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  1. Yesterday morning, when I got up and looked out the windows, this is what I saw. It made me extra glad that on Mike's birthday last Monday, this is what we accomplished! Whew!!! I remember Dad talking about threshing on Thanksgiving Day one year with snow on the ground. And on the shocks of bundles (stooks of sheaves, for our Canadian friends). Dad said they shut the steam engine down long enough to go have a Thanksgiving turkey dinner, then back to threshing. He said it was cold, so the snow was more like dust (than wash rags). This 15 hp Case engine is stack thres
  2. Wow, Todd... You made out like a bandit! I'm slightly envious, not that I need anymore of those things, but I love the "hunt!" You sure "stole" that drill press! And at a local junk shop (The ReStore) they have a drill press also, and it needs part #5! I can't say that I've ever seen a hammer like the one you found. I sure don't have one. I'm glad you made this "haul!" Good going! Gary😁
  3. Thank you for explaining what I had posted! I sure didn't know what is was, as there was never anything like it in Montana, that I know of??!! Gary😊
  4. Old Binder Guy is proud of over 40 years as a Life Member of the NRA. They do some things that "urinate" me off, at the top. But they do have 5 million gun owners as members and they vote. Plus they "arm wrestle" members of Congress in important decisions. The thing that really upsets me with the Leftists or Socialists (Communists without guns) that they intend to "INFRINGE" on the Second Amendment. I really fear for what will happen if Amnesia Joe, then President Harris get elected. I really do. According to PEW Research, there are 72 million gun owners in America. There are 393 Million firea
  5. Tom Railsback, aka: Tubacase47 sent me this "Case picture information." Gary😉 The top one is a CC built between 1929 and 1939. The second is an L built from 1929 to 1940. The last one appears to be an RC based on the rear axle and was built between 1937 and 1940.
  6. Yesterday in photos. Mike and Randy put the Reeves to bed for the winter. And, it was Mike's birthday. Since he got the day off of work, this was the day he chose to do this. The Reeves at the woodpile, Mike walking by, IH Farmall M "Toot" on the buzz saw, and the 1925 Model TT. Randy's friend, originally from Helena, but now from Arizona... Larry poses with the truck. By the way, Toot is an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm! Mike and Randy fill the bunker with wood, wood in the firebox then the draft door closed. Then with plenty of water in the gage glass, we went to the house at
  7. Time to rid my files of stuff I wanted to put here. This old 12 hp Case steam engine kind of took my fancy, so I'm putting it here! I'm unable to tell the horsepower of this IHC Mogul tractor busy turning a threshing machine with wing feeders. Maybe Roger can ID it? A 30-60 or 45, I'd guess? I wasn't smart enough to know it, but a Canadian antique tractor and steam museum former curator ID'd it as a 25 hp Mogul Jr. I sure can't refute that. Is he correct, Roger? Here is an 8-16 IHC Mogul breaking sod. I don't know if these two ladies are doing it or whether it
  8. Todd, please forgive me for not remarking about your tomahawk. That is an excellent piece of work! Beautiful... I'm including some pictures of Studebakers during WWII.
  9. Anson, I "absolutely swore at them!" Gary😁
  10. Anson, I had a cousin in Great Falls that had a Golden Hawk Stude. It was a great car and would sure "go!" I remember he traded it off for a 1958 Corvette (with the washboard hood). I don't have a picture of him with his white Vette with the red interior but here is Bruce Springstein's 1958 Vette. Anson, I had a friend in Lewistown that raced a Studebaker Avanti with their stock Paxton blower. They were a pretty hot unit! This isn't his, but to give the kids here the idea. This is a 1963 Stude Avanti on the Bonneville Salt Flats. This 638 hp Studebaker would go 200 mph!
  11. My Granddad always said they ruined the Studebaker when they took the tongue off. Ron I've heard that saying before, Ron! I remember when Dad used to drive Studebakers, I was always kind of embarrassed to be caught sitting in one, but I never got to vote on what Mom and Dad drove. I just wished it was a Ford or Chevy. After WWII, in 1946, I remember going to the Fergus County Fair in Lewistown, Montana. On the midway was a covered display with a Tucker automobile in it. I remember the agent, Willis Todd, turning the steering wheel and watching the center front headlight turn wi
  12. Anson, my motto WAS: Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow... But I think I'll adopt your motto. I have shop projects I've wanted to do and I'll never got to them. I can tell with the health I'm working with now, they're out the window. Here are four of them. The 3 hp Fairbanks. It needs a lot of TLC and parts, even if it doesn't look like it. The Sattley engine runs, but needs a different cart. The one it is setting on belongs with the Fairbanks. Carl Mehmke gave us this running gear for an old wagon. It needs a reach made and plenty of other TLC.
  13. Ralph, I never tire of looking at this photo of your family threshing. I like that gasolene can and water jug at Tom Goff's feet!
  14. Anson, Model T Coils: Yes, the Model T as Henry shipped it has a separate coil for each cylinder. This is an earlier coil, with the brass top, ca 1916. I'm only posting what I have on file! This is a Timer. It works more like the distributor on a later vehicle or tractor. It sends the electricity to the coil, which in turn sends a high voltage impulse to the spark plug on its cylinder. There are several brands and types of timer's sold. The 1926 Coupe has the middle type of roller shown. This is a coilbox on a 1926 Model T. It's lid is in place. It unbuckles and pops righ
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