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  1. I have a 250E it's the same chassis and drive train as the 250c but the 250E has a L10c cummins motor
  2. Hey hardtail will these fit my 250E possibly the one for the td18/20 guess I could contact them and find out
  3. Yes for sure if it's working leave it alone
  4. Ian Beale I know that's right exactly sometimes I want to fix to much!!!
  5. Yes farmalldr so far it is doing great I was contemplating running the overhead on it but it run to good so I think I will leave it alone for now
  6. Good looking old c model. I bought my E model in Milwaukee and had it shipped to TN. I got it from Marhol construction at that time he had 3 c models one needed a transmission the other two were in good shape probably had a better undercarriage than mine. As best as I remember ha was at 10000 to 12500 for the c models they were all early 80s models. I like to run the old iron
  7. It's been awhile since I was on here but my problem turned out to be sludge in the tank. I have cleaned it out and ran some power sevice tank cleaner thru it. I have ran three tanks of fuel thru it with no more trouble it's running great even cleared up the white smoke. I also have the deaccelerator working as it should. Now just need fuel prices cheaper lol!!
  8. I was able to find some good used ones for my 250E at Weller tractor in Great Bend Kansas might be worth checking with them if you haven't already . Bradley
  9. Ok pede thanks I haven't ran it much like this the decelerator was unhooked when I got the machine so I hooked it back up but the it started to act like it wasn't letting the machine go to wot that's when I unhooked the linkage again. When I had seals put in the throttle housing I lost my reference marks when I first hooked everything back up it sounded like it was turning to many rooms so I readjusted it just going by sound. I did have a straight pipe on it then. I am planning on adjusting the throttle linkage per the specs in the manual and see where it is then. I will hook up a rpm meter when I do this. Thanks for your help.
  10. I shift after coming to a complete stop with out decelerating it's a pedal steer machine so the middle pedal act as a decelerator and a brake. I just removed that linkage so it was a brake only. It doesn't shift hard from forward to reverse. I worked for a company right out of highschool in the early 90s they had a whole fleet of ihc/dresser equipment. We had 4 175c and as best as remember none of them accept a 1998 175c had a decelerator pedal. I could easily hook mine back up when I check the pressures. I had thought that it was hanging up not letting the machine run full throttle. I will check it out though. I am hope to work on it on Friday. Thanks again
  11. Ok thanks I changed all of the filters on it a while back just for matinence. I did find some debris in the suction screen and filter. Looked like some metal and bronze looking material. The main frame oil looked fine so I haven't changed it. I just thought that if it had a screen on the bottom of the torque converter that I would need to drain the oil to remove it. I did see in the service records where the hydraulic pump had to be resealed do to leaking into the transmission. Thanks again
  12. Ok thanks I need to get it back going to finish up on job I'm doing in my spare time. Thanks again
  13. Also isn't there a strainer on the bottom of the converter I haven't checked it yet I just wanted to be sure of the pressures before I drain the main frame oil.
  14. Ok thanks do you know the pressures for the transmission. It has test ports under the floor pans. I am going to call jensales or check e-bay for a service manual and parts manual. Thanks
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