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  1. A regional salesman for Tommy Gate lived in the same apartment complex as I did 25 years ago. He was rarely home and I usually just saw his company pickup truck when he was coming or going. He normally parked his truck close to where my motorcycle was parked. I never gave Tommy Gate a thorough look (always had a motorcycle ride on my mind), but from 20 feet they appeared to be a good design.
  2. Wow, even a 3408 Cat! This one won't last long. It is located close to me, but I've never seen it on the road. I always liked the look of the large grill White Freightliners. You knew that there was something potent under that cab.
  3. You beat me to it. Automotive News just announced the headline: VW: Scout brand coming back to U.S. I'll post more details as I find them.
  4. I have heard people say that an IH DT360 from a school bus is a decent option. I can't remember why the DT360 was better.
  5. I had caviar back in the USSR when studying international business in college. It was not black but bright orange and the eggs were larger than the black. I found it like others did: salty, oily, and fishy. I don't know if I have found a seafood yet that I don't like, but I didn't care for the caviar I had. I found it funny that a few in our group questioned the Soviets that this caviar wasn't black caviar, but orange. We were told, "Black not good. This better." I thought to myself, "Well, if this is better, I sure wouldn't want to try the black!"
  6. Coincidentally, I just ordered five cans of VHT SP181 High Temp Argent Silver for our Ford F350's steel wheels a couple days ago. (We rotated the tires on the dually and they looked horrible when the inside faced out.) I suspect that the Ford Argent Silver may be a bit dark for your application. I saw that VHT also offers "Aluminum" in that same paint code. That may be an option for you. When searching the internet, two brands of wheel paint that kept coming up for me were VHT and Eastwood. Hope that helps.
  7. I have a 424 brochure and it shows a 1501 loader but no other loader options. The 1501 is shown as being available in both mechanical dump or hydraulic dump.
  8. My two cents: Electric vehicles do have their place. I've driven them and they exceeded my expectations by a great deal. An EV would likely work for about 50% of my driving and a Rivian R1T would be appealing to me. That being said, I get tired the hard sell that we are getting on electric vehicles. They are not God's gift to mobility. A few of you touched on these same points in your discussion which I applaud. Like me, you are skeptical about EVs. You brought up good points which square with mine. I hear very few answers from EV proponents who should be able to address these critical points: Insufficient Production Grid - Incidents of brown outs and shut downs are increasingly common in the past 10 years. How are EVs going to do anything but create more of these problems. I am for all types of power production because we need them all: coal, gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, and solar. Our demand for electric will not diminish. What is the solution? What is being done about it? Infrastructure at the Plug - A friend of mine is very close to a US Rep who sat on some federal committee a few years ago. This rep heard a presentation about the future of transportation. The bottom line of EVs is that a lot of our underground power infrastructure would not be able to handle the power demand for electric cars. To clarify, your average suburban development does not have the underground wires to adequately charge EVs if the neighborhood made the switch to EVs. Let's say that 20% of residents drive EVs. That might be OK. However, double that number and there would probably begin to cause some difficulties. For sure, 80% of residents with EVs would pose a problem. My friend tried to throw developers under the bus for this shortfall of infrastructure. I said that's not fair. I don't believe that the local housing market would tolerate a substantial uptick in the price a new home. Your telling me that the average McMansion has corners cut on all sorts of tangible things to the homeowner like paint, drywall, fixtures, lawn seeding to meet a price point, but the new homeowner won't care about thousands more in electrical service that they can't see or may never use? I don't buy it. I wonder how many people know of this problem? I didn't. Battery Disposal - How easy and cost-effective is it to recycle EV batteries? I hear very little in the way of solid answers to this question. Human Cost - Where are these elements for EV batteries mined? Who controls most of the production? I can tell you that this isn't under a first world government's watch. Does anybody else see the irony in the average EV proponents' view of human rights violations and the EV battery's production?
  9. You built a nice truck. I was pricing something similar a couple weeks ago myself. The main differences in mine were a Super Cab, short bed, and the STX package. Presently, I'm leaning towards an F150 STX with the 2.7 Ecoboost. The pricing is surprisingly close. I have priced across the Big Three and am astonished at how well Ford lets me equip a truck for our needs...and for less money. I was a huge fan of diesels up to roughly the Tier 4 emissions era. While the power and torque of newer diesels these days is fantastic, but the economy just isn't there. Gotta burn more fuel to save the planet and I simply don't understand that mentality. The last diesel truck we bought was a '17 Ram 2500. I'm quite frankly disappointed in the way it drives compared to my older Rams. If I'm buying a new truck for my personal needs or for our business, it would be gas. If I want a diesel, I'll wait to find a clean, low mileage, pre-Tier 4 model and pay close to new price.
  10. I should add a major suggestion if you go the way of an online auction. Wash the equipment. Bring it out into decent light. Take three times the photos you think are required. It is worth your time. I have seen some equipment that would have fetched several thousand more if half an effort was given to take decent photos!
  11. I should mention that his cab corner was neatest "gone" I've ever seen. No ugly rust. It was like a groundhog got hungry for a cab corner.
  12. One of my co-workers just traded his '11 F150 for a '19. The passenger side cab corner was gone on his '11, too. He claims that the '19 is a lot snappier in acceleration, as well.
  13. Yes, Landis Zimmerman is the expert on Oliver Cletrac crawlers. http://www.olivercletrac.com/ I believe that he took over Farmersville Equipment's Oliver wheeled tractor parts business, as well. I used to work with Landis in the '80s. Little bit of trivia, Landis' first antique tractor was a McCormick Deering 10-20 and his second was a 15-30. The crawlers came later.
  14. Please tell me more. I am hoping to finally travel via the UP this summer on my way to Duluth. What would you recommend in the UP?
  15. Say 'hello' to my brother and his wife if you see him. They fly out later today.
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