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  1. Cat d8 engine failure has less that 4K hours and for some reason no.6 piston has decided to slap the head, barely bent a valve, but no other noticeable damage so far. Will pull engine today and check bottom end..
  2. Facebook marketplace ad, someone better get it before it’s sent to the scrap yard!
  3. @lightninboy so far, no. lol i paid 1k for it and I’ve had to buy a thousand dollar radiator core, a battery, and I’ll be need the transmission coolers, or one similar. I found a set of coolers but they need some work, I may take them to the older gentleman that live next to my property where the loader is. I’m currently living 2 hours from it so i don’t have time during the week to make progress on it.
  4. I plan on priming the oil system before I try to start it up... got other problems I’m dealing with it, priming the oil will be my last step. The starter is seized up from rust and I think the pressure plate and clutch are seized as well and it’s stuck in first gear. Someone left the air cleaner off with the hood up, but it was covered and no sign of water or rust inside intake. Took the carb off. Found a Holley I’m gonna rebuild and throw on, pulled valve covers, amazingly no sludge or build up on the overhead. Pulled engine oil drain plug and the oil instantly came out looking like honey. Mu


    @hardtail I own the trailer and truck, I went and retrieved my loader today. Put a new 4d caterpillar battery in it and 10gal of fuel and she busted right off. As soon as I got it on the trailer I went to close the 4in1 bucket it blew a hose. Didn’t find the time to get the dump truck.. as it does not run, I will have to get the property owner to use his tractor to pull or push it on the trailer. The entrance to the property is on a STEEP incline and my truck won’t back up it very far without spinning leaving me taking a chance of the truck dragging his small jd tractor on the trailer as well


    @J-Mech a lot of the work done on equipment is not safe all together.. but I’ll give the brake cleaner a try, the supplier where I get my oils and fluids has it in 5 gallon buckets and I think i have a refillable compressed air spray can somewhere. I’ve used it quite a bit before but for some reason my brain is goes for starting fluid, I guess the fumes have gotten to me


    @J-Mech when I use starting fluid on something when I’m in the shop I’m either by the door, and I don’t allow anyone to smoke within 100 feet of it no matter what. Usually no one is in it other than me. I have a friend that helps part time on big jobs and he knows how dangerous the stuff we use is, as do I. I’ve had an incident with a flammable liquid when I was about 10, Quickly learned my lesson. Just singed some hair. as for brake clean I’ve been told it emits phosgene gas if it gets to a certain temperature.


    @J-Mech the older fellow that’s retired from cat that does the valve bodies told me that should be fine.... 🤷🏻‍♂️ And only thing I’ve done to and IH scraper trans is put oil in them when the operator has run them dry. And when I say clean with starting fluid I mean the steel friction disk then dry them with disposable shop rags, I’d never clean the inside of the trans or the valve body with starting fluid.


    @J-Mech yeah.. it’s probably not the best Place to do a transmission but I take the valve body off to a gentleman retired from cat and rebuilt planetary powershift transmissions. Herebuilds them and they come back clean enough to eat off of. As for rest or the parts I spend about 100 dollars on starting fluid before I do these jobs. it looks bad, and unprofessional i know.. I’ve watched my family member take the friction disc and find a nice flat spot on his concrete floor in his shop and run the friction disc on it like he’s scrubbing the floor, then flip it over and do the same, the clean t


    @J-Mech also seen you like motorcycles... here’s one of my ironheads after I did a full resto. i throw some more pics in of the other bikes I claim to be fixing up but never get time


    @J-Mech never mind, just read your bio... You must be a wizard haha dont take that as a joke, I know I’m not a “real mechanic” everybody has to start somewhere. Honestly about 4 years ago all I had was a pole barn with a dirt floor a engine stand and a cherry picker and some basic tools and I built a few engines like that on my spare time, first engine I was proud of was a 406 sbc 2 stages of no2 250 and a 400 shot and that engine lasted 357 passes in a s10. ive come quite a ways from that now.


    @J-Mech define real mechanic


    I’ve only been doing it as a full time job for almost a year, but I’ve been around it all my life. Before deciding to be a full time mechanic I was and equipment operator. I don’t know everything, never will. I don’t do “top of the line” certified technician work, although I’ve met quite a few that didn’t know the difference between direct and indirect injection engines. I’ve never sat in a diesel class, I just grew up around family members that owned their own grading business and he did all his own mechanic work, machinery work and fabrication work. I know a little about tier 4 engines but
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