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  1. A Dyno is a great way to dial in an engine, you could also use a vacuum gauge set the timing where the vacuum is highest. The problem with going by a setting is that it doesn't take into account any wear or other adjustments that aren't correct.
  2. That is a bulk head fitting, take the third link cover off and reach down in and loosen the line connected to it on the inside, it's JIC also. Not a hard job to do. Make sure you use an oring for SAE fittings they are the correct size and harder and will seal better.
  3. Randy Dowdy, corn warriors is great to watch, he is basically growing corn on sand hydroponically.
  4. The record corn was grown on sand in Georgia!
  5. Wow, wide open country, thanks for the pics
  6. Danny, Was the only time in the snow my fault?
  7. What did you have to do?
  8. Two strong guys can pull the PTO pretty easy.
  9. This^^^^^ I rebuilt my transmission with master clutch, had around $3000 into parts not hard to do just intimidating but you will definitely want the service manual to help you through it. Also Mike Links was a great asset to have just a phone call away for the project.
  10. So basically it varies your plowing depth when the pulling gets hard correct?
  11. Does anyone use draft control? I've never seen it used around here.
  12. Where are you from? There were a lot of those setups around central Michigan years ago.
  13. superih

    5100 drill

    Does your manual state that a soybean special includes fertilizer hoppers?
  14. superih

    5100 drill

    Then it's not a soybean special.
  15. superih

    5100 drill

    Is the main hopper divided in half and are there fertilizer meters in the bottom?
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