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  1. Went to see it again last evening with fellow car nut family members. This movie is even better the second time around. I predict that it will become a classic.
  2. Regarding the Tesla truck, I literally thought it was a fake. Elon can have a weird sense of humor. I saw the first story on the truck and thought it was one of Musk's strange jokes. I started searching Google to see the "real" Tesla truck. Nope, that origami. tinfoil hat is the real thing. I've driven a Tesla Model X. For what it is, the Model X is impressive. I would not want to live with it, however. If I ever went with an EV as a personal use vehicle, the Rivian truck and SUV would be my first choice. What I've seen from Rivian, it is truly a game-changer. The huge investments in Rivian from both Ford and Amazon reinforce my thoughts. For those who need to be enlightened about Rivian: https://rivian.com/ Walk-around video:
  3. The rear camera and side visibility of the tracks in the Cat is the reason why we bought the Cat 289D. The rear camera was not available in the Deere at the time of our purchase...or at least our dealer said it wasn't.
  4. You often saw an Ertl replica of a Ford 7500 / 750 / 755 tractor loader backhoe in the background when Ken Miles was talking to his son, Peter. The backhoe was broken off the Ertl toy, but the stabilizers were still on it. The Ford 7500 TLB was not introduced until 1973.
  5. I went to see the Ford vs. Ferrari movie over the weekend. The movie was very good and I recommend going to see it even though there were a few Hollywood liberties that took place. The Leo Beebe and Carroll Shelby relationship was not as hostile as the movie portrays. I saw an interview where Shelby credits Beebe highly for shielding him from the politics that tends to run rampant in the headquarters of Detroit automakers. The movie also glossed over the stretching head bolts in the '65 Le Mans race which caused DNFs across the board for the GT40. Anyway, it was still a very good movie. The movie takes place in the 1964-1966 era. I discovered a period-incorrect "tractor" that was repeatedly in the background in several scenes of the movie. I will clue you in that it centered around Ken Miles' son, Peter. I was wondering if anybody else caught it?
  6. We used to have a New Holland LX665 and stepped up to a Cat 289D. I've never run a better loader than the Cat. The new Deere's are very close, but I'd still prefer the Cat. Current New Holland and Case machines have good visibility and that is where the benefits end in my book. Just heard a Case & Kubota salesman tell me this morning that the common New Holland and Case platforms have been horrible...I believe the exact word was "junk". He sells Kubota over the Case. Brand new Case and New Hollands loaders are coming in the next few months which I understand are a vast improvement, but that remains to be seen. I can't tell you the number of customers in my area who had fleets of New Holland loaders for years that now have switched over to either Cat or Kubota.
  7. Bumpsides rule! Over the weekend, I saw the '68 F250 that I spent many miles driving as a 16-year old kid. It was at the garage for a state inspection. I know the current owner and told him that I would be interested in it if he is looking to sell it. It still looks good.
  8. I just learned about the bankruptcy a few minutes ago. The article I read blamed the significant drop in consumer demand for milk over the last several decades. Milk sales were off 40% since 1975. The average American now consumes only 17 gallons per year.
  9. As I recall, the OEM downpipe was severely restrictive. There is plenty of room for what you are installing but the squashed OEM downpipe was needed for clearance during assembly. That new system should make nice whistling noises.
  10. I especially liked 2-cycle Detroit Diesels that had a turbocharger added to them. The turbo reduced the harshness of the N/A exhaust note and you tended to hear the sound of the Roots blower a bit more and added the pleasant whistle of a turbo. I agree with dale560 about their sound at idle and the quick ramp up to full throttle. I also like the lope that Detroits often have after cold start-up. I always had to chuckle when people would say, "Detroit Diesel - the most efficient means of turning diesel fuel into smoke and noise known to man."
  11. Ferris makes a good mower. My brother used one for a few years and his only complaint was that the model he used had a weird weight distribution (too little weight over the drive axle) that made it break traction on a mild slope.
  12. I've had issues with E10 in my older, smaller gas engines. Carbs had to be rebuilt but it was strange that there was really no evidence of the fuel gunking things up with a white substance that people often talk about. It seemed like the gaskets were just abnormally swelling. I now run 100% gasoline in my small gas engines exclusively and run them dry at the end of the season. Fresh 100% gasoline when the season begins and they start on the first or second pull. I've done this for about five years and no issues. My vehicles and the Hustler mower at work still get normal 87-octane E10. Our Hustler dealer said that the Kawasaki engines have no troubles with E10. He's right so far.
  13. I agree, but I had to keep reminding myself that documentary's cut-off was 1996. Also, Burns likely was focussing on the major influencers that wound up having stamina and not just the top record sellers for a season. I was a bit disappointed that few Bluegrass acts after Bill Monroe and Flatt & Scruggs were mentioned...folks like J.D. Crowe, Tony Rice, Del McCoury, and The Seldom Scene to name a few. Those guys kept the torch lit for years. Like you said, I guess you have to cut things off at some point.
  14. I've caught all episodes but the first one. It is quite fascinating. Thanks to Xfinity on-demand, I forward my viewing times by 30-60 minutes so I don't alter my beauty sleep schedule. I have always been on the semi-conscious fringe of country music. I never understood what circumstances brought the Carter family to such prominence in the early days. I learned that a 500-kilowatt, border-blaster radio station out of Mexico sure would do it! That blew me away that twice daily during the late-'30s, the Carters sang to both US Atlantic and Pacific coasts simultaneously.
  15. Same here. I have had too many negative results from plastic. My brother recently ruined a pair of shoes with a heavy diesel bath after the sliding-type valve on the plastic spout on his can pulled out from its threaded collar. It was a perfect storm scenario for him, but he said his shoes were literally filled with diesel fuel. Our Justrite cans at work are great. Plus, the Justrite cans are rebuildable. I found a mint condition, metal John Deere 6-gallon can at an auction for my needs at home.
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