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  1. I have rotary phase converters and the 3 phase motors are way more efficient than the same horsepower single phase motor so you come out ahead even with the small loss of running the converter. Used three phase machinery is also usually less cheaper than the same unit in single phase. My only regret with it is that I didn't do it sooner. Also running three phase power someplace where it isn't is very expensive and then there are the demand charges. I have helped install and set up a new diesel generator just to run a very large new 4 sided planer and associated machinery because of the outrageous electric costs. The owner told me the generator was paid off by two years of cost avoidance.
  2. Additionally an engineer friend of mine told me that solar panels do not produce enough energy over their lifetime to equal their total embedded cost. So each one is a net loser energy/carbon wise.
  3. Mid 70's GMC with a 427 5 & 2 with 7 yd body would go uphill or down.
  4. It's right twice a day.
  5. That looks like a set up for a yarder. The one on the D4 was similar and sized to fit a D4 so much smaller than that one. I've seen videos of a D6 flying on a logging hi line on the West coast . I think US but could have been in Canada.
  6. The saying around here is could f-ck up a whore's picnic.
  7. Piece of 1" or so steel with four hardened pins pressed or welded in to fit the four holes in the nut and a big nut welded in the center of it. Center pivot bearing nuts on loaders were torqued to 1 or 2000 depending on size of loader. 1" drive with long pipe and two of us on it in the field. Geared torque multiplier in the shop with torque wrench driving.
  8. I've done it. I wouldn't do it again. They will season afterwards.
  9. Ran RD 501 in two mixer trucks R 210 I think. Also 531 or 541 White flat head six in an Autocar. Friend ran road tractor with IH 549 V8 would pass most everything. Also 534 Ford V8 in single axle dump had sufficient power for hills. The oil embargo in 73 killed them off in a few years.
  10. That engine was in the M26 dragon wagon tank retriever from WW 2. Also used in West Coast log trucks / road tractors in the 50's at 300 hp. The successor Mack used the 844 V8 LeRoi. A friend and I almost bought an FWD 4x4 with snow blower. Big 6 cyl gas Waukesha up front and a V8 LeRoi for the blower. had 2 saddle tanks for the truck and a 275 gal for the blower. The airport manager wouldn't answer how many hrs it would run on the tanks so we didn't bid.
  11. The military did but who is measuring?
  12. that's a good pan vt. In an attempt to avoid confusion I'll mention that the cast in numbers don't correspond with the later measurements on the bottom of the pan. At least not directly. A number 12 will be much larger than one marked 12" on the bottom. As a fellow pan collector happy hunting to all. The older ones are much better than the new remelted mystery metal ones made today.
  13. int 504


    I dug out an industrial supply catalog from 1946 that has Columbian leg vises in it. There were 4 then #24, 25,26 and 28. The second number was the jaw width. The 28 with the 8 inch wide jaws weighed 150 lb. This was a reduction from maybe 20 years earlier when the 8" one weighed over 200 lbs. These had the u shaped spring and a u bolt that anchored the plate to the vise. The plate had a vertical side with two holes in it for the u bolt. Forged in closed dies, hardened and heat treated jaws. The last version I think. Not sure when these changes were first implemented. The same catalog has an 8" Athol swivel base machinist bench vise at a slim and trim 300 lbs.
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