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  1. I've been at the neighbors farm when Doc shows up. Not much scripting, the camera crew has to move fast and hard to keep up with what he is doing.
  2. superih


    See him a couple times, awesome man!
  3. My 856 handles 3rd on a damned good track, a 1456 should take 4th no problem
  4. Yup, pullers have had them for years, that price does seem high
  5. My 856 with cab and 18 wheel weights, no fluid in tires is dead on 15000
  6. Sounds like it replaced the bleeder screw, then the line was added to return any oil back to the tractor. I would bet at least $0.26 that's it's on the back side of the tee.
  7. So could the air bleed orifice be plugged on the problem side?
  8. Sdman, I love you sharing your knowledge here.
  9. It would have to be a monster fan, you ever stand in front of the tractor at full throttle?
  10. What did you do to your head to make it cut beans at 5mph?
  11. So the W6 tractors that I have tore down all had the low low first in them. According to the parts book low low first was an option in the W6, same part number as the Farmall.
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