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  1. When it comes to school bus seats think egg carton. When it comes to belts think weapon-large heavy buckle on end of strap. Sad but an unfortunate reality.
  2. I apologize for the off brand question but a friend is wondering if a 305 v6 exhaust manifold would interchange with a 351 v6 this would be in a 1 1/2 or 2 ton truck-mid sixties. Thanks for any info.
  3. G503.com has a lot of info. organized by vehicle type. people are knowledgeable and decent for the most part. There are some as always just keep on going if you encounter one.
  4. We are in Appleton which is beyond Hope according to the coastal folks.
  5. I'm in midcoast area. near Rockland and Camden.
  6. Harvested peaches today before the birds got them. Wouldn't have thought that they would grow here but they do. Trees don't always last too long. Tractor is my 1945 A.
  7. Ended up finding info on ag extension web site. Not very encouraging. Cut out bad areas and wait for inevitable.
  8. We have a fungus called "witches broom" on our high bush blueberries. Anyone have any info on getting rid of this? These are cultivated bushes not the wild low bush berry plants commonly found in Maine. I don't know the scientific name for this.
  9. On reading my previous post I realized that i reversed the parts of the cone-projects up from the base into the body of the vise is how it is.
  10. The center bolt is long because it passes through the top of the bench and was customarily secured with a large wing nut. Some antique vises I have with that arrangement have a cone projecting from the top into a tapered seat in the base. This swivels when loose but locks the tapers together when the wing nut is tightened. Mine are Stephens Patent vises. I think these bases probably disappeared do to production costs. My bases attach to the bench with the customary 3 large bolts.
  11. I'm looking for a left front headlight assembly. Truck has fiberglass tilt nose. I thought there might be a vendor somewhere before I start searching truck parts yards. I'm in mid coast Maine.
  12. Looks like a Peter Wright. Does it have a handling hole in the front of the foot under the horn? If the horn is to your left the logo will be on the side away from you.
  13. As a follow up. Sulky is its given name from Hyster. Hyster called the larger ones arches. I may be the only one around here who calls it a sulky, for that matter it is probably the only one in captivity in this area.
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