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  1. Here is some good news from one of the managers of a very innovative wholesale food bank in the Lancaster-area this week: If anyone is still dumping milk in the Lancaster, PA area, and is interested in donating it to Blessings Of Hope , please let me know. We are working with a local dairy that has the capacity to bottle up to 10,000 gallons per week for us. Text or call 717-725-3533 - email david@lappbrothers.com
  2. Agree. This April's photo is one of my favorites for the past several years. I've caught myself admiring it several times today.
  3. As I recall, there was no official IH number for the loaders. IH had a referal relationship for loaders on this series of compacts. Compact tractors were a new segment of the market at the time growing by leaps and bounds. The Ford 1000 compact and a few Kubotas were sold for the first time in the mid-'70s. By the stock market crash in 1987, the market had grown to a staggering 40,000 units. The 235, 245, and 255 tractors (the next series of compacts) offered the 5QA, 7QA, and 10QA loaders.
  4. IH-branded loaders were still pretty scarced on the 234 , 244, and 254. Most went to the aftermarket. These tractors were often heavier and more robust than competitors.
  5. You Dukes of Hazzard fans would probably enjoy the Kibbe and Friends podcast. These guys go way deep into the Dukes and review each Dukes episode. They will talk about The General Lee's pushbar design, jumps, the existence of early show-used cars, et. Early K&F episodes even featured the hilarious, Mike Finnegan from Roadkill. There are about 100 K&F episodes, so you can listen while doing chores around the house during these COVID-19 days of "Sheltering in Place". https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-kibbe-and-friends-show/id1120485668
  6. Most red Yanmars of that vintage around here were the YM186D and YM226D tractors. Had a nice, little 3-cylinder diesels and a 9x3 powershift transmission!
  7. You made a good decision. My Red Wing Heritage are my favorite boots. I have an older pair of the lugless sole, 8114 Iron Rangers that have been my daily work boots (office) for a few years. The first sole is still on them but will need replaced within the year. I got a newer pair of Iron Rangers (with the small lug sole) that I wear for casual events so I can break them in slowly. I stumbled across a pair of Factory Second Beckmans at a great price that I also wear for work. The Beckman model is not as comfortable as the Iron Rangers are, but still great.
  8. Same here, but I'll go down kicking and screaming in my opinion on manual transmissions. I would love to drive a new 7.3 Godzilla with a manual. I now spend my time lusting after old, three-pedal stuff on Bring A Trailer.com. And wearing this shirt... If people are dumb enough to show their ignorance by wearing Che Guevara t-shirts around town, at least I can show a more worthy and peaceful endorsement!
  9. I am very interested in this engine, too. While we like our '17 Ram 2500 with the Cummins...it's a thirsty bugger with the 26' Eby trailer behind it. We figure we might as well save a little dough up front when the time comes to change. The TFL Truck channel on YouTube bought an early 7.3 Godzilla in XLT trim. They will run it a year and have turned it into their project truck for 2020. They put out a lot of good, relevant content for fuel economy, towing, and off-road ability.
  10. I believe that both the JCB and the Super K came out around the same time...probably a little earlier for the Case. The Case TLBs were a big leap forward in backhoe design, too. I guess that when I saw the new JCB, it looked so smooth and swoopy compared to their older machines that it made such a huge impression on me. I dealt with JCB USA back in the mid-'90s when they were headquartered in White Marsh, MD. That company was lean and mean back then and extremely responsive. If I had a question, I had the phone numbers of about five people and could get definitive answers in five minutes time. I have never dealt with an OEM even close to that level of response since then. When JCB decided to build a plant in Pooler, GA, that MD office was to be closed and moved south to the factory. The employees were offered jobs in GA...but at a lower pay rate because the standard of living was lower in the Savannah-area. I don't believe that anybody made the move and a couple hundred years' of JCB experience evaporated. Sadly short-sighted.
  11. I remember seeing a brand-new JCB machine like this at a dealership in the Lower Hudson Valley back in 1993. This 215 doesn't look that significant now, but then it was the most innovative-looking backhoe on the market. I remember thinking that JCB will finally make some progress in the North American market. Comparing the long, square hood of a Deere D-series or a Ford D-series seemed to be a world apart from a visibility standpoint. The JCB's stick and loader, I can't say since I never spent any time with them. Remember where they came from...
  12. Totally agree. I don't think that JCB made a decent-looking machine until the mid-'90s. Growing up, I didn't even want a toy Corgi JCB backhoe (seen in the video)...too weird-looking for me. Those backhoes looked like a little chicken coop and a steel bridge got together one night and the JCB backhoe was the final product.
  13. Interesting. I can believe those sales numbers. JCB's success followed the colonies of the British empire which made JCB a global player. I have heard it said that JCB sells more backhoes in India alone than all the brands of backhoes sold in North America combined. The US backhoe market used to routinely be above 20K units per year.
  14. Shucks, Glenolden is down near the airport. I always think it smells funky down that way. Perhaps the wind changed and now Marcus Hook and Chester are making their presence known!
  15. Sound like I need to make a road trip very soon. I appreciate you letting us know, redturbo.
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