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  1. I celebrated the 4th of July at Silver Creek yesterday evening. Not your average 4th of July "fireworks" though. Some of it was, and some of it wasn't. We were blessed with a nice rainstorm of nearly a quarter inch in the afternoon to make vegetation less combustible. I'm going to try to put these photos on chronologically. Nephew Randy and wife Donna came out at nearly dark with two boxes of fireworks under their arms. Their friends (I have a brain disorder CRS. Can't Remember Stuff) came and also brought their fireworks. This is likely the most memorable 4th of July in my long years? The Yaeger boys always wanted to do a "Spark Show" with a steam engine and last night was the perfect night! Mike had the 20 hp Reeves fired up when I got there. I helped belt up and lubricate the engine. Silver Creek valley southeast of Mike's place. Pretty well lined up, to belt up. Belted up to the fan. A small rainbow in the northeast. NO pot of gold, but perfect spark show conditions. Getting darker, Mike wooded up and had the blower going. Mike and Randy working on strategy. Randy finished stoking the fire. One of three tries at spark show. We'd never done one, but I'd watched a couple at large shows and knew the drill. We just needed practice! Real 111 year old fireworks! Donna and Michelle at the fire pit in the cool of the night. "Hey, look, the horn's as big as the engine!" Mike with his propane torch to light fuses on the "other" fireworks. This young man (CRS here) was taking a picture of the serial number plate of the 1909 Case 15 hp. His parents own "the oldest CaseIH Dealership in America." I forget the town or city in Ohio? I took this photo of him on the engine too. Randy was parking the Reeves for the night. Plenty of hot ashes in the bottom through the draft door. Gary😁
  2. Happy Fourth of July guys! Enjoy your day as we celebrate America's Independence. God Bless America. Gary😊
  3. When I arrived at Silver Creek this morning, Son Mike was finishing mowing meadow grass down by the barley field. It will be hay for Heather's goats. He was just finishing up and brought the Farmall F-12 up to the top of the hill and parked it. I had to take some pictures of the tractor he had trouble with, keeping it running. It ended up being crud in the inline filter he had installed. It got a brand new fuel pump kit anyway! I tried to show some of the mowed ground and barley crop across Silver Creek. This is a photo of the barley field over the goat pen and sheds. With the 1-1/2" of rain the crop got earlier in the week, Mike is finished irrigating the crop. Speaking of goats, this is Granddaughter, Heather with her two goats today. The black & white is Lucy the girl and the brown and white is Ricky. Ricky will eat alfalfa or oats out of my hand, but he won't let me pet him. But I guess the girls like me? Lucy will let me pet her on her neck and cheeks. Just not the horns! I'm giving her some alfalfa. Back to the F-12, This quarter inch prime cup I mounted on the F-12 is pretty handy for priming, when having gasoline problems with the lines. I don't know if anyone else has done this or not? I found I had a nearly correct grease gun by Lincoln, as shown in the Farmall F-12 & F -14 catalog, so I put it in the under tank tool box this morning. I thought while I was at it, I'd just as well arrange tools in the "mower" toolbox I mounted on the frame with the oilcan. I have an International Harvester embossed oil can, but it stays in the shop! I like having period tools, even if they aren't perfectly authentic IHC tools. That Oilcan! And this tractor is an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm! Gary😉
  4. Fred, They do look painted. I couldn't actually tell if they were chrome, silver paint or white paint? I keep looking for a period photo taken in 1940 or before with the paint on the grille. I don't think I've ever seen one yet? I just checked my files and none of the 1939 tractors in the field or at the factory had the stripes. I did think this photo of McCormick-Deering tractors on railroad flatcars as far as the eye could see was worth posting, from Facebook? Gary 😉
