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  1. Check out Gaco Seal roof coating. I used on box trailer and van bodies worked good. Storage units not over the road.
  2. Gaco seal roof coating works. Only been on 2 yrs but works and looks good. Comes in colors. I have some white roofs and some green.
  3. They paint "horse" , "cow" "goat" etc around here. Dogs wear blaze orange. I asked one of the painters why they thought somebody that stupid would know how to read? Got dirty look......
  4. All cotton versus cotton blend.
  5. Any trailer over 10,000 gross is CDL.
  6. bought with proceeds of drug sales?
  7. The plastic doesn't seem to work for that.
  8. Open tail gate before raising body.
  9. Local welding shop had one blow and kill the welder recently. Fairly big outfit I used to think was pretty good.
  10. wedges for saw kerf or maybe stone but stone was usually plug and feathers
  11. The folks used to buy potato chips in large metal can as well as laundry detergent in a 5 gal pail. The cans were good for all kinds of things. This was before the days of plastic pails, etc,
  12. There are lots of Chinese pot grow houses in Maine. The feds shut down about one per week.
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