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  1. They are just a small gear pump p/n 527757R92 about $500.00. I would do the hydraulic oil check coming from the MCV valve, could also be blown seals in the pump or the Fwd/Rev clutches.
  2. Hi, I believe the 250A is based on the IH 684 agricultural tractor and the FWD/REV has a small hydraulic pump (driven by PTO shaft) just behind the clutch housing under the range transmission that supplies hydraulic pressure to operate the FWD/REV clutch pack. There is a test procedure to check for 240 to 270 PSI at a test plug under the center of the tractor. See Group 10 Hydraulic System Page 45 for test procedure in the Service Manual for 674 at the link below. Removal and repair of FWD/REV clutch pack is found in Group 7 Transmission section. See Service manuals: https://www.redpowerm
  3. Thanks for information everyone, I will pass it to my friend. He purchased the correct hydraulic brake oil from the CIH dealer and is going to empty the reservoir and brake cylinders and replace with correct brake oil. Thanks again for info Jim
  4. jimb2

    844XL fuse box

    Hi, I have the Operator's Manual for IH 844S but not the 844XL. The 844S only has 8 fuses where as your 844XL has 15 fuses. Here is a link to a downloadable PDF of a manual for a 745XL which should be similar to 844XL BUT the manual is in French. You can type the French words into Google translate French to English and it will give you the English. Example: feu de position avant droit = front right position light http://vieux.tracteurs.free.fr/pdf/IH745XL_LivretEntretien.pdf
  5. Hi, 885XL will have a IH Neuss, Germany built D-268 engine. The manuals are on this site at: https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121219-d239-674-engine-manual-pdf/
  6. Hi See attach photo of 354 wiring diagram.
  7. Matt, I have the service manual for the NH version and it appears that the brake reservoir is like a car, a stand-alone system but uses hydraulic oil instead of brake fluid. My friend never complained about loosing brakes just on regular checks the fluid level in the reservoir requires topping up. The actual brake disks appear to be in the rear axle similar to IH 74,84,85,95 series tractors.
  8. I am asking this question for a friend that has a 2009 Farmall 75C with Cab and 4WD and about 3000 Hrs. He has to keep topping up the hydraulic brake reservoir. He doesn't see any obvious leaks. He has a service manual and before doing any repair work he is wondering if this is a common problem on the Farmall 75C and the similar NH T4.75? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks JimB
  9. jimb2

    895 pto

    As I understand it, the clutch linkage is to prevent the Operator from changing FWD/REV lever without depressing the clutch first. This option was initially advertised as the Fast Rev feature but later it was called Shuttle shift. The newer tractors with shuttle shift you can move FWD to REV or REV to FWD without using the clutch.
  10. Hi the 484 will have an IH German Neuss build D-179 3cyl engine, the remainder of the tractor was made in the IH Doncaster, UK plant but many units were crate shipped to IH Louisville, KY, USA for final assembly. The original IH model was 454/464, 484, 485 then CIH 495 and 3220 last made in 1997. Plenty of parts still available. They are good utility tractors, my brother has a 454 and a 495. The 484 will have a Bosch VA injection pump that was designed before ULSD Diesel fuel so if you buy it add some Diesel fuel conditioner or 2 Cyl engine oil to the fuel tank everytime you add fuel. I ha
  11. jimb2

    895 pto

    Hi, I have no experience with the Fwd/Rev Shuttle shift but I have the service manual for the 85 Series tractors, see attached Pages 63 and 64. See also attached diagram for 74-84 Series MCV valve with an arrow to Fwd/Rev pump in bottom of transmission, there was a change in the 85 Series and newer series where that small T/A and Fwd/Rev pump in bottom of transmission was deleted and replaced with a regulator valve and that is the regulator valve with the test port described in the pages 63 and 64 below.
  12. Re missing Stop screw, that screw controls the HP of the engine, if the STOP/START/RUN cable is adjusted so the Kill arm touches the Stop screw mounting then the engine will be putting out maximum HP of around 46 to 50 similar to an IH 464 tractor. An IH 454 at 40 HP the Stop screw is more like the photo below BUT in the case of the photo below the STOP/START/RUN cable was mis-adjusted so in the Run position the cable did not push the arm against the Stop screw and the engine was lacking HP.
  13. jimb2


    My manual indicates the balancing gears are required and on the DT-358 and DT-402 engines have an additional Vibration damper on the front pulley. Was it a D-239 engine in it before? What is your planned use of this tractor? Farm work or other? Is it going to be running at PTO engine speeds for long hours? See the discussion in this form about a Perkins engine and balancing gears:
  14. Post some photos of loader hydraulic control valves and the hydraulic lines to the bucket and loader boom.
  15. PS, I forgot to add if it is a double acting control valve without a Float position like the control valve on your B275 loader the only way to release the pressure before unhooking the lines is to shut the tractor off and then work the control valves in both directions a couple time and that will release the pressure in both hydraulic lines BUT this will not solve the problem if you unhook with cold hydraulic oil and the sun warms it up significantly, then the only solution is like Jeff-C-IL says. Can anyone tell me if the problem still exists on the new high HP tractor that I see on yout
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