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  1. for power steering find a straight place in (drag) link from ster arm ( 1/2 way in link) to ster box, cut link w/ hacksaw, above cut drill 3/8" hole in link, find a pipe to fit snug inside link, about 16" long insert into upper part 1/2 way, drill hole, to match previous hole, and bolt on, find 2 way hyd valve, make 1/4" mounting plate for valve, remove handle, make an eye bolt using 1/2" X 4" all thread by welding 1/2" flat iron to end of all thread, use 3/4" roller chain master link, drill hole in 1/2" flat to fit master link, and make eye bolt, center 2, 5/8" nuts on eye bolt, with jam nut both sides. assemble mounting plate to valve, and master link to valve spool, and eye bolt. put drag link together leaving 1/4" gap at cut, weld mounting plate to front part of link, centering masterlink on cut, weld the 5/8"nuts to back part of link (may need to shim nuts to align for straight pull on spool). use appropriate cylinder, with mounting lugs, one on axle, one on tierod. attach hoses to ports correctly, may need orifices to correct speeds ect. this is not my idea but i saw one in person on a w9 in west texas, there was a photo of one on a w9? super? in west texas on this site. use your good judgement as to assembly, and sizes of parts. i would weld a smaller? pipe (on inside smaller floating pipe leave longer than need, and put steel pins both ends for a fail safe) within a pipe as a slip joint to keep original drag link from rotating.( weld this 2 piece pipe below drag link at cut). grease.pipes. use w/ live pump. should work anywhere there is a straight place in the draglink on any machine.
  2. one thing about those ICB cabs, when the AC went out, you could finish the work by latching that big window and door back against the cab, and get plenty of ventilation. there should be a shield on that 806 muffler for the LP tank, the 560 has one. looks like dad got a new tractor, and a toy for the kid.?😎
  3. I believe those sunshine combines are from austrailia . the headers are called stripper type, if i'm thinking correctly they don't cut the plants, but somehow strip the grain off,with "v " 's cut in a bar, and a round hole in the bar at the bottom of the V. uh, maybe better look it up? I can't help thinking they will choke up..( notice no reel).
  4. well haven't seen such a thing, but that prism? outfit sounds like a good idea. if thats a platform for a camera man is it to stand on top of the fender? what are the peg looking things protruding from the cab top? i also don't recognize the black object on top center of cab.
  5. iirc case used the slant 6 in one? or more of their combines. chrysler had an explanation as to why the slant, but i forget as to why. like ih's 1/2 of a v8 on that vinyl roof, just because something is impractical , doesn't mean, they won't use it.πŸ˜„ remember GM had a 4 wheel steer pickup for a while. look in the area of the wing vent, Dodge has a kickup in the door. Ford has a kickdown.
  6. is that a vinyl top (cover) on that thing? looks good
  7. that black thing is his thermos, he forgot and left it on the fender.πŸ˜‚ what is the truck looking mirror thing, but see through, in upper back glass ?
  8. aahh actually i believe that red and white tractor with the hay wagon to be a farmall cub.
  9. when i was in FFA we entered a chapter sponsored contest where we serviced a new 445 MM tractor it's no telling how much grease we pumped in that thing, looking back i don't why we didn't use an empty gun, but we didn't. a nice handling tractor.
  10. Elmers also made a kit to put the Case axle on JD 10/20 series
  11. Thanks for the comments. Trying to double check if Lyndon worked at the gin. I've checked around and I can't find that information anywhere and I can't think of anyone in Robstown that might be old enough to remember. I did find where there was apparently a three year period, maybe before Lyndon went back to college, where he snuck out of the house after everyone had gone to sleep, took the family car, picked up some friends, went looking for a moonshine still, wrecked the car in a ditch, spent the night in the car. The next morning apparently, left the car there, said he couldn't face his father. He hitch hiked to Austin, got on a bus, went to Robstown. However, there is another place that said his father got him a job in Robstown, didn't say what it was. It seems like Lyndon had an aversion to working with his hands so probably the job at the gin was in the office. At least it says his father got him a job in Robstown. I believe Billy Sol Estes was from West Texas, seems like Lubbock comes to mind. I was thinking his only crime was he borrowed more money than he could pay back and he borrowed it by listing serial numbers on nonexistent anhydrous tanks for collateral. It seems like Billy Sol Estes would have made a good politician. I never thought about being mistaken for LBJ -- my ears are not big enough. πŸ˜†
  12. to make a M, or H size tractor go backwards, you need a new transmission cover, when you put ring gear on the other side, the shift rails are in the way, you'll need a cover (cotton picker) that has shift rails, shift lever, trans oil filler on the other side, to clear R gear. the C size will clear, as i believe 404 and 340 will also.
