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  1. MBrown

    Does anyone else...

    I try to avoid Walmart like herpes. Just to crowded and to many stupid people for my liking
  2. MBrown

    Lake of Betrayal

    Definatinly not a dig , just stating a fact .
  3. MBrown

    Lake of Betrayal

    Well said sir , I'm alot younger than you , but still never knew of any of this
  4. MBrown

    Any dove hunters on here?

    I'd say, sounds fun . I have a rem 1100 and it only shoots high brass . Can be a pain but a whole lotta fun
  5. MBrown

    Any dove hunters on here?

    What are you shooting? Or how many shots to produce that
  6. MBrown

    Hows planting goin

    Im in south central pa and we got oats in few weeks ago still waiting for it to dry hopefully get corn in this weekend
  7. MBrown

    Tractor related thoughts.

    So i am fairly new here. However i prefer to use our older tractors . We dont have a huge farm either . When raking i still like my old 450 .