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  1. A few times a week, I get the message "Our system thinks you might be a robot" when visiting this site. I have to fill in a code, but it's almost always wrong (also when I type in the right code). And than, after 15 or 20 tries, it randomly lets me through?? Anyone else with this issue??
  2. My Wd9 has a steering worm that is worn quite bad. It is really thin at some places. On the internet, I saw several steering worms for a B275/B414 and they look similar to what I have now. Can anyone confirm if this is true?
  3. my block itself is good, including all components. It isn't welded either. It's just the pistons and sleeves that are bad.. Sent my head to a shop like mentioned before, it isn't cracked or whatever, seals are good, the only thing is that the intake valves are quite bad. Got myself a new head gasket already and I was lucky, got it for 100 euro's, around 110-115 dollars.
  4. I have the code 8124DK or 8124DX on exactly that spot
  5. So.. took antoher look at it, and cast number isn t 1124D, but 8124D. Not sure about the X, it might as well be a K.. cast number is 261195r1. Does this give a clue to a certain year?? Was a bit rusted but was okay I guess Still haven't been able find a date code on the block... Because the engine serial (14742) is so low, it feels to me that this has to be an earlier block.. Thanks for helping me out!
  6. This code is on the head, right?? Can't acces my head now as it I've sent to a shop to get it checked and fix3d
  7. well.. it isn't running currently. When I bought it like 2 months ago and ran good and it has done till I decided to restore the engine... all 4 pistons are shot (the aluminium between the rings broke off) and 3 of the 4 sleeves are bad as well (I assume the broken off aluminium did that). It's a d335 with the 4,5 inch pistons so I'll have to search to find a set of 4,5 pistons with sleeves or 4,4 pistons with sleeves.
  8. No, I'm just looking for a month and a year of when it was casted and when it is from the same time period I'm confident it is the engine that needs to be in this tractor. But I don't know the date as I don't know where the cast code is located.
  9. Where on the engine can I find the major castings? Also, could one of these numbers (either engine serial, 1124-DX or the casting code) give me the production date from the engine?
  10. Hello, I have a 1949 WD-9 with serial 38629. I want to know if I have the original engine in it. I've read something about these serials on this forum but it still doesn't make sense to me. My engine has a casted number behind the injection pump: 1124-DX Just underneath the head is another code: WDCBM 14742 (might this be the serial from the tractor to which this engine belongs? So.. is this engine the one that needs to be in nu WD9 or not? Thanks! Farmall 1466
  11. Jensales seem to have the rubber seal and it would fit both the D264 and D281, doesn't have a price tag.. https://www.jensales.com/products/ep-341361-international-harvester-rear-seal-kit-ih-d281.html
  12. If I'm not mistaken, the 400 has the D264 right? If so, this website states they have a rear crank seal kit for the 400D https://www.agkits.com/international-d264-diesel-rear-crankshaft-seal-kit-rp341359.aspx#.X0UrG8gzaUk
  13. There is close to no wiring left in my WD9, so if I have to get myself new wiring etc. I might as well 'upgrade' to the system with voltage regulator, but I don't know wether it is any better, that's why I asked
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