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  1. Your photo reminds me of one in my neighborhood that I have given the nickname, Barney Fife. I have never known a skunk to be so jittery and trigger-happy. This week, I'm guessing that he got spooked by his moonlight shadow several times. I'm getting tired of being woken up by the smell.
  2. OT, if you are open to a used machine, the New Holland T1520 was a nice little tractor. Small, but mighty. My father just missed grabbing a real gem of a T1520. The owner had it priced $2K under market and it was within a short tractor drive from his house.
  3. I would buy a Deere or Massey compact based on what I know today. Before I'd buy, I would also educate myself on Mahindra. I don't like Kubotas for many reasons...despite them having the best dealers in my area. Don't like the CNH compacts in many ways. I still am waiting to hear the real story why CNH kicked Shibaura to the curb and went with LS.
  4. I agree. I seriously contemplated Ag Engineering at Penn State or Cornell at one point as a teen...then high school Physics came along. I can only imagine what would happen with today's milquetoast high school standards combined with a visiting Physics professor!
  5. Sadly, schools have become the most disfunctional systems in this country within the last few decades. If your district isn't yet, just wait. I guarantee you that the evil tenticles of disfunction have slowly slithered into areas that are not clearly visible.
  6. I wonder if Henry is related to former Deere dealer Joe and Tony Martinka in Shelton, CT?
  7. Thanks, sandhiller. Come to think of it, I believe the tractor sitting beside the HT-340 in the Smithsonian was a 1486 and not a 66-series. I was running it around in my memory bank and the only mental picture I had was the front of the tractor and couldn't remember which cab it had. I do remember thinking that it was a fairly new tractor at the time and a decent investment to abandon.
  8. Curiosity got the best of me. Look what I found: I should have searched here prior to Google!
  9. Didn't a tractor like this HT-340 (maybe the same one) sit in the Smithsonian museum in Washington, D.C. beside a 66-series back in the early-'80s? I think that the 66-series was abandoned by a farmer after the great tractor drive to Washington during the Carter years. I recall that the HT-340 was to show the "future" of farm equipment even though it was designed and built during the Space Age 20-years prior.
  10. Great find! Looks great!
  11. Just did my Father's Day shopping. Thanks for the link, jass1660!
  12. If you're traveling with the loader, then Cat is definitely the way to go for service and support. Also, I have found that Cat dealers tend to work well with each other. It's a good culture among the yellow iron people...more of a problem-solving culture. Kubota has some great dealers across the country and some that are so-so.
  13. I agree with the warranty requirement due to the electrical aspects of new equipment. From my experience, Nebraska Machinery (NMC) is good to work with.
  14. Mr. Drucker once recited the story of the company. I forget it now, but it was quite humorous. It filled in the cracks left out of Mr. Haney's sales pitch. On a serious note, those "Blue Heron" Fordson's are not very common in our part of the country. I'm looking forward to its progress.
  15. You made a very good choice. I've run both machines and definitely preferred the Cat over the Kubota. I just looked up the value of our 289D the other day and it is still worth very close to what we paid for it in '15...within 5%. That really shocked me!
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