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  1. Pretty good, still in love with No Leaf Clover, slower pace awesome sound!
  2. Never understood who or why people put some crap master tires on a nicely restored tractor.
  3. You can also adjust the set screw on the spring to make shifting stiffer
  4. 20.8-42 fit, they are tight though
  5. Normal, you are seeing your pinion shaft change directions.
  6. Seal could be stiff from sitting for a long time. A lot of leaks have fixed themselves by changing oil to new hytrans and just using the machine, the new oil will soften the rubber and it will start working again. New to me planter had marker cylinders that sprayed oil out the ram shaft seal, year later they leak no more, hytrans is pretty amazing oil.
  7. A rocket governor spring for an H will get you over 2100
  8. The bearing and bracket were updated, basically if there is movement in the bearing it needs changed. I'd check every thousand hours.
  9. Headed wrap, works awesome, I tried the Cat stuff, doesn't work.
  10. Nope, spent many hours on a "side console" 4020, you can keep them! Noisy hydraulic pump, crappy controls and a seat that was sized for a midget! A pine bench is better than that crap master seat they came up with!
  11. I have a real nice side console 856, 1967. Neighbor has a side console 806, also made back in the 60's, weird guys aren't peeing their pants over these tractors that never put the lever on the dash to begin with!
  12. Check for the bolt not being centered in the bushing
  13. I've yet to work on a clutch for an M, but for an H they are the same from an H to a Super H, if assume the same thing for an M and Super M. I see grease on yours, my Super H was covered in grease, I disassembled, cleaned everything really well, replaced leaking bull pinion seal, put back together and it works just fine. The bearing on an H crossed perfectly to a Cummins throw out bearing. If you are not going to use the clutch just tighten the nut up all the way and it will lock the clutch in.
  14. All hand clutches used a band brake. Looks like a late Super to me, Super grill and disc brake on the right hand side, nice find!
  15. What changed on the filters?
  16. What changed on the filters?
  17. The main jet is designed to be ran turned out, go at least 4 turns unless it has been drilled out. Adjust idle jet after that to get it to idle correctly
  18. Does the carb have the idle jet in it, the small brass tube that threads into the top of the fuel bowl, lots of times people forget to install, this would make the idle circuit very rich like you are saying.
  19. Get the S2E, you will love it
  20. How is anything supposed to be manufactured without a print? Just send out a bunch of patterns for people to use or something.
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