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  1. lets not plant anything this year and see what happens
  2. Very cold and dry spring here in the uk only 56f today crop desperately need rain ,Weather forecasts an unsettled week with showers but no substantial rain spring crops really need a good soak .Reading this morning that combines are harvesting winter barley in mid western France this is a month early! Happy farming
  3. Evening all fert prices have gone mad over here in the uk 46%urea has just topped £600 ton as an example are you chaps the same?
  4. Maybe it's for the best if we stick to talking about tractors
  5. We run a Fendt 724 it was sold to us as a 10,000 hr tractor getting close to 9,000 hrs no probs but on full manufactures service scheme still drives as new
  6. I think it's the viagra coating making sprout quickly
  7. Rapid germination only planted Monday photo taken Wednesday evening
  8. Keep at them canola is trading spot price off farm £500!!! Ton around$650 Harvest price £440+oil bonuses appt £25 £465 ton $604 how does this compare very short in Europe God export opportunity I'd thought, challenger sprayer?
  9. Do you think we're planting to close it's been very must trial and error with us...we are growing several varieties to give variation in size and shape ..with some more flavoursome squashes Honey Bear,Crown Prince,Spaghetti Squash and some Turks Turban.If you have any advice we'd love to hear
  10. Hi the row spacing is 1.5 meters or 5 foot approx seed spacing is0.5 meters or 20inches so every other row was planting weed control is difficult a pre emergence of kerb 400 and later if we still have weed problems inter row cultivating once they are away the growth is so fast the vines cover the ground and stifles any weeds we irrigate and apply last N start of flowering are you thinking of growing some
  11. Sorry to hear you have flea beetle it's devastated the winter canola (wosr)for the last few years it our own faults since we lost neo- nic seed dressings. Although it had lost it efficacy some what we had all been on a simple rotation of 1st wheat 2 nd wheat canola (wors) our present insecticides have very little affect in fact we are spraying up 5- 7 times in the autum against the little bast--ds we can see them on the surface of the soil and as you walk they disappear into it,more come out at night so we're all spraying in the dark it's a nightmare the acreage has fallen dramatically the only way we have a chance of a crop is to seed early with a companion crop of vetch or buckwheat straight behind the combine from mid July to mid Augustwhen they are not so active hope for rain and a rapid start and if the plant is large enough it will survive the onslaught the companion crops are sacrificial the idea being the ease the burden on the canola be aware be very aware this beetle is a game changer
  12. Canning pumpkins? Not something we have in the UK
  13. Wife's just eaten one now I'm off down the pub
  14. 8 one this morning wife still waiting
  15. Massey Harris te20 and 35 very similar in fact the same and as my father told me bloody useless when they were new can see why they would be any better now they are old,they were running TD40 TD9. W9 s and Oliver 80s at the time had a demo with one on a2 furrow 3point linkage plough went 150 yards on clay soil and died, don't call us we will call you hardly fair against that line up but hey-ho there you go
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