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  1. Were corn don't grow by Waylon
  2. Did you hear the Kaiser wheels factory burnt down?
  3. Yes sir, always make a point to attend memorial day remembrance in our small town with my young family, explain to my kids how we have our freedoms and what prices have been paid to keep them, always gets a somber and respectful attitude from my kids, they stand at attention through the entire ceremony or they get a kick in the ass!
  4. Is the strap over the drawbar a factory option?
  5. Good luck finding a tractor that can do the same work on less fuel. Our 9270 or 7240 can't touch the efficiency of the 5488.
  6. This one is an animal, lucky enough to purchase it from a member here on Red Power, pushing 300 horse and uses it, just a pleasure to run!
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