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    Current tractors are a 1086, 1456, M. John Deere 3010, G, B, an Oliver 1550 and Ford 8n.

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  1. 11.0s on our 1456 with 20.8. 10.0s on 1086 with 18.4
  2. IHandJDman

    820 head

    I have an 820 head that is for an electric 1460 but my 1460 is cable controlled. I have a junk 820 that is cable controlled. Can I move the parts from the bad head to convert the good one to cable?
  3. Great Grandpa was red and Grandpa was green but my Dad didn't farm until a few years ago. On our acres we couldn't afford an older green one so Dad bought the 1456 back when they were cheap. Added the 1086 last year and absolutely love them both. I've ran a 4440 and the 1086 and I like the 1086 better.
  4. Looks good. Kept looking to see if you guys would have it out this year.
  5. Looking to add a 500ish bushel grain cart to the farm. It would mostly go behind a 1086 but also sometimes a 1456. Would I need to beef up or support the drawbar on either tractor? Thanks.
  6. Slowly plugging away. Other than leaking hydraulic fluid all the time the 1460 runs great.
  7. I would look at a 1066 and a Deere 7000 series planter with both corn and bean meters. I started with a 1456 but those are a bit pricey now. I bought my own combine but you wouldn't have to as a neighbor might do custom harvesting for you. On the combine front I would a buy a 1460 or even a 1660. I have slowly acquired more equipment but all you need to start is a planter and a tractor.
  8. I left it out on my Deere 7700 since it had to be locked with a turnbuckle. On the 1460 I always fold it in.
  9. Started running corn over the weekend. 1st field was disappointing, 2nd field was a pleasant surprise. Moisture from 18 to 21.
  10. Good to see that 404 stay on the same block it's been on its whole life.
  11. 1456 doing some rut filling and woods edge tillage. 1086 planting corn, 1086 is new to me this year.
  12. A local guy ran a 1640 on a 4 row. My 1460 has 6100hrs and still is doing good. It has had several major wear items replaced such as transition cone and a new grain tank liner. It runs well and for my 60 acres will last as long as the engine will.
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