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  1. MBrown

    We`re #1 in PA!!!!! Yee Haw!

    What parts of pa you from , if you dont mind
  2. MBrown

    Real nice ice storm

    Was wondering the same thing
  3. MBrown

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    No pictures but we have a rear blade for the 450 .
  4. MBrown

    About chain saws

    I prefer stihl, I have a ms311 .I think that's about the perfect sized saw. That being said I'll try any saw . I have an older john deere , echo , husky and couple homelites and polan.
  5. MBrown

    Question for Runner

    I don't care what people say runner . I think you got it all figured out don't ya
  6. MBrown

    Question for Runner

    I have most common cartridges. Sorry should have started with that . Like I said just want something different now
  7. MBrown

    Question for Runner

    I bought a 6.5 CM but now I got the itch for more toys . Wife said guns are cheaper than guns so have at it Sorry cheaper than tractors is what I meant
  8. MBrown

    Question for Runner

    I dunno . Just got a wild hair this morning . Mainly ground pigs, deer and occasionally tannerite and plicking with the boys
  9. MBrown

    Question for Runner

    Thanks for the input all . Not really sure which way I'm going yet . I just want something different than all my buddies
  10. MBrown

    Question for Runner

    Well I guess it's a question for anyone with experience . What's your take on a 257, weather it's a 257 Robert's or 257 weatherby. Been looking into getting 1 . Just need some input
  11. MBrown

    Gravity wagons

    Don't hold me to it , but I'm thinking they have 8 ply
  12. MBrown

    Gravity wagons

    What tires do you guys run . Having issues with our tires lately , blew yet another yesterday hauling ear corn to the mill
  13. MBrown

    Rental agreements

    We only "rent" our bulls to people we have know. Generally no charge as long a bull comes back at least good shape as when they leave our farm Just curious kinda want to start cover my own .
  14. MBrown

    Rental agreements

    Anyone on here rent out bulls. If so do you use a rental agreement
  15. MBrown


    That think looks nasty . I'd burn the place down trying to get rid of them