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  1. I have seen a couple blocks where they cracked on the bottom between number two or three cylinder and a lifter bore.
  2. One part is a cone to fit over the crankshaft and then a driver to install the seal.
  3. If I also have the starter out I install the bolts through that hole. That's a lot easier for me than trying to get back up off the floor.
  4. Napa batteries used to be Exide but have been made by East Penn (Deka) for the last five years or so, at least in the East and Midwest
  5. The control from the signal switch provides full time power the the light on the opposite side of which way the switch indicates. That way when you signal a turn the other light stops flashing.
  6. IH used two different methods of providing the necessary resistance for the coil on 12 volt systems. The first way was to use a resistor usually near the coil. That system used a wire from the ignition switch to the coil and another from the "I" terminal on the starter solenoid to the coil to bypass the resistor while the engine is cranking. The later wiring used a resistance wire between the ignition switch and the "I" terminal and than another wire from there to the coil. By looking at the starter or coil you can tell which type you have. Two wires connected at the switch side of the coil and and at the solenoid used the external resister. Two wires at the solenoid and one at the coil is the later system.
  7. Is the one on top of the tank being used as an oil filter or a tank vent/breather?
  8. The filter will work in any orientation but the closer you get to the horizontal the harder it will be for the air to get out. Also a lot messier to replace.
  9. The bulletin I got from Napa says it is Federal EPA regulations. More information can be found at www.EPA.gov
  10. Yup, You also now need to certified to purchase the 30 lbs kegs.
  11. Starting 1/1/2018 all the small cans manufactured have to have the self sealing valve.
  12. There is a few thousands difference in valve lift between the original and the later camshafts. I use a dial indicator to measure the total lift and used that figure to determine which cam is in the engine.
  13. The 3010 pumps did not have the advance in them. About 1970 the pump on our 3010 needed repairs. My dad didn't want to spend the extra money ($300?) to upgrade it so it spent its life with the original pump.
  14. There should be no problems. Just make sure you use the correct gasket for the filter base you are going to use.
  15. Those are IH pistons made by Zollner Piston Company of Fort Wayne Indiana. Zollner made most of the pistons IH used at least in the gasoline engines. Are you sure the block has sleeves? I think both the C146 (used in the 424 and 4242) and C153 (used in the 444 and 2444) had sleeveless blocks. The oversize pistons would indicate that to be the case. When I overhauled my 2444 I used .010" over pistons and just honed the block out for them to fit. There was one hole did not clean up completely but i wanted to save as much bore material as I could. By doing that there should be enough left to overhaul again without sleeving the block.
  16. When no torque specs are given in the chassis service manual you use the standard torque spec chart in the front of the manual. Unfortunately I don't recall what that is for a 5/8" bolt.
  17. Owen Aaland

    Vintage ?

    I started working at an IH dealership in May of '75 and the containers where white and red at that time though there were some of the gold containers in the shop being used for storing other items.
  18. I still have a couple of those in my tool box. Used them to open the cardboard side, steel ends, quart oil cans.
  19. The steering cylinder will not have an affect on the TA. As long as there is no external leakage the oil either returns from the steering or goes past the steering relief valve to the pressure regulator and the TA. The O-ring blowing out between the MCV and center housing can be a problem if the correct O-ring is not used. It was changed to a harder material because of the problem of it blowing out. If your tractor has a spacer plate between the MCV and the center housing there will be two of those O-rings. Also make sure the O-rings are in place between the pump and the MCV. Once the oil is in the MVC it encounters the 3 gpm orifice and the flow divider valve. Flow in excess of 3 gpm causes the pressure to rise overcome the spring pressure holding the flow divider closed. The result is any flow in excess of 3 gpm is routed out of the MCV to the oil cooler. All of the oil for the steering comes through the orifice. A plugged orifice or a stuck flow divider valve can cause a loss of flow/pressure to the steering and downstream The steering has priority. The oil returned from the steering or bypassed by the steering relief valve then goes to the brakes, pressure regulator valve , and TA. Once demand is met for the brakes and TA the excess flow from the pressure regulator valve goes to the lube circuit with pressure regulated by the lube pressure valve. Any flow that causes pressure above 22 psi is dumped back into the center housing reservoir.
  20. If you don't have a differential lock you can swap the bull pinions side to side to wear on the other surface.
  21. Looks like it is set for this wet weather this spring 😂
  22. After sitting outside my bet is on finding the plunger stuck in the solenoid, especially if the boot is damaged. There are two coils inside the the solenoid. The smaller hold in winding is grounded to the solenoid case. The larger winding is the pull in coil. It grounds through the starter brushes. Once the solenoid makes contact between the two large studs that coil now has equal voltage on both end of the coil and no longer exerts any force on the plunger.
  23. Do you suppose that 9 4X4 has a crawler engine and frame? It looks like it may have a six cylinder engine.
  24. Thanks for all the greetings. Since I "retired" from pushing wrenches I don't seem to have as much time to spend on the forum. I do try to check in to the coffee shop every day.
  25. I took the needle out of mine on my 2444 with it started to get flaky. If I remember correctly it came out the top after removing the shell. For testing purposes you can just remove it and try to start the tractor. It is used to keep the engine from "dieseling" when turning off the ignition.
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