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  1. Here she is . I'll have to get the serial when I get home from work
  2. Thanks I just wanted to try and figure out what year and possibly where it was manufactured
  3. I'm sure this has been discussed before . But how do you read or decode a tractors sn . I just purchased a tractor and would like to get some info on it. Thanks for any help in advanced
  4. MBrown

    Lockable door knob

    Have you tried removing the handle completely from the door. I would try this and maybe give it a cleaning. Test it before you put it back on to confirm all the parts are working
  5. So sticking your tongue out would be equivalent to flashing then .. Right?
  6. I have a tri star 410 o/u . Love the gun it shoots anything I put in it and it always shoots . I went with it bc there is a chance it may get slightly banged up and i didnt wanna spend big money on something that will get beat and banged up . The thing that mainly sold me on it is the sights . They almost jump out and great target acquisition
  7. Same here my friend
  8. MBrown

    White 5100

    The one I was looking at has the air gauge. It reads for corn set between 2 and 2.5 . Why do you run higher
  9. MBrown

    White 5100

    Anyone here use one . What's the skinny of them
  10. I would recommend blink . They are about top of line when It comes to wifi cameras .
  11. Not a horrible idea. But just dont have the time or motivation at the moment lol
  12. Thanks guys . I'm not real picky just dont want to spend top dollar for these .
  13. Where would be the best place to get some . I would like to get some to put above my gun bench. Any thoughts
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