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  1. I have a WD9 with engine serial around 14500 and it has the #1108925 starter.
  2. Precision Tractor Parts has original look Rochester gauges which are made in the USA. Their website says they carry CNH licensed products, so I assume they are good quality
  3. Cab overs are standard. The only conventionals are some old torpedo Scanias etc. The V8 is some kind of 'premium' engine. Only Scania uses it in some of its trucks I think. The rest of the trucks are all inline 6
  4. Yes JD uses it in their top of the line forage harvesters as well. The same V12 as in the Krone
  5. Liebherr also makes V12's. Mighty engines. Krone uses them in their big forage harvesters. I believe it are MAN blocks built up by Liebherr
  6. Guess I got lucky with the 1000 dollar?
  7. I removed the studs myself, wasnt too hard of a job. The rest yes, its done by a professional machinist, but outside his official working hours so that is what makes affordable
  8. That would be the logical solution, but I try to keep everything as original as possible. Not having the IH stamp in my new sleeves already freaks me out (just joking)
  9. Interesting. I might try that and save it for others or future things to come up. Buddy of mine has access to very accurate measuring tools, so it should be possible to get valid measurements. The thing I'm worried about is the ID because of wear. How can I tackle this?
  10. How did you make this blueprint?
  11. A 1000 dollar. The machine shop I contacted will do it for 1000 too and they will ground the crank and machine the top of the block flat too for that 1000 dollar. Remember I'm in Europe. Shipping is a problem with large packages
  12. WD is the diesel version of the W series. The only W series tractor without diesel counterpart is the W4
  13. Carr is very expensive, I already asked him
  14. I'm getting custom made sleeves for my WD9 , 4.4", because new ones are unobtainable. Thought I had good used ones, but the expert said it wasn't gonna work.. Anyway, I've read somewhere that there still are blueprints for these sleeves around. I know I could just use the old sleeves for measurements, but a blueprint would be perfect. If anyone has it, can you share it with me? I know, I know, its a long shot...
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