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  1. curious - can you read the serial #? I have a 64' and always wonder when someone says they have a 64.
  2. thank you everyone for the responses and info. very helpful. i learned something about this that I did not know about before.
  3. I have heard of IH offering an add-on bottom option for a 700 / 710 or 720 plow similar to what Oliver had. I personally have neve seen this or heard of it before. Does anyone know the facts on this? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Dan, Thank you very much, exactly what I needed to know Thanks Again!
  5. Rustred, thank you - great pic. one observation on yours, it appears to have some rubber grommet or something that the lever pushes down on. look at mine again, mine appears to be missing that. Can you tell me what that is or possibly send me a closeup of it?
  6. Looking for help with this cable style ether set-up. It came on my 806 and I want to re-install and have functional with an empty can. From the parts book, I believe I have all the parts and components, but not sure how the spring attaches. The spring is a NOS. Does anyone know where the spring shown in pictures attaches? Anyone have or know someone that has this style that I could get information from? Any help is appreciated.
  7. bradm


    I am wanting more h.p. Don't want to get rid of my 460 for many reasons. Trying to do research, I found a post where you changed your 4 into a 560 by the exact same way I as thinking. Changing crank, pistons, etc. 


    i would like like to chat more in detail. If you can email me maybe we can correspond or even chat. 




    1. H-D


      mb8844@centurylink.netmy 460 is still working on the farm  and is 57 years old.:D

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