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  1. Not sure what would have happened then, can you give us any clues. I am a little young to remember. I have always thought that IH was a victim of its own success, I say this without knowing any numbers, but there were hundreds of thousands of new tractors sold in the 60s and 70s, and then the down turn hit and they couldn't adjust fast enough. I know we can debate endlessly about the transmissions they were using, but I don't think they were behind in the technology they offered. I think they believed in the hydro, and were developing that, I wonder what a couple more years would have done on that end of things. Would they have been the first to have the modern CVT/IVT trans? Would that have changed some things, I think so. Haven't put many hours on our Fendt yet, but so far I can see where that transmission is a real advantage in certain applications. Just my thoughts. Thanks guys for the input, never thought my curiosity would provoke such good conversation.
  2. Were the control centers already pre-assembled, as far as hyd levers, shift levers, etc.? If they were, which I am assuming is the case, I would guess it was pretty important to keep the order of cabs matched with the order of tractors, did the computer system have that capability, or was that something the assemblers were responsible for? I also seem to remember a little metalic tag with a date on, under the cab liner just to the left hand side of the shift levers on our 986, is that date the actual build date? If so, ours was built in may of 79 if my memory serves correct. again thanks mark
  3. I think that the tractors would have become a strong suit again for IH. I know we have all probably said "If only they would have had powershift", but I really don't think that powershift earlier would have mattered. There are more than 23,000 3x/5x88's that were sold during a dark period of agriculture. I don't know how this compares to the Greenies, but I don't think that is to bad considering the short run they had(essentially 3 years). Add that to the powershift trans(magnum) coming and maybe the hydromechanical in the wings and maybe they emerge with an unbeatable lineup. I just think that IF they could have stayed afloat 3 or 4 more years, they could have turned things around (easy to say now). For some reason I think that the strike and how it was handled, was the gut shot that sent them staggering.
  4. thanks 1256, while I was there, i found some other neat ih stuff about the memphis and canton plants. the memphis one was news footage of when they closed down and the canton one was a history. It seems like the current situation in the auto industry has some parallels to the IH story.
  5. what were the murals in the old Rock Island plant, I know one was an 806? Is there pictures somewhere?
  6. wow awesome Dr. Evil thanks That inventory system seems like what is used now, just updated some. (My sister works on the winter build at the Horicon works plant, and she talks about the computer system and its problems.) It sure seems like if they would have been able to get through that strike smoother and one more lean market that things could have turned around for them. sounds like they knew how to maximize manufacturing, and I would agree that their products were first rate. I especially think that the 300/400 series engines are second to none. It must be a good feeling to see an 86 series tractor out in the field 30 years after you helped it down the line. I know there are feelings both ways on the 86s, but I have a soft spot for them, largely because of our 986 79 model. Have you kept in touch with some of your old co-workers? I've been wanting to get that book, haven't been good enough for santa to bring it though, maybe this year.
  7. Hey Guys, I have always been fascinated and interested in learning what went on at the time of IH's demise and what caused it, perhaps it is because I was so young (and impressionable) when it happened. Last night I was doing some searching on the web, here and otherplaces, and noticed that Archie McCardell past away this past year. I didn't see that there was much discussion about it on here. Perhaps what facinated me the most, about what I found last night, is that everyone seems to have a different opinion on the mix of things that brought down the machinery giant. I am wondering how many of you worked at IH during the 70's and 80's or know someone who did, and what it was like for you/them? Was there alot of pride in the company? I have many ?'s but few answers, and it is always neat to get different points of view. thanks mark
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