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  1. Roger and Gary, It wasn't until after I looked at some of your photos that I realized I was at that sale. A friend of mine conned me into going with him up there. As it turns out I believe I bought more junk than he did, but it was his gooseneck and pickup, so I went. I remember that calliope. In about 1940 my dad bought a GMC truck. It looks like maybe the same chassis that is under that calliope. Anyway, he wanted it for the chassis. He bought it in Corpus Christi, Texas. He found a couple of guys to strip all the cab and engine off of it and driveline. All he wanted was the
  2. Neat plow, is the flat iron piece on the hitch to grab, and re-hook when trip-d ? ,it used a common twisted clevis on the tractor drawbar? correct.
  3. Gary, When I saw your photo of the 460 bailing hay on a football field, I knew I had seen that somewhere before. Here it says it's from International Harvester World magazine, February 1962, page 22. Here is a couple of links for some extra photos of the same situation. Thanks for posting your neat photos. Fred
  4. Found this one last article on History of Bishop. Apparently there were 20 actual steam engines working in the area and this article says also 3 gas tractors. I highlighted the numbers there. I believe a person could just put in the history of Bishop if you want to see more. Of course 20,000 acres is sometimes the norm today. My neighbor, a BTO, the last I heard they were farming 20,000 acres. Of course they have it broke up into at least 5 entities, they are headquartered 1/4 mile from me. Where are you finding those other old time photos? I am enjoying seeing them. I will try to pu
  5. Gary I must have not been clear on the wheel size, I was thinking of the back wheels on the plows they were pulling. the point I was trying to make is that there are several rigs, they're not all the same rigs. I was trying to figure out how many rigs there were, noting the plow wheels were different. The two I show have very small wheels under the back of their plows, the ones you show have large round spoked wheels on the back of their plows , actually between the two of us, it looks like there are 9 different rigs. maybe F Z Bishop did bring in 20 rigs? that would be a site to see.
  6. Gary, I enjoyed seeing your photos of the big Reeves at Driscoll. I found this article of F. Z. Bishop where he brought 20 steam plows to break the land he bought from the Driscoll Ranch. He may mean five tractors with 4 plows each or 20 tractors, can't really say. I also like the photo of the steamers, apparently smoking for the camera? And the cook/bunk cars? These maybe were custom plowing companies. I'm thinking there may have been as many as nine big Reeves with four bottoms each. The two I show have very small back wheels and the three you show have large spoke back wheels on th
  7. Gary, Ran across a photo these two steam tractors working in my Nueces County, near Bishop, Texas. They appear to be deep plowing new ground for cultivation. I noticed they are one of your brands. Much of this land was cleared (grubbed) of mesquite and other smaller brush by Mexican nationals. They would mark off the land with sticks to form a square acre and many times the Mexican families would camp in tents on the acre they are clearing. I have heard at that time they may have made $.70/day which wasn't much but it was more than they could make in their homeland. Bishop is loca
  8. I messed up. In the post above I said the track tractor was a gasoline, but it is actually a steam tractor. Gasoline came a couple years later. In 2004 Holt Caterpillar celebrated their 100th anniversary. They have stores from Rio Grande Valley to the north Texas border with Oklahoma. Headquartered in San Antonio they had celebrations I believe throughout the year at different stores. At that time they were dealers for AgCo farm equipment and they invited the farmers to the celebration. So I went to the one in Corpus Christi. Of course they fed us and showed this movie below. The build
  9. As I understand it Benjamin Holt first used tracks in 1904 he took one of his gasoline wheel tractors, and converted it to tracks.
  10. believe it's a Best steam tractor, built by Danial Best, of San Leandro, CA. looks like water, or fuel tender, then 2, one way disc plows, or discers up north. later with Holt became Caterpillar tractor co.
  11. looks like a CASE eagle on the globe, on the flat part near the slot. Now I remember where I saw that thing. 🙂👍
  12. Has he done a book deal yet? The day I went joy----------
  13. clipping metal concreate forms together.?
  14. metal zip tie, w/o the zip.
  15. tractors were built for FM equipment. no room for stairs? they would have you believe by the age you can't crawl up there anymore, you will have made so much money using their c--ppy equipment you can afford to retire.
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