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    Current tractors are a 1086, 1456, Hydro 84 and M. John Deere 3010, G, B, an Oliver 1550,MM M5.

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  1. I wasn't the one doing the work but this is what was being worked on. A major redo of parts in my 2144. Transition cone liner, all new vanes, new rasp bars. All new bearings all over, shaker bushings, elevator chain, vertical unload auger. Now has a rock trap. Still not done but it's ready for this year.
  2. Should add my Grandpas G1050 was bought by Moline collector Richard Lowry and then sold at one of his auctions.
  3. No the 50 series were all MM, the last ones. The G1355 and G955 had the Oliver rear ends. MM 3speed in a 50 series shares nothing with the Oliver's and parts are very hard to find.
  4. My grandpa had a G1050 lp with a cab. There weren't very many made of either one. Simple, effective tractors. Parts and people with knowledge about them are getting harder to come by. I don't know much about them but wouldn't mind adding one to the collection.
  5. Our 1456 is a 1971. My Dad bought in 2003 from my uncle who had owned it about 10 years. He paid $7500 for it and a 3pt chisel. I love sitting in the seat of this beast. We had only replaced the clutch and head gasket until last year. Rebuilt the turbo, new wiring harness and LEDs. This winter new front spindles and moving it in to 30 inch rows so I can sidedress with it. Since we have gone no till it doesn't get used near as much as the 1086.
  6. Moved the tractors out to get the grain truck out. Then grabbed the bush hog and took the 1456 for a drive home.
  7. My son and his buddy putting the 3010 back together. It was apart to get a new cable for the 3pt, but we needed to use it.
  8. It was a good combine with around 6000hrs. The PTO seal went out and I was ready to upgrade anyways. I had it for sale for $2500 and really nothing more than tire kickers. I decided to part it out.
  9. My Grandpa had the same combine except it was a gas, but it was a hydro.
  10. Picked this knife up at Bates consignment auction. Jones Implement in Rochester Indiana. Possibly the dealer my 1086 came from. Also have this ad in a farmers tax book from Akron Implement. Our M came new from this dealer. Both dealers are very hard to find memorabilia from.
  11. I upgraded last year from this 1460 to this 2144, which also happens to be the 1st 2144 made. It's in the shop getting around $10,000 in work done to it. I'll be running my own soybeans for the 1st time since 2019, this year.
  12. Yes they made 1550 and I think 1650 loader specials. This 1550 is the last tractor remaining from my Grandpas farm.
  13. I don't think I have that one.
  14. Got a great sale price on that 1086!
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