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  1. That's where I was thinking would be a good starting point. I figured they would have around $20/bale in it in their expenses of putting it up. I don't think 30-40 bucks/bale would be outta line.
  2. This ground isn't burned up, fortunately this farm has caught some rains that most of the area has missed, But its still crp hay, and its late enough in the year that most of it has gone to seed and isn't real fresh and green anymore. Just trying to get an idea of value per bale or per acre if they do all the work.
  3. Have a question for you folks on here. I have a farm that's a couple hundred miles away, they've opened up haying and grazing on crp acres due to drought. If I let someone cut, rake and bale this crp ground what would be a fair price either by bale or per acre to ask? Not looking to get rich of this but I should get something off it. Any ideas? This is a CP2 crp with big blue stem, little blue stem, some clover, wild flowers, in it.
  4. 1256IHman

    345 Timing?

    Where do you set the timing on a 345?
  5. And one more, http://scoutconnection.com/ They are in Ft. Madison Iowa
  6. Here's another place https://anythingscout.com/ They do have pickup parts also
  7. Try this outfit https://www.ihpartsamerica.com/
  8. I'd go with the 1086, much nicer quieter cab. Keep the AC working properly and shift linkages adjusted and lubed as stated above as well as K&M steps and door cylinders.
  9. That's a great idea, just gotta find that someone
  10. I don't recall the name off hand, there was a long time IH mechanic there that everyone thought would know its whereabouts, but he was unfamiliar with it.
  11. I've posted this search on several facebook pages, including Kansas farmer buy sell trade, and an Oklahoma buy sell page. Last year I had several people contact me saying they thought they saw the tractor at a dealership in Ks, when I called the dealer they didn't know anything about it. I spoke with the fella that bought it at Hummelgaard's sale, he thought it went to southern Ks or northern Ok. I just cant help but think someone out there has seen this tractor somewhere. Most old boys hanging out in coffee shops or local coop's know what tractors every farmer for miles has or had, if I were closer I'd hang pictures around and go ask around. Thanks everyone for the comments.
  12. Exactly! I thought I was real close once. A facebook member messaged me that her husband saw it at a dealership in Ks, but when I contacted them they didn't know anything about it.
  13. Putting this out there again, not giving up on finding JD's 1256. Here is a picture of a '69 1256 that belonged to a friend of mine in Kansas. It was sold at auction near Tonganoxie,, Ks in the 70's and ended up near Baldwin City, Ks. Tractor was later traded in at IH dealer in Lawrence, Ks which closed in early 80's. Tractor had excel cab with Eagle A/C that was added on, the compressor was on the right side and the lower side curtain corner had to be cut out f...or belt clearance, had dual hyd and pto, m&w hubs and duals, hyd assist clutch pedal kit and foot accelerator kit added as well. We do not have the serial number right now but was told by the owner that traded it in at Lawrence Ks that it might have gone to southern ks. If anyone has info on this tractor please contact me. TIA for any help offered. See More
  14. I'm darn certain this is not the component tractor. They were running the new component rig in the pro stock class and the old cat was running in a Limited pro class I believe. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get to the pulls like I used to, so not certain on who's all running what now. But this video was taken back before the component rig was built .
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