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  1. superih

    706 turbo recommendation

    Well there you go, I didn't know the D-301 was made.
  2. superih

    706 turbo recommendation

    So what is a D-301 and what is it out of?
  3. superih

    2018 Harvest in France

    Wow, love the pics, thank you. One question, why do Europeans use such small planters, seems all the ones i see are no wider than the tractor?
  4. superih

    Farmall m with 450 motor

    Use the 450 distributor, it's curved different than the M. Use the governor with the least amount of slop on the weights, if it's the 450 you will need to swap governor control arms and use the one from the M so the throttle linkage will work correctly.
  5. superih

    Letter Series at Work

    Plowing snow with SM-TA Plow day with SM-TA and Super H SM-TA on auger duty with Super C in the background on the header cart. SM making north of 150 horse that my wife and I have had a lot of fun on.
  6. superih

    cage nuts for 1066 hoods

    I replaced all of mine with standard thread, also bought flanged headed bolts, works really well now.
  7. superih

    cage nuts for 1066 hoods

    Not sure which ones you need but McMaster Carr had exactly what I needed for my 5488
  8. superih

    DALLAS 806

    Great story, thank you
  9. superih

    IH 5488 fwd Transmission life

    Yes I would say that is very rare. Why do you think it isn't updated? My 5488 had 2100 hours on it and had the aftermarket update it in from who knows when.
  10. superih

    IH 5488 fwd Transmission life

    It could already have the aftermarket update, almost is impossible to tell without tearing it apart, i believe the updated splines are almost 1/8" wide. Do the aftermarket update through Mike Links just swap a couple of clutch pack gears to get the larger spline and your good to go. He can hook you up with the entire trans rebuild for only a couple grand. In my opinion the aftermarket is better because it keeps your gear ratios the same, the IH update closes the ratios too much.
  11. superih

    IH Refrigerator Shipping Crate

  12. superih

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Joe Rogan has probably the best podcasts, I try to listen as often as possible they are just extra long so it takes time. Although his opinions of agriculture he has some learning to do, the best part he is open and willing to bring guests on to educate him.
  13. superih

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    So they quit teaching history, or just rewrote it? All just to gain power over the people. This crap is so unreasonable I can't believe that people listen to these arguments.
  14. superih

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    College educated and her work experience is ...................................a former bar-tender, ugh, who votes for these idiots?
  15. superih

    1456 hydraulic question

    Make sure they are 90 durometer though, most off the shelf O-rings are only 60-70 durometer which will not hold back the pressure as well. You can order over the phone through McMaster-Carr and get a bag of each for around $10.