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  1. Some are going to call me crazy. But I love leftover cold pizza for breakfast
  2. MBrown

    Why they say

    Makes me wanna find that sob and give him a good ole fashion @ass whoopin
  3. I was 32 . Remember it still to this day lol
  4. Had that bad experience once or twice . Enough to make a grown man cry on the spot
  5. MBrown

    Kobe Bryant

    RIP mamba #8/#24
  6. MBrown

    Kobe Bryant

    You might not agree with me but he is going to be missed . 1 h3ll of a competitor.
  7. Probably the truest thing you have posted on here
  8. I truly enjoy watching the movie. Like you said sure does get my emotions going. Also side note I read both his books. They are good and definatly eye opening
  9. MBrown

    Stuck calf

    What did you do to keep from burning the calf
  10. As long as they have some "give" the bullets should just fall below the target.
  11. Looks like another crackerjack box cdl giving out
  12. Yeah. Was told a lot of hog hunters amd and guys from Ohio use it . Was just curious
  13. Anyone on here have any experience or input about them
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