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  1. I'm no expert, but I would panic if the Bobcat is built after the mid-'90s. That is the era when I learned the term 'lubricity' from nearly every engine manufacturer. Newer fuel pumps are very particular about the fuel used due to higher tolerances of fuel pump internals and higher fuel pressures. Just because the engine runs doesn't mean that major damage isn't happening inside the pump. A couple years ago, a young co-worker fueled up a diesel Ford Transit with premium gasoline. That truck began running poorly within 2 miles. I spoke to the violator about the incident. "This is a v
  2. We have had great success with this stuff by California Custom. It worked well with minimal effort. Go cave man on it and things looked fabulous. The local truck stop used to carry it.
  3. You are correct. The municipality generally dictates the number of parking spaces based on some formula to the contractor and site development engineer. The formula doesn't seem to take into account whether it is for retail space or for warehousing...at least that was my experience 20 years ago. Hopefully, regs are getting wiser regarding 50% green space requirements and parking. I just know that there is generally excessive lawn and parking lot space for most facilities.
  4. Messick's has successfully made the pivot to e-commerce. Messick's is not alone, but it is still very rare. The power of 80K YouTube subscribers is signficant. The footprint and scale of some of these internet-savvy dealers would blow your mind.
  5. While I haven't read the details yet, my understanding that the building is going to be around mid-300K square feet when complete. The new location is located a couple exits closer to Lancaster at the Espenshade Road exit. One Lonely Farmer is generally located in a dealer desert. Hoober's, Messick's, and Deer Country do/did a lot of business in NJ.
  6. By the way, my co-worker has a rototiller he is looking to sell. He also knows another guy who specializes in parts and probably used tractors, too. PM me if you want details.
  7. I have a co-worker that still runs his ElecTrac. He managed to score a near-new mower deck a week or so ago since his old one looked like swiss cheese.
  8. I am a sort of south paw...all mixed up. Write and eat with my left. But I throw, bat, and swing a golf club right-handed. Shooting left feels more comfortable, but am right-eye dominant. I'm just a mess.
  9. Because that sprinkle of organic cinnamon can change the world!
  10. I don't know what that guy ordered but can guarantee that he sure didn't get whole milk...probably soy. The older I get, the more I am happier with the basics. My coffee is the same. If it is brewed, I like it strong and black. Milk only gets added to bad coffee. If I go to my local coffee shop, my order is almost always an medium Americano. (a couple shots of espresso and hot water) For those unfamiliar, it tastes like brewed coffee, squared. It is robust. If I'm feeling a bit fancy, I will order a mocha. 'No' on the whipped cream...does it look like I'm wearing suede boots?
  11. The same for me and the Phillies. I learned to do without them during 2020 and the recent All-Star Game nonsense strengthened my resolve. I get a post-game alert email, but other than that I am off their radar. I even refuse to open the MLB app.
  12. Generally, my rule of thumb is: Turbo = black, straight pipe N/A = muffler I make exceptions for certain applications and the 56-series tends to be one of them. I just think that they look right with the OEM muffler on them. I have one very solid rule that doesn't really apply to this group: Deere two-cylinders should never have straight pipes. Full stop. They are about enough to turn a sane man mad!
  13. I recommend the Euro quick attach for your particular loader. In short, the attachment is positively locked, easier to hook up on uneven ground, and stronger for larger loaders. The industry is using the Euro style standard (ISO 23206) for most larger ag loaders these days. I feel it is a good move. Without getting too technical, the skid steer style quick attach has no standard on the design of the male portion (loader side) of the quick attach. The SAE J2513 standard is the official design for the female side (attachment side). Too many attachment companies don't pay attention to t
  14. Any body know anything about the 1942 Hebard A14V Shop Mule? I received an alert that one was just listed on the Bring A Trailer auction site. It is listed as having an IH drivetrain. Some inside baseball info on this tractor-based shop mule would be interesting to know.
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