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  1. You’re not going to have 540 pto rpm at idle. Only at rated engine rpm will you have 540 rpm. Speeds that you quoted sound normal
  2. After having several customers 50 series have short bearing life or drive disc failures, I made a tool out of a spacer with a nut welded onto the end that fit snugly on the water pump bearing shaft to check alignment. I then used a long threaded rod that extended out to the bearing support to check alignment. After aligning the support, bearing life and drive disc life were vastly improved. Also the whole air box/ radiator support sits on rubber isomounts. I’ve seen some of those cause problems.
  3. My dad had a 460 diesel that was a hard starter. I put in two 12 volt batteries and a series/parallel switch so it would crank on 24 volts. Worked really well. You just briefly touched the starter button and it was running! Unfortunately if the drive didn’t fully engage the ring gear it would chew up the drive teeth. So I had to go back to 12 volt cranking
  4. That piece drives the pump impeller. The shaft it sits on is the impeller shaft.
  5. There was an option that had two lights located just behind the front weight bracket. It also used different housings and round sealed beams for the lower cab corner lights where they could be adjusted to shine to the sides instead of forward.
  6. I was working for an IH dealer in that era. The only tractor that had white wheels and fenders was the 1206. This was not a factory option on any other model
  7. Nope. Just got one from the parts department
  8. We always ordered in the 1466/86 without a pto and ordered a dual speed pto field install package which was shipped on the same load as the tractor. The data centers were the same. Only the decal was different. The electrically operated pto on the later Magnums allowed the dual speed pto as the valve modulated the engagement and prevented a shock load.
  9. Attached is the spindle parts breakdown that shows what my 44c is.
  10. The bearings were a slip fit on the shaft. Came off really easy. Nothing wrong with the shaft so I used it again. And there was a spacer between the two bearings.
  11. Just did this on my deck. Went to Motion Industries and got the parts. 2. LM11910 cup 2. LM11949 cone 2. 12384 seal
  12. Out of IH Service Manual GSS-1036E
  13. That tractor is an L. We used to antique pull with one just like it. Quite a brute! 404 cubic inches. LA had a 4 speed transmission. It also had a more rounded grill
  14. I thought that this really good even though it came from Deere. We are all in this together!
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