  5. I had an unexpected guest drop into Silver Creek shop today. Tubacase47 or Tom Railsback, who generally keeps an eye on the "odometer" over the years was in Helena shopping and chose to head back to Great Falls past Mike's place. We visited for an hour or so, before he left. I made sure Aimee, the Farmall A got into the photo, even if it was into sunlight, so we could have an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm. Gary😉
  6. 12_Guy, I think those crawlers were the dreams of the designers, but when it came to actual production, that stuff got deleted. I've never seen one of the later type crawlers with side curtains. I know they had holes in the hood for them, but I'd bet few ever got them? I've noticed what could be chrome or white paint on the grilles of these 1939 Farmalls. But I've only seen that on the advertisements and never on an original tractor. Gary
  7. Little Haven is doing quite well these days, Anson. She still has that tube into her stomach. They're hoping by August they can have the surgeon remove it. She's eating lots through her mouth these days, and has her favorites, especially fruit. She barely ever used a bottle and it was months before she did. And she has four teeth! Gary😁
  8. Our 2-1/2 year old great grandson, Colt, has caught onto his Great Granddad's traits! I bought him this red (pretend) IH tractor at Walmart, last Christmas. It's pretty obvious from this photo, this kid knows his stuff! And our little great granddaughter, Haven who had such a hard start in life with open heart surgery seems to have a few of Great Granddad's genes too! Note the color of that little tractor she's holding! I found these on the internet today, about the TracTracTors of (McCormick-Deering) International Harvester. This is a T-35 Gas piece of literature. This shows the original modern International Harvester line when introduced in 1939. The TD-6, TD-9, TD-14 and TD-18. My Cousin has a TD-9 with a Bucyrus Erie hydraulic dozer that has a Bosch diesel pump and has the original TracTracTor decal on the back of the fuel tank. This is a TD-6 pulling a plow through gumbo soil breaking sod. In 1947 International Harvester introduced the largest crawler tractor in the world (at that time), the TD-24. I remember seeing one inside the International Harvester Factory Store in Great Falls, Montana at that time. It was a monster. My oldest Yaeger cousin, Harold ("Toot," the namesake of the Farmall M he gave Mike.) was a partsman at the IH Factory Store there. This picture was with the above crawler photos. It's a later one. I'm going to guess a TD-15? I don't know. Last, but not least, is this photo I took of Randy's IH Farmall A, "Aimee." It spent the winter in the Silver Creek shop. It is obviously an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm! Gary🥰
  9. We fired up steam engines today. My Father's (Grandfather's and Great Grandfather's) Day present! I don't run engines a lot anymore as sore bones makes for hard climbing around on them, and I'd rather watch "the kids" run them. Mike and Randy did saw a load of firewood and I did run the engine during that time, and I put it away when we were all done this afternoon late. This was the sight when I arrived this morning. SMOKE!! I took this photo of Mike turning on the blower of their Reeves at the woodpile. This is a side view of the Reeves setting there. I took this photo of the Peerless upright engine belted to the Appleton feed grinder. Mike wanted to saw the load of firewood logs he brought to the saw. I engineered the Case while the boys sawed today. I had to take a selfie to prove I was working, but I didn't wear a cap, Anson and Roger! Mike and I went over to his hayground to see if we could figure out why the F-12 wouldn't run. I think we've got fuel pump problems. The F-12 and F-14 Farmalls both utilized a fuel pump to a downdraft carburetor, the only IH early Farmalls to have fuel pumps. We're hoping to find parts for the pump. Doesn't Mike look like a "stumped farmer?" About all I can say for it, is that it IS an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm. Before I went home, Mike parked the Reeves and I parked the Case. Gary😉
  10. A blast from the past. An old gentleman in Lewistown, Montana had one of these in the same red color when I was a boy. OBG
  11. That sure looks like a neat looking anvil to have Todd. A nice bit of work. In my mind I featured making that hardy hole. It sounds like an afternoon's work, but look what you ended up with! That appears to be a 6" jaw blacksmith's vise you mounted? You may need to change your handle from Sledgehammer to Hammer&Anvil? Gary🙃
