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  1. Central Michigan, 6-8" of wet snow
  2. Just remember with cold oil you will have drag on the clutch, reverse will grind on my 5488 until the oil warms up, that is why a transmission heater was available for those tractors.
  3. Probably the best company in existence!
  4. Pretty sure that only applies to the early 2188s, 2388 where showed back down from the factory.
  5. Pierce then Sean Halle, yum!
  6. Great music, love it! just in the presence of a large bunch of douche bags at the Kennedy center.
  7. ^^^ this and weld a nut on it, the plug will come out.
  8. Field tracker kits are around $8000.
  9. Field tracker kits are available new through your dealer, they should at least be able to print you off the install instructions.
  10. superih

    IH radiators

    I put a new one from AP Air in my 5488 a couple of years ago, fit was perfect and works real well.
  11. Just buy the hose through CASEIH, still available and nice and flexible, there should be a support clamp at the back of the block for that hose where the injector return line tees in. Pretty sure there is an orifice in the hose fitting.
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