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  1. If you can't offer your help without making snide remarks, you don't need to be responding.
  2. Gary, The easiest way for me to tell H from M, when I see those pedals, the M thru 560 has a much greater curve than the H thru 460. The H has barely a small curve to it. There are at least two positions on the wide adjustable front axle. On that far forward position like your photo shows is for front mounted cultivators/planter and other attachments like beet harvester. The rearward position would be just for shorter turning and general use. Here's a photo of rearward position. Fred
  3. Fred B

    crate strapping

    go to the rail yard, it comes as banding on RR ties, just ask for it
  4. caseih made a picker that made regular modules, on board, (but 1/2 as long), problem was , you had to stop and back up a little, and then eject the finished module where it was, and then manually tarp it, you had to furnish your own tarp, (the gin furnishes full size (32') tarps). (with deer you furnish the plastic wrap, with custom harvester the wrap adds $.02 ,# to harvest price over regular full size module). it didn't have an accumulator ,like the deer, to store a little cotton while the bale is being ejected, deer you never stop. (john deer makes 1/4 size round modules, and can carry 1 finished module with it to the end of the row, and then drop it, wherever you want. with deer you have to have a separate tractor, with 4k, to 20k bale pickup tongs, forks, spikes, ect.( it's almost unbelievable the costly and fancy apparatus they come up with to move bales) to line up 4 round bales in a row for module truck to pick up. module truck can pick up and haul 2, 1/2 size (16') at a time. (truck has to go in field, and round (errrr... rectangle) them up). the gist of the situation is which would you rather do, tarp 1/2 size modules in the hot sun, or ride around in an AC tractor, and line up 1/4 size modules. actually that's not the end of it the ih is supposed to do a better picking job, because it picks from both sides of the row, but they are harder to service, and clean, at the end of the day. the deer can be programmed to print all information w/ bar code on round bale wrap. i understand they are trouble & fire (here they burn about 1 machine per year) prone. the deer looses less cotton in the baling process. i understand you can still buy an ih picker, but you have to pay for it before they build it.
  5. Earlier I said we try to be done by the middle of August and even though we had a 1-1/2 days with problems with the machine, today we managed to finish harvesting cotton. Think I'll tip up a couple.
  6. NY Bill, thanks for adding the photos. Very nice. To my knowledge there is no red picker operating in my county. (I have two of the red ones sitting at my house but my son deems them too slow, they are only four rows.) At one time there were very few John Deere pickers -- now there are no red pickers. Almost everyone within the last 5 or 6 years have gone to the John Deere round baler type pickers. Stepn, I had to look up White Deer, TX. Now I see it just somewhat below Perryton which I am familiar with as in the 1990s I made a couple of tractor shows at the Golden Spread Antique Machinery Shows on the Donald Sell farm just east of Perryton, where Donald and his brother Dan had a disbursement sale. I drug home several tractors from there.
  7. as already said the M with the axle drops are for a hi-drum (20 spindles high, as opposed to 14 spindles high on a lo-drum) (for shorter cotton) . on the lo-drum to use on a H, or M, you had to flip the ring gear to make it go backwards. this caused IH to make a new trans-diff cover, with a gear shift opening on the RH side, and new reversed shift forks , as the shift rails are in the way of the ring gears new position. if the shifter is on the left it goes froward, if on right it goes backward. i have never seen a spacer under the diff cover spoken of, however 2" might be high enough for the ring gear to clear the shift rails, however the shift forks will need to extended the same 2" down, and if used on a cotton picker ,the belt pulley opening has a 1&1/4 high portion as part of the trans-diff cover that maybe could be cut off, and not raised with the cover,as the pulley opening is used to drive the picker mech. then if used as a tractor, the operator is 2" higher , steering shaft angle is changed, clutch, and brake peddles??? there never were many hi drum pickers in my area, and i can't remember seeing a MD picker. like Anson's area we were mostly LP, i believe my father had 5 or 6 tractors converted to LP. I did once years ago buy a hi drum picker on a M at a sale i paid $45.00 for it, drove it the 4 miles home, and had my wife take me back to get my pickup.
  8. looks like it is made to use with a chain to drag a harrow, or the like, where the single tang goes in a chain link, with the chain to each side. thereby the chain would stay centered on the clevis.
  9. anson i kinda thought you might chime in , yeah it's pretty easy to notice that weird tie rod arrangement on that combine axle. except for the tie rods that axle might be from a W4 tractor. i've got one if those combines, but mine has a valve in head 6, topside. i always though i might do something with it, but it still sits there.
  10. sted 15 hours ago It was my understanding this was a custom harvester . Hydro 100 book says top field speed 7 mph, in reverse, that's fine as long as you don't have to drive it any distance on the hi way. JD in the 1950's produced a 1 row cotton picker, mounted on their 60 tractor it picked in reverse, from a different operator station, but for hi way travel you had to disconnect all the controls, put the steering wheel back on, and drive it from the normal forward position.
  11. can't tell whether it am coming or going. 😄 looks like they used an early ih combine operators platform. they must have flipped the ring gear to make it go backwards. that steering axle looks like i'ts from early combine also.
  12. HI Anson, you got it right on snoozing in the laid back seat. about 2:00 i get real sleepy i can lay back, and about then the picker will roar up to dump. 😞 next year we hope to have one of the round baler pickers. our grain sorghum did real good also, as did the area corn. Easton, can i take it that Fountain is the make of the boat .
  13. Rawleigh i remember the 2 dollar cotton,that's where it ought to be, but it didn't stay very long. i didn't get in on any of it, but it looks like it bought someone a nice boat.
  14. Here is the cotton progress on June 21 this year, from earlier post. Started cotton patch harvest July 31. This morning started a portion the field above. Finished late this evening. Looks to be turning out a little better than 2.75 bales. Here is a photo of the finished portion, mostly just burrs. Here is the picker coming to the end of the row. Here is what I am looking at while I operate the module builder. I've never been on a ski slope but I think I know what they mean by snow blindness. The sunlight bouncing off the cotton causes me to pull my cap down almost to my nose, even with sunglasses and sunshade. Here is the 5488. Had to pull it out of retirement as the 7150 that we normally use on the module builder had a bad radiator. Not enough time to fix it. Here is the control panel in two languages for our area. I rarely go to the field with anything as it came from the factory. Here is the seat I put on it. I believe it is from a smaller Chrysler product. I can move a lever and I can lay it way back. Here is the throttle set up that I rigged up to operate the tractor. It worked much better on the 7150. In the short time we had, we couldn't get it to operate correctly from the tractor itself. Most operators just run the tractor wide open and leave it run that way all day. I often have a break between cotton basket dumps so this allows me to idle the engine. Still have about 10 days to go to finish.
  15. Fred B

    Mounted planter

    C H Wendel's book 150 years of IH on page 74 shows a #110 planter on a F-20 looks like yours?, says built through 1946. many times the older implements would fit some later tractors. you will need a drive chain sprocket for the tractor axle. F-12 and H may have same size axle.
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