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  1. I'm amazed, I've never seen anything other than a 17mm drive on a 10mm bolt. Same with 12mm bolt, only 19mm drive, but I'm from Europe. Maybe it has to do with adapting the metric diameter bolt to your imperial drives?
  2. Steering was at ~1550 and regulated at ~150 so we'll change the pump definitely
  3. Its not like we have too much to say in this. The EU is quite an undemocratic organisation actually. The people in the Commission, where most of the very important plans are made up, are not elected by the citizens of the EU. Then elected representatives have to vote about these plans.
  4. No, no. That was not so smart from them Germans. The engine I'm talking about was quite a new design in the test, I think the test was from late 2019. And it was a test in practise, so the cheating wouldn't have worked anyways. Thats how VW got caught basically. Practise test results were miles off from lab cirucumstances tests.
  5. Basically all new diesel cars on this side of the ocean use SCR, DPF and EGR. I always wondered why they would use SCR AND EGR at the same time, as the purpose is the same. Well anyways, by doing both, Mercedes has developed a car diesel with 0 milligrams of NOx emissions per kilometer, according to a test of a German car magazine (in a test on the road, not in laboratory circumstances). A masterpiece of engineering if you ask me. I'm still amazed why diesels are so hated upon in Europe. The time of stinky, smoky diesels is long behind us. Lower CO2 emissions, ultra low NOx emissions for more and more diesels, less emissions of ultra small particulate matter (direct injected gasoline cars emit shocking amounts of this). Sad, because in 13 years time, we will all be forced into an EV here
  6. Do SCR systems not have a DPF? Than sooth emissions would be way too high to pass emissions tests right? And EGR/DPF systems do make use of SCR too right? Virtually all new tractors consume AdBlue I think and otherwise NOx emissions would be too high? So what is the difference?
  7. 1. It turns NOx into nitrogen and water. 2. Def delete actually means changing software in your car/tractor etc so it doesnt know its created need for def anymore. So yes, you will not need it anymore. 3. The filters that need regen are the particulate filters. They regen when filed with sooth. 4. Yes, when you run out of def, you either go into limp mode or won't be able to use the machine altogether. My dad his car will just stop when running out of def, not even limp mode. Don't ask how we know...
  8. You forget the biggest problem. Shifting to battery powered trucks/cars, whatever, makes us dependent on China far more than currently is the case. They have control over the supply of lithium, 70 to 80 percent is in their hands and they are aquiring more and more control. Most lithium mines and connected infrastructure in South America and Africa are in Chinese hands. People nowadays are complaining about the dependancy on Russian gas (for me as European), but this is just as bad, if not worse. In 20 years time, China will decide whether we will be able to live like we want. So, I root against battery powered everything! Electric propulsion is fine, just no batteries.
  9. Steering can be checked by removing the 5/8" plug below the relief valve, right?
  10. Filter is clean. I think I'll check MCV pressures. What should they be? Dont have a manual at hand.
  11. Got some issues with our 1466 that came up a couple of days ago. Clutch is really, really light (overboosting I feel) and engages abrupt, you dont have any control over that with the pedal. And at the same time, steering became dodgy. When driving, it is alright but when standing still, turning the wheel doesnt always make the tires rotate left or right. It takes a couple of rotations from the wheel, like it is building pressure or so. Before doing anything, I wanted to confirm my suspicions on mcv problems. Is the pump tired? Thanks!
  12. Did that on our 1466 too. Was absolutely necessary. Dutch roads aren't super wide...
  13. I am not sure what you mean. Can you explain?
  14. Yep she's right, and based haha. I like her. One of the few journalists in the Netherlands that still is realistic unfortunately. On all of our news pages, journalists are talking positieve about plan, almost makes you think that they are part of the plan..
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