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  1. Maybe FP Smith? They have a lot of dozer parts, also for older IH and Dresser dozers.
  2. McDonald carb carry carb kits for older IH tractors. They also carry a carb kit for the gas start diesels (F8 carb). https://www.mcdonaldcarb.com/category_s/388.htm
  3. An acre is not the norm. We have about 3/4th of an acre building lot, but that is way bigger than normal. Outside the cities, anything between 1/4 and half an acre is normal. They are not looking to buy out big farms necessarily, but they are looking to buy out farms close to protected nature parks. An average Dutch farm has around 75 acres of land but there are also plenty with much more. The biggest dairy farmer in the Netherlands has around 2500 acres of land and has 2250 cows
  4. I would root for 600k for an acre of building lot. The AVERAGE here is 260 euro per m2 or 1.050.000 euro per acre. Thats pretty normal too for rural areas. In normal cities, it can go for over 1000 euro per m2, or more than 4.000.000 euro per acre lol.
  5. How expensive is land where you live? In Q1 2022, the average price for agricultural land was 7.16 euro per square meter in the Netherlands, or about 29000 euro per American acre. I reckon that you guys are not paying that much lol.
  6. Haha yes, our government reduced the speed limit on our highways to reduce the emission of NOx. The funny thing is, the drop is not measurable (thats how small it is) and has not solved anything yet. Typical greenie way of thinking. But, I don't stick to these speed rules. Our max speed is 100 kph, or 62 mph now, even your trucks drive faster lol. I mostly put my cruise control at 140 kph, or 87 mph. I have more to do then wasting time driving unnecessarily slow on the highway.
  7. Its not the inert gas N, but NH3 NOx they are mostly concerned about. The first one is a vital element which crops need and the second one, which is harmful for mankind, is not emitted by farm life. Its only that some species cannot handle NH3. Nature adapts perfectly, but some fools dont want nature to adapt and they want to keep certain species here, that actually have no use. All because of the "great" EU.
  8. Correct. Flying to Egypt to attend a Climate meeting is better than doing it online and serve your people.
  9. Oh and regarding the land that will be owned by the government. Expect total neglect, because the government will not be maintaining all this land, as they are not willing to pay for this (its a mess already). Also, some of this land will be used to build houses for the crazy amounts of refugees coming in. These are more important to the govenrment than our own youngsters. Probably, some will also be used to cover with solar panels (the most useless way of using land).
  10. I'm from the Netherlands, and they have gone seriously mad here. Yes, we may have a high animal density, but that is because our land is super fertile. The Netherlands is basically one big river delta. According to EU legislation, the Netherlands are not doing enough to protect protected plant species that can not survive nitrogen. So, big polluters have to go (this is stupid already, because we are literally dropping pH levels of our land to make these endangered species survive and they are not even necessarily native lol, most of it is moorland). But, you would be guessing that industrial polluters and the aviation are hit. Oh no, thats not how it works unfortunately. Firstly, deposition of nitrogen (they don't measure emission) is not measured above 3000 ft. So, all nitrogen compounds emitted by airplanes flying above 3000 ft (so all of them except the last 5 minutes when they descend to land or the first 5 minutes when they ascend to take off) are not registered to aviation but to farmers (as most of it is deposited on farmers land). This is the number one reason that farmers are protesting, they feel they are treated unfair, which they are. Also, our government has no intention of keeping ourselves independent when it comes to food. They are willing to shrink the amount of animals below the threshold of being self sufficient. All the people voting on green parties are super happy now, because they have no sense of reality. The plan they have come up with is ridiculous. Farmers get up to 20% above market price, but who is valueing the companies? Farmers get sufficient to pay off their debts and a seemingly get some bonus beside, but we forgot the tax service. They come by and steal over 50% of that bonus. So you are left with nothing. Do not enough farmers cooperate with this rule? Then the government will just take your farm and give an even shittier price. So you have a choice, crap or shittier. Most farmers decide to do nothing. When the day comes that the first ones farm is taken by the government, I'm sure all **** will break loose. Thats basically in a nutshell the problem and why farmers are protesting.
  11. We had a relative of ours rebuilt the mcv and pump and the pressures are good now. We however still have some issues. Clutch is still funny and steering isn't completely solved either. Is there a possibility that the clutch booster is leaking internally or can this not cause the problems?
  12. I'm amazed, I've never seen anything other than a 17mm drive on a 10mm bolt. Same with 12mm bolt, only 19mm drive, but I'm from Europe. Maybe it has to do with adapting the metric diameter bolt to your imperial drives?
  13. Steering was at ~1550 and regulated at ~150 so we'll change the pump definitely
  14. Its not like we have too much to say in this. The EU is quite an undemocratic organisation actually. The people in the Commission, where most of the very important plans are made up, are not elected by the citizens of the EU. Then elected representatives have to vote about these plans.
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