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    Current tractors are a 1086, 1456, M. John Deere 3010, G, B, an Oliver 1550,MM M5.

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  1. I have a Chevy C60 with a 4+2. I run around 350 bushels in it and it goes wherever I want it to, just slowly. That 4spd will be fine.
  2. I took the fluid out of my 1086 when I put new Firestone radials on it. It has 1 set of weights on each side. With no till, I just don't need the fluid in the tires.
  3. I farm just over 100 acres and while this one needs some work it should last a long time.
  4. I upgraded combines from a 1460 to this 2144. According to the axial flow timeline it's the 1st 2144 built. I bought it in Ohio at Bane Welker but dealer sticker on it is Farmers Implement in Allenton Wisconsin.
  5. According to this I now own the 1st 2144 made.
  6. I run a 6 row 7000. It has liquid fertilizer, dawn row cleaners, shoup openers and heavy duty springs with upgraded kinze style t-handle closing wheels. I don't use no till coulters as they aren't needed. The row cleaners move enough out of the way to let the openers do the work.
  7. It's a 3x9 and works fine for deer hunting and general shooting.
  8. I have an old redfield "tv" scope with the wide viewing lens. It works pretty good for 1970s vintage.
  9. Dad's M was the picker tractor for years before my time. It still has the rear picker mounts on the tractor and he has the M&W super snoot also.
  10. Facebook, here and 2 Discord servers. Used to do a couple gun forums but no longer do.
  11. I will be looking at a 1966 Fleetstar grain truck. It has a 671 Detroit with a 10spd and air brakes. Is there anything else to look at besides the usual when scouting an older truck? Thanks.
  12. I think I'd even sell my 1456 for that.
  13. My wife's interest and mine overlap enough that she knows what's valuable and what isn't.
  14. I have 1:9s 1:8s and 1:7s. If you are shooting mostly 55s I would get a 1:8 as that is my personal favorite. However, there are millions of 1:7 ar15s out there and they work fine with 55gr. Don't overthink it and send the lead down range.
  15. I agree, I love the look of the 86s. This is my 1086.
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