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  1. I have heard a number of professionals claim that it is best to get a large "can" of cheap, ground coffee. Open it up and put a half dozen holes in the plastic lid for it to breath. Leave it sit on the floor behind one of the front seats. The ground coffee will absorb the odor over the next month. Repeat as required.
  2. I agree. I think that the only thing A-C left is the fenders and the white paint on the wheels. Good point on the engine displacement. I forgot that the 6-71 was a 426 cu in. and never made that mental comparison before.
  3. I used to travel a lot. When I was in a new town, I would use my trusted Parking Lot Barometer method. The restaurant parking lot with the most police cars and pickup trucks got my business. I don't think that I ever had a bad meal using that method.
  4. I had a TJ with a 5-speed behind the 4.0 six. I really liked that Wrangler. While it was not completely trouble-free, but it was very easy to work on. I drove it 50K in four years and sold it for only $600 less than I paid for it. I vowed that I will have another at some point and it will again need to be a 2-door with a manual transmission.
  5. The tires look good. I don't know if I would have known if you hadn't told me. They are far better than a lot of automotive tires I've seen on front axles!
  6. Great call on the XLT! Thank you. My XLT build saved $2K and while I don't care for excessive chrome, the XLT will look better overall than the STX. I discovered that you can't build an XL Super Cab short bed with a 7.3 unless you opt for the STX package. I will try an XL regular cab or an F350 to see what I can learn.
  7. I'll start by saying that I hate Twitter. I have found Twitter to be the temple of the self-absorbed. That being said, Twitter has a new owner in Elon Musk. He wasted no time in cleaning out the stables. Wow! That man gets things done.
  8. Build and Price is up and running, Seth! My build was $62K. I am frustrated that an STX package no longer comes with vinyl floors and carpet delete is not available. The dreaded black wheels are unable to be changed, as well.
  9. Thanks. That doesn't surprise me. I am sure that there are a lot of orders that dealers placed immediately since there was such a dearth of Super Duty inventory on lots.
  10. You make good points on the 6.8 with which I completely get. I will wait and drive them both, I guess. The older I get, the more I subscribe to "simpler is better".
  11. Seth, are you still planning to order the 7.3 or will you opt for the new 6.8 V8? My initial reaction to the 6.8 now puts me on the fence. I wish that I could play around on the Build & Price section of the website. I have not been able to learn whether I can delete ordering the Heads Up Display (HUD)? I don't like HUD and prefer to delete it if I can. I guess a strategically placed piece of electrical tape would be an option! I would lean towards an XL with the STX package. However, I hate black wheels and am afraid that they are my only choice with an STX.
  12. Yes, Stanley Black & Decker bought MTD and Hustler. I hope that SBD has learned their lesson and doesn't goof up MTD or Hustler. I am not optimistic since nearly everything that they purchased in the last 10 years has turned to turd. My brother recently attended a national sales meeting for a major OEM that sources a lot of loader attachments from a Stanley Infrastructure company. This OEM is adding an additional source due to Stanley ineptitude. A lot of frustration was verbalized about Stanley.
  13. That's nice! Seems to me that there is a guy close to you who restores old, medium duty trucks like this one. I can't remember where I saw the one truck he had for sale...I think it was Bring A Trailer or Hemmings, if I recall correctly.
  14. I agree. Well, a naturally aspirated Detroit anyway. I actually turned up the volume to hear this one.
  15. Wise words. I flew Aeroflot from Moscow to Frankfurt in June of 1990. When we touched down in Frankfurt, the whole cabin applauded. Perhaps applauding was tradition at that place and time, but my applause was of gratitude to be on the ground. It seemed like the plane's controls were in the hands of a 22-year old who already downed a half-bottle of vodka.
  16. I know folks that have flown for all of the four reasons you listed. I would guess that the main ones are business travel (my brother and two coworkers fly back from SF today), vacations, and family. If I fly it is nearly 100% for business because I enjoy road trips too much.
  17. If you do break something, these folks have a lot of parts: https://www.compactractorparts.com/ I don't have personal experience with the company but have heard that they know what they are talking about and inventory was decent. Yellowrosefarm is correct. Deere and Yanmar have been closely linked with compact tractors from the early 850 and 950 all the way up to the 70-series compacts. The level of Yanmar content/components began to vary with the 4000-series in the late-'90s when compact tractor assembly began in GA. New Deere compacts still often have Yanmar engines today.
  18. I know very little about combines. I don't know if I ever spent any time in a cab of one during harvest. That being said, I thought that 3020 seemed to be on the small side for the 9501. Could easily turn into a "tail wagging the dog" scenario. I still think that 3020 looks pretty tough though.
  19. Nice! I always thought that tracks would be the ticket for snow. We used to have a Prairie 650 and it was a good machine.
  20. I have always had a great appreciation for the Alfa 164. Both the interior and exhaust note are fantastic!
  21. My list could easily be about 20 vehicles. However, I keep trying to decide which of these are THE dream vehicle for me: Porsche 944 S2 and a Land Rover Defender 90 diesel. They are very different in purpose but I love them both for different reasons.
  22. Thanks for those photos. They were fascinating and the tap info was especially enlightening. No responses from the train guys?
  23. I would head south on I-380 to Rt. 33 to Nazareth/Bethlehem. Take I-78 and eventually I-81 west towards Hershey. While it is a four-lane road, the route tends to be fairly scenic. I highly recommend Troegs Brewery for some excellent food in the Hershey-area. It is easy to find just north of Hersheypark. From Hershey, head east on Rt. 322 for a nice scenic drive through farmland on your way to Rough & Tumble. Take Rt. 30 and Rt. 283 on the way home to catch Messick's.
  24. I don't recommend it. We bought a few of them by accident thinking that they were genuine Milwaukee batteries. They did not last very long in our fleet. Thankfully, they have all been recycled.
  25. I have been to the Mecum Harrisburg show a couple times in the past and also a tractor collection auction that they did here in southeastern PA a few years ago. I feel that Mecum auctions are a lot like Red Power shows...well worth your time. Vehicles run the whole spectrum from the very nice, original weekend drivers, the lower level restorations that look OK at 20-feet, to the top-shelf, frame-off restorations that would stand up well to the AACA judges at Hershey. There are also the rare and unusual vehicles that show up at Mecum. I would have gone to Mecum this weekend, but I just couldn't fit it in. The cars are great, but I find that the seamless, clockwork necessary to pull off a big auction as impressive as what's being sold.
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