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  1. Wasn't the 5000 Ford the successor to the Super Major? The 5000 was around 60 hp IIRC.
  2. Are they run flat tires? No? I would want a spare and a jack.
  3. Try ACMOC forum. This is Cat site and people there are helpful and very involved with Cat equip. It's Antique Caterpillar Owners Club. Very similar to this site just Cat people.
  4. Do an internet search for the original part number.
  5. Don't forget fees to pay the gov "costs".
  6. It seems like making your operation as energy efficient as possible would result in a better bottom line for you. Watch out for this "reward". They need data and are suckering farmers into providing it.....
  7. Probably 1/2" nominally or an industrial A belt.
  8. Topless donut shops are popular.
  9. Thrust washer from an Aveling Barford mini max.
  10. I checked my book out of curiosity and no EE. There is FF as previously stated and GG. Any pictures of the frame tag? Tractor? My book covers 2504 industrial also.
  11. It is stronger than horizontal.
  12. I suspect that a lot of the "weldable" cast iron is cast steel. Do a spark test or drill a small hole and observe the chips to tell which is which. I heard that Vermont Castings stoves were made from remelted engine blocks. Cast pieces that are subject to heat are difficult to repair. Cast that has had the carbon burnt out of it by overheating is basically scrap.
  13. That should do left and right hand threads.
  14. Some luck with welding must preheat, no drafts and cool slowly. I put pieces in covered trash can filled with wood ashes to cool. Dug them out the next day.
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