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  1. I'm looking for thoughts on the type of paint to use on my wood barn.Two ends have new wood which is pine and has weathered one year.The color will be red. Thanks for any ideas.
  2. Any thoughts on a green roll over plow model 8450 three bottom.
  3. Hi Brian, I have a Farmall Model 826 with the 358ci motor.What would you recommend for a  Turbo for this  motor.I am currently doing a major overhaul on this motor.

    Thanks for any help.  

    1. Brian stortenbecker

      Brian stortenbecker

      Hi Jim, i like the m&w for the germans. that kit is pretty tuff to find. otherwise i think you would have to fab a turbo system for that engine.

  4. Has any one used any of the POR-15 products? I have used there rust preventive coatings and been real happy with them. They make a single & a two part top coat,and not sure they can even come up with the IH red color. I have only used the rust preventive and always brushed it on and it seems to flow out like it was sprayed on. Thanks for any info.
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