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  1. Fusible link wire is just one size smaller wire than the rest of the harness but has insulation that is designed not to burn when the wire melts.
  2. My guess would a Continental. I believe Chryslers had the distributor on the side rather than on top of the head.
  3. I looked at that too. What surprised me was the lack of wire connector housings on the rear lights since they are not that hard to find.
  4. My first full day back at work since knee replacement surgery 11/11/2019.
  5. If you are only going to remove the steel plate get a couple of pieces of 5/16" threaded rod about 6" long to insert on a couple of the holes where the bolts with the copper washers are installed Remove two bolts diagonally and install the rods. That will keep the pump in place while the plate is removed.
  6. When I was using my W-9 for farm tillage it would burn about five gallons an hour and do the same work as our 3010 Diesel did on just under three gallons an hour. Happy Birthday to the Model T today. Officially released on October 1, 1908.
  7. I have seen a couple blocks where they cracked on the bottom between number two or three cylinder and a lifter bore.
  8. One part is a cone to fit over the crankshaft and then a driver to install the seal.
  9. If I also have the starter out I install the bolts through that hole. That's a lot easier for me than trying to get back up off the floor.
  10. Napa batteries used to be Exide but have been made by East Penn (Deka) for the last five years or so, at least in the East and Midwest
  11. The control from the signal switch provides full time power the the light on the opposite side of which way the switch indicates. That way when you signal a turn the other light stops flashing.
  12. IH used two different methods of providing the necessary resistance for the coil on 12 volt systems. The first way was to use a resistor usually near the coil. That system used a wire from the ignition switch to the coil and another from the "I" terminal on the starter solenoid to the coil to bypass the resistor while the engine is cranking. The later wiring used a resistance wire between the ignition switch and the "I" terminal and than another wire from there to the coil. By looking at the starter or coil you can tell which type you have. Two wires connected at the switch side of the coil and and at the solenoid used the external resister. Two wires at the solenoid and one at the coil is the later system.
  13. Is the one on top of the tank being used as an oil filter or a tank vent/breather?
  14. The filter will work in any orientation but the closer you get to the horizontal the harder it will be for the air to get out. Also a lot messier to replace.
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