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  1. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I found that photo of the cotton picker picking a row of cotton clamped between 2x4s. It's in the Wisconsin Historical Society site. Look up the McCormick Collection and then Hinsdale Experimental Farm and it's in the first set of photos. It's photo number 60322 with a 1945 date. May be you can just type that in. But there are many other photos worth looking at of that 1945? new equipment introduction They are saying 1945, however I'm wondering if it isn't more like 1947 as it has the introduction of the Farmall Cub and the TD 24 crawler. Also in one photo, there is a Farmall C which I understand came out in 1947? however there are photos of the Farmall B. The reason I think the bleacher site is the one from the Hinsdale farm is those tent poles are on the outside of the tent. It appears the canvas is held up with cables from the outside. Also exactly behind that Farmall H tractor appears to be a pit with something black in it (charred wood?). I'm thinking that H is sitting right near where that big barn was that they burned. It appears there is some other debris behind the Farmall H. In that photo of the dancers, that is the Kilgore Rangerettes from Kilgore, Texas.
  2. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, I've never seen a sugar beet harvester but I believe that Farmall H is on the site of the Hinsdale farm, site of the introduction of the new 4, 5, 660 tractors or the complete 1958 lineup. See the bleachers and metal poles behind the steering wheel of the Farmall H. I believe that to be the tent poles from that introduction event or maybe they had a permanent bleacher and poles set up from previous events. Something is a little strange about that H, it appears to be an early model with the pipe seat support, yet it has a early 50s model double acting hydraulic ram. There are several photos on the Wisconsin Historical Society site of previous equipment introduction on this old Hinsdale farm site with the striped tent. I remember flipping through the photos on the society's site seeing the introductions of the Farmall Cub, the store pylon, and the 1955 numbered series. I'm thinking in the two "60" series photos below the camera was in the bleacher area. Also I remember seeing a photo of probably in 1947 with the introduction of the single row cotton picker they had a single row of mature cotton with the stalks clamped between 2x4s in front of the bleachers that they picked for demonstration, they also picked a row of corn.
  3. Your opinions - 3 point on a C

    use the one pictured, then have a welding shop put mounts for a standard 8" stroke hyd ram from drawbar area to one lift arm on rockshaft. look up speeco 3pt hitch they make the one for H & M. you will need the valve for remote ram.welding shop should know to mount top of ram so full stroke will lift high enough. could also use a ram on each side.
  4. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    the problem with using ether on tires, is its like a chopping hoe, they don't come with instructions .
  5. IH 68 front mount cultivator

    was at a sale 25+ years ago, 2, nice # 68 4 row cults came up i held up 5 fingers, auctioneer , said you want the other one? i bought 2 for 10.00.
  6. 504 , no ta.

    is the ta meant to be a full time working gear (speed) or just a part time get through a tough spot speed? will it hurt it to use it as a full time speed
  7. Punishment for hired man? Color choice.............

    how bout let him get on hiway full speed with loaded trailing wagon and forced to do a panic stop .....actually, maybe they won't go very fast...
  8. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    I remember for at least part of my first school year I rode a bus (don't know the year but it was the 1941-1947 body) pointed front Chevrolet, it had foot starter and little trigger just below gear shift knob that you pulled up to get reverse (4 speed). One of the local farmer's wife drove it. It had bench seats full length of the bus along each wall and then two down the center back to back. (4 rows) You would be swaying back and forth at stops and starts. We didn't know it at the time, but I think we invented the wave. The windows were normal opening but full length glass that dropped down in the walls. To keep the kids in, on the outside bottom half of each window there was a 3 horizontal rod set up hinged on the bottom rod and (in an emergency) you could thump or kick them at the top and they would hinge open from the top down. I don't think it had a rear door. Later there were two 72 passenger K Series Internationals, and two 1950 GMC 72 passenger. Superior bodies. Later my route got a new 54 Chevy with Bluebird body. Maybe 54 passenger? Once in the late 50s at night our school caught fire. It burned down four rooms. The thought was that there were some rags in a janitor's closet that combined with cleaning chemical, combusted. It so happens our bus driver was the janitor. Anyway, the morning of the fire he drove our bus like crazy around the route telling everyone there would be no school that day. (think Paul Revere) He apparently drove into a hole somewhere and busted a rear spring that morning. (empty bus) It stuck up through the floor. The bus was leaning badly. It was not until much later years that I thought about the driver seemed a little sheepish when he stopped to tell us about the school burning. Maybe he was at fault on two counts. (My dad was a school trustee). In my senior year our school treated us to a trip to a foreign country. (Monterrey, Mexico. ) Our VoAg teacher drove that 54 Chevy 6 to Monterrey. Most of the time he held it on 70mph. Had no problems with it on the trip. One of the coaches rigged up an auto radio with alligator clips. so we had music A note on that foot starter , in 1950 my dad bought a new 3/4 ton GMC , it had foot starter, and as time went on and it got harder to start, we boys learned to operate the starter and gas pedal at the same time with the right foot to get it warmed up. I believe it was a Buick 6 engine.
  9. Cub Cadet 'Rideall' TM

    Mostly got the Rideall finished. I also posted this on Coffee Shop so check over there for more photos and info. I first just moved the steering box to the left and thought it would work. But the drag link rubbed the front tire on left hand turn. So I added 4" to each side of the front axle. It still rubbed. So I turned the steering box 1/4 turn and put the arm to the top and a link to the right hand side. Works good. I opted for a bench seat instead of the buckets. I wanted to use the wide tractor grip tires on the back but I had to move the splash panels in about 1,1/2" to clear the tire cleats. It worked out good. I just need to get working on that ignition system. See previous comments on this post. Happy New Year!
  10. Cub Cadet "Rideall" TM

    I needed a buggy to ride around the tractor shows so I started working on this cub cadet for a two passenger "Rideall" TM. Actually I've worked on it off and on since September 2015. Finally got it mostly finished. I did take it to the Temple, TX tractor show this year in October. But like an unruly child it refused to run when I got to the show. Still havent't got it fixed. I think it's a bad condenser. Still want to try to put the muffler underneath. Also, this cadet did not come with headlight but I would like to add some. Photos below. I started this thread on Cub Cadets board so check over there for some more information and photos.
  11. "I`ll be honest with you"

    one of the local auctioneers one day told the crowd, you know to tell when a auctioneer is lying,.... when his lips are moving. the funny thing, in his case much of the time, it was true.
  12. Do wild corn dogs grow in your area?

    here we call them cattails, and we put catsup on them
  13. Snow in South Texas

    Did they make a white 1086? I've got one at my place. Snow is rare in the coastal bend of South Texas. We're 150 miles south of San Antonio. We got about 2" early this morning. We probably look silly to northerners when we get so excited. However, it did snow all the way south, 160 miles to Brownsville, TX. Here's some photos of my 22-36 Santa Claus tractor and a 1086 and 656 that don't have shed space.
  14. 7.5-18 wheels

    you can find Allis wd /power adjust back wheels, use wheel centers to weld whatever size rim, may also try front wheels of jd 6700 hi-cycle crop sprayer
  15. Power shifting

    i made the mistake of letting my younger brother use my new 65 impala SS w/ 283 and 4sp while away at national guard camp he promptly torqued it and trashed the fan and shroud, but had it fixed when i got back. warranty fixed it, they put the cables on it. we faked a lot of guys out w/ that 283. at that time 283 was the only chevy V8 to burn regular gas.