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  1. Thanks iowaboy. Close but apparently yours fits a different number. Mine has sheet metal back and no holes. But the box that fits mine looks to me like you have to drill holes in the back (of my model 76) which I don't necessarily want to do. There are some bolts holding the fenders on that I could make little straps for to use those bolts and then drill holes in the sides of the box I make. But I'd like to make it the same size as the factory made one.
  2. About a year ago I acquired a 76 cub cadet with stars and stripes. I want to use it for a buggy at the tractor shows. I need to put a utility box on it. I see where one was offered by Cub Cadet. I'm wanting to make one and install it and I'm thinking I might as well make it look original as much as I can. I can see how it goes on the tractor. What I don't have are any measurements. I'm wondering if someone could give me the measurements and bolt sizes that they used from the factory. I've enclosed a drawing, and a better photo of it can be found at PartsTree under cub cadet model 76 diagrams. I've left a blank space to put the measurements in inches. Did they actually drill holes in the back of the 76. It looks to me that it would have one more hole in the drawbar and two in the back. However, I don't know if I want to drill holes in it. I would also need the thickness of the add on drawbar. I would be grateful if someone could give me this information. Thanks, Fred B PartsTree diagram uploaded from my computer to help clarify
  3. The first I can remember a combine, my dad had a Case 2 row drag type and an International No. 61 drag type 2 row. Anyway, in 1954 he bought a 90 M-H 4 row because it had a 38 inch wide cylinder. Later he found a used International 151 to add to the Massey. We harvested nothing but milo (grain sorghum ). That was the dirtiest, itchy crop that we know of and that 151 where the seat was exactly in front of the grain bin and the grain bin was about as high as where your neck was sitting in the seat. If you were going into the wind, it was allright but when you turned around and the wind was at your back, that was the dirtiest itchy feeling. We always used umbrella shades so one day my brother and I took the umbrella off and laid it on the platform and left the support pipe on and when we had to go with the wind at our back we would stand on the seat and steer with one foot (it was the earlier combine where the steering wheel was almost flat and we would hold onto to the umbrella support for steadiness. Anyway, that worked pretty good. When we got to the other end and turned around then we would sit down in the seat and be fine. I'll admit it was a little dangerous but we couldn't take it the other way. We finally got a Tractor Supply cab with AC for the 410 Massey.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llano_Estacado yellowrosefarms, found this link to information in wikipedia if you want to take a look. fred
  5. I know of a bulldozer operator with out a cage, he hit a dead oak tree with the blade, limb fell on his head they found him dead in the seat, motor still runing.
  6. don't forget cotton pickers and strippers for parts
  7. I sure am sorry to hear of Anson's passing. I too never met him in person, it just seems like he would be one to sit down and chat with about old time stuff. I always thought I might get up that way and chat with him. Rest in peace, Anson Fred B South Texas
  8. I found this original condition 1976 Spirit of 76 Cub Cadet mower earlier this year. Had it at the Temple, TX show this past weekend, photo 1. The second is a photo taken at home. I didn't get very good photos at the show.
  9. B is 2 row, A is 1 row. believe drive line same. I know of a fellow of this Temple show that years ago put an A, or C wide front axle on his B , looks factory.
  10. my dad used to tell a joke about the price of hogs, It seams that two brothers went into the hog business, one stole the hogs, one stole the feed, and when they sold them, they still lost money!!! 😆
  11. Looks like power steering, apply left brake, it turns left, apply right, it turns right.😁
  12. Try taking 5/8 lock washers and tap them on the auger flights, about every 14 inches, I have found it will move heads in milo.
  13. Gary, I was wondering if the above tool was to do with a split rim, from early auto or truck.?
  14. Looks like a Texas grape picker, you straddle the row of vines, set crates on top, the boom with the concave picker thingy picks the grapes and places them in the crates. 😄
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