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  1. 826 with a 358D engine overhaul

    Are they new bolts that fit a 358 German? Can you show a picture of them?
  2. 826 with a 358D engine overhaul

    I got the sleeves & rings from Reliance.The pistons I'm reusing they were within spec. I'll call Reliance tomorrow to check price and availability. Thanks for your help.
  3. 826 with a 358D engine overhaul

    Overhauling my 358 engine. Looking for rod bolts, talk to tech.from ARP today and it seems they don't make bolts for that engine.The bolts that came out of it were marked on the head ERBUS 10.9 can't find any information on them. They are 7/16 X 20 TPI X 3 11/16 long.They should be TTY bolts but i'm not sure.Most every one says I should replace them.I believe ARP makes some of the best bolts out there.Who would you say is number two in quality? They are all proud of there bolts. Thanks for any help.
  4. IH air cleaner for 826

    My 826D Gear came from Canada it's a 1971 the serial # is 2510132u017027.
  5. Any Thoughts

    Makes sence,will use the yellow o-rings.Would still like to know what motor I have,and what year it was built.O Well I may never know. Thanks for all your help.
  6. Any Thoughts

    I have the motor out of a Farmall 826 tractor .I have determined the motor is not the one that came in the tractor.I'm trying to determine what o-rings to use on the new sleeves.The oil pump is in the pan and according to the IH parts catalog it matches one for a1420 combine,a 3088 & a3288 tractor. The number on the block is 358DT2D121432.Not sure if this number can tell me what it was used in. The two o-rings that came with the new sleeves are brown ,one with red marks and one with yellow marks. I have this literature that says International Neuss Engine Liner o-Ring listing.If it is one of these motors it says to use the o-rings with the yellow marks. Can anyone tell me if this Block number is one of these motors? Thanks For Any Help.
  7. 358 Engine Sleeves

    I'm wondering how does the sleeve seal the coolant from the combustion chamber, the o-ring is at the bottom of the sleeve on the top its only metal on metal.I have never heard of any one recommending a sealant at the top.Well I guess that would be the job for the head gasket as well,I think.
  8. 358 Engine Sleeves

    Well on the box it says Clevite & Mahle made in India.I thought Clevite & Mahle were two different company's,who knows now days.As far as the o-rings from the research I have done I beleive I use the rings with the yellow dots.They are close to the same diameter as the ones that came out.When they are talking s/n they should be referring to the number on the block.I'm quite sure this is not the engine that came in the tractor.The s/n on the block is 358DT2D12143.I ask IH a while back if they could tell me what year it is,they said there is no way of telling from this number on the block. Does this # tell you what piece of equipment this engine was made for? I believe it was made for a combine or a 3088,or a 3288 tractor. I'm sending the sleeves back. Thanks for your reply.
  9. 358 Engine Sleeves

    Just purchased six Sleeves from Don's Diesel for my 358 that I am overhauling. Well the top of five were machined different than the sixth one.The one was like the ones I took out.So I called Don's and told them of the problem, Willie said he would call a engineer where he brought them.The engineer said they would work and IH made a change in them. The change is the area ware the gasket sets on the sleeve is wider.I see no advantage to this change,unless the gasket is made wider in this location.I called a IH dealer and they said there not aware of a change in the sleeves.This machined area is going to lower the compression of each cylinder. Has anyone run across this issue?
  10. Chisel Plow Question

    Are these two in the same,my manual says 55 Chisel Plow the chisel plow says 5500 International .Its ten ft. wide with two extensions.I have three inch twisted shovels on it.My problem is it wants to bounce,not all the time but more often than I like. Any ideas.
  11. Pilot Bearing Issue

    Thanks Travis,that sounds like good advice.
  12. Pilot Bearing Issue

    Installing a new clutch in my 826 Farmall.The new pilot bearing slides over the end of the pilot shaft without much resistance. It turns in the bearing without the bearing turning.Not sure what to do,maybe start with a different bearing. Thanks for any info.
  13. 358 Oil Pump

    Looking for advice on what I should do with the oil pump on my 826D .I'm over hauling the motor and am wondering if there are shops around that would check out the pump,or should I replace it.It's a internal mounted pump.Not sure about pressure,but it was working when I removed it.At least the light wasn't on.Should I replace the pressure relief spring? Thanks for any advice.
  14. 358 oil pan gasket

    When I removed the cast iron pan from my 358 the gasket was really tough to get off. It was a dense and tough material.I had to use a air tool with a wire brush to get it off.I just received a upper gasket kit from Reliance,and the pan gasket is cork.I am concerned with the weight of the cast iron pan if the cork will hold up.Any thought's ? What kind of gasket glue do you like,something to hold the gasket in place? I think cork is fine for valve,and tappet cover's,not sure about oil pans. Thanks for your reply's
  15. 358 Idler gear

    Should I include in my over haul of my 826 358 motor a new set of rod bolts?I have heard both way's. Thanks for your opinion. Should the carrier for the idler gear come out easily once the bolt is removed? Getting the block cleaned,thinking it should be removed first.No good way to get a hold of it without damaging it .