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  1. That is interesting. Thank you for posting. Years ago, I heard the "Michigan Hauler" rule was 11 axles and load it as heavy as you care to. Is this correct? If so, do you know what your highest gross weight has been?
  2. I really like that first 1066 Hydro. That 2350 loader has the ugliest-looking skid steer quick attach I have ever seen. If stressed, that quick attach will likely turn into a pretzel. It looks to be the weakest thing on that tractor.
  3. You are absolutely correct that this is old news...but very few people are aware of it. That's why I mentioned it and the recent GM/Honda agreement.
  4. VW and Ford are also beginning to go to each others' houses to "study". Before long, they will be going steady. Also, Honda & GM were caught passing notes in class in the last couple of weeks.
  5. VW isn't giving up yet. From Automotive News today: September 10, 2020 11:14 AM UPDATED 19 HOURS AGO VW’s Traton boosts bid for rest of Navistar to $3.6 billion Volkswagen Group's heavy-truck business boosted its bid for Navistar International Corp., offering to buy the rest of the U.S. manufacturer for $3.6 billion. Traton increased its offer to purchase the portion of stock it doesn’t already own to $43 a share, up from $35 a share offered in January, according to a statement. Bloomberg News reported last week that the VW division was seeking to restart negotiations this month to win over Navistar’s management and main shareholders, which include billionaire investor Carl Icahn. Navistar shares closed Thursday's trading up 13.8 percent to $40.78. By acquiring Lisle, Ill.-based Navistar, VW would secure a strong position in the U.S. heavy-truck market and step up its challenge to Daimler and Volvo AB. VW said in a separate statement that it will provide funds for the financing of Traton’s increased offer.
  6. Small dozers are pretty cheap these days since they are getting replaced by compact track loaders (CTLs). Large-frame CTLs are doing a good portion of what small dozers used to do. The added benefit of a CTL is that it's a loader for dirt work...with a quick attach for added versality...and has 20+ gpm of auxiliary hydraulic flow...and it can travel over grass, concrete, and pavement without destroying it. There are two ways to look at it in my mind: 1) Swim with the current and buy a CTL. That way you have an asset that a lot of people will want for a number of years to come. Used CTLs will be pricey at $18K to $40K depending on age and equipment. 2) Swim against the current and pick up a small dozer for a relative song. Budget for undercarriage work. Small dozers are often half the price of used CTLs.
  7. Our '17 2500 Tradesman trim has air-ride. It is AWESOME! We would definitely buy it again.
  8. If we had to replace our '17 Ram 2500 w/ a Cummins today, we would very likely go with a Ford with the new Godzilla 7.3 liter. The diesel probably pulls better but the numbers don't justify the added costs of the initial purchase, added oil change expenses, and DEF. Thanks for ruining a good thing, EPA.
  9. 885 is correct, the Titan's Cummins diesel is gone as an option here in the US. In Canada, it was recently announced that the entire Titan model will be killed off in Canada after 2020. The Titan's annual sales of 2,807 units (less than 1% of the Canadian pickup market share) quickly explains the decision.
  10. I test drove a Ram 3.0 a few years ago. Impressive. Quiet, snappy, and the truck had a very smooth ride with the rear coil springs. It is my understanding that a number of Ram 3.0 diesels of that era had an "upgrade" recall to bring them into emissions compliance. The EPA and FCA had a feud over this and the EPA won. Fuel economy and performance suffered after the "upgrade". That being said, I wouldn't be too scared about the 3.0 diesel...but would tend to lean towards a 2.7 Ecoboost Ford with diesel prices here in PA. I have read that the new 3.0 Duramax inline-6 in the GM 1/2-tons is the cat's meow. I want to drive one, but demand for trucks in this area is so strong that inventory is pretty tight. I am hoping for a styling and interior refresh on the GM trucks. Just not a fan of the new ones.
  11. That's cool! You two do nice work. Speaking of 3D printers, I ran into a guy at the grocery store over the weekend. He was driving a new 4-door Jeep Wrangler with all of the doors removed. The side mirrors are attached to the doors so I noticed that he had mounted mirrors at the base of the Jeep's A-pillars. When I commented on them, he said that he designed and 3D printed the brackets himself and sells them. He already sold six sets. The finish looked really good. I think that 3D printing will revolutionize some aspects of specialty parts.
  12. We're two peas in a pod. I got a SE 2020 couple weeks ago to replace my original SE which was experiencing similar issues with the battery as yours. I wanted the smallest phone I could get. I would have gotten another one of the original SE's if it was available. In short, I'm not thrilled with the new one. I don't like the home button. Battery life is OK, not great. I don't think that it is improved over my original SE when it was new. I will say that the 2020 SE camera is improved over the older SE which I thought was pretty good as it was. Regarding cases, I always had Otter Defender cases and my brother talked me into a Spigen to minimize the bulky size of the Defender. So far, it seems to be good.
  13. Deere's parts system doesn't help much from what I saw. I can't figure out what keeps the pin from turning either. I don't believe that it would hurt to try a little penetrating oil and an impact wrench. How well does your neighbor know Little's? It might be worth giving your local dealer a call to explain the situation and get a pointer from them. Just bringing the cylinder to the dealer helps them out to some degree by making their job easier.
  14. Well done! You, sir, have amazing talent.
  15. Thanks. I didn't realize that 1045 was in the tool steel category. I knew that it was harder, but also knew that it is fairly easy to work with compared to something like an AR alloy.
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