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  1. My various friends from the West Coast seemed to rave about two things when they would come east: 1) How green and wooded the landscape is. While not that different in color from SW IA, you will likely be impressed by the wooded areas of the east. 2) Historical things seemed to be everywhere you turn. You could see a lot in three weeks from your part of the country with a trip to the east. I would recommend taking a large loop from VA to ME and then come back to areas you particularly enjoyed as future destinations. Everybody travels differently. I like to travel in loops
  2. I bought a Henry .410 shotgun. Haven't shot it yet...it's been too cold and snowy since I got it. So far, it appears to be a high-quality piece.
  3. I have Michelin Defender LTX tires on my Explorer for about 18 months. Pretty good in snow, handled very mild off-road driving fine, and decent grip in the wet & dry. The Explorer had the previous design LTX tires on it prior to the new Defender LTX tires. This new Defender LTX design definitely has a stiffer sidewall which has increased the impact of bumps making a rougher ride. Nevertheless, I would buy the Michelins again. I had contemplated the BFG A/T2 tires this last time, but thought that the BFGs are probably more than I need.
  4. I've heard both good and bad...pretty much like everything. I've run some Kubota CTLs and found them to be OK. A few years ago, I ran a new SVL75 for the good part of a day and then jumped into a Takeuchi TL-10 (I think that was the model). I definitely preferred the Takeuchi for comfort, lack of rattles, visibility, power, and the smoothness of the controls.
  5. You are a talented man! Nice job.
  6. I chalk the flat brim up to the SoCal look. The greater-LA area is where flat brimmed New Era caps seemed to originate. The look seemed to move to New York and then to the rest of the country. I have no proof, but just an observation from traveling around the country during its growth. The SoCal car culture has had the look for a number of years. I was at the SEMA show in Las Vegas about five years ago and flat brims were everywhere. I guess that the the down over the ears thing is due to the prime importance of a flat bill over a good fit. Few people have heads of the same shape, s
  7. My brother went to see one of the TV show tapings when he was in college. He said that there were no cuts, redos, or edits. Rush had honed his craft in live radio...therefore, he continued to get it right the first time when he was on TV.
  8. The 4-bar linkage is unique for that era. Also, it looks like there is a skid steer quick attach on the front of it. That means that some metal bender knew what make and model the loader was.
  9. I remember hearing Rush for the first time in 1990 as a college student studying international business...while in Europe of all places. One of my fellow students from California had some cassette tapes of Rush that he recorded off the radio and brought along on the trip. I was hooked. Rush perfectly articulated the thoughts swirling around my brain that I had a difficult time sorting. Upon my return to the US in late-August, I was so pleased to learn that my local station WHP 580 had already signed on with EIB. I have listened to Rush as much as possible ever since. I also believe
  10. I agree with Danny. When we bought our Cat 289D in '15, the slightly better visibility out the sides is what tipped the scale for us over Deere's E-series loaders. The new G-series Deeres are much improved in that side visibility department. Therefore, I don't know what we would buy today. I will say that the brand new Case B-series and the New Holland C300-series are much improved over their prior models. The prior models (Case non-B designation and NH C200-series) I wouldn't glance at twice...and didn't. I have heard lots of negative feedback on the older series from Case dealers.
  11. The Sportsman's Shop. If you count the cash register and their indoor range, they probably have nearly 10 working at once.
  12. Looks a lot like both the ammo and gun selection at my local gun shop. I stopped in this Saturday to price a Tikka T3x...and order one if the price was what I expected. I was told that that this shop was not taking any special orders. They wouldn't even quote me a price. No timeline as to when their ban was going to be lifted. There were 4-5 sales people standing around since their normal 100 lineal feet of retail racks of inventory was down to about a dozen shotguns, two handguns, and about 18 rifles. It has to be as frustrating for them as it was for me.
  13. My co-worker had some GameStop stock for about six months. He said that the shares came when he opened up his Robinhood account. Seems strange. Anyway, this morning he asked me if I noticed the GameStop price today. I said that I didn't but knew that it was gaining heavily. He showed me his Robinhood app and it was at $490+. I told him, "Sell it...NOW!" He did. It crested at $530 just a bit later and then plummeted. I guess that I did my good deed for the day. By the way, my co-worker bought Apple shares with his earnings.
  14. Ford still sells industrial engines, but they are their modern gas engines like the current 4-cylinder, V-8, and V-10. We are living in an emissions-controlled world now so industrial engines had to keep up in that department. While I don't know for sure, I would suspect that there is a decent amount of parts support for the older Ford engines both gas and diesel. What did you have in mind? More knowledeable people than I could probably chime in with details for a specific engine or application.
  15. Very true. I came to a stop as soon as I saw them, but they slowly ambled in my direction. I was glad I was in my truck...with the engine running and in gear. You could definitely see the wild in the bison's eyes.
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