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  1. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    where that groove is, i thought the face was magnetized ?? to start tacks ?
  2. Fred B

    686 article in RP Mag??

    on outside of tractor, measure ( guess at it), distance CL of back axle, to CL of brake shaft, (diff. shaft) on a farmall H, 39-52, now on 656 - 686 if these measurements are the same, can the gears inside be larger or smaller in diameter assuming ( within reason) outside case is same. may also want to check CL of back axle, to front of transmission. could also do same for M - 560. there is a 1" shim (on 686) each side of front frame to bring width to same as M - 560. Why didn't they just start with a 560?
  3. Fred B

    What's a "Long Frame Super H"?

    well i stand corrected, i sure seem to remember seeing a gap between gas tank, and steering shaft support , maybe it was M, super M that has longer frame.
  4. Fred B

    What's a "Long Frame Super H"?

    isn't the center frame, (torque tube) a little longer, like a 300, with TA . i think the last super H stage 2, were the same length as a 300 , gas tank also longer ?
  5. Fred B

    Is my Onan Twin cyl engine all done?

    why is it that when you loan something it always picks that time to break? ☹️
  6. Fred B

    Pot to piss in ,and other old time sayings

    he's so dumb he couldn't pour piss out of a boot, with the directions on the heel. ( keeping in mind turning it over to read the directions the piss would run out)
  7. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    should the governor shaft turn at the same speed as the crankshaft, or does it matter?
  8. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    glad to know your back Gary, i hope your fingers still work for the squeezebox. Fred
  9. Fred B

    Local Auction Results

    i would think those tractors with the small round hydraulic tank are supers
  10. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Anson, I really am not a steam man but I would think the boiler would be located separate of the engine. The steam would be piped from the boiler to the union looking part where it says GARDNER QUINCY LL. That's a throttle valve controlled by the fly ball governor that is belt driven from the pulley below? The little shaft in the center of the gears would be made to go up or down to open/close the throttle valve? We've had a lesson sometime earlier on how the engine itself works. The little town of Violet Texas where I was baptized and still go to church there has a grain elevator/cotton gin (electric) that used to be (way before my time), steam powered. The only thing left is the large governor wired up on the wall of the engine room. It's about 4ft tall.(elevator and gin still in bisiness) I'll stand corrected if someone else has another idea.
  11. Fred B

    Mystery machine

    small steam engine, no boiler
  12. Fred B

    Fighting a losing battle.

    i guess the factory boys are asking themselves i wonder why it always breaks where the bolt holes are???
  13. Fred B

    Magnum 275 problem

    SD, Thanks again for all the help, ended up being the transmission controller. Dealer replaced it and installed software and all works as it should. Fred and son
  14. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Anson, we have a 30" annual rainfall. Our land is flat also. Prior to 30 years ago, all crops were planted on beds w/blackland type planters w/sweep to plow off top of bed, then opening shovel and closing shovels. Today, very few beds. Apparently, beds are too much work and you can't use wide equipment. I farm flat, but I still think bedded is better. It's just a little harder keeping the beds correct. My son now farms with me and we farm flat using GPS, (no row markers). and kinze planter. Sorghum crop was mediocre, Cotton is maybe 2-1/2 bales per acre. We started harvesting cotton July 30 this year, the earliest we've ever started. We try to have it out by the middle of August when we usually get some rain almost like clockwork. This year it came early. This past Sunday we got rained out (4 in) on one of our best fields. (not good) Weather people say we are about 3 in ahead for the year, however, we didn't get rain back when the crop needed it. With beds most everyone plowed out the stalks with middle busters. Then following a rain and volunteer plants came up we would rebed (split beds) maybe late September. There are some old timers that had an exact date that was the deadline for rebedding. If not done by that date, you would save the bed and plant there the next year, which would be 1/2 row off of where the plants were last year. You would run middles as needed until planting late feb-early march. Sometimes Dad would put a 4 row cultivator on the front of the M and a 4 row planter on the back and clean the field of young weeds and plant at the same time. Right now we are waiting for it to dry up and try to get back into the field. Fred
  15. Fred B

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    good to hear Gary is doing good. Anson in the early 1920's did yall plant on flat land or bedded? use mounted planters, or drag,.runner or shovel openers? i guess if yall are cross plowing it must be flat. Fred