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  1. We have only got 1 12V Optima REDTOP battery on our 1466 which provides 800 amps and the tractor starts very well. We left the two 6V batteries in place for decoration. The placement of this 12V battery could indeed give some problems but we won't go back to two 6V batteries ever again.
  2. I never knew that, it has been like this ever since we bought the tractor in 2004. I will look for a set to replace the current ones. Thanks for mentioning. Farmall 1466
  3. Should it be different? This tractor is from 1974. If so, what should it be like?
  4. Thanks you as well! Those Pirelli tires are way more comfortable than for example Firestones. We drive the tractor a lot on the road so a bit of comfort is needed at high speed and these Pirelli tires provide that. I don't know if they are any good in the field, because I don't really have experience with other tyres in combination with fieldwork, but I guess they are okay.
  5. Thanks again! The tractor has well over 200hp, since we turned up the fuel pump slightly, just slightly
  6. Thanks man. If I will get it back I'm okay with that 😂
  7. Its the box where we have the battery located. We decided to use an Optima battery instead of the 2 original ones. We left them just there for decoration. The Optima's let the tractor start better Farmall 1466
  8. This by the way the tractor, for the ones who are interested 😁
  9. We live in the Netherlands, so it isn't that cold 🤣. But I will get it loaded for sure
  10. The tractor does idle a fair bit, so that could be the problem indeed. We'll try to plow for a day and see whether it fixes itself or not 😀
  11. Hey guys, Our Farmall 1466 seems to have a problem, since an oily fluid comes out of the exhaust manifold. Has anyone seen this before and does anyone have a solution for this? It is fairly annoying, because it causes oil spills on the floor. Thanks, Farmall 1466
  12. Then I think that is the problem. Thank you! Farmall 1466
  13. Wasn't it an option either to get this engine from IH?
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