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  1. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Is anyone else here as enamored with wooden handle Coes patent wrenches as this old guy? The one with the tag on it was given to me by a late cousin of mine when I was 4 or 5. It IS the old tool I've held the longest, of mine. I counted 34 of the ones I could find around Mike's shop and shed. I figured I was done purchasing one, but the other day, I found another old rusty 22" one in a junk store. I wanted a pair, but didn't think I'd ever find another one. Actually my favorite collectors are those little tiny ones. Here are those Coes wrenches, and a large circular saw set I found as well. It would work well on our buzz saw blade. I don't know if it'd work on sawmill blades, without inserts or not? Kind of a messy subject, but also a fact of life. I recently found a ceramic porcelain bed pan. I already had a tin, gray enamel one. They are all set up for male patients. Of course the thunder mug for a youngster has the corn cobs for cleanup. There are two "honey buckets" and a male urinal in that pile as well. My wife used the honey bucket on the right in her childhood, before they had indoor plumbing, and still used the WPA outhouse. I took this picture of my "Thresherman's tea set." It is in the bathroom at Mike's shop. The brass spittoon is new to this view. I've never used this set of dishes. I can't imagine wanting hot tea after threshing, or running the steam engine threshing. And It's about time for an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm too. So here are Johnny, Toot and Annie, the Farmalls, F-12, M and H. Gary
  2. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    You cotton pickers south of us, sure talk about strippers a lot. We're not that corrupt minded here in Montana. Anson, how can you reminisce about strippers on Valentines Day, with that good lookin' wife of yours? Gary
  3. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    twostepn2001, You had me excited at first glance. I thought maybe Anson decided to bring cantaloupe or muskmelons to Montana. Then I didn't see the IHC AutoWagon. Then I figured he was dealing on that pair of mules in the lower right corner. I haven't given up on him yet. However, for about three or four years now, he's promised an AutoWagon load of watermelons, and it seems like he just keeps on eating them up himself. Gary
  4. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I don't know one darn thing... More stuff from Facebook though. Here's some money lined up! And how I remember going to the field and not having the right tools along for something. I tried to carry the right stuff in my pickup, but inevitably had to often run home for something. It was 1-1/2 to 2 miles back to the shop. This guy has solved it all. I think this lady is just posing on her husband's tractor for the picture. It's not a WWII "lady operating tractor in the field" photo. I love these ID-40 and WD-40 type tractors. This one has duals. Gary
  5. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Tubacase47, Thanks for the information on the Case tractor AND that Jayhawk stacker. It seems like saw one, or saw literature years ago about that stacker? More stuff from Facebook. This Farmall Regular is pulling a loose hay loader and pulling a trailer. It has a "homemade" look to it, but it could be from a manufacturer in the 1920's? I should know better than to poke fun at someone, who could be a grandson of the man in question? But my first reaction was that Al Capone was selling an IHC Farmall F-20 (in gray paint) to an old farmer, in Al's shop? My guess is, they were getting the F-20 ready to deliver with a cultivator attached. And An F-12 on rubber looks on. (probably different dealer, different tractor?) I know this isn't the same F-20 being delivered to the farmer, as it has no lugs. Unless they took them off so as to not screw up the decking on the dealer's trailer? Gary
  6. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Anson and Roger: I was NOT wearing a striped choo choo cap. I was wearing a polkadot steam engineer's cap. Not the one I was wearing in this selfie, but one like it. I've gone through probably 10 polkadot caps since that one on the TD-18A? With that subject settled once (maybe more?) and for all, here's a Facebook photo of a farmer on his F-20, holding a trophy. He must have been in a plowing contest? Here is a farmer and his son planting corn with their McCormick Deering tractor. They cut spokes and added rubber tire rims and poured concrete on the insides. Dad and his brothers did that to a couple of their Farmall M's, only used cultivator wheels and a pipe center to make the weights on the ground, then could remove the weights. I hope the concrete in this photo didn't cover the valve stems? I sure love the hats. I've checked in every junk store for one of those "Harry Truman fedora's" without any luck. My dad and uncles used to wear them when dressed up. Here is a haying crew posing with a Farmall Regular nearby. Tubacase47, or Tom Railsback appears to be going to help out that haying crew, with an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm. Also for Tom is this photo I stole of a Case orchard tractor of some type. Gary
