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  1. Take the small hopper off the top to reduce the height.
  2. int 504


    Maine has a law requiring all veterans graves be maintained, mowed marked with flag etc.
  3. aircraft grade Permatex is persistent and spreads like never seize
  4. int 504

    GM Strike

    We have a 100k here and it is destroying the secondary roads. The state can't keep up with the rate of deterioration on their roads either. Going from 80k to 100k didn't do the roads much good and I don't think it's going to save the paper mills.
  5. If it was still flying why did the pilot bail out? Seems like someone would have noticed when it crashed. Radar??? In the ocean???
  6. Looks like the bracket for a can opener.
  7. Looks like it might have been rotating in the groove.
  8. Were they headed into or out of Mexico?
  9. A friend of mine worked for JD dealer and told me to stay away from 1010 and 2010 crawlers.
  10. Year round if you are lucky enough to live on a dirt road where they use MgCl or CaCl for dust control.
  11. Made boats called Garwood. Mead Morrison was a division of Garwood by 1940. That style of winch was found on trucks that moved artillery. The Dodges had front winches rated around 7500 lb pull that 3MB is liable to be considerably more as they were found on fairly large 6x6's.
  12. You won't need to go to the gym for exercise after pulling a stump or two with that.
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