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  1. EquipmentJunkie

    WM Hobensack's

    Interesting. Hobensack's were located close to some sort of a small Air Force base , as I recall. I called on them once back in the early '90s when they were a Ford New Holland dealer. I think that the contract was cancelled a few years later.
  2. EquipmentJunkie


    I don't have a lot of experience with DEF, but what was stated above is what I have heard, too. Keep it out of the sun, keep it fresh, try to keep the temps from extremes in either direction. If something goes wrong the filler spout with the small jug, it makes a mess in a hurry and smells bad...don't ask me how I know.
  3. EquipmentJunkie

    New 1456 and new to red power

    Welcome to Red Power! Folks here love photos and the stories associated with them. Your opening post tells me that you will fit in very well here.
  4. EquipmentJunkie

    2020 Magnums??

    Your 385 and cart may be awesome, but your photo takes the cake for awesome!
  5. EquipmentJunkie

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    A co-worker of mine went to see it. He said that it was very good. I found out too late and the showing was already sold out. Edit: I just realized that it is now in wide release. I'm definitely going to see it.
  6. EquipmentJunkie


    Chick-fil-A is the best of the best when it comes to fast food. They have the ability to hire and train their employees to be the best at customer matter what State you're in. Only In-N-Out comes close, from my experience.
  7. EquipmentJunkie

    2018 Harvest in France

    Yes, it is new. We only get 228-hp in regular GTIs in the States. The Golf R has 288-hp, but I don't need that. I wanted Xenon lights but they only come with the higher trim packages. I didn't want all the gadgets on the higher trim packages which keep it from being a purist car. (sunroof, adaptive cruise, dual climate control etc.) For me, simpler is better.
  8. EquipmentJunkie

    2018 Harvest in France

    Nice car, François02. You have good taste!
  9. EquipmentJunkie

    Mahindra knock off of a jeep

    My local dealer has several Roxors. The dealer said that interest is pretty strong for them. Roxors are very much bare-bones and utilitarian...a strong CJ-5 vibe to them. Not actually Dana 40 axles, but an India-built knockoff I am told. ECM reflashes allow for more HP, tow rating, and ground speed. Roxors have VINs, so farm tags could be a possibility for those who live in states that can make that happen. I'm casually trying to think of a way to get one as a daily driver! I would want a full hard top which is not yet available.
  10. EquipmentJunkie

    Hardest starting tractor

    Curiosity got the best of me after several days of mulling your hypothesis around in my head. Your gut instinct is correct, Tyler. (I knew you were going to be right) My old Implement & Tractor Red Book from '71 has the D-282 listed at a 17.6:1 compression ratio. In comparison, my '81 I&T Red Book lists most of Kubota's engine line at 21:1. Mitsubishi engines were between 21-23:1. VW diesels were at 23.5:1. My old '81 diesel Rabbit would pop off after a quick glow plug cycle and could easily be fired without plugs for a long time after shutting it down. I never had to worry about having a weak battery either. That VW always provided ample warning of a battery fading. Rarely did an attentive VW diesel driver have an excuse for a battery that "suddenly went dead".
  11. EquipmentJunkie

    Very Famous Guy Once was IH parts manager

    Thanks for the info! I wonder what is Neil's favorite 56-series tractor? I just bought Peart's book, Ghost Rider. I always wanted to learn more about his story.
  12. EquipmentJunkie

    A guide to roundabouts.

    It is difficult to quantify the results of roundabouts, but I think that they keep traffic moving and save fuel in the long term. We see are seeing more of them all the time. I like them. I remember encountering my first roundabout when I was a young driver in my early-20s around 1993. This roundabout was at the intersection of Routes 73 and 70 in Marlton, NJ where two, four-lane roads converged. That roundabout of chaos was trial by fire! Needless to say, the intersection is now a modified cloverleaf. I should state that I had experienced roundabouts a number of times as a passenger growing up so I understood the principle. I still wasn't prepared for multiple lanes of seeming mayhem!
  13. EquipmentJunkie

    Hardest starting tractor

    I know the Kubota was indirect injection...but it was still the hardest-starting indirect injection diesel I ever ran.
  14. EquipmentJunkie

    Hardest starting tractor

    As a kid, I remember my father borrowed a new Kubota L245 tractor to do a project around the house during the summer of '79 or '80. It was a pleasant summer day around 80-degrees. He had been using the loader on the tractor for a good half hour. He shut it off to do some hand work for about 10 minutes. He hopped back on it and turned the key. Crank, crank, crank, crank...nothing. That thing needed to have the glow plugs cycled to start! I never experienced any diesel so cold-blooded since.
  15. EquipmentJunkie


    Bitty, while I appreciate your offer, Shady Maple nearly always has fried chicken included in the small buffet in the banquet room. Fried chicken isn't something I eat often, but theirs is excellent. The allure of their fried chicken helps me sit through a meeting! I'll look at the small pile of chicken bones I leave behind and think of you if that makes you feel any better!