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  1. If you google and explore the different links, you will find a $12.68 cable from an A & I dealer that is if you live in the USA.
  2. It is time for a new cable, I see the outer part of the cable is not inside the bushing on the injection pump. Is that a 3cyl D-179 German engine on a 454 or 464? I believe the part number for the 454/464 cable is 529000R1 and if you google the part number you will find several options.
  3. Hi Edsfarms, since your 885 has the toggle switch on the left with the Rabbit and Turtle symbols, it has the two speed power shift option, the updated version of the old mechanical operated T/A option.
  4. Hi, the T/A or Two Speed Power Shift controls would be under the battery box just behind the bell housing, see attached photo of the Power Shift Valve and item #1 is a rotary solenoid and will have an electrical cable attached to it. I also included a photo the location of the Serial Numbers on an 885, included is the decode of the Transmission Serial Number Suffix Codes for the IH 84 series tractors, I could not find equivalent for the CIH 85 or 95 Series tractors. Re left hand hole in the dash, I have seen them plugged with a metal or plastic plug if no T/A was installed.
  5. Hi, a 685 will have a German D-239 Diesel engine and in the past someone probably over heated it and caused the O-rings on the sleeves to leak coolant into the crankcase. Do as CIHTECH says, drop the oil pan and put water in it and look for drips. Unfortunately with 4x4 it is a bit more difficult to drop oil pan. Do you have a service manual?
  6. Injpumped is correct on the older fuel pumps like the Bosch VA without fuel additives the seals will start leaking using ULSD fuel. The newer pumps were designed for ULSD.
  7. That is also what the local Diesel shop Tech told our neighbor when he had his pump from his Cat 2408 truck engine overhauled this spring. This Tech has 30+ years of experience on pumps and 20 years ago he recommended ATF but NOT NOW.
  8. Hi, welcome to this forum. I hope your 685 does not have a cab or it is more of a PITA. Here is link to CaseIH.com parts for the transmission shift lever parts: https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/tractors/agricultural/under-100-hp/case-ih-diesel-tractor/power-train/transmission-control-external/cn/12827D55-8FBF-E111-9FCE-005056875BD Last summer I helped my brother replace the outer left rear axle bearing on his CIH 495, same rear end as your 685, see attached photo below. His 495 had a roll bar as well which made it more difficult, so we chose to remove both fenders, fuel tank and roll bar as one unit and to do this we had to remove both rear wheels. For your problem, if you have a air hammer or long bar or rod, I would come in from the rear over the top of the axle housing and tap on the of part #22 in the CaseIH parts diagram. To get better access requires removing the seat and the deck plate which can be a PITA unless you have a helper. From the photo of the 495 you can see the outer support with the large bolt holes is swung upward as it normally bolts to the holes on the rear axle housing. The inside of the shifter assembly bolts to the side of the range/diff housing.
  9. Nice 585, D-206 is a very good motor.
  10. Is this update due to worn out bearings on has CIH came out with a new style improved bearing? The reason I ask is my brother has a CIH RBX 442 Round Baler and last year the bearing for the upper driver roller p/n 353125 started to over heat so he replaced it and then again early in the hay season the new bearing totally seized after only about 200 bales. The p/n on the new CNH bearing package is 9608135, made in Japan. He purchased both bearings through the local CIH Dealer at $125.00 CND each. He tried the local bearing shop that handles bearings and they can not find a replacement that will fit in the bearing housing, see photo from Messicks.com parts book. Does anyone have any info on this bearing being prone to failure? Or my brother just got a dud? There is no grease zerk to grease. Thanks for any info JimB
  11. Here are the manuals for an IH 674: https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121219-d239-674-engine-manual-pdf/
  12. Thanks for the great photos and hope the weather improves. Same here in eastern Canada we have great crops but can't get much dry weather to harvest them, in western Canada it is the opposite very dry and hot and lots of forest fires.
  13. jimb2

    IH 584 pto

    I assume you have a service manual since you split the 584 to replace the lube pump? In the service manual I have there is a procedure for adjusting the PTO lever and linkage to get the total spool movement of 1.14 to 1.18 Inches and hydraulic pressure checks on a T-fitting by the MCV to be 260-270 PSI. Have you performed the pressure checks?
  14. Hi, See Highlighted Purple hydraulic line to remove and cap end near the fuel tank where it connects to the draft control, from your photo in photo below. Second photo shows hydraulic hose item #30 going from 90* elbow on top of remote valve to input of loader valves and item #35 elbow connecting to return of loader valves to drain plug under the right axle, item #28,27 and 29 are required to connect the return line to the drain plug. Trick to remove drain plug and install adapter and return hose, if you have a shop vac, stick the suction hose in the hydraulic filler hole on rear of hydraulic housing and seal around shop vac suction line, turn on shop vac and you should be able to swap drain plug with adapter fittings and return hose without loosing much hydraulic oil.
  15. Hi, I assume you want to a separate set of hydraulic valves to operate the loader and leave the remote valves free? See that L-shaped hydraulic pipe that is on the far left of your photo and goes back towards the fuel tank and connects to the draft control unit on top of the hydraulic housing. That is the high pressure return line from the remote valves. Remove this L-shaped line, cap off the rear port where the line connected to the draft control, loosen the lock nut on the 90 degree elbow where the front of the line connected and position it and connect this elbow to the input side of your loader hydraulic valves. The return line from the loader hydraulic valves will go to the differential drain plug under the right rear axle, the drain plug requires a reducer and a 90 degree elbow to connect with the return line from the loader. CAUTION, if you remove the hydraulic valves from the loader you must connect the loader hydraulic valves input line to the return line or the hydraulic pump will be under full pressure all the time. If you can wait a day or two, I have more detail on my other computer.
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