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  1. That Cammond box scraper is a drawbar style. The rear wheels make a huge difference in being able to control your depth and prevent chatter of the cutting edge / hopping. The downside with the drawbar style box is that you can't use the adjustment of the tractor's three-point hitch to move material away from the berm and towards the center to crown it. The land plane seem to be the ticket for longer driveways. Those long sides act like the rear tires on the Cammond and keep it from digging in too much. The angled bars moves material towards the center with ease. Like zleinenbach said, several moderate depth passes at low speed will make a big difference.
  2. I watched this video about a year ago. It's long, but he explains things well.
  3. I'm not brand loyal: '94-02 Dodge Rams '67-'72 Chevrolet/GMC pickups '67-'72 Bumpside Fords These days, Ram trucks seem to be where it's at for me due to interior and their Cummins diesel. However, I'm not super loyal. The new Ford 7.3 gasser ticks the boxes for me, too. I will say that I can't get past the face of the new HD Chevy trucks and am not super wild about then HD GMCs either.
  4. That is an interesting machine. Thanks for posting it. The Stihl looks similar to a Deere L/LA, but actually worth something.
  5. The German commercial trailer conglomerate, Jost, purchased Alo Quicke about six weeks ago. Alo-Quicke has about a 30% worldwide loader market share. https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2019-12-12/dgap-news-jost-werke-ag-jost-acquires-l-holding-ab-one-of-the-world-s-leading-manufacturers-of-agri
  6. EquipmentJunkie


    I am going to ask a few questions of the Canadians with risk that my questions will sound ignorant. I have no agenda behind my questions...just seeking honest answers. Having a number of college classes in international business, I know that selling across borders can get complicated. - Canada, like the USA, is a former British colony. While Canada has independence, there are still some ties to the UK. Some prior comments indicate that some Canadians had strong feelings about Britain being part of the EU. How did the prior-EU alignment affect Canadians? - Moving forward with the reality of Brexit finally in place, will Canada stand to benefit in trade with Great Britain?
  7. Navistar has as great dealer base, decent but dwindling market share, and strong heritage. Those are the real assets. Will we see VW try to regain the lost momentum in the medium duty vocational market and branch into commercial trucks before GM gets too much traction? It will be interesting. Navistar better say 'Yes'.
  8. Look what I found in the archives:
  9. The 2200 loader has a narrower frame since it is a mounted loader. The loader frame tucks closer to the sheet metal, so you have better visibility forward. The 2250 has a wider frame for taking the loader on and off without damaging sheet metal. I am guessing that there are several times as many 2250 loaders out there than the 2200. You never know what you can find, however.
  10. Thanks for the photos. They bring back memories. I was at the LeMay Museum in May of '16. The first floor is very impressive. I got to see a BMW M1 which is a rare. There were only 453 built and only 399 of those were for the street.
  11. The tractors are period correct. I did not get a good look at the Titan to identify which model is was, but the distinctive, sloped-hood 8-16 was built from 1917 to 1922. I was thinking that what was mentioned as a Titan could have actually been a Mogul 8-16 built from '14-'16. This battle scene was in northern France. IH had a strong presence in France, but I'm not sure when that strength would have been solidified. One could speculate that the tractors were seized from ag duty by the invading German forces to use for artillery movement.
  12. Wow! I will use a word to describe the film that I tend to rebel against because it is so overused today...epic. Epic is absolutely fitting for this film. It was shot to feel like you were right there. I don't follow Hollywood or pay attention to award shows, but 1917 should absolutely clean up in the Oscars. I highly, highly recommend seeing it.
  13. Going to see it tonight. I'll try to comment again tomorrow. In the meantime, a co-worker of mine who is a movie buff claims that 1917 is probably the best war movie ever made...and perhaps better than any future efforts. He said that as good as Saving Private Ryan was, 1917 was even better.
  14. Quick question...is your snowblower a pin-style or quick attach? I see your loader has the optional quick attach. Never mind. I just scrolled up to the photos at the top. Rather innovative the way the snowblower mounts and floats, yet still has the bucket cylinders control it. I hope that it works well for you.
  15. EquipmentJunkie


    Nothing said about fluids or radiator, but the data designates a turbo. No, not a Jake Brake. The decelerator pedal is simply a reverse accelerator pedal. Push it down to slow the engine speed. These decelarators are often found in 4WD ag tractors, wheel loaders, dozers, and maybe a few other machines primarily used for long periods of higher engine rpms. In 4WD ag tractors, the decelerator pedal is used to slow down for the turn at headlands.
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