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  1. Fred B

    Vintage Ads

    there was a fellow in my area who put 1/2 of a cotton gin twin MM engine in a MM UTU, he used a front axle from a large road truck. i would think power steering, i never saw it run. but it looked impressive. this was early 60ies. i guess he wound up w/ something about like that G708 but w/o FWA i think the engine is bolt up.
  2. Fred B

    I hope this poor thing gets moved today

    property owner ship should be listed on line with county appraisal office (maps)
  3. Fred B

    This guy can't plow very straight

    yeah, make the old man work the plow.
  4. Fred B

    Favorite Other Brand Of Tractor

    any of the cases were hard to beat.
  5. Fred B

    Ih planter 1 row

    mabey cub, super A, 100, 130, 140,
  6. Fred B


    i was always told that so much of the farm equipment was painted gray, because it was surplus battleship paint from world war 1. those old row crop case with the side arm steering were some of the easiest steering of all, the gear set was in the cover of the trans, and got a constant splash of oil my dad liked the easy to operate CC Case
  7. i wonder if it had a cotton picker on it at one time? it looks like the front wheel is on backwards. have to look along time to find one that nice.
  8. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    could that steam engine be likened to a double acting hyd valve and cyl. yall did a good job of explaining the operating system though.
  9. Fred B

    I'm Sure This Will Impress The Suburban Weekend Warrior

    I'm impressed with those wheels with all the bolts, it looks like their made of real plastic.
  10. if i'm thinking correctly that oliver on the sled is oliver in green color and tag only that is an A4T1600 engineered and built by Minneapolis Moline with MM components, both companies owned by White.
  11. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Anson-- we worked late ahead of a 1+ " rain, ( stopped us for about 5 days) and finished sorghum, it's up nice, now spraying burndown, and appling Prowl for cotton , having some trouble with roundup resistant pigweed. i would think those Nawthn guys are aware that when wearing cotton, you can see how good it looks!!!
  12. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Anson -- today the water is used to clean the spindles , both jd & ih sell their own special blend, it's quite expensive i just use dishwash soap from the dollar store, i have good luck with it. about a quart per 275 gals, cap. of tank. John Rust said when he hand picked cot w/ dew still on it, the lint tended cling to his hand. maybe it helps, anyway it's free as the spindles are not going to dry off before they hit the row. maybe that's how wet cotton tee shirts work? rust
  13. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    regarding tanks over hood on cotton picker, i too believe they are for water to wipe /wash trash off spindle. although there may be 2 schools of thought on that John Rust thought the moistened spindle helped attract the lint to the spindle, although at the time i believe he was using a much smaller, straight spindle with no barbs. the F 20 pictured behind the cotton trailer is probably an ex experimental picker mount, that they just left the water tank on. earlier in this thread there was a regular by an old house with the same tank. notice the picker dumping cotton has a strange fan, and piping set up, i believe it may be experimental also. that doesn't appear to be an every day harvest scene, ( how many guys does it take to run single row picker) Anson could that be on the Hopson Plantation? you were asking earlier on specs on the F 20 mounted picker in front of cages hardwere at taft tx. i noticed apparently to lift unit on the left of operator there is a pack of 4-5 balance springs i believe hooked to that lever and the unit rockshaft.
  14. Fred B

    Vintage Ads

    that CASE 930 shown was the first comfort king, with operator position high, seat forward, and fuel tank behind, and the last to use chain drive, first used in 1929, built in a standard, or wheatland model only. i believe 64 was same year the 930 was changed to a gear drive, 8 speed row crop, also available as wheatland, with set back front axle, and big fenders.
  15. Fred B

    Power steering on a Super WD9

    Here's an idea for a homemade power steering on a tractor using a draglink type steering. Just use a standard double acting hydraulic valve, remove handle, and I show a 5/8 inch bolt to pull the spool. Use your judgment. Of course, this is for a working tractor. The reason I show a second shaft at the bottom is to keep the drag link from rotating. I also added a set screw lug on the front side in case something was to go wrong, you would not lose steering. Use your own pump and reservoir. Use orifices on the valve to regulate speed. I believe the rest is pretty much self-explanatory.