 1.92 inches, O.D. of body is 1.82 inches. Height is 5&7/8 inches. It has been made into a coin bank with the slot. The base screws off, I am not sure if that was original or part of the conversion.
  5. I don't know how computerized yours is in 96 and mine is a 98 has a Cat but when my engine did that it was the camshaft sensor.
  6. As a part time trucker I love those hopper bins. Some of the larger ones paired with a diesel powered conveyer will load a B train (44 tonnes) in 20 minutes. Waiting for a bin sweep can take an hour. The nice farmers let us pull the tops off of flat bottoms and then sweep out into their own trucks to fill hoppers for us to finish up. There are different size grain vacs but the ones I run into are slow. The big operators are going to huge flat bottoms that have installed sweeps that are faster.
  7. I was afraid someone would pick up on that one not the $3500.
  8. I have one off of a 1456 in Rosetown Sk Canada. I dare you to make an offer of any of these mentioned prices.
  9. I had a deluxe white cab 1066 the factory radio in the cab was a fender mount unit hanging from the ceiling.
  10. You have to split a Hydro and put the reverse idler from a gear drive in it. Hydros do not have the idler installed but the FWA runs off of it.
  11. I have been driving Kenworths pulling Super B trailers. To fill the front two tanks on a Kenny you need the air pressure to be 60 lbs on the front bin and 40 on the rear of the front trailer at the bridge. My IH 9400 has a suspension system that tops out at 40 lbs. Can anyone give me a rough idea of what pressures I need to build a legal load? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Great back story Jim. This tractor was not set up as nicely as you did. Just hydraulic lines hanging down the side to be plugged into one of the remote outlets. I see you fellows from Missouri didn't like these early cabs because of the heat. They were a life saver on the tip of the Great Plains in Saskatchewan. Early spring work and late fall could be awful cold here. I remember wearing enough clothes to stay warm seeding then my neck would be raw by nightfall from rubbing on the jacket looking back. A few 06's came without cabs but most of them ended up with jobber units fairly quickly. Anything newer came from the plant with a cab. This is a Farmall not an International but it does not have a 3 point hitch or front remote hydraulic outlets. The lights were mounted down on the cab at hood level but the previous owner moved them up there for loader work. I also looked all over this cab for a makers name or serial number and came up empty.
  13. I have always called this the diamond cab. I want to order a cab liner kit for it, what is the official name? This one has an interesting a/c unit. It is self contained and sits on top of the cab. The compressor and condenser are inside the box. The compressor is the standard York one but it is driven by a belt from a hydraulic motor. The hoses connect to the tractor hydraulics which is bad enough but the fan is also driven this way so one has to have the hydraulics hooked up to use the heater in the winter.
  14. There are about 3 serial number breaks in the clutch on that tractor. If you are taking parts out of a wreck try to get a serial number higher than 4356 to match yours. release bearing 31240D or New Departure 3115 complete clutch 25976DEX. all components driven disk 25982D pressure plate 31299D, 26034DBX is from the next earlier serial break and is supposed to fit. pilot bearing 13147D or New Departure 7206, or IH ST226. The pilot bearing is the only clutch part that specifies gas or Diesel engine. I have a pair of 35's here for parts but probably the clutches are the same shape as yours, also heavy and I am probably a long way from you. Rosetown Sk Canada. I dare you to make me an offer on the 35's. I also have a TD14 clutch assembly here but I have no parts books for the 14's. Some late 40 parts fit early 14's.
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