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  1. bradm

    I.H, Water Jug ?

    message sent
  2. bradm

    Farmall 706 decal question

    putting decals on a 706 gas. The decal i have in the picture is obviously from another 706 I seen. it is painted over. I also did not receive it in my decal set. The decal is on the front of the hyd. cover that is right below the seat. Also I should mention I have the 706 precision toy and you can see the same looking decal on it, but no way to read it, even with a magnifier. My question is - does anyone know what this decal says, size, etc. Anyone have an original they could send me or give me details of. Any help is appreciated.
  3. bradm


    I am wanting more h.p. Don't want to get rid of my 460 for many reasons. Trying to do research, I found a post where you changed your 4 into a 560 by the exact same way I as thinking. Changing crank, pistons, etc. 


    i would like like to chat more in detail. If you can email me maybe we can correspond or even chat.



    1. H-D


      mb8844@centurylink.netmy 460 is still working on the farm  and is 57 years old.:D