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  1. It is something that is inevitable. There are fewer and fewer manufacturers to make these and the market is shrinking. In some way, we should be happy that Reliance still produces such an abundant amount of different old products, all be it that their quality isn't particullarly top notch..
  2. "Brand: Reliance" Oh no, here we go again...
  3. I don't know how much the block is decked. I certainly dont want a marriage between head and piston
  4. Its flush and since the machinist is talking about piston protrusion, I guess the piston comes out higher than sleeve
  5. The book has literally every spec you can ask for, but not the one my machinist wants 🤣
  6. Yeah thats the thing. Block is decked. The book mentions the spec of head gasket thickness when torqued down, but my guy said it wasnt what he was looking for
  7. That was my first thought too, but than he said again he needs piston protrusion. I know about the sleeve protrusion, mine are totally flush, like flat with the block deck. But, as it is not mentioned, am I safe to assume that the pistons can just be put in without issues?
  8. My machinist/engine builder is asking me about the piston protrusion for my WD9. He has everything ready, sleeves and crank installed and pistons are ready too. I could not find any numbers on the protrusion of the piston above the block deck in the manuals. Does anyone know this or is it not that relevant?
  9. Wow. Filled up the tractor last week for a little under $6 per gallon, farm diesel. And that is in the Netherlands, the country with the second highest fuel prices. On road $7.90 ish if you find the cheap pumps. Prices have come down quite a bit after the governement reduced the taxes on fuel. Cheap gas was €2.50 per liter, now €2.10. Diesel was €2.40, now €2.00.
  10. Ever heard of cleaning off ice from wind turbine blades by helicopter? Happens all the time in Scandinavia. That helicopter is for sure electric powered, right?
  11. Electric cars... together with biomass THE way to save the planet according to the EU. Sadly, the reality is that whole forests are taken down to feed these biomass plants. Very ecofriendly I would say... Hyper modern coal and gas plants are shut down. Nuclear isn't an option according to my goverment. So, what do we do? Build big solar panel parks in our already overcrowded country. Many, many acres are used to facilitate for this. Also, wind power is being seen as some kind of holy grail, but the impact on people's health is simply forgotten. Research has shown that the noise and shadows created by these wind turbines is very detrimental for human health. For the time being, we import French electricity, and more than 80% of their electricity is made with nuclear plants. LOL Then carswise, EU has decided that new ICE cars are no longer allowed to be sold after 2035, my government decided to move this deadline to 2030. Diesel is being phased out first, because it is supposed to be the worst for the environment and for people's health. But, as far as I know, diesel cars emit way less CO2 then gasonline counterparts and we are talking about CO2 the whole day?!?!? Also, diesel is said to emit more NOx and fine particles. However, new diesels often emit less NOx than gasoline cars, heck, Mercedes-Benz made a diesel with 0g/km NOx emissions, it was and still is the only ICE car to ever get a perfect score on emission test. Then particulates, it is common knowledge that how smaller the particulate is, the more damage it does because it can travel deeper into your body. New, direct injected gasoline cars, emit super small particulates, way and way smaller than the particulates a diesel emits. The diesel may emit a little more particulate matter (the difference is really small actually), but the particulates are simply less harmful. Air quality is much, much, much better now than 40 years ago. Why switch so quickly to electric cars? The batteries use lots of very scarce metals and we are not sure yet how we are going to recycle them. The only feasible option in my opinion is hydrogen. Yes, the process is inefficient, but myself, I am a big fan of nuclear power. A lot of research is done on thorium reactors and fusions reactions. Fusion is really interesting, as it will be an unlimited source of clean energy. For the time being, we should also invest in research for thorium reactors. These reactors are majorly different from regular nuclear power plants, as the amount of waste created by these plants is way less and the waste is radioactive for way shorter amounts of time. You can even throw nuclear waste created by normal nuclear plants in these thorium reactors to gain extra energy and reduce radioactivity. That ismy vision on this. To anyone still reading, congrats, you made it to the end! 🤣
  12. Finally, time for a new update. I have been stuck for a long time due to not having the parts I need. My block has been at the engine shop forever now, waiting for bearings. Sleeves are ready, pistons and rings are ready. Just had to find the bearings, and guess what, I found NOS .020 bearings. Came in today. Ordered them via Justin Weber. Great guy. Now, I hope that the engine can be finished quickly.
  13. Landini used to make pretty decent tractors if I'm not mistaken. My grandfather was a Landini dealer and most of them hit high hours without a lot of problems (about 40-50 years ago)
  14. I can verify this... The amount of money I've spent on my 335 block is actually mad lol. But hey, I've got an almost new block when I'm done.
  15. The consequences of this war are big. Automobile factories in Europe are shut down, because there is no delivery of wiring harnesses, most of them came from Ukrain. There also is a shortage of grain on its way, as Ukrain is the largest grain producer on the European continent. We Europeans are really going to feel the consequences of this. Fuel prices are sky high, with quite a few countries lowering the taxes on fuel, but its just not enough. Farmers and contractors are really struggling with the high diesel price, as the price increased with >30% in a few weeks time. Not to mention AdBlue, from 20 cents per liter to 90 cents per liter!
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