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  1. Is there anybody that can confirm this? Does it default to High or Low with no power?
  2. Hi, Yes it also goes through the clutch switch and that is really the main reason I would like to get it working again. Right now it needs finessed a little to switch gears.
  3. Hi, I acquired a Case IH 885 about 6 months ago and have slowly been working the bugs out of it. I have a question about the powershift. When I bought the tractor all of the powershift wiring was missing but they left the toggle in place. I tracked down a new wiring harness and got everything wired up but unfortunately it still does not work. The tractor seems to have been locked into high range. From my understanding with no power to the solenoid it should resort to low, is that correct? I read on another posting that it was common practice to lock them in high, how is this done? Can it be reversed? Thanks!
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