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  1. Those Red Power Roundup photos are phenomenal, Todd! Thanks for sharing them! Gary
  2. Some great old International trucks there Todd!
  3. Kansas born Tubacase47 was a visitor at Silver Creek yesterday. And today we had another visitor from Kansas. Scott Hall is an owner of multiple Reeves and other brand engines. Mike had helped him with a 20 hp Minneapolis engine earlier in the week that he'd bought at Wilsal, Montana. Scott Hall wanted to see Mike's 20 hp Reeves, so we fired the engines today for him. Randy Yaeger, Steve Hall, Mike Yaeger, me and Cliff Olds. T think this has become a routine for Steve atop Reeves engines. No I don't know the significance. But we had a laid back, heck of a fine visit day of steaming though! Gary
  4. Wow, I don't even know how to post here anymore, hardly. Not much talk either. I'm kind of bushed, but I didn't want the pulse of this to go away. Here's a boy learning gun safety in school in 1956. I don't recall any school shootings back then either. This was before "nuts" discovered their names would go down in infamy, shooting up schools and people in them. The PRIDE and joy of East Helena, Charley Pride. He was a real gentleman and his wife was a genuine lady. This was on Facebook. But the 1921 "Ford" is an International! This has to be a "Red Baby" International Harvester Dealer's truck. We moved the steam engines outside a while back. The Model TT started like a charm after setting all winter. Mike started the F-12 and said it started right up too. I had to take a picture of the planetary transmission pedals. I use these types of photos on Facebook when they ask if you can drive a stick shift. After I (the wheaties kid) started the TD-40 (I have quite a bit of ballast), Mike was preparing to back up to the 15 hp Case to pull it outside. Randy is checking his phone. Randy and the TD-40 are moving the 15 hp Case outside. Randy pulled Mike and the Reeves outside too. Afterward the boys parked the TD-40 and Annie the Farmall H inside for the summer in a new location. I Backed the Model TT Ford inside, beside Annie and the threshing machine. Last Thursday, the boys wanted to fire up the Reeves to try out their "new" $400 rebuilt governor. It works like a charm, with just over 1-1/2 thousandths clearance between the body rings and the new spool. They were wooding up for their play time. I had to leave at noon to take Sharon to her Otolaryngologist (ENT) appointment around 2:00. Mike did take Randy and I out to the culdesac and back. This is a photo of an old photo of the first steam up of the Reeves back in about 2009 or 2010, after I got the engine piped. We wanted a photo of the engine with the canopy and the rear tank. My next trip to Silver Creek last week, Mike and I got the 1926 Model T up to the shop area, headed out the door. It was running on three cylinders when I put it away last fall. I just had to readjust one of "Ron The Coilman's" coils. This is a TC Power "Block P" steamboat near Bismarck, North Dakota. I can't tell which steamboat it is. Theoretically, Grandpa Yaeger COULD be on it, since he worked on the "Benton" for three years. This is a mockup of the first Froelich (John Deere) that proceeded the Dain John Deere. This photo of Henry Ford on a prototype tractor on his farm. This is some model of a Rumely Oilpull barn threshing. I try to imagine the chaff the guy in the hayloft gets, when moving the straw back. A Best Thirty crawler. And a Cat D-11. A Farmall H with a grader attachment. I can't remember Harry's last name, but he was famous for building odd Farmalls. This one is three Farmall F-20s.
