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  1. Wrong spelling, Sonoco, 120 years old!
  2. Oh man would I love to have that tractor
  3. Just remember that these red square bottoms would have been used on combines, another reason they would have been painted red.
  4. That wasn't a powershift, just the redesigned cab.
  5. Was this on AgTalk a couple of days ago?
  6. I agree. Roscoe was always my favorite character on the original series, very funny character
  7. Couldn't find it are you sure this is the auction house with it?
  8. Have any Republican governor's ordered their state to stay at home?
  9. Love my 5488, but sure wish it was a powershift!
  10. And.............. Which one did you sell?
  11. I find this all very interesting, thanks for all the explanation
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