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    Current tractors are a 1086, 1456, M. John Deere 3010, G, B, an Oliver 1550,MM M5.

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  1. We have over 200 global 575s. They all have Renishaw Ph10M heads and we do use PCDMIS.
  2. Awesome. That's a bit bigger CMM than what I program on. We do run Brown & Sharpe/ Hexagon CMMs, though. Cool Mack to.
  3. John Deere 7000, 4.5 to 5 mph.
  4. Planted all of our corn on Friday and Saturday. New to me planter worked great and the 1086 didn't miss a beat. I have all the beans to go. I haven't been able to spray burndown yet and the cereal rye is really starting to grow.
  5. My Grandpa got ran over and killed by his John Deere G. It was running in gear and he wanted to move it forward slightly. He pushed the hand clutch forward some and it went far enough to snap in. He couldn't snap it back out at that angle and it knocked him over, then ran over him.
  6. At just starting at $21 an hour, I bet once they have people trained those people jump ship. Get 2 years experience and head to medical or aerospace and make over $30 with better benefits.
  7. I pulled the original IH AM/FM 8 track out of my 1086 last year. It worked but would lose the station and have to be tuned.
  8. I got 4 out if 13. Paid to much for one and the others were ok.
  9. My Dad has the bolt action model 12. He bought it in the early 60s new. My kids still love to shoot it.
  10. They made over 1 million nylon 66s.
  11. When I drove a 4440 it didn't bother me at all. Everyone's different.
  12. That is 100% what IH should have attempted to do.
  13. One overpressured and blew up in my Dad's shop several years ago. It put a hole through the wooden ceiling and a piece cut the M&W throttle lever of his M completely in 2.
  14. It's exactly as you said 986 with electric TA. Only the 50,52 and 5488s were synchronized.
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