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  1. It meets the emissions standards but how much money you gonna throw at your tractor when it keeps going into derate and needs to regen or have a forced regen done
  2. Got it out broke a cable and lost clevis
  3. Had a friend call for help the other day…...
  4. @Koot Kraftsman yeah it’s been running! Hasn’t missed a lick other than the broke glow plug in the injector body lol ive acquired more projects and toys since I installed radiator
  5. I know it! But it’s Registered and insured as a farm use vehicle. Plus it’s not doing it’s job sitting there costing money
  6. I’ll even start it and drive it on your trailer for $500
  7. Radiator is good just bent on top tank. 4speed trans is good 2 speed rear is good all windows are good with no cracks, windows roll up and down 345 engine turns over, will run just need tuneup all gauges work - all lights and indicators are there and badges. Good for parts! CHEAP!!!!!!!
  8. @lightninboy trying to clean up some old stuff on my property it don’t have to go but I don’t have a use for it or any of the part other than the bed and hoist
  9. @ray54 how bout both sides? Lol
  10. The oil bath cleaner is in the seat on passenger side @Lars (midessa)
  11. Anyone need parts or want the whole truck before it goes to the scrapper?? Needs tune up and battery and it will run. Been sitting a couple years Bed and hoist not included

    IH 1300

    I’m not concerned that much on what model it is. I just posted it because I thought someone may want parts for their project truck or take the whole truck and make use of it. It will run just needs a tune up and battery. It’s going to the scrapper if no one is interested??

    IH 1300

    I’d plate on door says 1300…? Idk im removing the dump bed and controls, then if I can’t find anyone who wants it it’s going to get crushed and hauled for scrap

    IH 1300

    Anyone looking for parts?
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