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  1. Good job sir! Love this little crawler. Have you got any intentions of using it or is it purely a parade machine?
  2. My grandpa had several of these maxxums and if you maintain them properly, they will last 15000 hours without much trouble. He had them cross the 20000 hour border sometimes as well without problems. Finding one over here with less than 10000 hours is a real challenge.
  3. Well.. I paid 600 dollars in total for my WD-9 parts block, and thats including shipping to Europe. It is not stuck. So.. if you find a okay running one, I think I would have paid $1k at max if you were to pick it up yourself. But again, I might be wrong about the values. The gentlemen I tagged before will know.
  4. That sucks. I hope your guy knows how to weld cast iron.. my dad once told me a story about it he whitnessed. My grandfather, who was a contractor, had several German IH tractors and one had a cracked head sometime 20 or 25 years ago. He was sceptical about having it welded as it was cast iron. Some guy he knew said he could weld heads, so he did. The head came back looking really good. The weld was inviseble. They put the engine together again and ran the tractor. It wasn't fully warm yet and the head failed. The crack had reopened again and had expanded massively. It appeared the weld w
  5. Yes, true. Sorry I forgot to mention. You need timing covers from a super wd-9
  6. https://www.steinertractor.com/IHS284-Live-Hydraulic-Pump If you're willing to pay a fortune....
  7. For 2250 you can get new main bearings and new pistons with sleeves.. it sounds like too much to me, especially as condition is unknown. I'm not into the larger engines at all, would like to tho. Either @rustred or @hardtail will know more about the values I reckon
  8. I would say so too if the head is cracked.
  9. Jensales has intake and exhaust valves I saw. Intake are $30 each and exhaust $50 each. Starting valves are $40 each. Jensales has the seats too if needed. I'm sure if you dig somewhat further into the internet, you will find other sources that carry these parts. Jensales usually is on the high side with their prices so I would do so myself. Is your head still good considering a valve crashed into the piston? Is it cracked or not?
  10. Webers tractor Works would have the main bearings and rod bearings http://www.weberstractorworks.com They carry pistons as well, usually as a set with sleeves, if you want new.
  11. I have service manuals for the tractor. The brakes need to come off anyways so I will check for shaft movement when I have them off. If I notice excessive movement, I will then replace the bearings. But I hope I won't have to, because it sounds like a huge job.
  12. From what I can tell, I would need to remove the hubs in order to check the bull pinions?
  13. I was not able to work on the tractor last week, but got back to it tonight. Managed to reassemble the transmission, together with my dad. The big things, like engine tear down and transmission tear down and reassembly, I do together with my dad as he is far more experienced than I am. All bearings are replaced with brand new SKF ones. Gearbox is really tight now. Can't deny I'm a little proud of myself 😅. This was my first transmission rebuilt! The only thing not torn down on this tractor is the rear end and I think I will keep it that way. We did completely clean it however
  14. Engine parts can be get, for example via Jensales. They are very expensive, however...
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