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  1. The D-206 is a good engine as well, uses less fuel than D-239 but has less lower end torque than D-239 because of shorter stroke.
  2. If you have the pad type clutch, we always replace the 4 pad with a 6 pad from 685.
  3. My brother has an IH 474 with D-206 and I was using it yesterday and it has a 4 port manifold, he also has a CIH 3230 with D-206 but it has a loader on it and it was parked in a different shed and I didn't go look at it. I would try to measure the block from the top of the oil pan to the bottom of the head, D-206 block is 16.70" vs D-239 is 18.08".
  4. See page from a D-155 thru DT-402 Neuss Engine Service Manual with the different specs of the engines.
  5. It is a Bosch VA, then COLD START position is the lower lever just touching the end of the plunger like the Blue line in my first photo.
  6. Hi, is it the Bosch VE pump like below? This is not a good photo of pump as I was focusing on the re-circulating block heater. This is my brothers CIH 495 with a D-179 with a Bosch VE pump that has the built in Cold Start function, in cold weather push in the STOP/RUN knob to RUN position, open throttle about 1/4 and heat the manifold heater for about 30 seconds then engage the starter. The throttle is on top and the Stop/Run cable on the side.
  7. Hi, see link below to the IH European 74 series tractors, your 484 is one series newer but most of the Operator controls are the same as the 74 series. Read the Operator's Manual for 454 or 464 almost like a 484, the dash will be slightly different as idiot likes were added on 84 series instead of gauges. If you have a very late model 484 you may have the "H-Pattern" 1-4 gear shift instead of the Z-shift 1-4. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121219-d239-674-engine-manual-pdf/
  8. With reference to photo below of a Bosch VA pump: Thing Green Line is the STOP/START/RUN lever in the RUN position Blue line is the STOP/START/RUN lever in the COLD START position when the lever just touches the end of the plunger. Red line is the STOP/START/RUN lever in the STOP position when the plunger is depressed into the barrel.
  9. All the Bosch VA pumps had a Cold Start position on the Stop/Run lever. On the later IH/CIH 85 and newer tractors the newer design Bosch VE pump was used and the VE pump has an automatic Cold Start built into the pump.
  10. Hi, if you follow the link in your first attachment CIHTECH gives the part numbers for the Cap and the Adapter that goes in the drain hole below the right rear axle. That is how my brother's CIH 2250 loader was connected on his 495 and later we moved it to his newer CIH 3230 using the same connections. If you have a Shop Vac, you can connect the Shop Vac to the hydraulic filler hole and then change out the drain plug to the adapter fitting without loss of much hydraulic oil.
  11. Hi all the manuals can be download from here: https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121219-d239-674-engine-manual-pdf/ My brother has an IH 454 and CIH 495 with D-179 engines and they start with a good battery down to about -10C. The newer Neuss Diesel engines with the higher compression pistons will start below -20C, my brother has a CIH 3230 with D-206 Neuss Diesel with loader that he uses everyday and it will start below -20C but he has a re-circulating block heater and he usually plug it in for 30 minutes if it is in the -20C range, easier on the engine.
  12. Those brakes required yearly maintenance if the tractor was used a lot, you had to take them apart, clean the roller and ramps and de-glaze the disks. See my reply on the topic IH 424 Brakes. See this link: International Harvester Bradford Built Tractor Brakes (anglo-agriparts.com)
  13. Never replaced the roller balls either, just cleaned balls and ramps. Re replacing the disks, I just inspected the old disks for wear and glaze, if they weren't almost down to the rivets, I would just de-glaze them with a wire wheel. If you replace the disks, they maybe be slightly larger diameter and ride up on the outer edge of the worn part of the brake drum and the diff housing. A neighbor had that happen and we ended up grinding a bit off the outer edge of the new disks so they would fit in the old braking surfaces. See this link: International Harvester Bradford Built Tractor Brakes (anglo-agriparts.com)
  14. Some tractor owners that have the British BD-154 Diesel engine in them have replaced the glow plugs with a new fast heat 12V glow plug used in the newer Mercedes cars. These new glow plugs really improve the cold winter starting of these BD-154 engines. See this info from another tractor forum from a few years ago: Prices have gone up since the original reply was posted. The IH B414 uses the exact same glow plugs as a Mercedes 190D car. There are complete "fast heat" glow plug upgrade kits sold now for the Mercedes that direct fit the IH B-275 and B-414. No need for any adapters. Kit comes with four 12 volt plugs that get wired in parallel instead of series - and a controller. Complete kit with four fast heat plugs, new wires, relay, controller, etc. is $144. Here's the parts list: The complete conversion kit includes the following * Heavy Duty Manual Relay * Quality push button hole mount switch * Mercedes factory 80 amp fuse holder * 2 - 80 amp strip fuses * Correct size and length of wire needed * All terminal connectors required * 4 Upgraded Pencil type Fast Glow Plugs * Three New Glow Plug Wires * Complete step-by-step illustrated instructions http://www.mercedessource.com/node/8320 -- This link still works but price is now $178.50 You can by the kit without the controller for $80 - $120. Here is one on Ebay -but I'm sure you can find cheaper elsewhere . . . http://www.ebay.com/itm/MERCEDES-QUICK-FAST-GLOW-PLUG-KIT-190D-200D-220D-240D-/190579548413 - No longer works. And you could also just buy four plugs for $15 each and figure out the rest yourself. If you order any Mercedes kits - make sure you verify the have the 18 mm glow plugs and not the newer smaller ones. The correct fast-heat Bosch Duratherm plug to fit your B-414 is Bosch # 0250201044. Threads are 18 mm X 1.5 - just like your originals. Work at full 12 volts and draw 20 amps each when cold and taper to 8 amps each when hot. You can buy just the plugs at $16 each at Amazon.com and several other places. http://www.amazon.com/Bosch-0250201044-Glow-Plug-Fast/dp/B000GTNFWK
  15. Sounds like what my brother did to his 454 with a D-179 engine with Bosch VA pump when he took it off to replace the front pump drive shaft seal, he never scribed marks on the drive hub, he just loosened the three drive hub screws, remove the pump, replaced the drive shaft seal and re-installed the pump without timing it. I was at his place about a month later as he wanted some help to move some equipment out of the shed at the other farm, I noticed when he went to start the 454 he had to roll the engine several times and I asked him what was wrong with it, then he told me he had the pump off. Long story short he had the pump way out of time. Fixed the timing and it was back to starting light always in less than 1 rev of the engine.
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