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  1. EquipmentJunkie

    The right green

    That 1655 looks terrific! Nice job! The Cummins engine should make that 1655 a powerful, dependable tractor.
  2. EquipmentJunkie

    C-7 cat engine

    I believe you are correct on the meui. Sorry for the mistake. Did the first '95-'97 Ford Power Strokes use a meui system, too?
  3. EquipmentJunkie

    C-7 cat engine

    We had the first version of the C7, the 3116, in a '90 GM Kodiak. Sure was a cold-blooded animal. The HEUI fuel injection system didn't help matters with the starting. It started life as a 165-hp engine but the prior owner put bigger injectors in it. Once running, the 3116 was very strong and rather fuel efficient. We had that truck for years and only had to replace a water pump if I recall.
  4. EquipmentJunkie

    Is global warming for real?

    I have found that the alarm raised by experts is proportional to grant money received. I have always been told that the best science ALWAYS is questioning its results. Not any longer. If you dare question anything counter to the man-made climate change agenda. Here are two balance opinions: I heard Gregory Wrightstone interviewed in-depth on two radio programs in the past year. He has an interesting book on the topic: Mr. Wrightstone goes into depth that earth is actually approaching low levels of CO2 from a long-term perspective. Yes, earth is warming and CO2 increases should actually continue for the sake of plant life. Also, I saw this video within the past couple of weeks put out by the co-founder of Greenpeace:
  5. EquipmentJunkie

    Zero Turn Mower - time saver?

    I am a big fan of zero turns. I have used them for over 25 years. Like tractors, not all zero turns are created equally. Cattech makes some very good points on speed and stability. I've never run a Wright, but have heard good things. In short, I believe that a 34" Gravely will shave time off your mowing. Ask your sister to borrow it on your property to see if it works for you. I have a little 42" Hustler Raptor at home and it takes me half the time that it took me to mow with my neighbor's 46" Deere tractor. That being said, the homeowner grade Hustler's axle is too far the rear so it stinks on the slopes. Thankfully, I have very little sloped ground. I would consider finding a used Walker with the 42" or 48" GHS deck. It is the best trimming zero-turn that I ever used and Walkers are easy to drive smoothly. Their lower ground speed should not be a factor for you. It is a commercial machine and being a small company, Walker will likely have good parts support for years to come. I will list my personal examples for mowing at work. I'm near you so climate and soil factors are as close as it gets. Our old Walker mower with the 42" deck would mow our 6-acre property in the same amount of time as our compact tractor with a 72" 3-point mounted finishing mower. (this was about 15 years ago, but I think it was about 7-8 hours to do all of it including the detention basin) We upgraded in '06 to a newer Walker mower with a 48" deck and marginally higher ground speed. We improved efficiency with the newer Walker. Mowing the property with the new Walker was shaved to 6.5 hrs. Three years ago, we decided to buy a 60" Hustler Hyper-Drive from Power Pro. That mower is fast and solid. I can now easily mow the property in 2.75 hours. I guess an autonomous zero turn will be the next step some day...but what fun is that?
  6. EquipmentJunkie

    Preferred JD lawn tractor model #

    I agree with TP on the 425/445/455. While the Deere 318 is often heralded as the best lawn and garden tractor of all time, it doesn't compare to the 400-series of that era. The scarcity of Onan engines these days is making a 318 more difficult to keep running. While the 318 is good, I would go with a Deere 425/445/455. The price is not much different these days.
  7. EquipmentJunkie

    686 Followed Me Home Today

    Very nice find! I'm happy for you. I grew up in a green family but I always kept my secret longing for the handy, 6-cylinder tractor of the 656, 666, 686, & Hydro 86 to myself.
  8. EquipmentJunkie

    ex mark mowers?

    Before my brother bought his own house a couple years ago, he would use the landlord's Ferris (I can't recall the model number but it was an IS). He complained about the same traction much so that he went back to using his old Deere 120 tractor if there was any hint of moisture on the lawn.
  9. EquipmentJunkie

    ex mark mowers?

    I know people with Exmarks who love them. They are a good machine. Exmark used to be built in Beatrice, NE prior to the Toro purchase. I don't know if they still have the plant there. In this area, we don't see as many newer Exmarks as we did 10-15 years ago. Hustler has been doing well for the last five years or so. We have a Hustler 60" Hyper-drive and I fall deeper in love with it every time I use it. It is SOLID.
  10. EquipmentJunkie

    utv observation

    Yes, I believe that Mahindra will have a plant in SE MI somewhere. I just looked it up, it will be built in Auburn Hills.
  11. EquipmentJunkie

    utv observation

    I'm looking forward to see what these things are like in the flesh: Diesel, 5-speed, lots of utility, priced in the $15-20K range...the problem is that I can't seem to justify one.
  12. EquipmentJunkie

    Repairing my boots

    Myself and co-workers have had good success with aforementioned Shoe Goo. Last week, I borrowed the tube that I bought about five years ago. (I brought the open tube to work since I knew that I'd never use all of it.) The Shoe Goo had not dried up at all. It was still nice and thick which makes it easy to spread. I buy US-made boots. My favorites are my Red Wing Heritage Iron Rangers. I bought a pair of Keen steel toe hikers about a year ago...the easiest break-in for steel toes I ever experienced.
  13. EquipmentJunkie

    Chinese restaurants

    True! That made me laugh out loud. I guess that we're seeing the same truck...perhaps stuck in traffic on 222 between Maiden Creek and Moselem Springs!
  14. EquipmentJunkie

    Interesting JCB backhoe

    JCB supplies the US military with these machines. Here is a link to JCB's website:
  15. EquipmentJunkie

    Loader for 5088 recommendations

    The aftermarket offers your choice of both skid steer-type and Euro-style quick attaches for the 2355/2455.