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  1. 1256IHman

    1256 serial list?

    I am keeping the 1256 numbers, I just don't get on here much anymore. Thank you for posting
  2. 1256IHman

    5488 trans breather

    Oh duh! I didn't even think of that. I don't think my brain works right anymore
  3. 1256IHman

    5488 trans breather

    I wonder if someone put that hose on there to possibly help keep the breather open, or to keep the oil drained to one spot if the trans was overfilled with hyd oil. I learned from talking with Mike Links to NOT overfill the rear ends of these tractors or they will slop oil out the breather pipe.
  4. 1256IHman

    1206 1000 pto shaft length?

    Shorter in total length but groove in also closer, which is not allowing the collar to lock on the shaft. Is there only a certain style that will hook up these?
  5. 1256IHman

    1206 1000 pto shaft length?

    Went and rented a grain vac today, couldn't get the pto collar to lock down, couldn't figure out wth was going on. Pulling the shaft off the vac & tried it on the 1256 & 1466 and it went on fine so I measured the shafts and the 1206 is shorter than the other two. I have had this tractor for years & never ran into this before. Could someone with a 1206 measure the 1000 shaft & tell me what it is
  6. 1256IHman

    Farming after heart surgery??

    I am doing really well, thank for asking. I do everything I was before just maybe a little slower I guess. I have a couple episodes of pleurisy but nothing big. I still feel some discomfort in my chest where they busted me open if I over do. Have an appointment at the heart center this coming Thursday so we will see how things are then.
  7. 1256IHman

    Members who have passed on

    CBL- Charlie Larson from Harlan, Ia. He was a double lung transplant patient just as Richard Lantis was, they had many conversations.
  8. 1256IHman

    Need more leg room in the 15

    You're right the cab is not longer the seat is actually sitting 4-6" rearward because of the shorter deck behind the seat
  9. 1256IHman

    Stolen 806d from Rockford, Iowa

    Stolen 806d. Recently learned of a stolen 806d from the Rockford, Iowa area. The owner is actually the owner of what used to be Fischer IH Cheverolet in town. He doesnt have the serial number or pictures of it but it has flat tops on it, a homemade battery tray with a 12v on it, different color front rims with odd tires on them, like truck-car tires and the rears are mismatched. Has muffler yet. Keep your eyes open fellas, hope we can catch the scumbags that took it. I recently found out that tractor was last seen by the owner when it was parked after harvest last fall, and wasn't noticed missing till around June 6th or 9th, so it could have been at a sale yard or somewhere for sale last winter even. TIA for any help offered
  10. 1256IHman

    5488 running warm

    That's weird, my 52 is a late 85 and it has factory egt. Wonder when IH stopped putting them in? Have you tried just throttling back a little, maybe run her down around 21-2200 and see if that helps?
  11. 1256IHman

    April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    Hope your cows & calves all make it through this ok, hasn't been that bad here yet but have gotten a lot of rain, thunder sleet, ice and hail with some snow. Wind is the worst though. Been making rounds day and night checking cows, fortunately I have caught them all in time to get them in the barn. Sure takes the fun out of it don't it
  12. 1256IHman

    Toy 16th Stray Horse Pulling Tractor

    When Randy Hinton was still in the mix that thing was one heck of a runner, after Randy got out of it the Horse didn't seem to do as well. Always enjoyed seeing that tractor go down the track. They run the "Stray Horse Gone Wild" now but still pull the old Horse in a limited pro class now I think.
  13. 1256IHman

    New member has question in the front row

    Thanks for the number, looks like she's come a long ways!
  14. 1256IHman

    New member has question in the front row

    What size roller do you pull with it? I roll my beans with my 1206 and a 16' brillion cultipacker. Takes awhile but nothing like a bunch of seat time on the ol 1206!
  15. 1256IHman

    New member has question in the front row

    Thanks, she's original. Around 6k hrs. Would you mind posting your serial number for the registry? I have been tracking 1256 numbers for several years now.