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  1. Put a used Hanson ring drive in our 20x70 silo, went from a surface drive what a world of difference, they don't get caught on mounds or dig themselves in they just go. The old unloader was replaced because as mentioned above the cable snapped when raising the unloader, of course it was all the way to the top and the silo was empty, the unloader was removed in pieces by the cutting torch!
  2. I looked it up under Farmall 450 and it does say that 70 durometer was used, thanks.
  3. The orings that seal the shafts, number 4 in the pic, should these be 70 or 90 durometer? Usually any orings in hydraulic systems are 90, but the original ones i pulled out feel soft like 70 durometer, just wondering if they feel soft because they are 74 years old or do you think they should be 70 durometer?
  4. This is a great thread, thank you all.
  5. From what I understand Gloss Red (PPG 71956) went into use in 1980 and is still what is used by CaseIH today. The sheet metal on my Super M puller is an automotive paint (can't recall the manufacturer, it's a European paint) match to Gloss Red and then we added 3% Pearl to the clear coat, it's not real obvious but when up close the paint looks about 3 inches thick!
  6. I've used a good cutoff wheel (Metabo Slicer) on a grinder to cut the rims apart, just scribe a line around the rim and then follow the line with grinder, leaves a nice clean and smooth edge. Have a band rolled out of 11 or 14 gauge depending on the application and tack it between the two halves of the rim that was just cut apart. Leave a small gap at each seam and weld from the outside of the rim (inside of tire), the weld will penetrate through the gap giving a real strong weld with a nice finish.
  7. Sounds like you are talking about an aftercooler, an intercooler bolts to the intake side of the head and is water cooled.
  8. I don't personally care for 2150, too orange, #50 red is much nicer to my eyes, which crosses to Dupont 7410 or PPG 70019, I painted my Super H with 7410 and it turned out very nice. Any more I much prefer just IH Gloss Red, available at the dealer in a rattle can for touch ups and crosses to PPG 71956 and to me is the perfect red for IH tractors.
  9. superih

    super ih

    Not me but my neighbor Bill that is a couple miles from my farm, his number is (989) 942-1538. Hope this helps.
  10. I like the burgundy interior!
  11. Lol, no idea just being a smart a$$
  12. M&W was cable or mechanical linkage going through the right side of the transmission, Heisler went through the Left side
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