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  1. Anyone hear much about the Maryland shooting?

    Every school shooting is proof positive in itself that "gun free zones" thus "gun control" does not work!
  2. My favorite International machinery.

    Have a 56 blower on the farm to fill 70ft silo's. The story was when the dealer was out to demonstrate the blower he told them to put the biggest tractor they had on it, which was a 1066, always used the 856 so they were wondering why the big power was needed. Pulled the loaded silage wagon up, usually unloaded in 1st or 2nd speed, the dealer reached up and shifted the wagon into sweep speed and the blower never plugged, just unloaded the wagon in record time! The blower has yet to leave the farm.
  3. Cat Sealant on Manifolds

    I have read on here that guys are using Cat 2P-2333 sealer to seal up exhaust manifolds, how are you guys using it? Apply the paste to both sides of the manifold gasket or run no gasket and just the sealant or what? The product the Cat store sells as that part number is "Loctite MR 2000 Extreme Temperature Putty"
  4. K&M door cylinder

    After having them on you would be willing to pay double the money, that's how nice they are.
  5. Cat Sealant on Manifolds

    Danny did you still use the gasket?
  6. Need Wheel Weight Help Please

    Those will fit wedge lock or clamp type
  7. 5488 manifold

    Would you really want to weld both halves together in a farm tractor, I thought that was intended to be an expansion joint do you don't break manifold bolts or the manifold itself.
  8. 5488 engine

    looks to me like you need to clean up your shop floor a little bit! LOL
  9. Guns

    This fact was proven every time a state allowed concealed carry by its residents, crime went down, by a lot! This fact alone should say enough about how criminals think and work, if people are armed and the criminals know it they are significantly safer than without.
  10. 13 Speed M

    Yes on the 1st gear, no on using 400 or 450 4th gear, the top shaft has a different spline so they do not interchange between the M and Super M. If you want a faster 4th get a Super M 4th, pretty sure they are the same speed as the 400/450.
  11. Guns

    But how can drug overdose be 3 times the gun rate? Drugs are illegal so overdoses shouldn't be happening? Sarcasm!
  12. Firestone super NO tractions

    That's a new one, what is the alternative you suggest?
  13. harmonic balancer

    from what I've researched there are only two options, 1.get yours rebuilt from Dale or 2. get a new one from CaseIH. I'm putting a new one on my 5488 as we speak and I got it new through IH.
  14. 13 Speed M

    slow slow 1st gear is standard in the W6 tractors, so they are fairly easy to find.
  15. 5488 HD Square front axle

    Yup, just got time to look it up and you are correct.
  16. 5488 HD Square front axle

    From what I've been told its the same as the MFD pump.
  17. 5488 All-Wheel Drive Hand Pump

    What are you guys doing with these hand pumps, the All-Wheel Drive pump 127273191 is no longer available, only the 2wd version 1263446C91 for $1660, which will make my steering slower. Are you rebuilding or is there a good aftermarket source?
  18. Dana Loesch

    These high schoolers are simply clueless, they will get a real education when they get into the scary real world. The lefties certainly moved quickly to exploit this tragedy, wish people could see how sick they are.
  19. 5488 All-Wheel Drive Hand Pump

    How would you go about this?
  20. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    In the 1950's there were a half a million people in government run mental institutions. Through the 1960's and 70's the idea that these people should be integrated into our society, now we have the highest homeless population and mass shooting by crazy nuts that shouldn't be in public. Guess how many mental people are now institutionalized today.......... Around 3000
  21. Forum issues

    I had to resave my bookmark after going to red power magazine then entering the forums, the address was different.
  22. Forum issues

    Chrome through my phone works fine, chrome on my PC will not load the forums, just gives an error.
  23. Super MTA Brakes

    Don't use anti seize, use either grease or graphite, any seize turns to grit and makes the brakes worse.
  24. Alderman's in Michigan decal?

    that's pretty cool, however you would think the gal darn dealer would help you out with something like this!
  25. Forum issues

    I got it when trying to read this thread, lol