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  1. M and Super M are the same shaft
  2. Not over the road, just for hauling grain out of the field.
  3. Very cool, that is my next project someday to restore a Transtar
  4. Nice dozer, but what's the story with the cabover?
  5. What display is it? I use a Universal Display Plus on my 2388 and really like it, just not as nice as the newer ones, but works really well
  6. It's not a muffler it's an air cleaner, and there is a reason we were born with an immune system instead of an air cleaner! Don't be a sheep!
  7. They were 12" spacing, could be rearranged for I believe 14" also
  8. The radio in my 5488 quit working for a while, could hear the speakers click when turned on but nothing after that, finally figured out the FM/AM slide had been bumped in between, slid back over to FM a wallah, it worked again!
  9. S7 is very hard tool steel
  10. Just replace it, rods are cheap to buy
  11. So that's not normal?
  12. Templeton rye and water, yum
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