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  1. Owen Aaland


    I bought that set when Snap-On had it as a new tool offering. If not the most worthless tool I have from Snap-on it certainly ranks near the top of the list. With the bend in the handle it is almost impossible to get a core plug driven in straight.
  2. Owen Aaland


    That type of plug is called a Welsh Plug. Ideally you would install it using a driver the same same as the plug to drive it flat.
  3. Owen Aaland

    Coupla' Carb Questions

    Are you missing the little clip that goes between the needle and the float? It helps pull the needle off the seat as the float drops.
  4. Owen Aaland

    806 cooling problem

    If the temperature sensor was installed on the top of a Tee added for the tank heater return it would have been sensing the temperature of the coolant flowing up through the bottom of the block through the tank heater and re-entering then head at the Tee. Removing the Tee would put the sensor in the coolant at the top of the head giving a more correct reading.
  5. Owen Aaland

    5288 cab power

    Early 86 series were the real PITA. The nuts for the mounting bolts were not welded to the cab. You had to hold the bolts in place inside the cab while installing the nuts in front of the cab.
  6. Owen Aaland

    South Texas 1086 Mechanic

    They probably don't have that special tool. 😎 Mine is a piece of electrical conduit with a short piece of heater hose on the end to hold the shift rail. A couple inches longer arms and I wouldn't need that.
  7. Owen Aaland

    Case International to Case IH

    On the truck side they were just Navistar for those early years until they could use Navistar International name.
  8. Owen Aaland

    IH 444 Ballast Resistor?

    If I remember correctly the resistance wire is crimped into the connector along with another wire. The other wire is a copper wire that runs to the fuel shut off solenoid on the carburetor and then across the engine to the fuel pump. The wire in the resistance wire is silver colored.
  9. Owen Aaland


    It cost about $80 million for the new system but they only want about $40 million more to make it work. A couple weeks ago I went to get tabs on a car that had been in storage for a year so it did not have tabs for 18. The system was not handling the fact that it had been storage and did not have current tabs. The clerk finally just gave me a 90 permit and told me to come back in a few weeks to see if the system would be working by then.
  10. Owen Aaland

    DT436 cylinder head retorque

    It won't hurt to re-torque it but most likely will not make a difference. There have been several changes to the head gasket to address leaking both coolant and oil.
  11. Owen Aaland

    New ta install

    I put the dial indicator on the end of the shaft but instead of of pushing and pulling on the shaft I only pry the TA clutch assembly back and forth. Set this to the low end of the end play. I also then check the total end play on the input shaft and make sure it is less than the maximum allowed. This method makes sure that there is no pre-load on the TA bearings and that the shaft end play is with in specs. Too much end play in the input shaft causes more wear on the seal rings and carrier sleeve which leads to internal leaking.
  12. Owen Aaland

    T/A and hyd pressure light 966

    The brake control valve is a closed center valve on but the 06 tractors which used an open center valve. No oil flow through your valve unless you use it. In you case you may have the 1 gpm orifice out of place under the brake valve inlet fitting. In that case it would allow too much oil flow through the valve. There is only 3 gpm available on that side of the MCV. More likely since it only does it on the low side of the TA there is enough leakage in that side of the TA that when you take away 1/3 of the flow there is not enough left to maintain lube pressure. If the TA spool valve is adjusted properly it is unlikely the problem is in the MCV.
  13. Owen Aaland

    806 charging problems

    A broken or poor ground connection on the regulator rubber mounting bracket can cause the regulator to not control the voltage and can cause overcharging.
  14. Owen Aaland

    New ta install

    I think the correct spec is .005 to.015. Make sure you are measuring the end play of the TA clutch assembly and not the input shaft. Sometimes you will find a shaft that is loose in the clutch assembly enough that you might have the proper end play measured at the shaft but have a zero on the clutch assembly.
  15. Owen Aaland

    Combine engines - update

    A leak from the O-ring on the sleeve will cause scoring like that. Antifreeze will get drawn in around the bottom of the sleeve and will cause scoring from the bottom up.