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  1. Right on, good news! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
  2. Wow! How did this work out Ed? There are H30โ€™s and H50โ€™s loaders with 236 and 282โ€™s as well, never my favourite engine, they even seem weak in the head bolt department for a gas engine where they started from.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Good find!! 15Cโ€™s have always been one of my faves!
  4. That muffler looks original on there as well as the rectangular oil bath air cleaner and piping. The tank on top of the hood is a surge tank that was added to help overcome the problem of the rear head going dry on steep downgrades. It was first used on TD 14- 142โ€™s. This is basically a 142 with a 6 cylinder engine and some other updates. Pull that air cleaner off and go through the gas start linkage, sound like you have the ignition done now. I was given one of these but never picked it up and I think it went to China ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
  5. My late uncle always built his mills on log foundations and he put roofs over them too. He did say they work better in all kinds of weather, it could go from cooking hot to well below freezing in that country during the year. The first job I ever did on his mill was swap a head on a UD24 power unit during winter holidays. It was about 30 below.
  6. We always sent them out to have them done. Iโ€™m not sure if Browns have any C rods, most of those were rebuilt, didnโ€™t part any out.
  7. Right on PFL! I really enjoy working and or visiting with the old guys, so many stories n so much knowledge.
  8. There are no specific instructions on how to place them, take pictures and mark the ports with coloured phone cable wire or coloured zip ties, although plastic will most likely melt in there. They can be routed the best way they will fit.
  9. We came up with an update, I made new flanges on the lathe with double Orings and we use the red silicone Orings. Heat up the flanges to remove them, clean the tube good and sweat solder the new flanges on with brass.
  10. Most construction and power unit engines use the front pulley, there is usually a small rivet at TDC and a set of lines, one every 2 degrees and longer lines at 10, 20 etc. You just need the static timing spec and set it at that one #1 on compression
  11. Yes, the new OEM hoses do have a spiral wire cover, not really needed if they are installed properly. One version of hoses on the 20Eโ€™s was Teflon with woven stainless covering, one had to be real careful not to twist one during installation.
  12. Yes Pede, beautiful shop, it is the Deere construction equipment dealer shop. Yes, that little one would work good for that, pretty dry around the area there, so cleaning the tracks out is pretty easy.
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