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  1. superih

    5488 Sentry kicking out

    Change your filters first
  2. superih

    IH 756 w/Case IH 2355 loader

    Love the collection!
  3. superih

    Sold the Sandblaster

    I guess the chemical works good if you have 3 days to wait, those are impressive results.
  4. superih

    Black Stripe 66 Series Tractor Mechanicals

    Nice corn, almost waist high here in Michigan, amazing it's tasseling out there!
  5. superih

    Black Jaguar

    I just don't understand what in the **** is wrong with people thinking that it's a good idea to release big cats, rattle snakes, or wolves into an area, our ancestors only spent a couple hundred years trying to erraticate them to make it safer to be in the woods!
  6. superih

    Black Jaguar

    But, if they don't exist then we can shoot the damned things, right?
  7. superih

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    Corn has been much easier to market this year, the price stayed over the high of last year for weeks, beans took a little more thought but still better than last year, forward contracting is your friend.
  8. superih

    PTO Shield 5488

    It was sent to 1486lp, told him if you don't want it I'll take it.
  9. superih

    PTO Shield 5488

    Pm sent
  10. superih

    My Winter Project- 5488 Rebuild

    That is what the tach says, it works and as far as we can tell it's pretty accurate. The engine had a cracked #1 piston from it being overheated, the radiator was plugged with red dirt from the south, Danny at Dirtboyz rebuilt the engine and painted it.
  11. superih

    IH 756 w/Case IH 2355 loader

    I'm pretty sure you live in the middle of an IH gold mine down there!
  12. superih

    67 Mustang/Pikes Peak/180ish mph

    Love the sound.