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  1. It is nice to see that over on MachineryTrader.com used 289D Cats are going for prices very close to what we paid for our new one a few years back.
  2. I'd be interested in knowing your thoughts between the two loaders after running them. From my experience, you have to be very specific and detailed about the way you option a Kubota SVL. It seems like everything on the Kubota is a dealer-installed option compared to popular package groups from other manufacturers. It seems like the conversation goes like this: You want a cab enclosure? And heat? And A/C? You want lights? Just front lights or rear lights as well? Do you want a 12-volt charging port? You want a 14-pin attachment control connector? And you want the wiring harness installed in that 14-pin attachment kit? You would like to option a fuel cap? That's an exaggeration, but not by much. Until all the option boxes get ticked, the Kubota comes much closer to the Cat.
  3. Thanks for the link! That is pretty neat. I believe I saw a photo of one only once before...not counting Danny's 5388.
  4. You will wonder why you didn't buy the zero turn sooner. They are so fast and handy to use. My puny little 42" Hustler Raptor takes less than half the time to mow my neighbor's yard than it takes with his 46" Deere big box store lawn tractor. How do I know? My neighbor's Deere is at the shop at least once a season.
  5. Keep up the good work! I thoroughly enjoy seeing your photos and videos of each tractor.
  6. We have a 289D. It is a great machine to run. Quiet and comfortable. The ISO joystick controls feel really good and latency is minimal compared to other brands (cough...CNH). I like the visibility out the sides, below the loader boom compared to the previous C-series. This visibility helps when pushing snow around obstacles. Rear visibility is assisted by a camera which is very handy. The low-speed creeper mode is terrific for hooking up attachments or maneuvering in tight spots. Downside: Since it's a Tier-4 machine, it's Kubota engine is thirsty. I'm guessing its thirst is par for the course for all loaders these days...gotta burn more fuel to save the planet! I prefer the CTL's "yellow undercarriage" to the black ASV-style on the MTLs (like the 297). The CTL loaders still have a torsion suspension up front but it has much less flex/give than the MTL.
  7. New Englander is exactly right. Here is a example of the inside of Sainte-Chapelle and I go back every time I've been in Paris since. I had the privilege to attend an evening concert there in the summer of 1990. The setting sun creates a spectacular glow through the stained glass. You can book ahead online for those evening concerts.
  8. I used to tell people that you should begin to see Paris by going up the bell towers in the Notre Dame cathedral. While a strenuous and perhaps claustrophic climb, that climb put you in touch with a building close to a millenium old. It was a huge work of art. Detail and craftsmanship was everywhere you looked. Looking atop the city, you could see that much of Paris is made up of buildings that are just 6-7 stories high. By being at that height, you could get your bearings of the city. Also, you could drink in the beauty of the city and realize that the only way to take it in was to walk along its streets. Paris is not like London or Manhattan, NYC. Its streets put you in touch with most all of the sights, smells, and tastes.
  9. While not a truck engine, Ford of Australian had the inline-6 known as the Barra up to 2016. The Ford Barra engines would make crazy power when modded. Too bad that they're no longer in production. Apparently, the Barras are trickling into the States for re-power applications.
  10. I've haven't heard much bad about the Ford 3.5 EB as it gets up in miles. The only people who seem to think the Ecoboost's have problems are those with strong Bowtie leanings. I have co-workers with both 5.0 Coyotes and 3.5 EcoBoosts and both love them. I also have some co-workers with older Chevrolet Rust-erados...the engines are great but the body condition is horrible.
  11. I've heard about White's and also Wesco boots. I decided that I'm going to give either brand a try the next time I'm in either the Spokane, WA or the Portland-area. Unfortunately, I haven't been to either city for years. In the meantime, my Red Wing Heritage Iron Rangers soldier on and have been absolutely great.
  12. Love the color of that KR, 660 Driver!
  13. I have a pair of Keen work boots with steel toes. Made in USA and seem well-built. The only downside is that they are large heavy and I can feel the stress in my knees depending on what I'm doing. (I call them my Herman Munster boots.) For that reason, I tend to only wear them a couple days a week to minimize the knee stress. I find that Keen hikers and boots run a bit wider towards the toes than some brands.
  14. x3 on the straight pipe & rain cap. I prefer black...but I'm weird and in the minority.
  15. I've never been disappointed with Michelin tires. I plan to replace the OE Bridgestones with Michelin Pilots on my GTI.
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