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    Current tractors are a 1086, 1456, M. John Deere 3010, G, B, an Oliver 1550,MM M5 and Ford 8n.

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  1. Soybeans have stayed clean this year. I think ok putting a residual down pre plant has helped. If we get rain in August for pod fill the beans will be amazing around here. I feel for you guys that haven't gotten measurable rain all growing season.
  2. Where I work has a larger factory in Winterthur, but so far no need for me to be sent over. I would like to go someday to Switzerland whether for work or just a vacation.
  3. I don't own any centerfire rifles besides Ar15s. 1 is a 20 inch the rest are 16. The 20 has more velocity due to better powder burn but a couple of the 16s are more accurate.
  4. Are picker brackets worth anything? Our 51 M still has them on.
  5. John Deere 4960, was my favorite tractor of my youth. John Deere 6030, row crop with rops and a canopy. 5288 2wd with duals.
  6. That's quite alot of Molines and all different sizes to. My wife is starting a Moline collection, whether it's real tractors, toys or memorabilia. She has her Dads M5 as her 1st tractor.
  7. There will be much pain with a knee replacement, they are hammered into place. I have 1 of the hammers and it's practically a 1lb stainless dead blow. The newest tibia plates are all titanium forgings that are then machined to spec, on either a vertical mill or a horizontal one. They are now slightly angled for more mobility and flexibility. They are then glued to a poly piece that connects the bottom of the knee to the top. Poly can be pre molded or bar stock depending on the knee. The pre molded only gets the bottom machined and the newest poly has vitamin e in it. All poly is machined on horizontal mills. Currently I no longer machine but write programs that check the parts to the blueprint.
  8. I've machined several thousand knees, it's amazing how advanced of a piece of engineering those are.
  9. I have several old IH and Ford wrenches that were left at my Grandparents when I bought their farmhouse. Also I have several hand me down wrenches with my Grandpas social security number engraved on them.
  10. My Grandpa had a 530 that he pulled behind the 3010 we now own.
  11. 4960 has always been my dream tractor since I was a kid. I just don't have enough farm to justify it. On the 4450, I say $80,000.
  12. Never heard of musk thistle. The field across the road is half Canada thistle half wheat this year. In the garden, I chop them off underground. What I sprayed on my corn killed those that were in the fence row.
  13. Here's ours, it's a 1971 We bought it in 2003 from my uncle just to have a big tractor to play with. Started farming in 2013 and it was the only tractor that we really used until 2019 when I bought the 1086. It needs some work but it's my favorite. It currently has 5400 hrs.
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