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  1. It's hard to find a kid these days with a good "drive" anymore. The kids we end up hiring I have a hard time getting them off there phones
  2. How much blood shock from the 50 . I image it had to have shocked that thing beyond use
  3. MBrown


    Good call. They can be set up to be real screamers if you reload. I have 1 set up that can shoot straight thru a lightbulb and not shatter it
  4. MBrown


    Yeah . I have most of the common calibers 243,270,25-06,30-06 . I also have big 300 win mag and 300 rem ultra mag. I enjoy reloading almost as much as the shooting . Just kicking around ideas and wanted to hear some of your thoughts
  5. MBrown


    True didn't think of that
  6. MBrown


    Why illegal?
  7. MBrown


    Not trying to start an oil thread but. What's your thoughts of a 260. I wanting something different and that's what I'm leaning towards. Any input . Thanks in advanced
  8. My old man is doing his best to help out . He goes thru 2 gal a week just himself
  9. I've seen and heard of that, what's the thought process behind it . Any benefit to running at an angle?
  10. Sorry for your loss, may be rest in peace now . Thanks for sharing neat pictures
  11. MBrown

    The death penalty

    I might get roasted for this .... But I like the way you think MTO
  12. I think rotary makes better and cleaner windrow . Never had issues with our bales
  13. I install security system, card access, cameras and fire systems for a living. There is definitely perks to having cameras. However unless you actively view the cameras, you dont know until theft has already occurred. A security system will help deture quicker bc by the time the sirens go off they are generally heading back out the door as quick as they came in .
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