  7. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Anson, Sharon is home and doing much better than when she was in the ICU. Still has a ways to go though. Some more stuff from Facebook: This "hay stacker" pushed by a Farmall M. It seems I remember something about these back in their day, but I don't remember a bit more than that, anymore. An International TD-35 TracTracTor plowing in literature. An IHC Farmall Regular being tried out and being photographed. I don't know much about this picture of an IH Farmall Cub pulling a "Trigard trailer." I hope the man who invented and built this isn't a friend of ours here. Four wheel caster doesn't make sense. And those skinny, tiny little tires in a field should sink to the axles? I don't know what it's for either. A 1950's IH parts department. I could feel right at home there. so much of that stuff was similar from store to store, with IH. I just marvelled about the gentleman, second from right, in his IH gray two tone coveralls. I was wearing a pair of those when I heard JFK was shot. This is a terrible little "postage stamp" size photo, but it is the only one of me in my IH coveralls. My wife took it of me on our TD-18A, by our little house in 1964. Well, I guess it IS an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm?? Gary
  8. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    My last 3 days have been a little unusual for me. Saturday, I was out at Silver Creek helping Mike replace the water pressure tank down below ground in his well room. We'd gotten everything unhooked and I was soldering up new piping for the new pressure tank. My cell phone rang and when I answered, my wife said: "I think I'm having a heart attack and I've called the ambulance." (I had her car at Mike's place.) I dropped everything and told Mike what she'd told me. I jumped into her car and headed for Helena and St. Peter's Hospital. (We only live about 4 blocks from the hospital, but she didn't have anything to drive anyway and was too sick to do that.) I drove those 17 miles from Mike's place and arrived at the emergency room. The lady asked, "Are you with Sharon?" I said I was. I had heavy clothes on, so took my coat to the car. Just then, I heard the siren leaving our apartment, heading for the ER. (I even confessed that to my nephew, Colonel Randy Yaeger, Chief, Montana Highway Patrol, Retired.) Randy came a couple times to hug on his aunt. Mike and Pam were a real blessing to us. We're at the age where meds and procedures confuse us some. Our grandkids are soothing to Grandma too. Mike had the intelligence to call his mother and keep her on the phone until the EMT's arrived in the ambulance. Sharon had a stent placed into her lower right heart chamber. Thank the Good Lord it wasn't "the big one." This is "my" highway patrolman I confessed my speeding sins to. And I've been worried that if Anson had Rogers, or someone else's IHC AutoWagon, headed this way with watermelons, I wanted him to understand the gauges, switches and dials on the dash, if he didn't understand them. I sure miss this cockpit, Roger.... Gary
  9. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I sure don't know anything. I'll hand your compliment to Don Greytak, Anson, when I get a chance. That AutoWagon is a great photo, Twostepn2001! Thanks for sending that along. Ralph, that's an amazing apple crop someone raised in Canada! Here are some Facebook photos I saved along the way. The first two are Farmall F-20's. The first one has a loader. Somebody didn't sleep well, thinking it up! This one is turning an IH corn sheller, or so it was posted anyway. I don't know anything about sugar beets either, but this Farmall H has a single row picker and top chopper. And someone posted this photo of a great looking IHC touring Car. Must be a Model J-30. I know you're getting Facebook photos here pretty much. But remember, Facebook is getting lots of photos of IH Tractors on a Montana Farm too! besides tractors, this is the header photo for the IH Group on Facebook this morning! Our 53 year old son Mike (Farmall Kid) when he was 31 months old. Gary
  10. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    My friend Dick and I made our annual trek over to Great Falls this morning to attend the 33rd Annual Great Falls Toy Show, put on by IH tractor collector Gary Larsen and friends. However, I didn't see Tubacase47 there. I hope he's alright? Here are a few of the IH tractors on display. I "forgot" to take any pictures of the green and yellow tractors. It was good to see that Canadian, MacDonald cab on the (Super?) WD-9 of Gary Larsen's. This Dodge Power Wagon is one of the nicest ones I've ever seen restored. It used to be a "rock hauling truck" on a farm. I guess it was dented all to pieces. You'd never know it when Bob Bronec got done with it. This 1938 Ford half ton pickup was also restored by Bob Bronec. It's just as beautiful as it looks. This picture might catch Roger's attention? My friend Don Greytak did this pencil rendition of a 1908 (1909) built Model T Ford passing a 1906 Cadillac on a road. It is impeccably done by the perfectionist and his pencil. Don's pencil drawings look like photographs. I took this photo of Don Greytak with his finest work (my humble opinion) for my own records. Gary
