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  1. April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    Hope your cows & calves all make it through this ok, hasn't been that bad here yet but have gotten a lot of rain, thunder sleet, ice and hail with some snow. Wind is the worst though. Been making rounds day and night checking cows, fortunately I have caught them all in time to get them in the barn. Sure takes the fun out of it don't it
  2. Toy 16th Stray Horse Pulling Tractor

    When Randy Hinton was still in the mix that thing was one heck of a runner, after Randy got out of it the Horse didn't seem to do as well. Always enjoyed seeing that tractor go down the track. They run the "Stray Horse Gone Wild" now but still pull the old Horse in a limited pro class now I think.
  3. New member has question in the front row

    Thanks for the number, looks like she's come a long ways!
  4. New member has question in the front row

    What size roller do you pull with it? I roll my beans with my 1206 and a 16' brillion cultipacker. Takes awhile but nothing like a bunch of seat time on the ol 1206!
  5. New member has question in the front row

    Thanks, she's original. Around 6k hrs. Would you mind posting your serial number for the registry? I have been tracking 1256 numbers for several years now.
  6. New member has question in the front row

    Just measure it up, figure out much material you will need on order a roll of it. That's what I did with the Hinson cab on my 1256, oh and the cab roof comes off also, makes it much easier putting the material on. Nice looking tractor and btw. Here's a shot of my 12 with Hinson cab
  7. Lost my sister this afternoon

    My condolences to you & your family Jere
  8. Favorite official IH images

    Here's a few of my favorites
  9. Stupid question about 88 series seats...

    Maybe Mike Links would know?
  10. Frozen septic lines

    Had this happen in 2013 at the FIL farm, line from house to septic was fozen, he called a plumber who came out with a high pressure water snake of sorts, stuck in the line turned pump on and it ate its way up through the frozen line till it ran free again.
  11. Stupid question about 88 series seats...

    I have wondered that myself. I think what he is asking is did the seat with the fold down armrest only come after a certain serial number or certain optioned cab. I have a late 5288 with factory western interior that does not have the fold down armrest but I wish it did would like to find one for it
  12. Last IH 150 pickup made?

    I think the build date is 12/4/74 with del date of 8-11-75. The last digit in the build date is kinda hard to make out with a flashlight. I have the line setting ticket on back of glove box but couldn't make out a date there. So to the best of my knowledge it was built Dec 74 Ok, just looked through some of the paperwork that I have with the truck and the warranty paper & maintenance book show the dealer took possession of the truck 12-26-75. Just wish I could make out that build date better
  13. Last IH 150 pickup made?

    I have a 75 IH 150 4x4 pickup and am wondering just how close it is the being the last one built of that model. I know the last IH pickup was not a 150 but would like to know if there is a way to know what the last 150 was and how to identify that. Was there a serial number like with tractors or did they go off the vin #? TIA
  14. 50 series- reception?

    Many folks were skeptical of the all new look and FAF design of the 50 series in my area. As stated before times were very dark in ag when they were introduced. Most folks were still running 66-86 series and there were still a lot a of 06 56's being used on farms in my area. IH was the dominate tractor where I grew up but very few were sold as there was just no money at that time, that's when you saw a lot of wives getting jobs in town and a lot of men were taking on work off the farm in packing plants or driving truck. I can only think of a handful of 50 series that got sold, and even fewer of the 30 series