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  1. Hi Redbarnfarm, I make sure the hydraulic oil is up to operating temp, do not pinch off the oil cooler line, run engine at about 1500 RPM and do not pump brakes, only do one side at a time.
  2. Yes, that hydraulic valve would work, it could be hooked into 3pt or loader hydraulics but problem is finding a convenient location to mount it. Another option is to replace the loader spool with a 3 or 4 valve spool valve but the requirement is to find a spool valve that has one valve that has a "float" position as your present valve probably has a "float" position on the boom valve. Push boom valve all the way forward and it should lock into "float" position, the buck spool usually only has "UP" and "DOWN" positions.
  3. I believe that is the Unloading and flow control valves.
  4. Hi, after looking at caseih.com parts there was at one time a kit part number 530612R91 to add a Remote valve to an IH 2500A with draft control. I do not know if this kit 530612R91 is still available from CIH or if it is N/A. Also you have to check the serial number of your 2500A to see if it is 113209 AND BELOW. Google 530612R91 and from site: https://avspare.com/catalog/case/48077/54883/623176/ Showing a diagram and the parts list. I have had no dealings with avspare and do not know anything about them. (2500) - INTERNATIONAL SERIES-A TRACTOR (NORTH AMERICA) (1/71-12/77) (10-38) - HYDRAULICS, AUXILIARY VALVES AND TUBES, SERIAL NO. 113209 AND BELOW Case Agriculture
  5. It is very difficult to get a complete picture of the hydraulics in those tractors as IH does not show a complete diagram in the parts manual or the service manual only sections at a time. You really have to take the seat off and lift the deck plate and take a photo of what is there. Becareful taking the deck plate off as there is one ground wire that connects to one of the rear deck plate bolts that supplies the ground for the rear part of the tractor. I would think that the high pressure hydraulic line on your tractor goes direct from MCV to the draft control and then returns from draft control to MCV where as on Ag version it goes MCV to Remote valve out top of Remote valve to Draft Control then returns to MCV. So you would have to change a couple of hydraulic pressure lines and add the Remote valve and control lever by your right heel. There were different remote valves, one version had Up,Down,Neutral others had no Neutral and I think some older ones had only 2 bolt mounts and newer had 3 bolts. My brother has 5 of the Ag models and we have installed and removed loaders from them by changing the hydraulic lines under the seat. All of his tractors came from factory with one Remote valve with the Neutral option. Neighbor added a second Remote to his 684 about 20 years ago cost about $400 then with new parts.
  6. If you only want to run something like a wood splitter then the easiest way is to put hydraulic quick couplers on the bucket valve of the loader. Set bucket on the ground, shut tractor off and work bucket hydraulic valve back and forth to take the pressure off the lines, unhook the bucket hydraulic lines, hookup the wood splitter hydraulic lines, start tractor, tie bucket valve open with bungee cord and then operate wood splitter from its hydraulic valve. We did this for years with an IH 434 and 1501 loader. The 2500A will have an Open Centre hydraulic system which means the hydraulic oil flows in a continuous loop until a valve is opened to divert the oil to a cylinder, so all valves must be Open Centre not Closed Centre.
  7. Hi, very nice tractor, it is difficult to know what is required to add remotes on the rear of the industrial 2500A version of the Ag 574. Some of the 2500A's had no remote and no draft control, click on link below to caseih.com parts for 2500A and look at Item #13 a "U" shaped tube on the MCV behind the hydraulic filter under the left foot rest. Item #13 if present eliminates the hydraulic pressure and return lines that would normally go to the remote hydraulic valve and the draft control. Do you have a 3pt Raise/Lower lever and a Draft Control lever at the right side of the seat? As previous post said find a 454, 474, 574, 674 or if your 2500A is a late model one then find a 484,584,684 salvage yard tractor. The later models had changes to the MCV where the various pressure lines connected and IIRC there were different versions of remote control valves as well. What do you want to connect to the remote hydraulic outlets? There maybe simpler solutions. See caseih.com parts: https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html#epc::mr48077ar620235
  8. I don't believe it is possible without taking the hydraulic housing off and since yours is a 685XL it has a cab and that adds more work. My brother's 684 requires a parking brake band as well and I heard the same story that it could be changed through PTO clutch cover but local older IH Mechanic said it can be done but you have to bend the new band to get it around the drum that it cracks the brake lining on the band and it will fail shortly after. Since you have a 685XL yours may have the new style hub parking brake?? I think the 695 and 32XX and 42XX series had the redesigned hub parking brake. If you have 4WD is the front wheel transfer case on the right side under the foot rest or on the bottom of the transmission case?
  9. jimb2

    Case 895

    Hi, is this a CIH 895 built in Doncaster, UK, with German Neuss Diesel engine? There are manuals in the Engine board for the older 74 Series tractors, the 95 Series are basically the same with some transmission updates and the newer cab is different. here is link:
  10. The parking brake was a big problem on the older models but on the 95 series that have the H pattern transmission shift IH/CIH had redesigned the parking brake in the differential to be more positive locking and the parking brake engaged light on the dash would blink. The problem with the older models you could engage the parking brake sufficient to hold the tractor and the indicator was a small light on the dash and the Operator could forget and take off with the parking brake engage and chew up the parking brake band into the hydraulic fluid in the trans/diff. This happened to my brother's 684 one summer when he had a teenager working for him. This problem has the symptom that you can engage the parking brake and it will not hold the tractor on an incline. The other problem is the parking brake cable that goes into the side of the diff case can break at the stud, the symptom is that the parking brake lever moves freely like it is not attached to anything.
  11. Hi the CIH 595 is made in Doncaster, UK and if it has a Diesel engine it is a D-206 4 cyl made in Neuss Germany. It belongs to the 54/74/84/95/32/42 series IH/CIH tractors built in Doncaster UK, by the time of the late 84 and 95 series all the major weaknesses had been corrected. My brother has an older 474 and the last series 3230 built with the D-206 engine, very good engine should run well over 20,000 Hrs before overhaul if proper maintenance has been performed. The trans/diff are the same as used in 100 HP 995 so the 60 HP 595 will not overload the power train. It may or may not have the power shift(old T/A) option via a switch on the left of the dash or a switch on the shift lever if it has a cab, this will provide 16 forward and 8 reverse speeds.
  12. We pulled a 3 x 12 IH plow with Super Chief trip beam bottoms for years with our B414, 434 and 384 tractors in loam with clay. Plowed in 2nd or 3rd Lo, over at my Uncles farm we plowed in 3rd Lo as his soil was lighter.
  13. Hi Matthias, thanks for the info. My brother has five Doncaster, UK built tractors with Neuss engines, 454, 474, 684, CIH 495 and 3230. His favorites are the D-179 in the 454 and the D-206s in the 474 and 3230. Since you are very familiar with IH Neuss engines, there is another thread on this site about replacing the Bosch VA pumps on the D-310 and D-358 engines. I know my brother's CIH 495 and 3230 have a Bosch VE pump instead of the VA pump, was the VE pump ever installed on the D-310 and D-358 engines? What is required to convert a VA a D-310/358 to a VE pump? Thanks Jim Brownlee Ottawa, Canada See
  14. Thanks for info, so far my brother has just been parking the 454 for the winter months as he has 5 IH/CIH Doncaster, UK built tractors with German Neuss built Diesel engines.
  15. We had IH 434 with same IH 1501 loader and hydraulic bucket, later traded for IH 384 with IH 1550 loader again with same hydraulic bucket but 1550 had double acting boom cylinders therefore down pressure as well.
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