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  1. Finally an IH plow that lifts high enough.😀
  2. that early deere trailer has a very narrow track, sorry trailer, very over rated, had straight spindles, same size bearings inner, and outer, they sold piles of them for cotton trailers.
  3. Gary, Matt is correct about the big holes in the mta grill, there is a cast bracket that's mounted to the bolster behind the grill, there are eye bolts that screw into the bracket, that cultivator truss rods pin into. this newer cultivator was much better, it was one or two rows each side,( it also used the notch, and holes in the front corners of bolster) (later 4,560, had 2,3,4 rows each side) and was mounted about 1 foot further back then the older one that was 4 rows across the front, on a single bar.
  4. Anson in reading some of the collector magazines, i have seen the horse treadmill, sweeps, maybe other types are called a "horsepower", or maybe a "horse-power". of course there are also dog, and sheep to power threadmills.
  5. seems like a extra wide wagon, no floor, was it to transport the thrasher,or maybe the horsepower? no idea on make. looks like the horsepower is skidded.
  6. Fred B

    Prevent Plant

    as already stated this country has a cheap food policy, the government subsidies farmers just enough to keep them from going broke. so, they will plant one more crop. (like the sign free beer tomorrow), we buy property, pay interest on, taxes on, to the center of the road, and let everyone else use it, profit from it,. and are on call 24-7-365., and hope some slob illegally on your property, doesn't sue **** out of you. and that's not all.
  7. weld about 5" of 3/4 ton truck leaf spring on top of front tip of share, let it stick down about 1& 1/2"- 2" below share, torch cut so the bottom is correct to take soil, repeate & adjust as necessary.
  8. Also some of the small grain auger carts had partitions that could be cut off individually, loaded with measured feeds, then turn the long spout and augured into one to mix together, may have used partitions to measure contents.
  9. back in the fifties we had a 2 row drag type rotary shredder pulled with a ford 600 tractor, driving along and heard a loud bang from the front, the only thing we could find wrong was a bout a 1/2" deep dent in the back of the rh headlight. that rock would had to have passed inches from my body to hit that front headlight. need to put up a screen
  10. so the whole tractor is painted pretty much completed including most ele wiring ,spark plugs, distributor, rubber hoses, radiator , minus hood, (sheet metal) lights, seat, rubber knobs, plastic fuel tank, battery, either injector, grill, muffler, grab handles most bolt on pieces, after paint booth would use plated bolts? how was steering whl, and black dash protected? hyd couplers ? thanks, i can remember the smell of the manifold paint burning off dads new 706 LP. i believe the LP valves, tank specs, and sn # tags were taped against the paint
  11. from the factory, shouldn't there there be red over spray on the exhaust manifold, what color should the back wheel rim clamp bolts/nuts be, what keeps red paint off back axles, what color should the alternator be ? are the tractors run in/tested before painting ?
  12. it's my understanding all the case built engines have a heavy cast flange on front of engine , to mount front axle, accessories, and front mounted implements, there are also ribs cast in the bottom skirt front to back of lower engine block. farmall cub - 606, maybe others are like this.
  13. The steering levers go down and lift the machine up on the side you want to turn. There is a little pad that touches the floor and lifts the machine up. You can see the pad on the Caterpillar one. They are pedal chain driven.
  14. it's a good thing you didn't hit a bump on the way over to his shop. good job!!!
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