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  1. Prolly had bearing caps pulled, that will fill finals but not drain them. Itl fill slowly and must be full full.
  2. The slightest hill will pull the RPM down and that will drop air pressure and REALLY screw up the planting. Cyclo planters need constant rpm to hold fan steady. I still think the OP gets rid of the IH and finds a 7000, they're way, WAY simpler than a 400. The learning curve with a cyclo is a lil hard if you only plant a few acres. Nearly impossible to screw up a 7000.
  3. The thing everyone's forgetting is these planters don't have greasable tapered bearings. They're tiny sealed roller bearings. I just spend 2 hours tonight doing 2 wheels, 4 bearings...... no way I'd pull an IH cyclo more than 25 miles from home without LOTS of blocking, jacks, and tools.
  4. Sorry I forgot to look in the book on how to by-pass it and it's at the shop. I'll try and remember to post pics tomorrow.
  5. I highly agree with the JD 7000 idea. They're way simpler than even an IH 400. It's almost impossible to screw up planting with a 7000.
  6. Those things kill wheel bearing open in the field..... I'd be afraid to go 215 miles on the crap wheel bearings IH thought was a good idea on those things. I suggest pulling the wheels off the wings for spares, and get lots of practice changing wheel bearings, they suck! I looked long and hard for a 12 row front fold just for transport reasons. I pulled this home from NE Missouri to EC Minnesota.
  7. $8 off Amazon. Just a random coolant tank.
  8. How are you verifying your losing pressure? No factory gauge on an 856, just an idiot light. It's totally normal to lose pressure as oil warms up and becomes thinner. 10 psi per 1000 rpm's is perfectly acceptable for any motor.
  9. Got sick of watching the low coolant light flash on the 5088 so I added a coolant recovery tank.
  10. None of what you've said makes sense. It not possible for a 540 shaft to look like the image above. Because that is an internal part of the pto unit. Plus, I've told you once already, you CAN'T put a 1000 shaft on the planter unless you change the pulleys that run the fan. Just take a picture of your current pto on your tractor so we can see what's going on.
  11. To add to this, I cut the resistor on the back so on first click, it's only flashers and tail light. Nice for daytime road travel with LED lights, no need to blind people in the daytime too.
  12. 6.9 idi, 7.3 idi, 7.3 Powerstroke, 6.0 Powerstroke. Ford used Navistar engines from 84-08.
  13. 1900 and 1950 only had the 4-53 detroit. 1950-T was only offered with a diesel waukesha. No row crop gas option above the 18xx series
  14. Oliver offered the big 4x4 articulated in LPG. Think it was 550 cubes? 650? I've seen oliver and Minneapolis Moline versions of the same tractor, 4x4 articulated LPG.
  15. They'll work just fine, 16" is only pulling the sidewall out 1" per side. It might look a little funny, but physically it'll work fine. For $32 I'd for sure being using the new to you rims!!!!
  16. I'll be the 2nd guy to say, just fix what you have. Instead of wasting alot of time tearing 2 engines apart, just tear 1 down and fix it. If you order all the parts ahead of time you could have it apart, inframed and back together in a few days. Dad's 5088 dropped the water in oil a couple winters ago, never even thought about a motor swap. just tore it down at 9,000 hours and rebuilt it, never touched cam, crank check out good, no machine work anywhere. As far as 414, vs 436, vs 466. Honestly unless your building 300hp or more, it's hardly a difference.
  17. With looks like that they wouldn't have had to worry about White sucking Oliver dry.... Oliver would have killed itself off!!!!
  18. I assume Le seur? I wanted to go but long drive, rain, mud...... I passed. The foot throttle would have been sweet!!!!
  19. Very, very few have the rare bolt on cast center. Many, many came with the normal cast center like the 400/450's had.
  20. I guess I don't see how that will matter front to back. The depth wheels set the seed depth. If the planter is tongue high, it will rock the row unit nose up also, thus making it plant shallower because the opener is slightly infront of the gauge wheel. If nose up is causing more pressure on the rear units and making them go deeper than front, then that's a down pressure problem.
  21. I once read "minimum wage isn't the lowest wage you must pay someone to perform the job, it's actually the minimum skill level you must hire for the job". Meaning if the guy applying for the job isn't worth $16 an hour, you don't have to hire them for that job........ Sounds like you found the perfect work around for the stupid high minimum wage problem WA has caused. MN is quickly following the same path.....
  22. I believe the axles are the same as a 450, 560. On edit, found the chart.
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