  11. What is this??

    A J.I. Case Threshing Machine. I found several Case threshing machines in my files, but the last photo is of a Case steam engine turning an Avery threshing machine. I wanted to show you what they did in the grain harvest. Threshing machines were basically a stationary "combine" that you brought cut bundles to it and pitched them into it with a pitchfork. The straw came out the back end, through the large blower pipe and the grain went through the smaller tube, from the elevator. OBG The grain that is fed to the threshing machine is cut with a binder when it is still a touch green. Grain bundles (sheaves in Canada) are stood up and shocked (stooked in Canada). They are picked up when cured and fed to the threshing machine. This is our binder last August.
  12. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I went to Grandson Jacob's high school this morning to pick him up and take him to Grandma's after he'd finished his last final test at 11:15. While waiting, I only had my cheapo TracFone camera to take this picture of this huge old black raven perched upon a parking lot light. This is what it reminded me of, Tubacase47! And I'll see you Friday! I've always had an affinity to IHC Farmall Regular tractors with steel wheels. This one passed by me on Facebook. This late model Farmall F-20 was one I grabbed there as well. Firestone tires on Goodyear rear rims. I never knew Firestone and Goodyear both made those cast iron rear wheel centers with demountable rims. I figured they were made by IHC? I learn something every day! Anson this has to be for you. Mules, a cotton gin, and two IHC Farmalls in one photo! Gary
  13. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I learned something new today. A gentleman put this photo of a spruced up Farmall F-12 with wide front end, fenders, electrical system, rubber tires and a proper muffler. I looked at the muffler above and posted that I'd never seen one of them before. I didn't mean it wasn't true, just I'd NEVER seen this muffler before. But below is the parts book reference to it. Now, I'll probably have to go looking for one??!!! Here is a lady cultivating corn on an F-12, also from Facebook. Also from Facebook was this photo of Darryn Shabley's 1938 F-12 disking. It had been upgraded with F-14 upgrades. That's a neat tractor. I like the finish on it. "Barn fresh original!" Well, maybe it set outside some in its lifetime? Since I'm posting about F-12's, I'm putting ours on here from a couple years ago when Mike was getting ready to grind feed for Pam's chickens. And I had to put this one here, as it is an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm! Gary
  14. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    dewets, Thank you for your knowledge and information about that combine. Seeing that Sunshine McKay stripper combine reminded my old mind of this combine at Dupuyer, Montana, that was horse pushed. It's interesting the development of equipment at it's beginnings. This was on Facebook some time back. It shows the first self propelled combine, a Berry from Stockton, California, that utilized a Holt steam engine to propel it. I'd not known this information either. Gary
  15. The Sears Roebuck catalog

    Someday someone may start excavating old homestead and farm sights. They may only be able to locate Sears & Roebuck or Monkey Wards catalogs in places like this? OBG