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  1. Dicamba soybeans should have never been approved. A little self policing would go a long ways.
  2. Mine are looking pretty good considering how dry we are. I do have wet ground however and could use August rain to help the beans fill out. There has been excess soil moisture the last 2 years and that is getting us through this year. If next year is dry as this one, we will be in trouble for sure.
  3. It's what our M has and I like it better than my father in laws H with the saw tooth.
  4. My Dad has a P85 and we both have P95s. I like the P series of Rugers. They handle and shoot nicely.
  5. Parents are doing a poor job of teaching their kids, well almost anything. Even people I consider good parents say, Why aren't they teaching that in school? I tell them it's their job to teach their kids. Usual answer is to busy or I work and dont have time. It's a parents job to teach their kids and most parents fail.
  6. Thanks, yes it is only the outer lever and it has a complete crack through it.
  7. While bushogging a limb came back and broke the piece pictured below on my 1456. I haven't had any luck finding one online. Is this piece standard to all roosa master pumps or just the model that came on 1456s? Thanks.
  8. John Deere plow that I bought from distant relatives. I repainted it for 4h in the late 90s. 2 row horse drawn Deere planter that was my grandpas. He put a 3pt hitch on it and used it behind an 8n Ford.
  9. I side dressed the corn and Dad planted beans with his 51 M and Deere FB-B drill last weekend. I had some corn that I replanted this weekend.
  10. My father in law farmed with a 7050 and loved it. I used it near the end of it's time and the cab was still quiet and the transmission is very nice. The hydraulics were excellent for the time. The cab though is small and has bad sight lines. There's also a shifter between your legs on the early models. The 426 does not start as well in the cold as a 400 series. I would take one over a 66 series but not over an 86. A 30 series Deere would be about even IMO.
  11. It's not a bad idea. Defund them and fire them all. Rehire as private contractors and have the ability to hire the good ones and easily fire the bad.
  12. Dad blew a tire making a turn off the highway onto a county road. Box wasn't hurt to bad. Had to grab a grain vac, it made for a long evening.
  13. Took the turbo off of my 1086. Will get the new one on this week since I can't get in the field.
  14. 1 farm finished with both corn and beans. They should start popping out of the ground with this warm rain. 2nd farm only has fertilizer spread and with this rain, I'm in slight panic mode.
  15. Those look good. I'll be looking at Mitas or Firestones this fall on my 1086.
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