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    Current tractors are a 1086, 1456, M. John Deere 3010, G, B, an Oliver 1550,MM M5.

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  1. Attempted to plant rye but had problems with the drill.
  2. Ran graincart for local farmer that custom combines my soybeans. We finished around 7:30.
  3. My 7700 combine wouldn't start without a snort under 40. 1460, crank, crank, vroom. However, even the Deere was better than my father in laws 7040 Allis.
  4. I've never seen the Ford one before.
  5. I would not be afraid of a 6000hr 1460. Mine is at 6125 and it's just grease and go. It does need the seal where the pto shaft comes out of the engine replaced. It also needs some poly liners for the grain tank, but the thing just runs. Simple to use, simple to keep in good shape. Parts availability is the best of any combine.
  6. Looks good! Nice 1460, I'd like to find a nicer 1460 and keep mine for parts. We've had 2.75 inches in Northern Indiana since Sunday morning. I got over half of my corn done, but the custom cutter still hasn't cut my beans. I'm not the only one in that situation.
  7. Dennis Polk sold the parts business to Mcgrew. Then his son and a friend opened up New Paris and eventually bought Mcgrews out also. Polk auction just merged with another local auction company and I wonder if they want to focus on that full time.
  8. I need to do some type of logo on our grain truck. I always like seeing what farms logos look like on the trucks.
  9. I have no beans ran yet. Just keeps raining. We might have a window to get it done next week if the late week rains hold off.
  10. 1206s always stand out because of the paint, but I'm partial to the 1456. It's my favorite tractor and would be my choice.
  11. Paid $.13 two years ago. It was cheap because the elevator was on his way to his normal grain hauling job.
  12. I live in my grandparents farmhouse that was purchased by my great great grandfather for my great grandmother in the early 1920s. It was 100 acres total. My great grandfather either purchased or was given 40 acres more sometime in the 1930s. My grandparents bought in just after WW2 and purchased a further 60 acres in the 1960s. It was a 200 acre farm. I bought the house, barns and 5 acres in 2018. My Dad and I also own 100 acres of the farm, that joins his.
  13. No on a 120 it would be a the standard Oliver 6 speed forward 2 reverse with the 3speed over/under/direct powershift.
  14. 1 farm should be ready this week and another next. I have a small 4 acre patch that is ready now but I haven't combined my own beans in 2 years. I'm not sure I want to switch everything over for 4 acres or wait for custom harvester.
  15. The parts that will be hardest to get will be the 4wd. Most other things on Whites can be located.
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