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  1. Hi back when the IH B250 was made having a torque wrench was very rare and the only place torque specs were given were on the engine parts like head, rod and main bolts. I have a B414 Operator's Manual and it says to "securely tighten" the lug and rim bolts when adjusting the treat width of the wheels. We used to use a 1/2" Drive 2 Ft breaker bar and put about 50 lbs force on the handle and that would be about 100 ft-lbs torque, then drive the tractor for a bit then check the bolts again and maybe in a week re-check them. I remember one time on the B414 we were taking the wheel off at the rim to take it to a tire shop and we had to use the breaker bar with 4 Ft of pipe on it as some calcium had leaked on to the bolts and seized the nuts very tight.
  2. Did you try googling 402540R91 and 402540R92? I did a quick google and found a couple used ones. Are the springs good in the pressure valve on the pump?
  3. The power trains were all made in England but the tractors that were made for the USA markets were the only power trains, no wheels, electrical, power steering, front axles, hydraulic pumps and a few other things. They were loaded in shipping crates and shipped to Louisville, KY, USA where the final assembly was done using parts common to the IH 404/504 series tractors. These units were referred to as "crate units". Here in Canada we received these tractors completely assembled from England. Your 444 should have a serial number plate indicating if it was built in England or Louisville. If you live in the northern USA States a lot of used Canadian tractors ended up in the USA. One quick way to tell is the England built units had Lucas electrics, starter, alternator, etc., Louisville had Delco electrics and if power steering, England two hydraulic pumps stacked together, Louisville had one larger hydraulic pump with a splitter valve located on torque tube rearward of the bell housing, See attached photo of Louisville, KY assembled IH 444, the blue circles show the hydraulic splitter, single hydraulic pump and the triangular front implement mount common on IH USA built tractors, also note the serial number plate on the torque tube. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi see below for instructions from my service manual for CIH 385 thru 885 ag tractors.
  5. Do you use the tractor for any PTO work? Does the PTO stop or slow down when under load? Do you hear any rattling noise by the clutch bell housing when the hydraulics are used?
  6. Hi, do you have the IH service manual, there are adjustment procedures, starting at Group 7, Transmission, Page 34. IH 54/74 Series manuals are here: https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121219-d239-674-engine-manual-pdf/
  7. If you don't have the manuals, here is a link to the European manuals for IH 74 series tractors. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121219-d239-674-engine-manual-pdf/
  8. IIRC, If the oil cooler regulator valve is stuck open all the oil for the PTO will bypass thru oil cooler. Usually if the Priority valve is stuck up or down you loose either 3pt, Remotes and PS works, stuck the other way, 3pt and remotes work, PS does not.
  9. Hi, brazing usually works for a while but usually another pin hole will show up sometime in the future. Those lines are a PITA to replace, getting the seat and deck plate off. My brother has replaced some of the steel lines with hydraulic hoses. I helped him do one last summer on his 474, problem is hydraulic hoses are larger and sometimes difficult to fit in the place of a custom steel line. We looked up the steel line replacement on CIH parts and it was many $$$ and there was only 1 or 2 available in North America. You may have a good hydraulic shop in the area that will make a new steel line if you bring the old one as a pattern.
  10. Does it have a remote hydraulic valve, try dead heading the remote while turning the steering wheel.
  11. Hi, another good source of parts is at link below as the site is now owned by A&I Products who are a large aftermarket parts supplier and salvage yard owners. I don't know if they will ship to Australia though. https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/Farmall-434-Tractor-Parts.html https://www.aiproducts.com/index.html
  12. Hi, if the fluid is milky that would indicate that there is water and when the fluid gets hot the water will boil off causing steam pressure. There should be a breather under the seat that lets the steam escape, looks like a mushroom top. Maybe it is clogged, I think it just pulls off and can be cleaned. Is the fluid level over full? Is the O-ring on the dipstick still present or in good condition? O-ring, 0.07'' Thick x 0.239'' ID, -10, Cl 5, 75 Duro, CIH PART NUMBER 352219R1
  13. Hi, most times if the PTO hasn't been used in sometime and the 684 has sat out in the weather, it is the PTO lever mechanism that pulls up on the PTO spool valve on top of the MCV to upper right of hydraulic filter. Use your favorite penetrating oil to loosen up the mechanism, you may have to lift the rubber boot covering the PTO spool valve a spray it while working the PTO lever. See photo below of MCV housing. Also link to IH Service manuals for the IH 74 series tractors and most things apply to the IH 84 series: https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121219-d239-674-engine-manual-pdf/ There is a good section on Hydraulic function and trouble shooting.
  14. Hi see the following links: https://www.anglo-agriparts.com/International-harvester-brakes https://www.anglo-agriparts.com/bradford-built-international-harvester-major-brake-overhaul https://forums.yesterdaystractors.com/viewtopic.php?t=1377566&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=jimb2&start=0
  15. Re Bosch VE replacement pump for VA pump, Has anyone done this pump swap or know what all is involved? I saw this link: https://goldfarbinc.com/products/0-460-406-056-1329-154-c1-remanufactured-bosch-injection-pump-fits-case-d358-ih-900-1000-engine Also found this site and if you scroll through the first 10 pages there will be entries for the Case IH German D-155 thru D-358 engines. https://docplayer.net/23916266-Fuel-injection-pump-product-model-list.html
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