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  1. striker782

    Anyone else see this new Ford commercial?

    If you want a Big Boy statue, there are several for sale at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale!
  2. striker782

    troubleshooting an 806 that just "gave up"

    Actually the axle housings were a sealed compartment. There were large cup plugs on the inner side of the inside axle bearings installed into the rear housing. There were also seals installed on the inner side of the bull pinions. Even though they were intended to isolate the axle housings, they would somehow fill up and leak out of the outer axle seal. If that happened you just had to remove the check level plug and drain it down. The plugs and seals can be found on the parts breakdowns.
  3. striker782

    Differences in 2+2s?

    Yes, the mid 80s was a bad time to be a dealer trying to sell farm equipment. We had several 50 series that sat on the lot too long and had to be repainted. The hoods faded a different color than the cab. And if I remember correctly, a strike made it very difficult to get parts. We kept a new 5088 in the shop that we took parts off of just to keep customer’s machines running.
  4. striker782

    Debating on selling the cub pulling tractor

    I went through similar circumstances also. My partner and I built a 3688 pto stock and campaigned it for 5 years winning several state championships. It came to a point where we were going to have to spend some money to get back to the top again and my job was taking up more of my time. We had somebody wanting to buy it so it was sold. He ran it for several years and sold it to pullers from Michigan. They are doing very well with it and ran at Louisville last year. We are happy that we sold it when we did. I think that you already know what you should do. It is hard to part with the machine that you have put in blood, sweat, and tears. But it will also give you great relief not having to worry about it anymore. Also it is best to sell it before it gets too outdated and no one will want it.
  5. striker782

    Advice Hydro 84

    It is just a plunger that is spring loaded. It’s only function is to let the operator know when lever is in start position. If you move the lever too far you can feel resistance from the spring. That is when you are beginning to shut off fuel delivery. When you move to the stop position the plunger is fully depressed. The spring loaded plunger has no other function. No electrical switch or anything else.
  6. striker782


    We sold a new one that had cab and mfd to two brothers that are now deceased. Last I knew it was sold to a rancher in northern Nebraska.
  7. striker782

    5288 wont crank-neutral switch?

    Nope. A different switch. A micro switch with a lever and a small roller on the end of the lever. Over time the roller will no longer turn and lever will bend. Then switch will no longer work. Very important that switch is adjusted correctly when installing.
  8. striker782

    New Magnum ?

    It is taking a lot of hp to run all the hydraulics on the current planters and seeders. I haven’t seen how much hydraulic flow these tractors will have but I would think that they will be quite a bit more than current models.
  9. striker782

    I got the 560 home

    By looking at the position of the TA lever shown in the second picture, I think that the stop bolt that limits travel in both directions is gone. This would allow you to pull the lever too far rearward and would cause the noise you heard.
  10. striker782

    draft arms control lever loose on 1466

    Follow the lever down to where it pivots and look towards the seat a few inches. You will see two bolts that are friction clamps for both levers. Tighten the one on the inside. Refer to item 37 in the attached file.
  11. striker782

    2+2 hydro

    You are correct. If tractor had mfd, gear is there. Reverse drive gear not used in a 2wd hydro so was not installed unless tractor was ordered with mfd attachment.
  12. striker782

    2+2 hydro

    The drive gear in the range transmission for the mfd was only installed at the factory when the 186 was ordered with mfd.
  13. I saw your post on the sheet metal problems. I sold several salvage 50 series to a local guy so you might give him a call. His name is Jeff Ewoldt and he works in the service dept at Ne. Pererbilt here in Grand Island, 308-382-1044

    Larry Blauhorn