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  1. The main jet is designed to be ran turned out, go at least 4 turns unless it has been drilled out. Adjust idle jet after that to get it to idle correctly
  2. Does the carb have the idle jet in it, the small brass tube that threads into the top of the fuel bowl, lots of times people forget to install, this would make the idle circuit very rich like you are saying.
  3. Get the S2E, you will love it
  4. How is anything supposed to be manufactured without a print? Just send out a bunch of patterns for people to use or something.
  5. Does it have too much timing? Too hot of plugs?
  6. I'd say 10:1 is pushing it for pump gas, usually stay under 9:1, but you never know without trying it! Using flat top pistons and removing any sharp points that can get hot and cause preignition will make you more successful. I'm running 8.5 in a farm tractor on pump gas (91-93) running it hard for a couple hours and haven't had problems.
  7. A 400M is a runner with a cam swap, big carb, and MSD
  8. Usually you boil them in water then they slide right on
  9. Oh man I would love to have a high resolution copy of that pic!
  10. Send the tube to these guys, they can reproduce anything. Awesome customer service. https://www.inlinetube.com/
  11. Weird, I graduated with 10 varsity letters and never did any of your above mentioned BS, graduated with one year of college paid for with Academic scholarships. Why do you rip on something you have never experienced, just an opinion formed from the sidelines, an opinion based on nothing but negativity.
  12. I'm guessing you fellas didn't play sports in school? Special high dollar facilities are certainly in the minority of high schools across the countryside.
  13. Sports? Really? High school sports teach today's kids more about life and discipline than any other area in their life. What winning feels like and the taste of defeat. No classroom is going to teach that, no app on their phone will replace it!
  14. Holland was a great company, the best for the employee and the customer, yellow was a failing company with a bunch of cash somehow, bought out Holland which almost instantly took Holland headed to the crap house. Just a terrible story.
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