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  1. Can be welded if the crack isn't too large. Saw that on the internet a couple of times with succes.
  2. Get yourself muriatic acid and baking soda. Once the muriatic acid has done its work inside the tank put the baking soda in to neutralize it. Then you can rinse it out
  3. D-361 rebuild kits are plenty on the internet, however it seems most have Reliance as their supplier. Don't know if you should want that. I've heard the 361 are difficult engines to rebuild. But I've also heard and read they become monsters with a good turbo setup. 407 are strong engines too tho There are plenty of more cons and present on both the 361 and the 407. I'm sure there are more members that will tell you more
  4. Good job! You have more balls on these kind of things than I do haha 😂
  5. Drive should be #1918162 (assuming you mean this) I also saw you question about starter solonoid, do you mean the switch on the starter itself (picture below)? If so, number is #1857519
  6. 180 degrees out of sync? Or wouldn't that allow it to even run
  7. Just Google for DT407 overhaul kits. There are plenty of companies offering kits for it. You'd have to ask them where they source the kits from
  8. You won't feel the difference between 4.4 and 4.485 with just feeling. I don't know how much the bore is allowed to get bigger
  9. I can see them now. Thanks for the fix! Your progress on this is very good
  10. Is the 4.485 the sleeve diameter??? I have no clue about ring thickness, but fitting 4.4 inch rings in an almost 4.5 bore seems a bit too much to me There were crank changes, I dont know about serial breaks etc. Might be in parts book, but don't have that at hand now
  11. No replacement for displacement eh?
  12. Isn't there anything described in the service manual for injection pumps regarding the test procedures? Might give a few clues on where to start
  13. Oh right I see. Thought it was the price of the machine 🤣
  14. weberstractorworks.com might have bearings. Contact them. Olsons gaskets should have gasket sets for the D350. Starter is something I am not sure about. Do you currently have a fitting starter? If so, search for the tag on it and look at the starter model you have. Should be a delco. Fondy Electric can rebuilt these.
  15. It seems legit and they referred to the right original too
  16. No without, but the package isnt too big so in total shipping will be around 20-25 dollar I think. Thats 7-8 dollar per book
  17. The books I need cost around 40 dollars at the download page as well as at Binder
  18. If you do a little search on the mighty internet: https://www.waltstractors.com/acatalog/UT51658---Piston-Ring-Set---Individual-for-1-Piston---4.400--Bore-161930.html#SID=24902
  19. I have some knowledge of this tractor and know some people that know everything about it so I should be good with just the service manual
  20. I just found a backdoor in, enabled VPN just to try and it works. It has the tractor service manual and operator manual as pdf, but they are on the same price level as Binder's reprints. It doesnt show the injection pump service manual.. For the same money, I'd rather have the book on paper
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