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  1. bradm

    806 shift question

    Dump valve was adjusted, light does go out just as the clutches released and tractor starts rolling
  2. I have an 806D that when letting out on clutch always starts out in the low torque side, then after a few seconds or a few feet shifts into the high side like you actually shifted the torque handle. doesn't matter what gear you are in. Any advice is helpful. Thanks
  3. Be there Thursday, Friday and part day on Saturday. Bringing 706 and 710 plow.
  4. I should have mentioned, they both are the rounded back type
  5. I have a couple of the old fender mounted radios that were are the older IH's and Cub Cadet's. My question is has anyone found a replacement radio and speakerthat will fit within the housing? I would really like to install them on my 706 and 806, but would like them to work. Any help or guidance is appreciated
  6. Thanks for all the replies. Just the info I was needing. I'm looking at a 35' trailer. Truck is a 1 ton Chevy 3500.
  7. Sorry, guess I didn't explain that. It is 4-16's
  8. I want to be able to haul my 806 and a 720 plow all hooked up. I am looking at a deck over hydraulic gooseneck 23 + 12'. My question is, will I be able to get tractor on and enough of the plow on to raise the hyd. Tail? My concern is the plow will want to drag or not be able to get over the ridge or area where trailer is flat and where the rear tail slopes down. Thougths and advice appreciated
  9. bradm

    Quick hitch

    here is a picture of one of the two (2) I have as I mentioned in an earlier post. I have one on my 706G and this particular one is on my 806D, As you see, I do use mine. I blew portions of the INTERNATIONAL off when pressure washing. Have a new decal, just need to put it on.
  10. bradm

    Quick hitch

    I was able to find a cat 2 type (all cast) a couple years ago. It needed very little attention other than a new rubber grip. I now have it on my 706. Last summer I stumbled onto another one while picking up some other parts I had bought. It too is the same style (cat 2, cast) I needed some freeing up and after doing so I painted it up and have it on my 806D. I will post a couple pics tomorrow. I will need to go out to shop and take.
  11. putting decals on a 706 gas. The decal i have in the picture is obviously from another 706 I seen. it is painted over. I also did not receive it in my decal set. The decal is on the front of the hyd. cover that is right below the seat. Also I should mention I have the 706 precision toy and you can see the same looking decal on it, but no way to read it, even with a magnifier. My question is - does anyone know what this decal says, size, etc. Anyone have an original they could send me or give me details of. Any help is appreciated.
  12. bradm


    I am wanting more h.p. Don't want to get rid of my 460 for many reasons. Trying to do research, I found a post where you changed your 4 into a 560 by the exact same way I as thinking. Changing crank, pistons, etc. 


    i would like like to chat more in detail. If you can email me maybe we can correspond or even chat. 




    1. H-D


      mb8844@centurylink.netmy 460 is still working on the farm  and is 57 years old.:D

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