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  1. Hi, those are the standard sized wheel studs on my brother's 5 Doncaster 54/74/84/95/3230 tractors, takes 1,1/8 inch socket if I remember correctly. Re road, speed it must have the high speed transmission/gear set, there was a thread on this site about a month ago about gear speeds on 74/84 series tractors and someone posted a chart with the different transmission/gear options and tire sizes. My brother's 684 has the medium speed transmission. Link to 54/74/84 transmission speeds: https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/132990-ih-464-transmission-speeds/?tab=comments#comment-1466301
  2. I spent 50 years in the IT business and all the "new improved application software" running on Linux or Windows has so many security holes in it because the version of software that was used to build it had the security issues. The only solution was to re-write or replace the application with a new one that is built on more secure software. Meanwhile on the mainframe software we were still running old COBOL programs that were written 50 years ago without a problem and if conversion to a newer version of COBOL was required the mainframe vendor had a conversion utility, not so in the modern computer languages, re-write or buy new.
  3. Am I correct, that there were early 685's with Z-shift pattern and lever T/A's? Later ones had H-shift pattern and electric shift T/A's with the 4 wire clutch safety switch that 2 wires were to shift the T/A into LO when the clutch was depressed. I know my brother's 3230 with electric T/A works that way, his 495 has H-shift but no T/A. I don't believe the electric T/A shift have the separate T/A pump in the bottom of the torque tube but use the a supply from MCV like the fast reverse option? Is this correct? I don't have a service manual for the 3230 only the 684 and older. Here is my experience with a 684 with Z-shift and Lever T/A with a bad T/A: HI would always drive or hold back on a hill but if you shut the tractor off with T/A in HI and transmission in a low gear on a hill after a period of time the tractor would start to roll down the hill. My theory was the check valve in the T/A pump was leaking. LO, if you pulled T/A into LO going up a hill it would lockup and pull but when over the hill and you shifted back into HI sometimes HI would not lockup and you had to push the clutch in and out and then it would lockup in HI, eventually got so bad you had to come to a complete stop, clutch, shift T/A LO to HI to get it to lockup.
  4. Good to hear you have the 3pt working again. Excellent help supplied by Snoshoe and J-Mech, away beyond my knowledge.
  5. You can check you tach with your cordless drill, take a nail of the appropriate size, cut the head off square up the shank to fit the drive in the back of the tach start the drill slowly to make sure it is going in the correct direction. Problem is most likely the tach drive in the front of the engine. It is an "L" shaped assembly, it has two shafts and a set of bevel gears where the driven shaft drives the shaft to the tach cable. The driven shaft has a fiber washer between the end cap and the gear and as this washer wears it will eventually allow the driven gear to stop engaging with the drive gear.
  6. Check the hydraulic oil level, check or change the hydraulic filter and make sure the bypass screen is clean and no leaks around the filter canister. If you dead head the remote hydraulic outlet does the PS work afterwards? Make sure the remote hydraulic lever is in the Neutral position. Do you hear any hydraulic noise like a buzzing or loading on the engine? How many hours on the tractor?
  7. Draft control all the way forward and it still doesn't lower then probably dirt in the unload valve under the seat. If you don't have a service manual there are the European versions for a 674 at the link below there is a complete section on the hydraulic system. If your tractor is a crated unit assembled in Louisville, KY, then the remote hydraulic valves and hydraulic connecting lines will be slightly different than the Euro models but unloading valve will be the same. European Manuals: https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121219-d239-674-engine-manual-pdf/
  8. Welcome to red power. Some questions concerning noise: 1) Re from gear shift area in both forward and reverse, so you hear it from left fender/axle/wheel area? 2) You only hear it when tractor is moving? If you put the R/N/Hi/Lo shift lever in Neutral and let the clutch out do you hear it? 3) Range transmission 1-2-3-4 do you hear it in all gears? 4) Put range transmission in Neutral, you find a spot usually between 2 to 3 or 3 to 4 where the range transmission is not in either gear, let clutch out, do you hear the noise? Simple things first: 1) Parking brake completely OFF? 2) Check all the rear wheel wheel hub and rim nuts for being tight? Manuals can be found here: https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121219-d239-674-engine-manual-pdf/
  9. 495man, my memory may be failing as well as I am 71+ years old. The cousins lived in eastern Ontario very close to Quebec border so I don't know where they bought it but I am positive it was a CIH 5110 and was the same color scheme as the CIH 495 my brother had just bought but center of rear wheels were black, definitely not a 7110 as that is about 130 HP and the 32XX and 42XX series were not available yet. The tractor is long gone as when the sons finished school they bought up farms around them and upgraded to larger HP CIH tractors. If the experts say that the 5110s never left Europe, I am just going to agree and put it down to my 71+ years old memory is not what it used tobe.
  10. See picture below balancer is outlined in red and drive gear is item #5. The balancer gears have to be time and timed to the crank drive gear, all in the Service manual.
  11. I finally found the link to the person that had a similar problem with a 424 which is same as 444 but 444 has larger engine. This link has some parts diagrams and that canister does contain a filter as greasetomyelbows mentioned. I believe his problem was a bad spring in one of the remote valves that was not returning the spool to the neutral position so the hydraulic oil was divert thru the relief valve in the remote valve back to the reservoir bypassing the input to the 3pt valve body, so when the Operator pulled handle on the remote to the neutral position then the 3pt worked. He had difficulty finding replacement parts as CIH parts are NLA. My 71+ year old memory not as good as it used to be!!!! Thanks to greasetomy for info. To start with I would clean or change the filter in the canister. See link below. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121680-424-lift-arms-not-working-right/
  12. Hi, yes first picture is flow divider, second picture is the single hydraulic pump. I don't have a clue what that canister is for. Some industrial models that had a front hydraulic pump that ran from a shaft connected to the crank shaft and used the transmission as a hydraulic reservoir had an additional hydraulic filter mounted in that area.
  13. 495man, so was I totally mistaken on the engine? This was close to 30 years ago, back in the early 1990s, I was visiting the cousins one day and they had bought this new CIH 5110 and they were showing it to me and I looked over the engine and it looked the same as a D-239 but with a turbo, I did not check the engine model/serial up by the oil filter. The cousins told me it was about 80 HP. So is the CDC 4 cyl 3.9 L completely different appearance than the Neuss D-239?
  14. If you look at the link I posted for German Neuss engines the D-239 had the highest production numbers at 274,435 of any of the Neuss engines, the DT-239 only 20,809.
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