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  1. I have a kewanee 1010 or 1020 rock flex. It does a good enough job and is heavy enough to cut. I am now no till so it's only job is to fill some ruts and go around the edges of fields.
  2. The Deere info is just like a Marti report for a Mustang. It's real info, you just have to realize that every tractor/automobile is a unique combination of options. You can break down anything to be rare but it's still just a 1949 B or a 1963 3010 gas. It just has different options.
  3. My vote is a 1086. 130hp but handy enough to do small jobs. I use mine for spraying, planting, side dressing, bush hogging and even to get round bales since it's my only cab tractor. Mine shifts easy and the cab is comfortable. However my 1456 is still my favorite.
  4. 1456 torn apart for sloppy shifting, new gasket on turbo oil return and new hoses for hydraulic oil cooler.
  5. Feed round bales with a 3010. Same tractor my grandpa fed round bales with for 40 years. Cows are fed with a bucket and so are the goats.
  6. IHandJDman


    IndyCar for me to. I haven't paid attention to NASCAR in a decade.
  7. Mine has over 6000hrs and I've had very little trouble in the 5 years I have owned it. Parts are easily available through aftermarket and CaseIH.
  8. I wish there was a way to figure out the original dealer. I'm the 3rd owner of a 1086. The 1st owner was somewhere around Rochester Indiana, that is what the 2nd owner told me when I bought it from him. It's a 1978 but was repainted and I don't have the original manual.
  9. 1st is on our Century sprayer. Dealer is now Bane-Welker. 2nd is on the 1456. Evan's Agricultural in Berrien Springs Michigan. No idea on that dealership.
  10. The 3010 has sat and not been used much for several years. Just needs some minor things done to it. Put a new sway bar on the 3pt of the 1456. Fixed the heater in the 1086. I need to put a new sending unit in the bottom tank of the 1086 and fix all of the lights on it.
  11. 11.0s on our 1456 with 20.8. 10.0s on 1086 with 18.4
  12. IHandJDman

    820 head

    I have an 820 head that is for an electric 1460 but my 1460 is cable controlled. I have a junk 820 that is cable controlled. Can I move the parts from the bad head to convert the good one to cable?
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