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  1. Any thoughts on a green roll over plow model 8450 three bottom.
  2. Hi Brian, I have a Farmall Model 826 with the 358ci motor.What would you recommend for a  Turbo for this  motor.I am currently doing a major overhaul on this motor.

    Thanks for any help.  

    1. Brian stortenbecker

      Brian stortenbecker

      Hi Jim, i like the m&w for the germans. that kit is pretty tuff to find. otherwise i think you would have to fab a turbo system for that engine.

  3. Very interesting sounds like you were there.

    Thanks for the info.

  4. Has any one used any of the POR-15 products? I have used there rust preventive coatings and been real happy with them. They make a single & a two part top coat,and not sure they can even come up with the IH red color. I have only used the rust preventive and always brushed it on and it seems to flow out like it was sprayed on. Thanks for any info.
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