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  1. One of my highschool classmates lost her dad to a similar thing with a skid loader.
  2. Give and take word game

    Box camera
  3. Give and take word game

    Light match
  4. I got mine....

    Red Power magazine. Cover pic is Super 'C' ahead of a one row picker. Bet that would take awhile to tell if you got anything done!
  5. Give and take word game

    Stained reputation
  6. Give and take word game

    Proven design
  7. Who makes it?

  8. Give and take word game

    piano bar
  9. C/Super C loader...

    question on the other side...
  10. Who makes it?

    Is this an IH loader? It's almost as complicated as the #31 on my "H"!
  11. Give and take word game

    Pressure point
  12. Best and Worst Rock Band Singers?

    This is worse than any oil thread! I'll add to it under the "best" header: Rob Halford, best known for his work as vocalist for Judas Priest.
  13. Give and take word game

    Wrong way
  14. Red Power magazine arrived

    May-June 2017 issue in the mailbox today. Nice 600 Industrial on the cover.
  15. Give and take word game

    Snow blind