  13. believe it has to do w/ power pole maybe w/ guy wire
  14. Saw this on the news the other night: "LBJ boat is restored." I know a little about this. In 2016 I went to buy a Cub Cadet 1250. Saw it on Craigslist in Corpus Christi, TX. Went ahead and loaded the Cadet. There was a Glastron boat sitting there. Guy said it belonged to LBJ. He probably told me how he got it although I don't remember. He showed me a plackard originally glued to the dash of the boat that said it was built for LBJ. It appears to be the same plackard as the man who eventually bought the boat and restored it is showing. Seems like I remember he was asking $6000 for it. He said the engine was bad but he showed me the Chevy 409 that came out of it. Anyway I sat in the boat and had my wife take a picture of me with my best LBJ pose. I didn't have a place to store it. It was sitting out at the time, had the trailer and everything. Guy said he was moving. Probably would have taken a little less for it. I didn't remember the wood in the floor being as bad as it apparently was although I didn't look at it that good. Anyway, here it is. People that bought it apparently spent piles of money on it. While I'm at it I'll just say what I know about LBJ. I live about 10 miles from Robstown, TX, between Robstown and Corpus Christi, TX. My dad came to this farm in the early 20s and later bought it from his uncle and I now own the farm. It's been owned and farmed by my family since the 20s. We have always traded in both Robstown and Corpus Christi. in about 1960?, I went with dad to buy milo planting seed in Robstown. The proprietor of the seed store was an elderly guy (so far as I know a lifetime Robstown resident) who, along with my dad, liked to tell their stories. He told about Lyndon working at a cotton gin in (at that time Robstown had several cotton gins within the city limits) Robstown one summer. Said Lyndon dated some of the local girls. He told about how on Saturday morning a lot of people would come to Robstown to get a haircut and other business. The barber shop had a system where you could take a number and go about your business and have an idea about when to show up for your turn. Lyndon, however, would get a number, go outside and sell the number to someone else to have his place in line. He would apparently do this several times. I don't know if it's well known how Lyndon got started in politics. Anyway, one year he was up against Coke Stevenson. Lyndon was about to lose the election. There was a multi-county boss man named George Parr, had a ranch west of Alice, TX about 45 miles west of me. He was recognized as the boss of the area, as was his father before him (one might think that Boss Hogg on the Dukes of Hazard was just fiction). He was anglo and all the area people were Mexican American. He was known as the Duke of Duvall (county). He was the boss (patron) man of Duvall and surrounding counties. The ballot box incident actually happened in Jim Wells county which adjoins Duvall county on the east. It seems that Lyndon was going to lose to Stevenson by a certain margin so the thinking is George Parr arranged to have 200 votes added to Precinct (Box) 13 in Jim Wells county. Anyway, this person added in alphabetical order 200 votes to LBJ's total with the same color ink and same handwriting. You can google some of these sites for some of this to make sense. Google "Box 13 scandal", also the "mystery of ballot box 13", "ex-official says he stole 1948 election for Johnson", "the Dukes of Duvall County", also "Landslide Lyndon", "How Johnson won Election he Lost", "Go Ask Alice". Probably others. To my knowledge I have not heard from another source the story of Lyndon working at a cotton gin, or dating girls, or the barber shop incident, in Robstown, TX. I've never met any of these guys but my brother and I bought some used irrigation pipe from the Duke's son who did some prison time. We probably didn't know it at the time. We drove to his ranch to pick up the pipe -- had no problem with the deal. But I thought it was quite interesting, the story of how Lyndon got started. It's probably a good thing that someone was able to buy his boat and spend piles of money on it and get it in good shape because I don't have that kind of money. Here's a couple of photos and a link to the story I saw. There is a video included with the current owners. https://www.kxan.com/news/lbj-s-custom-boat-restored-to-former-glory-by-new-owners/1415152159
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