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  1. I'm 41 years young today. Thanks and happy birthday to everyone else!
  2. Ironic how government couldn't fix it in the end.....
  3. Farm with Red and black Case 4694. Bucket list toy, probably any 06/56 high crop or wheatland gas.
  4. Thought about bringing the 856 Custom but with the hot temps coming, but I decided to stay home. I will be bringing it to Dalton the next weekend.
  5. I assume your talking about the headlight buckets on the side of the fuel tank? As far as I know, no LED replacement for those big lights. On edit, I stand corrected. I see Triple R has the 5&3/4 lights for 560, 706, 806 fuel tank lights in LED. But it appears their sight isn't working right and I can't add them to the cart. Not cheap either!!!!
  6. My plan has always been to NOT by new vehicles. Vehicles realy got lame/dumb around 2012-14 time frame when emissions took over, froo froo sissy accessories got popular. Or it's just oldmanitus setting in, I'll be 41 Tuesday..... GM did go under, remember the big government loan, 08 I think it was. they should have just let gmc get bought out by whoever had the money.
  7. Diesel engines have almost no engine braking, they'll Rev way up if pushed down a hill, nature of the beast.
  8. I didn't know Scarlett Johanssen had hands....
  9. Just leave it sit or will it self ignite if left open? Loosing 1 bale to the weather is cheap compared to an entire day trying to rewrap and tie it all together.
  10. Parallel 12V on my 806. Series 6V on the 856, and dad's 806. As soon as they die they will be swapped to Parallel 12V also. None of these tractors ever need to start in the winter.
  11. Bought my 756 gas in December of 21 as a non running parts machine. It needed copper washers on the hydraulic pump bolts to fix a leak. Points were burned from 12V so a new resister and plugs and it fired right up. It ran so good I couldn't part it out so it gets used as a yard tractor, and the occasional wagon puller. My 80 year old neighbor plowed with it last fall for an afternoon.
  12. 741 looks to be the original number, that matches pretty good with the 884 engine number and the other early things on it. Why on earth someone would restamp it to an 8 is odd.
  13. Impossible for an Ammeter to cause a draw. I'd suspect your 1 wire has bad diodes and is draining it. Unhook it over night to find out.
  14. I was sitting in line for the parade and the owner of that tractor jumped up and started talking to me. Said he was on here years ago, not much any more, but he did ask if I started this thread, so he must still be around.
  15. I was there quickly friday to drive 856 through parade, then had to be home. Only to go right back with wife and kid to meet friends at 530. I'll be there 11 or so Saturday for parade and will stick around until I can't take the heat. Going to miss all of Sunday, going to NHRA race in Brainerd!!!! I saw that 806, didn't notice the stamped cover, it's got the early small screen radiator cover, way early engine number, doesn't match with the serial tag on clutch. And it has International decals off a 66 series over engine, not the metal plate. honestly haven't looked at much yet, plan to look things over good Saturday.
  16. Pretty sure the inline will require a different front cover. It will for sure need new lines. You've got 10 weeks and the clocks ticking, I'd put the ambac on and not think twice. If you want HP, the ambac will give you all you'll need if your just putting a stock truck short block back in. Question, why not rebuild existing motor?
  17. Like said sounds like park is holding it. You need to lift the fork on top of trans cover up and stick a spacer of some sort under park fork. Nut or bolt work great, just make sure it's all the way up.
  18. Crazy world, 29502 is for sale in Brandon mn. Sorry can't help with the search but I'll bump the thread back to the top.
  19. Shortly after the last post I noticed it was pushing coolant out between 3 and 4 so I tore it down Sunday with the hope of a head gasket swap and then bring it to the Nowthen show this Friday-Sunday for the IH feature. Well we all know how that goes...... #2 is bad, 2&6 the liners lift out by hand, and a few others are badly corroded up at the top. I'm amazed a propane can be so dirty, I think someone was running it on liquid under light loads for a long, long time.
  20. I saw that 1, crazy over priced. There's an 806 gas a couple post away from it for $3,000 less!!! And still probably over priced.
  21. Mine doesn't because the offset is way off, good 3" from pedestal, I need to find different rims to tuck them in closer. In theory you can put any width tire you want, just need correct offset.
  22. Where are you located? I've been looking for an 856 gas for years.
  23. 11L-16 on my 806, offset is way wrong but they fit under the frame rails.
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