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  1. All the above , depending on the day 😆 🤣
  2. Boy the bases of him look pretty shined up
  3. I hunted the whole 1st week. Seen good many does . Passed on a few decent racks 16-18 inch range. Ended up field hunting a taking a few corn eating does out. Pops was very happy to get another mouth out of the fields for next year
  4. You end up with much snow out that way ?
  5. Yeah we try that in our area . But 1 or 2 land owners that shoot anything during season. One neighbor has been known to kick horns off spikes and call them does. Love to take him behind the woodshed and give him a good ole a$$ whooping
  6. What a hog .. what you boys feeding them out there
  7. MBrown


    This is ole faithful . Never let's me down . I know its over kill for everything I do but I was young and dumb when I got it
  8. Bunch of does and small racks .... gonna take a few days next week and take my nephew out . Hopefully get him on some horns . Its weird hunting on a Sunday. First time in my life and I could here the church bells at 9am going off
  9. Sounded like ww3 until 930... things have slowed i passed on few smaller bucks so far
  10. Good luck and be careful tomorrow gentlemen
  11. MBrown


    That is a beautiful gun ... more details on it if you don't mind
  12. MBrown


    Yep 223 is still legal in pa .
  13. MBrown


    So just for something different here. Whats everyone's rifle of choice for deer hunting (whitetail or muleys). Was out shooting today and got me thinking what everyone across the country uses . I went thru a phase of bigger the better with a 300RUM . As I'm aging I'm just as happy with s 243 or 6.5 CM . Let's here what ya got
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