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  1. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    about 20 years ago i ran into our old ih parts man (from the corpus christi tx, store) at the temple tx show he claimed he could recite all the more common numbers for farmall regulars, so we quizzed him and sure enough he recited all the numbers, of course we had a regular nearby to check, they were correct. years before he retired, he gave me a very nice operators manual for a regular. his name was Joe Rube. a likeable guy.
  2. Fred B

    International 350 Utility

    get a wheatland, or standard 560, or 660, they sit about 12", or so lower than a row crop, but are both the same chassis, as row crop (have same parts book) different trans cover, pedals, steering, front axle, hyds., other parts. all parts interchange. (check to make sure) 660, will have taller radiator, planetary axles.
  3. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    i believe the duckbill was a spur and bevel gear and the newer were worm and worm wheel . the duckbill was also enclosed. several companys made closures for the regular steering. seems like the F30 came out in 1931, or 32 /duckbill.
  4. Fred B

    Picking corn like in the 40's

    so the mule had gps ? back in the day my dad would harvest cabbage the same way you could command the mules to move forward, with the cart, but not a tractor.
  5. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, I see your saw clamp now on the wall next to the keyhole saws. Actually, I forgot and left off the description that seller put on the clamp that I found. It was: "Antique primitive cast iron saw sharpening vise table clamp holder." $24.99 plus $14.65 shipping. How much money do you have tied up hanging on the wall there? 😃 Anson, here is a photo of the crops, not nearly as good as last year, but still look pretty good. I've got the grain sorghum (milo) harvested. Cotton may do about 2 bales/acre. Here is a photo of the grain harvest and cotton field. We have right at 30" annual rainfall -- just can't always depend on it. Going into June we had a 4 inch deficit on rain. Mid-way, we got 9.9 inches in a 3 day period. It caused the cotton to shed some of its later squares (pre-boll stage). Apparently cotton doesn't like a drastic change in water, so it sheds part of its load and it starts producing plant mass because it will try to make a bigger boll load, however, it would be much too late to harvest. The rain didn't do a whole lot of good for the grain or the cotton, but it will add weight on the cotton bolls. The grain sorghum was already fully matured.
  6. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I need to reverse my reversal! I found this on ebay, it popped up in a for sale ad while I was perusing other items. Looks like the whole of what was shown half of earlier. 😀 There were several different designs of this style clamp. Scary to know how much your computer watches you! ☚ī¸
  7. Fred B

    South Texas 1086 Mechanic

    exactly what are the updates
  8. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Anson, At first glance that part looks like a saw clamp, but I think the clamp area is too short and the tie bolt would limit the depth needed for clamping near the saw teeth of an all purpose cross cut saw. It may be for some specialized saw clamp. I guess I just threw that out there as a possibility. It looks like the mounting portion of other half of the clamp inserts into this half. Gary put up a photo of the sawclamp I was thinking of. It has to clamp near the teeth to be effective. Gary, praying for a good outcome on your surgery.
  9. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    1/2 of a saw holder for sharpening the saw
  10. Fred B

    Vintage Ads

    there was a fellow in my area who put 1/2 of a cotton gin twin MM engine in a MM UTU, he used a front axle from a large road truck. i would think power steering, i never saw it run. but it looked impressive. this was early 60ies. i guess he wound up w/ something about like that G708 but w/o FWA i think the engine is bolt up.
  11. Fred B

    I hope this poor thing gets moved today

    property owner ship should be listed on line with county appraisal office (maps)
  12. Fred B

    This guy can't plow very straight

    yeah, make the old man work the plow.
  13. Fred B

    Favorite Other Brand Of Tractor

    any of the cases were hard to beat.
  14. Fred B

    Ih planter 1 row

    mabey cub, super A, 100, 130, 140,
  15. Fred B


    i was always told that so much of the farm equipment was painted gray, because it was surplus battleship paint from world war 1. those old row crop case with the side arm steering were some of the easiest steering of all, the gear set was in the cover of the trans, and got a constant splash of oil my dad liked the easy to operate CC Case