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  1. I used a roll pin punch and drove them out. You have to drive them down towards the main bearing bore.
  2. It uses a master cylinder fed by a common reservoir. It is vitally important that only mineral oil has been added to it. If regular brake fluid has been installed you are looking at extensive repairs.
  3. Yes they have a shoulder on them and the bore in the block is stepped. You just drive in the tubes as far as you can.
  4. You have to remove crankshaft and bearings to drive balls out and install cooling tubes. The part number for a 414 tube is 343464R1. The price will scare you. Tube price $102.31 each. I have never installed these tubes in a 300 series block but I think that they would be the same as a 400 series. The 400 series uses 2 tubes for each piston. The 300 series parts also shows 12 balls in the block.
  5. The holes are drilled all the way through and plugged with a steel ball on the 400 series non turbo motor. Just drive out the ball and drive in the tube.
  6. Have been a loyal Pontiac owner for a long time. My wife still has a 2005 GTP. It’s fast but can’t keep up with our 2015 Taurus SHO. It has the 365 hp twin turbo Ecoboost. Both are fun to drive and travel in. GM killing Pontiac resulted in me never owning anything GM ever again.
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    There is a way to do this. Look for a black electrical connector that has two wires coming out of it and is not connected to anything. It is located above the hydraulic pump if I remember correctly. I used a mercury switch mounted to the rockshaft. I got the switch from Sunco Marketing in North Platte NE. They use it on their guidance hitches to center them when raised. When the capsule has the wires pointed down, the mercury will complete the circuit. When capsule has wires pointed up, there is an open circuit.
  8. A couple of my friends and myself fixed up a 1936 CC for antique pulling. We pulled the head and machined .125” off of it and went from the stock sandwich style head gasket to a shim type thin gasket. That really woke up the old girl! Just had to pull it to start it as it was too hard to crank by hand. We quit antique pulling after we built a 3688 pro stock. It’s a long way between low gear and road gear! We still have the CC tucked away in a shed.
  9. To lock a valve on, remove the small cap on the front of the valve. Take a straight bladed screwdriver and going through the access hole where the cap was, find and turn the threaded plug clockwise several turns. This will keep the valve locked on. You are not changing the hydraulic pressure, only setting detent kickoff higher.
  10. This is the tire my ‘15 Taurus SHO came with. Michelin Primacy MXM4. I really like them. They are an all season tire.
  11. Don’t have to change any parts. Installation is fairly simple. We installed some of these at the dealership I used to work at. Just have to pay attention to the width that you want the arms to be and make adjustments to fit
  12. It needs to be turned around. When installed correctly the spindles will be several degrees to the rear of vertical. This helps stabilize the steering at the straight ahead position.
  13. Yes you can do that but I would highly recommend to check the pressure with a gauge to make sure that the pressure is not too high.
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