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  1. Forum issues

    Chrome through my phone works fine, chrome on my PC will not load the forums, just gives an error.
  2. Super MTA Brakes

    Don't use anti seize, use either grease or graphite, any seize turns to grit and makes the brakes worse.
  3. Alderman's in Michigan decal?

    that's pretty cool, however you would think the gal darn dealer would help you out with something like this!
  4. Forum issues

    I got it when trying to read this thread, lol
  5. 2366/2388 feeder house size

    thanks guys.
  6. 2366/2388 feeder house size

    Can you guys tell me if the feeder house size is the same between the 2366 and the 23/2588 combines? Do the heads interchange with out modification? 1666 I'm pretty sure was smaller than a 1688, that is why I'm asking.
  7. 5488 fwd tires

    20.8r38 is the same rolling diameter as 18.4r42, these tires will run with an 18.4r26 or 16.9r28. 20.8r42 is a tight fit on the back, I'd have to look up in the book what fronts can go with that size.
  8. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    You're in control of the machine, it's not in control of you!
  9. 756 grinding feed today

    nice tractor
  10. Steiger disk

    My neighbor has a Steiger chisel plow, very heavy duty, the tube frame is filled with sand for additional weight.
  11. 5488 All-Wheel Drive Hand Pump

    What are you guys doing with these hand pumps, the All-Wheel Drive pump 127273191 is no longer available, only the 2wd version 1263446C91 for $1660, which will make my steering slower. Are you rebuilding or is there a good aftermarket source?
  12. Alderman's in Michigan decal?

    Tim, ugh!
  13. Alderman's in Michigan decal?

    Matt Travis is the parts manager, call him to get his address then email this pic to him and he may be able to help
  14. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    That is very cool