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  1. jimb2

    IH 464 diesel

    I is also missing the fan guard.
  2. You are correct, all that would have to be swapped plus UK units use two 6 GPM hydraulic pumps connected together, one supplies 3PT the other supplies PS but use the same reservoir under the seat. US crate units use a single 10 GPM hydraulic pump with a splitter for 3 GPM to PS and 7 GPM for 3PT and use the same reservoir under the seat but the hydraulic lines are different. You could try https://www.fawcett.cc/ in Ontario, Canada for a used PS cylinder for a UK Bradford tractors. This salvage yard is now part of All States Ag Parts and will ship to USA.
  3. The units with the steering cylinder on the left side were the UK built ones, the later crate units assembled in Louisville, KY had the same hydrostatic power steering installed like other IH USA made utility tractors. There are a lot of differences.
  4. jimb2

    IH 464 diesel

    Nice 464, 1973 by serial number? The European manuals can be found here, yours looks very close to the European model, does it have Lucas electrics or Delco electrics on it? https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121219-d239-674-engine-manual-pdf/
  5. Does your cousin know about the START position of the STOP/START/RUN lever? See photo of pump on this the link below, START position is when the Fuel Control Lever just touches the Shut-Off plunger. Also make sure when STOP/START/RUN lever is in the RUN position the Fuel Control lever is all the way forward touching the adjustment screw. Also Diesel fuel line leaks can cause the pump to sort of loose prime when it sits for a length of time and a snort of ether makes the tractor run long enough to re-prime the pump and a fully charged battery. Be careful with the ether, too much can break the top rings on the pistons. If engine locks up due to ether, let t sit for a while before trying to start again.
  6. Mine was copied from IH Bulletin Number IHTB-003, unless someone at IH made a mistake. I don't have the complete Bulletin anymore just kept the important part.
  7. Did you install the correct O-rings for your engine serial number, see chart below.
  8. Is the shut off cable pushing the fuel control lever all the way forward to the adjusting screw?
  9. Hi, see the link to this post:
  10. jimb2

    756 help

    Hi, engine manuals can be downloaded from here: https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/121219-d239-674-engine-manual-pdf/ The best photo is at caseih.com parts: https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/na/engines/case/6-cyl/6-cylinder-diesel-engine/complete-machine/fuel-injection-pump-and-connections-706-and-756-tractors-wcartridge-type-filters/cn/5D2E7A67-8FBF-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6
  11. Hi Donnie, I noticed that you are from Alberta, re adding a second remote outlet is very easy for the 574 if you can find the parts. There were different versions of the remote valves, some with 3 bolt holes and some with 4 bolt holes, also if the 574 was one made for Canada, they are more like the European models than the crated units for the USA assembly plant in Louisville, KY, they used the hydraulic control valves common to the USA built IH tractors. I would try https://www.fawcett.cc/ as they are the largest salvage yard in eastern Canada.
  12. jimb2

    84 series parts?

    I have used a punch out slug from an electrical panel by grinding and filing it to size, some punch marks on the rim of the assembly plus expoy glue to hold the end cap in place. Found some metal spacers that were the correct size to hold the gear in the correct place plus some lube. Make sure the Tach cable is turning freely because if it is binding that puts additional end force on the driven gear shaft. Pull the Tach cable out from the Tach end and clean and lube the cable. You can check the Tach and cable operations by using your variable speed power drill. I believe 3055982R93 is used in all the 54/74/84/85/95/32xx/42xx series tractors with the German Neuss engines except the 475 that had a Perkins engine and is very rare in North America.
  13. jimb2

    84 series parts?

    I looked up the Tach drive p/n 3055982R93 on caseih.com parts price was $79.00, I then googled 3055982R93, used part showed up at $100.00. If you are real handy and don't value your time you can fix the Tach drive gear but before attempting to fix it make sure you have a plug that will fit in the hole in the engine plate so if you break the Tach drive you can still use the tractor until a replacement arrives. Even if you are installing a new Tach drive make sure the Tach drive cable is turning freely, I also like to lube the drive cable. The problem with the Tach drive is there is a fiber spacer in behind the end cap that is supposed to hold the driven shaft so that the bevel gears mate but when the fiber washer wears enough the shaft pushes end ways and the gears no longer mate. The repair technique is to get the end cap off without damaging it, add an extra spacer and getting the end cap back on and sealing it so it dose not leak oil and holds the shaft in the correct position. Re quality of parts, there is NO QUALITY anymore, the theory is mass produce and so what if there is a small percentage of returns!!!. Not tractor related but friends just bought a new washer and dyer recently, the washer intermittently goes into the SPIN cycle and never stops, you have to pull the power plug. They called for service and Tech came out and he told them to take a video of it spinning when it fails and then call me again and after the third call the company will replace it free of charge. I am waiting to see the definition of "FREE", customer probably gets stuck with delivery/pickup charge.
  14. Hi, see this post, same applies to the D-239.
  15. Re, "Also a hard starter in cold weather", read the following post as it also applies to the D-179. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/131236-ih385-bosch-pump-not-working/
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