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  1. Do you have 1256 serial 13876 in your database?  It was my stepdad's first tractor.   He is wondering where it went.  He farms in Franklin, IN.   Thanks.  

    1. 1256IHman


      No I sure don't but if I come across it down the road I'll let ya know. Have you asked around on some of the forums about it? If you can post pics and details of last know location or where it was traded in or sold at that can help. Good luck with your search

  2. I just saw ur message last night, sorry I am not on here much these days, without a serial number I'm afraid I wont be much help, I can look through my list to see if there's anything from that area that stands out. Best of luck to ya
  3. do you have any 1256's with s/n that are located in southeast nebraska or northeast kansas im trying to find my grandpas tractor

    1. 1256IHman


      Possibly, do you have the serial number?


  4. F 1256 s/n 12956 Dirk Rasmussen  Hamlin, Iowa   12,000 hours .  Grandfather bought new. Hiniker 1300A cab.

    1. 1256IHman


      Thank you Dirk!


  5. Trying to post some pics, not sure if this is workking
  6. I have a serial number of a 1256 that was traded in at the dealership last month.

    It is a International serial number #12914

    It has a wide front, single door cab, 3 point, dual pto.

    1. 856 Custom

      856 Custom

      My serial # 10963 s-y. 18.4x38s dual remotes, dual pto, factory fender tractor.

  7. Keeping track of 1256's, pm me or post on boards please William
  8. I sure like to hear those stories DR. Evil. What a great experiance that must have been to work for a giant such as IH. When I toured the combine plant a few years back I noticed many of the employees wearing IH hats & such, not case IH just IH!! Here is a link to the Max Armstrong video that you spoke of. Sent chills down my spine watching this.
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