  5. You IH people are the salt of the earth. I appreciate all of your comments. I'm improving this computer, but Sharon isn't improving. She seems to be sliding more every day. Her doctor has contacted Pallative Care for an interview of them with her, to see what may be done to help out with her with intervention. Today, she is sleeping still and I've been transferring my 3131 accordion videos from my external hard drive back into the computer, so I have them double saved. Thanks for hanging in here. Gary
  6. Hey Guys, I haven't forgotten about this place. I'm just now getting some handle on this computer of mine that was hacked. Thank goodness almost everything in my computer I keep on a 4 terabyte external hard drive that wasn't hacked. I've gained more ground on getting it back in shape after being totally cleaned out. The SOBs also hacked my email. I've had a hard time convincing Yahoo that it's my account and has been since the 1990s. Facebook is accessible, but upside down as far as two accounts I've had there. I've needed to write my Iron Age "Ramblin'" Article for over three weeks, but can just today do that. I'll likely start on it tomorrow. It takes me most of a day to do that and get it emailed off. I've had other things go south too. Sharon had a bloody nose and quit Warfarin about a month ago. Then she had a UTI, TIA and Afib that she spent four days in the hospital. This past week she had another nose bleed. I took her to the ER at 5:AM. They cauterized it and I took her home. At around 11:AM I took her back to the ER. This time they put in a gauze mesh and a sponge. I took her home around 3:30, she had another bleed and I took her back to the ER. This time they put in a balloon that was to stay in 5 days. Two days later, she had another bleed but from the other side. I should have had enough hydraulic experience to KNOW what happened. It was the same nostril bleeding, but it couldn't run out there, so the way she was sleeping with her head turned, it ran out of the opposite side. Another trip to the ER. So losing two days without a bleed, she'll have the balloon in until Wednesday, when the ER will remove it. She now refuses to take the Eliquis (blood thinner) they put her on. My Otolaryngologist couldn't get her to remove it. But she's got an appointment on her birthday the 13th (number 80) to see him. Wednesday, after the balloon removal, I take her to her PCP (do any of you other old timers hate all of the darn abbreviations that circulate everywhere anymore, besides me? I had to ask what PCP meant. Primary Care Physician that she'll see Wednesday. She'll likely die of a stroke. If it's a bad one, I know she'd prefer to go. But God had his hand on that decision. I got another message from a friend on Facebook, then there was NVM. I had to ask that it meant never mind. Gripe, gripe, gripe. I know, but This last month+ has been a bugger. Even RPMSallie had to get me back into Red Power. I guess this thread hasn't died, but I'll revive it with CPR later. Okay! Gary😉
  7. Hey................. RPM Sallie just helped me get back here. My computer is still in shambles, but I keep gaining on different aspects. You've had a well deserved reprieve from my and my junk lately! I'll try to get back here in the not too distant future. OBG Gary😐
  8. ray54, All prayers are immensely appreciated! Thank you! Our youngest daughter had a double mastectomy about two months ago and we just learned last night that our oldest grandson, Maverik has Leukemia. Our loving God still allows trials and tribulations on this earth to see how we react and handle them. He wants us to accept His Son as Lord and Savior for a painless eternity with Him. This life on earth is just temporary. Like a steam vapor! Eternity is forever. Gary😔
  9. MT Matt, Your -6 is a sharp looking tractor, I sure admire the way you still used the vintage of IH equipment I grew up with. It's your fault you have to see these photos again of my wife. Gary😁😉
  10. ihrondiesel, I'm so glad you found a lady who was familiar with my birth town as well as the place where my "girlfriend" went to work in 1958 at age 14 for .50¢ an hour and drove her little Nash to work. She's still my girlfriend and my wife. 61 years this coming Saturday. Her parents' 1960 Galaxy is sort of blocking out Sharon's Nash. I'm hoping you're not having to write a check for that medication. My late brother Bill used to take a medication called Thelidomide that his oncologist prescribed. This was about 20 or more years ago and it was $1,4XX a month Thelidomide was pulled from the market by the US Food and Drug Administration, because it was earlier used for expectant mothers, but caused deformaties. I hope your spendy medication keeps you as a survivor. And I hope to stay a survivor after the 22nd's CT scan. Gary😉
  11. I know very little, other than it's too late to seed grain. Some photos to post, mostly from Facebook. This first photo was from the pipe organ I played for about three hours last Sunday at the Helena First Christian Church. I'm not a member there, but a member found out I could (and would) play their pipe organ up in their 1885 church balcony for their Sunday Open House for the church and Family Promise. My late brother Bill and his family belonged to this church, so I "sort of did it for him!" I hope he was listening. One lady said she hadn't heard the organ since 1969. This IH device might be a salt and pepper shaker? A Montana chuck wagon. I can't tell if the coffee is ready or not. That's the best type of coffee though. Hard times here, mother and daughter heat water on the coal or wood stove then wash in pans on the table. A milkman in the 1940s