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  1. Isn't it a powershift? Why not just downshift? Always thought that was the great part about a ps tranny, shift down and leave throttle up for turns and such.
  2. Are your front wheels set to run between the rear duals? If so do you see any emergence issues planting in that wheel track?
  3. They had trouble with breakage even without loaders but ya there's a lot of stress on the frontend of a loader tractor and most loader tractors up in your area get used heavily for moving bales. I get what guys are saying about the original correct rims on a resto job but if they were a problem before I sure wouldn't want them back on my tractor.
  4. Didn't the early MFD wheels have trouble with cracking and breaking? Was probably switched over early on in its life because of this
  5. That was Tony Salter's rig from west central Iowa.
  6. If I remember right the 496's had a narrower main frame so the wings were wider and the smaller width disks would do a better job then the 490's, at least on the smaller disks anyway.
  7. I just saw ur message last night, sorry I am not on here much these days, without a serial number I'm afraid I wont be much help, I can look through my list to see if there's anything from that area that stands out. Best of luck to ya
  8. These were conventional rigs right?
  9. do you have any 1256's with s/n that are located in southeast nebraska or northeast kansas im trying to find my grandpas tractor

    1. 1256IHman


      Possibly, do you have the serial number?


  10. This the rig your talking about?
  11. Ok thanks for the input folks.
  12. Looking at buying a two owner low use Gehl 2170 haybine. Other than age and possible parts availability problems were they a decent machine? This isn't a hydro swing but does have hyd swing tongue.
  13. If I'm not mistaken Tenneco didn't purchase the Farmall plant, just the tooling inside. Plus the IH manufacturing plant was outdated, so they opted to stop production of the IH line while waiting for the Magnum
  14. My 706 german does that also, but didn't do that until after rebuilt pump and injectors. Now when starting you have to leave the throttle back and hold the kill out for a bit to keep it running. The motor on mine has over 11k hours on it though.
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