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  1. 1) Farmall 1206 - One of the best-looking tractors ever. There is just something about the paint scheme with the white grill and wheels. Solar turbo...need I say more? 2) JD 4320 - Powerful, yet nimble. The Super 4020. 3) Maybe a Ford 7000/7600/7610 - Decent power in a relatively small package. I could add another 20 to this list with minimal effort.
  2. Recognize wisdom when you hear it. Sometimes, wisdom just arrives during regular conversation. I learned a lot of solid principles from wise business people during casual conversations without a specific agenda. I remember getting unsolicited advice from a high school friend of mine about 20 years ago. His advice was horrible and I took none of it to heart...if anything, I did the opposite of his advice. That being said, this guy eventually got into residential real estate. His tenacious drive and Type-A personality took him far. He surrounded himself with people who had the tact that he lacked. He made a fortune in it and sold his group after having a stroke at a young age. He is now even quicker with unsolicited advice...c'mon, look at his track record! I know that some tactics do not cross over into different industries. I would say, "Stay the course". Don't be afraid to adjust as things change, but keep it steady as she goes. Trust your instincts.
  3. Very Victorian. All that guy needs to complete the look is a tassled night cap and an oil lamp...or a Dietz hurricane lamp if he is investigating strange noises outside.
  4. I always found this video rather telling about the Deere 404 vs. later 466 engines, as well.
  5. Clarkson's Farm is definitely worth watching. Hopefully, it will help to educate the masses of the realities of modern agriculture. The language is definitely salty. I say that the British accent tends to make the words seem more civil. I've pretty much heard it all and it still makes me cringe.
  6. Those turfs tend to be rare, so they will be worth something to the right buyer. I agree with m.c.farmerboy. School districts, universities, and golf courses would be common buyers. We had a similar set of Goodyears on our New Holland TN70. The jockey that bought it said that turfs would hurt the sale of the tractor, but I believe that it was gone within 60 days. Did he change the tires out? I don't know.
  7. I didn't see my first 4520 until I was in my mid-teens...in CT of all places. Many considered the 4520 to be fairly clumsy for its power and many will say that Deere really stubbed their toe with the 4520. The additional power of the 4620 seemed to solve the 4520's clumsy issue. The 4320 and 4620 filled a growing segment of the market. The 4320 sold over 20,000 units and the 4620 sold almost 7,000 in their two years of production. A neighbor of mine had a 4620 that was pretty healthy. He traded that for a new 4440 and a 4840 as his operation grew by 1979, but they always held their 4620 in high esteem. I still desire a 4320, but a Farmall 1206 comes first.
  8. Four wheels. Too many spotty rain showers on Saturday for two wheels. It rained pretty heavily near Reading on my way home. Cabela's was better stocked than when I was there last year. A fair selection of ammo, all things considered but I still couldn't find anything in .243 or .410. The number of shoppers was down from last year.
  9. Thanks, red farmer. That name sounds right. I recall a sign being along the road. The same can be said for our crop of homes and commercial buildings around here in Lancaster County. Thankfully, we started getting a bit smarter about development about 20-30 years ago. Sounds good. I will let you know. I wasn't sure where I was going to end up on Saturday since I was in pure roaming mode. I even found myself at Cabela's later in the afternoon.
  10. I went for a drive on Saturday. I headed east from Riverton, PA towards Nazareth. Nice country. I happened to pass a barn with two IH logos on the doors. I was wondering if it was the homestead of a Red Power member?
  11. Ha! "I can neither confirm, nor deny the accuracy of this statement."
  12. That dealer has been on my radar for a number of years. Always has unusual stuff. That truck is still listed on their website. Like Lorenzo mentioned, I'm surprised it hasn't sold at that price and mileage. Given the recent prices, I figured we would see it listed on Bring A Trailer. A Ford F250 with similar mileage and equipment sold for over $40K a year ago: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1986-ford-f-250-4/
  13. It appears like Bulldog offered a telescopic boom since late-2007. Interesting. I haven't been able to find if those loaders are still produced.
  14. These orders and regulations varied a lot depending on the state and whether you live in a rural area or a metro area. I understand how you may not have experienced the tyranny that others of us did. I'm telling you, it was real. I had friends who were forced to shutter their businesses. No logic and consisntency, just follow orders. Staying open against orders = Jail. The metro county east of me was much worse and the rural county west of me was much more reasonable. However, the Home Depot, Lowe's, and Wal-Marts everywhere were operating near capacity! I carried a letter in my vehicle for over a year that stated that I worked for an "essential" business. Why did I carry it? In case I was pulled over by the PA State Police. "Show us your papers!" was a very real, implied threat here in PA. There were very strong hints in March of 2020 that citizens were to stay in our homes at all times unless going to work for an "essential" business or buying groceries. Thankfully, compliance with that edict passed quickly by late-April and May of 2020 when the grass literally began to grow. Pedestrian traffic in the small city near me was down to nearly nothing up to 2-3 months ago. I haven't felt this way since I was in the Soviet Union during the summer of 1990. I ask you to recall the kayaker in California who was arrested for paddling alone in the ocean along the coast of metro LA. Young families were arrested for going to a public park. Michigan had similar incidents with boaters on lakes...except for the governor's husband. We were told not to gather for Easter, Independence Day, or Thanksgiving under penalty of arrest. I stopped taking my cell phone with me for a while. Snooping on citizens and flexing of power was very real. PA voters approved a referendum limiting the governor's emergency powers in May. You made a good point about doing physical harm to people. I agree with you. That being said, I have always heard that "Desperate people do desperate things."
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