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  1. Love his books, at least that walking library wrote his info down, I sure wish a lot of the old boys that I have known would have wrote down what they knew, mostly because I can't remember everything they told me!
  2. superih

    3088 Muffler

    All the valve does is act as a check valve to prevent exhaust from going backwards into the air cleaner, sounds to me like you aren't getting draw through the muffler.
  3. How can we have all of this corn with positive basis levels through out the country, USDA is absolutely clueless!
  4. Non-glare is the correct paint but imo gloss looks better
  5. I was once told that there was a booster that worked with the original 56 series clutch pedal, does anyone know if that is true?
  6. Murder is illegal. The end!
  7. You nay sayers need to read the Federalist papers, quite obvious what the country was founded on.
  8. Oh for goodness sakes, we are talking about since 1776, not the medival times!
  9. I can see that but they are putting it in the barn loose.
  10. Pretty sure Allah had nothing to do with founding this country, just trying to destroy it!
  11. So why loose, not baled?
  12. This 856 sits in my barn, was my dad's
  13. Make sure the distributor is well grounded, get the paint off the clamps and shoulder, then use the correct plug wires, compressed core I believe.
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