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    Current tractors are a 1086, 1456, M. John Deere 3010, G, B, an Oliver 1550 and Ford 8n.

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  1. False Morels don't have a hollow stem. Hollow stem is a type of morel and good to go.
  2. I spread fertilizer on the hay ground, started rebuilding part of the corn planter and I am putting a new seat on the 1456. Still to cold for burndown and now to wet for spreading more fertilizer. I hope to spread more later this week.
  3. No, they are in Northern Indiana and still use all diesel 2 cylinders except a 4440.
  4. My one Grandpa stopped farming in 1981 and had a John Deere G, 3010, B and Ford 2000. We have all 3 of the John Deeres now. My other Grandpa stopped farming in the mid 1990s and had a MM G1050 lp, a M670 super lp and an Oliver 1450 and 1550. Combine was a 715. My uncle started farming and bought the 1456 a 1066 and eventually sold us the 1456. He bought a 1586 and used a 1420 combine. I restarted the family farm in 2013 with the 1456 that had been my uncles and a John Deere 7700 combine. We sold the 7700 for a 1460 in 2015. Just last year I purchased the 1086 when we added our
  5. Local farmer has 3 820s/30s. Pull 18ft/20ft Kewanee 1020s, 11 shank pull type chisels and 20ft or so field cultivators. I even saw them pull a 12 row 7000 planter 1 year with them.
  6. I have thought about flying a crimson clover mix into my soybeans before harvest. I just put 20 acres of rye out for the 1st time. I think if I put wheat into my rotation, then just drilled a clover mix it would be better than flying it on.
  7. 1456 planting rye, 1456 and 1951 M in the shed, 1086 bringing hay for the cows, son running the 1460 for the 1st time and Dad planting beans in the spring in the "play" field.
  8. I watch Mark Felton and the History Guy, also. Farming I watch, Boehm farm, Chris Losey, Oliver66farmboy, and several others. Those are my 3 favorites though.
  9. Current is coffee table book called AR15 volume 1. Lots of great pictures and info on 1950s ARs through the M16A2. Last novel was The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.
  10. Captive import from Ford Australia badged as a Mercury Capri in the U.S.
  11. We have a 1951 M that has been in the family since new. Might have to bring it over. This is a neat idea.
  12. IHandJDman


    I write code for a living and farm on the side. Both can be stressful and rewarding. I actually think overall, they are similar. Both have challenges that you need to overcome, that are total surprises.
  13. I love my 1086. It was the perfect tractor to farm along side our 1456. I had the choice of a 9500hr 4440 or the 6000hr 1086. I liked both but just felt that the 1086 might be more trouble free for the next few hundred hours. I sat in a 1066 once and was not impressed by the cab, nor did I think it was an improvement over the 56 series.
  14. 1460, have been running it since 2015. I am having my soybeans custom cut this year, so only running corn with my combine. It has 6100 hours on it and needs quite a bit of work. Not sure if I want to fix it, buy a newer or nicer 1460 or 1660, or just stop combining my own crops.
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