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  1. Sd Man, do you have the part number to that kit?
  2. That is not harvest rate it is unload rate.
  3. Yes agree, Consumers sucks
  4. Thank you, that is a very sharp seat
  5. Is this seat red, would you share it's part number?
  6. Very nice, does this have for and aft or just lateral movement? What part number did you order?
  7. Make sure you don't put the fan in backwards. I had to unbolt my AC compressor to get enough room to remove fan.
  8. Headed wrap around the joint and secure with a hose clamp on each side, works great and will not leak
  9. That is a Super M carb. I bet the idle jet is missing, the small brass stem that screws into the fuel bowl half of the carb
  10. There are two of those valves, one in the front filter housing, one in the speed section housing, hopefully the pics help, I had no issues with hydraulic function before fixing the loose valve
  11. Okay hold on. First, Bolt 18 you completely remove, this closes the filter oil supply valve and drains the filter housing so you don't have a mess when you pull the filter cover. Second, the valve in the picture is an anti drain back valve between the rear filter and the front one. It's located in the front filter housing i believe, hydraulics will function fine without it. My 5488 had the same valve loose when I split it, they are held by a cheesy washer with a spring, I put a tack weld on mine to hold it in permanently, I'll see if I can find some pics.
  12. Plastic fan upgrade was only for late model with the rotary screen on the side, good thing to do the bearing mount at the same time, do not need to change the shroud.
  13. Man who runs in front of car gets tired
  14. Exactly, that invention is dumber than a football bat!
  15. This thread is full of a whole bunch of badassery right here!
  16. In my opinion there are three ways to build an M. Stroked 1 inch x 4.25- 4.375 bore, 350 CID good honest 90 horse, cheap build, runs forever Stroked 1.75-2" x 4.375 =421 or 436 CID is a very stable build capable of 150 horse or more, more expensive block work, Big bore engines, 4.750-5.125" x 7.75-8" stroke, 530- 660 CID, 250 horse plus, very expensive build,
  17. That is awesome!
  18. Were corn don't grow by Waylon
  19. Did you hear the Kaiser wheels factory burnt down?
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