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  1. So that's how CASE's Eagle Hitch works!!!
  2. angle should change with changing front tread width. correct?
  3. I like to draw things out on the floor, to get angles, and how it will work. also use scraps of lumber, with a nail for a pivot point. it'll be seen on it's side. use tape measure for hyd cyl. also type in roll-a-cone. I know it's cheating, but there's no point in reinventing the wheel.
  4. if that's the front, I believe the spring tooth to be backwards.
  5. I believe it's a case, where last week the captain was sober!!! 😗
  6. better put a bailing wire safety on those doors in case youse gets agoing over say 35 downa😬 hill !!!!!
  7. My thinking on those hinges is if you weld a tab on one end of pin, and anchor it (bolt) only one end of wing will need fixing, or and weld sleeve between other 2 gand hole tabs. If they had done it at factory would probably never need attention except for pin.
  8. Thanks for the catalog info. Fred
  9. Seems like a while back someone was saying there was a better site like the old Case IH parts site. I can't make heads or tails out of this new site. Can anyone put the information up for an alternate Case IH site? Thanks, Fred
  10. snowshoe, jmech, Looks like our post got cut off. I checked on the loose steering on the 5488. There is very, very little play in the vertical spindle to steering arm, (both sides) Don't know how to fix that. I'm not going to weld it. Hydraulic cylinder appears to be tight. One ball joint has a little play in the ball joint taper. I got the plastic slide/cover up from the steering shaft. The little u joint on the shaft down in there appears to be good, no play. ( Had the engine running). Appears to be about 1/4 turn play in the steering wheel, assuming it's in the steering moto
  11. I farm in South Texas near Corpus Christi. There are so many people moving here I have a hard time getting my equipment down the roads because of all the mail boxes. If you come back, please do as you say, and don't stop, just keep going and go far, far away. Thank you. Fred B.
  12. Fred B

    340- utility

    Mabey the fast hitch points are used for a 3 pt. hitch? advertised w/3pt.?
  13. I'll check on 5488 tomorrow.
  14. is there any way to fix a 5488 for same problem? reducing play in steering ?
  15. The freeze is over, March 3, 2021, planting sorghum. Near Corpus Christi, Texas. Rowing young sorghum. March 10, 2021. Very dry! Barely enough moisture to germinate.
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