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  1. Pretty sweet , never seen such a thing . I'll be interested to see how the bales turn out
  2. Straight pipe , chicks dig it
  3. MBrown


    I have fed plenty out . Give them same feed as steers , can't tell a difference in the taste
  4. MBrown

    Wedding ring

    I have had the silicone style for about 6 years now . Best thing ever . Wife bought a multi pack , I've lost a few, better than losing the real 1 . I did that once in a gut pile in the woods . Long night of backtracking
  5. Somebody strapping low voltage to electrical conduit . That's a no-no
  6. Man my allergies got the best of me after reading that .... thanks for sharing
  7. Thanks for that knew I was forgetting something
  8. I see Oshkosh defense won the bid . The picture of the new truck is ugly as sin . Kinda like that ugly guy only his mother could love
  9. MBrown


    I pretty sure I was just out that way for work the other week. I was in Yardley
  10. Very cool .. thanks for the share
  11. To me personally I feel like I'm holding a 2x4 when holding a glock
  12. It never fails ... the more layers you have on ..... the worse you gotta go Or so i have heard from others ??
  13. Not to change the subject but is that a buck 110 I see in your top picture
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