  12. I don't know one thing about seedless square watermelon seeds. So I'll post some things I do know something more about. Maybe not much, but something. Facebook stuff here first. This for you cotton growers down south of me. I'm sure this isn't a distillery? So we'll call it cotton, with a bunch of IHC Farmalls. Are they F-30's? A D-model IH truck of ca 1937, one hidden behind the tractors, and that Conoco delivery truck looks like a D-model as well? With Flag Day a couple days ago, these two were posted. A Farmall Super C is cultivating some kind of leafy crop. I thought this International 650 Diesel was a pretty sharp tractor. This Farmall M raised a question on Facebook. Was this horn an option on this tractor or a farmer addition? I've never seen a factory horn on the Letter Series. This Farmall M is powering a bale elevator into this barn. This is the fifth generation to put bales into the hay loft of this barn. This 660 looks pretty mean with those Terra tires... I think I saw an 806 with front wheel assist, but it was early in that series and I wouldn't "bet the farm" that I did see one? This 1206 makes me want to shed tears. I guess that is how tractor pulling works sometimes? It appears he's going to have to mortgage the "north forty" to fix it? This is an IH TD-9 Drott crawler with loader. I guess someone said there was a "Spirit of '76" cub cadet in this picture? There was a question on Facebook as to whether the IH Scout ever came out with military tread tires? Apparently it lasted a while, since this is a (1965?) roll down window Scout the man is driving off of the assembly line, and it is the 10,000th Scout. The rest of these pictures I took today at Silver Creek. Mike is getting the McCormick Deering F-12 ready to mow hay along the creek for his daughter (our Granddaughter) Heather's goats. This black and white goat is Lucy. This goat is Ricky. (ps: they love alfalfa, but crave weeds!) Mike changed oil in the rear end, and has been tuning up the F-12 to mow hay. The mower lift assist spring broke the loop end off. So while Mike was at work, Ol' Paw got some iron to "farmer fix" that spring. I built a "W or U" loop with the torch that we could "screw into" the spring. I can't remember where I saw this done on an old piece of equipment, but I didn't invent this piece, just replicated it. The ol' F-12 still turns that mower over just fine. Mike only hays about an acre of creek bottom for the goats. Since I was trying out my new Kodak camera (I dropped and broke the old Fugi digital camera I had) I figured I may as well take a picture of Mike's Farmall M, Toot and Farmall H, Annie. Afterall, they really are IH Tractors on a Montana Farm! Gary😉
  13. I have to agree with you Roger. It's been a great learning experience and they're using IH tractors too! I don't know squat about cotton other than Q-tips, cotton balls, Tee shirts and cotton in my navel, plus a bale of cotton Anson sent me years ago. Gary😉
  14. I just as well post some things from Facebook. I'm in Facebook Jail at the moment, but I can still download photos and message friends! Leftist Nazi's run Facebook and don't like opposing opinions about their political agenda. This isn't a McCormick Deering Self Propelled Combined Harvester. It's a Holt, but it predates any other self propelled combine I have photos of. An IHC Titan pulling an elevating road grader. A Flaming Four Titan 15-30. A Pre IHC Farmall, Cultivator tractor. For Anson and his cotton growing friends, is this IHC Farmall F-20 with a cotton duster mounted on the rear. And a later Farmall F-20 on steel, pulling a plow. I don't know the accuracy of this photo, but it is an IH Farmall 504. I don't know if this IH 1206 Turbo Farmall belongs to this lady or whether her "guy" let her pose here? It sure could be hers! And last but not least is this photo of some IH dealership. I don't know where, but maybe someone here will know? Gary😉
  15. Anson, That "M CH" wouldn't happen to be for the whole machine, as in M Cotton Harvester? My friend Dan Tombrink owns this one at Columbia Falls, Montana. I'm not sure how far Dan had to go to bring a cotton harvester Farmall M to Montana? Gary😐 PS: This M is actually an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm! PPS: It may look a little out of place being driven on snow?
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