or 1950s delivering a dairy's bottled milk to a residence in winter. And here I thought milk came from the store! In May of 1922, 78-year-old Robert T. Lincoln, Abraham's son, is being helped up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for its dedication. A Westinghouse "milk bottle" boiler steam engine. Nome, North Dakota. The Northern Pacific depot, rail cars and the locomotive and box cars at the elevator at right. But what I am wondering is; what brand of return flue steam traction engine is that above the depot, on the edge of town? I'm guessing either a Huber or a Minneapolis. I don't see that smokestack top for a spark arrestor like that on Avery engines, I don't think. What do you think Roger? A west coast logging Mallet Compound steam locomotive. These engines were popular there. Two ladies are going for a ride in a horse cart pulled by a Lawson Motor Wheel in 1902. It appears the husband brought home a 1903 Cadillac Model A with a tonneau on the back, with their older daughter sitting on that rear seat. Maybe it is the dealer and not the husband? An early Buick speedster in snow, parked by the cast iron crank type of gasolene pump. American Underslung claimed their 1907 model was the first "American Sports Car." I'm guessing this is a REO speedster. A Facebook friend of mine sent me this photo of her grandfather driving his White steam car in 1952. He also had a 20 hp Reeves steam engine like Mike and Randy's. I owned a 1955 Ford Fairlane Victoria. When these 1956 Crown victoria glass tops came out, I lusted over them. This one is "loaded!" Roger likely knows what this 1922 hard rubber tire truck is, that had chains to the front end on this steep hill. Possibly it was a safety feature if the truck stalled on the hill. It's a Shorpy. A nice photo of a Marion Steam Shovel loading a White Motors dump truck. A Facebook Meme of a Detroit Diesel engine. A five-horse team pulls this plow and harrow. Mules pulling a Kafir harvester, what ever that is! Here's one I forgot about, thinking Lindeman built the first John Deere Crawler. This is a DX-24, model D experimental from 1930, one of 50 built. I think this is a McCormick-Deering Farmall F-30 with a cultivator cultivating some kind of row crop. An early un-styled John Deere "farmall" is harvesting corn, I'm pretty sure. I may have posted this stretched, double flywheel John Deere already. My mind isn't what it used to be. I know NOT what the score is here. I thought this IH Farmall Super A made a unique fire engine. The old tired Van Brunt drill and Mike's 1944 IH Farmall M, Toot. We seeded Mike's crop on Friday. I'm on his Farmall M, Toot; an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm. My five & 1/2 year old scar from my palate flap the Otolaryngologist cut to install into my palate, where they removed my stage 4, Adenocarcinoma tumor. I just had my 5-1/2 year final exam on Thursday. They found a lump near my larynx so I go in for a CT Scan with contrast on the 22nd, and with my annual chest (lung) X-ray. I just leave this stuff in God's hands. I'm too old to worry anymore. Randy and Mike were shuffling seed into the cups as we seeded Mike's threshing crop. Since I'm not wearing an "offensive cap" I had to take a selfie too. In February Randy and Mike cut the two inch main steam line to their Reeves to remove the governor. Reeves was too cheap to install a union in the line. The Reeves governor removed and ready to send to a friend in Butte, America for a rebuild. This is an excellent view of why the governor didn't work for us, likely didn't for the Mehmke's, and likely not for the McKamey Brothers who originally owned it. I'd welded up the old spool with phosphor bronze. But our rebuilder wasn't satisfied with my weld job and decided to build a new spool. The governor was delivered to me on Thursday. On Friday, I had the piece of the main steam line clamped in a pipe vise to thread this end for a union. The governor is sitting on the floor. The white glove on the vise? It's just like me to slip and "punch" the vise. Mike threaded the 2" Schedule 80 pipe on the left, from the steam dome. We had to shorten the pipe from the steam dome about 1/2" and so doing the holes of the governor flange aligned up perfectly! I'm going to shorten, thread, and add a union in the lubricator 1/4" pipe when I go out the next time. This old girl should really perform well from now on after we get the length of the spool rod adjusted correctly. Gary😁
  12. My heart aches for anyone who has a vintage tractor, original or restored, that something like this happens. Doesn't matter what brand of tractor. Gary😪
  13. Mike, it looked like there was a coyote falling into ACME Canyon. Right? Gary😁
  14. Troy Dairy, Wowwie! What a fabulous museum. I went to the Boeing museum south of Seattle years ago. Imagine the foresight, "jawboning" and money it took to build museums like this. Thanks so much for posting. $20 is cheap for a day like that! I'm so glad you got to do it, take photos and share them here! Gary😉
  15. twostepn2001, Those stories were in the books I have of We Pointed Them North. I knew several of his and Mary's daughters and sons. My mom's sister Ann dated Ted (Teddy Blue Jr.) Abbott when she was a student at Fergus County High School in Lewistown. Grandson Darrell Abbott is still a friend of mine. Notice the "double letters" in that name! Thanks for posting. This is one of his more famous photos, sharing booze and hats with Calamity Jane at the saloon in Gilt Edge. An early photo with cattle superimposed in this studio photo. A Teddy Blue Portrait. An old Teddy Blue Abbott. Gary😉
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