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  1. Owen Aaland


    Please keep it there. Forecast here is for about 5 inches by tomorrow afternoon.
  2. The C-153 engine also has the same bore and stroke as the H engine.
  3. Studebaker trucks helped build the Burma road in the Far East. Thousands of them were sent to Russia. Probably a better chance today to find some of the WWII vintage trucks Russia than here in the USA.
  4. You could take lessons from Ed Ames?
  5. If you need adjust the valve lash the push rods are available in different lengths.
  6. The last picture on the page looks just like the dyno I have in my shop.
  7. In that situation, since the car on the left was accelerating, I would have simply moved to the left to allow the truck to enter without him having to slow down. I may have to slow a bit to move over safely but that speed could easily been made up rather than have a slow truck enter the freeway
  8. The original seals were a white nylon ring that fit into the recess in the injection line. Earlier lines did not have the recess and used the nylon ring along with an outer support washer. 612180C1 = nylon washer used on 56 series tractors. 67207C1 = nylon washer and outer support ring used on 06 series tractors.
  9. The first step is to verify that the temperature is giving you an accurate reading.
  10. The two terminal switch will work with a magneto, you just need to remember that it will work backward from the single terminal one. We don't want to hear about you cranking when you have switch pulled out but you have no spark.
  11. Auto parts stores can furnish you replacement boots for less than $10 apiece.
  12. http://www.rockaholics.com/ This is my brother's toy.
  13. Where are the chrome headlight rings?
  14. Owen Aaland

    Bad day

    How fast was he going when he blew that track? 😁
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