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  1. Any thoughts on a green roll over plow model 8450 three bottom.
  2. Yes I have a morton building 48'X60' built in 1987.Only problem I have ever had , the barn was about ten years old and I noticed some paint pealing from the metal roof.So I called morton and they said they would send me a kit and just follow the directions. the kit had a camera in it and a package for any pealed off paint.I sent the kit back and about a week I got a call from Morton and they ask If I had a place they could unload some steel,and I ask steel for what ,and they said they were going to remove the old roof and put up new steel.They said the paint was to thick and with all the expan
  3. My cylinders are the welded design not the bolted type if that means anything.I'm not sure what you mean by rephasing .The push rod must open a valve that stops the flow of oil.Your saying do not use stop collars, your talking about the fixed spacers you would put on the shaft not the stop collar that pushes on the rod.Do you think I can buy just the stop collar that clamps on to the shaft that pushes the rod? Not sure why someone would remove them.I don't understand why a regular cylinder will not work, the oil from the master cylinder when raising the points is forced to extend the slave cy
  4. Boog, are those hood bolts 5/16" X 18 X3/4".I'm from Mi. and I now spend my winter months in FL. so I can't go out to the barn an look.I like the idea of the rubber washers. Also do you know the size of the nuts on the exhaust manifold? I believe they are 3/8"X 18. This is on a 826 ,358 motor. I would like to get some brass nuts for the studs on the exhaust manifold.Thanks for any help.
  5. Just purchased a used 4500 cult. Did the two master cylinders come new from the factory with the stop collar and push rod for controlling depth? These two cylinders have the push rod but no stop collar and they both leak bad.I have a couple of regular cylinders with no push rods that I would like to use and just put spacers on the shaft for depth control.Could I have any problem with oil flow to the slave cylinders on the wings by changing the two master cylinders? Or should I repack the leaking cylinders. I'm not sure I can buy just the stop collars for the push rods.Any thoughts would be wel
  6. Cliff, is the 4800 spacing between sweeps 6"? You say wider spacing is that from front to back is longer?Do you run a harrow on the back of the 4800?
  7. Do you think I can get over Disk corn ground in the spring with this 4500 vibra shank without plugging to bad?
  8. Thanks George good advice.
  9. Best place to buy a owners manual. It measures 24' and it's a trail type. I'm not sure I have the right part number for the manual. 1097172R4. I just picked it up today,I see a couple cylinders need rebuilding .I presume rebuild kits are available for these cylinders. Should there be part numbers on the cylinders to get the proper kit. Thanks for any help.
  10. Has anyone tried Fly Bate? Maybe crush it and mix it with peanut butter.I know it does the job on larger critters.I heard they changed the formula and the new stuff is not as strong as the old.
  11. What seems to be the best bate for killing mice around the barns?
  12. Hi Brian, I have a Farmall Model 826 with the 358ci motor.What would you recommend for a  Turbo for this  motor.I am currently doing a major overhaul on this motor.

    Thanks for any help.  

    1. Brian stortenbecker

      Brian stortenbecker

      Hi Jim, i like the m&w for the germans. that kit is pretty tuff to find. otherwise i think you would have to fab a turbo system for that engine.

  13. Very interesting sounds like you were there.

    Thanks for the info.

  14. Has any one used any of the POR-15 products? I have used there rust preventive coatings and been real happy with them. They make a single & a two part top coat,and not sure they can even come up with the IH red color. I have only used the rust preventive and always brushed it on and it seems to flow out like it was sprayed on. Thanks for any info.
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