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  1. It's a good year for hummingbirds here also. My wife saw some of them surfing on a stream from a garden hose that was aimed up in the air for watering so it made an arc. We don't have a feeder just lots of plants, flowers etc. which have attracted a few of them.
  2. your plan sounds good to me as well as Farmall 1066's advice. Local ag extension may do free soil tests.
  3. We call vehicles with the floorboards gone "Flintstones" around here.
  4. Another source is Garage Journal. They have large section on vises with many people who collect/restore etc. Practical Machinist also has a lot of vises.
  5. 80-90 gear oil is what we used for rear end and trans. Electric 2 spd shifter unit takes its own oil, usually on cover of unit, light weight oil. maybe 10 w in winter?
  6. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals House of the Rising Sun The Egg Albany NY. I haven't got the link thing figured out yet. interesting version by a Vermonter. It's on you tube
  7. Saw one this weekend at truck show that was a German military ambulance converted to motor home or camper. Pretty cool but tall. Didn't have anything to take pictures with unfortunately.
  8. The rotor usually is on a tapered end of crankshaft retained by a bolt or a nut.
  9. Cold doesn't stop windmills-clear and calm does. no wind or not enough wind equals not turning equals no power
  10. Hitler's revenge
  11. Speaking of surplus military generators, an old guy near here used to power and heat his shop with a fairly large WW 2 era generator-gas I think. It lived in a back corner of the shop and the exhaust went out the chimney. So no lost heat. may have been some large resistance heaters as well. I never saw it in operation only at the estate sale.
  12. Thats good but he probably won't be pulling the full 20kw continuously so the 3 GPH is a max? like $18/hr??
  13. Crow foot socket and extension.
  14. Look look on bottom of vise for country of origin
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