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  1. A follow up to a post about a month ago for a friend that purchased a used Farmall 75C from a CIH Dealer and the 3pt hydraulics are very slow, the engine has to be running at 1500 RPM before it will lift a 3 furrow 3pt plow. My friend put a 3000 PSI meter on the remote hydraulic outlet and at 1500 RPM it was only showing 950 PSI. The CIH Dealer sent him a new hydraulic relief valve and he installed it yesterday and the hydraulic pressure is no better. The power steering is fine as this tractor appears to have a separate pump for PS. He is now looking to purchase a good Service Manual for
  2. On my brother's CIH 495 and 3230, CIH didn't use U-bolts, only flat straps and grade 8 bolts to hold roll bars onto square axle.
  3. Injpumped, you are correct I believe the person had installed an extra seal that blocked the flow.
  4. What do the top of the fuel filters look like, see photo below. The NAPA one on the right has caused fuel flow problems in some applications.
  5. Do you know any history on this tractor? Does it sit for long period of times between uses? Did owner ever use bio-Diesel in it? Check the crankcase oil for being over full, thin and smell like Diesel fuel? if so the front lip seal on pump drive shaft could be leaking Diesel into crankcase. These older Bosch VA pumps don't like the ULSD Diesel and so either add some 2 cycle engine oil or Diesel fuel conditioner everytime Diesel is added to fuel tank. Do you think it is a fuel delivery or injection pump problem or could it be a valve train problem? If you pinch the injector
  6. Does it have steel fuel line from last filter to injection pump or the steel with flex line to the injection pump? I have seen the rubber on the inside of flex line on a 454 come apart and restrict the flow into the pump. See photo below.
  7. Usually when the fuel pump starves for fuel, the engine slows down then the governor opens wide open throttle there is a puff of black smoke then engine speeds up then runs short of fuel then slows down and the process repeats. Is the 584 running like that? Does it start good when warm in less than one rev of the engine? How is the air flow, air cleaner, etc?
  8. Got any fuel coming back the return line? Did this happen after the fuel filters were changed?
  9. Hi, since you said there is good fuel flow then some quick checks, with reference to the photo below: Make sure with the STOP/START/RUN lever in the RUN position that the Fuel Control lever is pushed all the way forward touching the adjusting screw, make sure the Shut-Off Plunger has the plunger protruding like the photo. JimB
  10. During WWII my Dad talked about farm equipment parts were difficult to find, he talked about using old horse harness leather for rod and main bearings. He said soak the leather in oil for a few days then cut to fit and keep running it until the engine got noisy and repeat the process.
  11. Information below is taken from the "Operator's Manual, McCormick International B-414 Tractor Diesel and Petrol Model", Printed in Great Britain but no date. Dad took delivery of his B414D in early May of 1962, he had to wait until it came by ship to the Port of Montreal as IH only had a couple demo units in Canada that they displayed at the 1963 winter farm shows. Local IH Dealer gave Dad two free passes to the farm show in Toronto so we drove 4 hours to the farm show to look at a B414D I looked at the electrical schematic for the UK and Canadian B414 Diesel with Lucas electrics and the k
  12. On the B-414D tractors that were sold in the UK and Canada they had a return spring on the Stop Rod and as soon as you let go of it it returned to the RUN position. This was a real safety issue if you had children that would climb on the tractor as the starter had a manual lever to engage it and there was no clutch safety switch or it didn't matter if the key switch was ON or OFF the tractor would START if the engine was warm (not requiring glow plugs). Some farmers had a couple clothes pins in the tool box and they would pull the STOP Rod and clip the clothes pins behind it to keep it in th
  13. Yes, he said pump was on left side of the engine. Thanks CIHTECH.
  14. In late September Neighbor bought a used 2009 Farmall 75C with 2856 Hrs on it from local CaseIh dealer. There is no loader on this tractor. Today he put his 3 furrow plow on it today and it will only lift the plow very slowly unless engine is running at 1500 RPM, he tried the switch inside the cab for the hydraulic response speed and if he puts to slow it is even slower raising the 3pt. He called the CIH Service Manager and he told them that a new hydraulic pump had been put on it before it was sold. Service Manager said he would call other CIH mechanics to see if anyone had a solution.
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