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  1. Fred B

    66 series cabs

    i would vote the hiniker as the best cab, the side windows are hinged at the back you can open them all the way back w/ tarp straps, they also claim they hinge in the back to tilt the cab back. hook to tree limb and pull forward???😬
  2. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    roger, are you sure about none of the company's building threshers. i have a wooden keystone , with elevator type straw rack, ( it was used for peanuts) unless they quit building them after the merger. P&O drag type planters were very popular here. they were made in 1,2,&4 row, the 4 row most popular. they were sweep type planters . one local tinker farmer put 2, 4 row together for a 8 row.
  3. Fred B

    New Ram (Dodge)

    x2 on above; actually that and the sorry hydraulic clutch that lets women push the pedal in, ( when it works).
  4. Fred B

    Whats another one to the pile....

    actually your 1456 looks as it could have had one of those fm bedders it has no weight bracket, and has the little rectangle locators iirc in the right place,along with the missing paint from the frame channels, there would have been a angle lip bolted to the front. does the Dallas 806 still have the bedder mounted? it was quite a job to mount that thing.
  5. Fred B

    Whats another one to the pile....

    i'ts possible someone made that front axle to use with a front mounted (fm) bedder. my dad always used fm bedders to re bed (split beds) so as to not pack the seed bed with back tire. like it did when using a rear toolbar bedder, this required driving front wheels on top of old beds. when using our 706 with 5 row fm bedder, ( 4 in front, 1 in back) we replaced the front axle at the pivot with a narrowed combine axle that straddled 1 row, allowing front wheels to drive in the furrows, instead of on top of the bed. (much easier). you can see one of these fm bedders working, mounted on a 806 in the opening and closing credits of the tv show Dallas.
  6. Fred B

    Looking for brackets.

    might be able to use flat (strap) iron behind frame, with holes, and plain bolts and nuts
  7. Fred B

    Found this old plow for sale.

    looks like they tried to get by with one rattle can, white pin stripe by barn owl
  8. Fred B

    Santa Delivers in So. Texas

    Thanks for the comments on the Santas delivery Stroud tractor. I really didn't take enough time setting this thing up. I started out with a marginal battery. A couple years ago I put a windshield wiper motor up Santa's left sleeve to make him wave. The county road is 200 feet to his left. I put a trickle charger on it with the lights but the battery couldn't keep up. I've been putting up a decorated tractor for about 30 years now. My first one was a Farmall F12. It had chasing lights (had about four wires) for the wheels, which really looked good. You could also change the speed. One year our young dog chewed the wires in two underneath the tractor between the wheels. The wires were all the same color. I thought I got them attached correctly but when I plugged them in, the wheels were going in opposite directions. I have not been able to find true chasing lights again. (actually i'm just now realizing i could, from the splice, just wrap them backwards on the front wheels) The box may say chasing, but they actually are just blinking. Each year I try to use a different antique tractor. I have a number of them. The cotton you see in the foreground is spillage from last harvest. It is supposed to look like snow from the road. About cotton harvest, this year was the earliest we have ever started harvesting that I can remember. We started the last day of July, finished before September with a few rain delays. Then it started raining for good. We had 16 inches in September (actually our wettest month). Seems like the gins finally finished up in early December. Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Fred
  9. Fred B

    Santa Delivers in So. Texas

    Here is Santa. He commandered my 1920 Stroud row crop tractor to make his deliveries. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Fred
  10. Fred B

    86 series heavy duty bolster

    no single, or dual fronts used with this bolster, correct ? is this same time the back axle house, and hyd system was changed?
  11. Fred B

    1466 Updated Park Lock

    i remember 40, + - years ago guy with jd 4430 had 400 bu cart loaded to go over raised railroad to elevator he stopped on rise of RR and put it in park, they had to use another tractor it pull forward to get it out of park, it worked to good in the other direction.
  12. Fred B

    What are these marks from.

    you are part right with cultivator, those are clip in covers for bolt holes to front mount cultivator cast brackets for rod braces.
  13. Fred B

    Vintage Ads

    if i'm thinking correctly, that is a 1939 DC it had a higher seating arrangement than later ones' along with wider fenders, and a few other things different. i think i would have liked it better.
  14. Fred B

    South Texas 1086 Mechanic

    Rich, I sent you a private message. Fred
  15. Fred B

    Why can't I find a job?

    maybe he was trying to cover acne scars !!!!!!🤐