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  1. That's awesome . Always a great feeling watching the smile on kids faces after a moment like that. Enjoy while you can . Soon he will be out of the house
  2. No specific order American sniper ,shooter , lone survivor, Fight club , Quigley Down Under, ELF
  3. I live a few minutes from hendershots . I will swing by 1 night see what I can come up with. Whats the worst they tell me no
  4. Congrats . Way to raise him right dad
  5. MBrown

    Pink combine

    Breast cancer awareness maybe???
  6. That's the truth . I guess you learn something new every day. I do enjoy the pictures and views of your side of the country
  7. Sandhiller. I want to formally apologize. I really meant no disrespect
  8. Wasn't meant as disrespect. Just curious from previous pictures he has posted . And if you really wanna know I pull in around 100k and my wife provides insurance
  9. Sandhiller . Just curious how many cattle you running ?
  10. MBrown

    The Burgh

    Well. Silly me I was thinking in my head it was a steak house or really fancy restaurant. So I Google it there is meat served there just not what i was thinking
  11. MBrown

    The Burgh

    Well damn . If you let me just hangout and help I'd buy you lunch
  12. MBrown

    The Burgh

    I'm working near the airport by 376. I'm sure I can find something to get me into trouble
  13. MBrown

    The Burgh

    Well being from PA I been to quite a few . They sure do make ya wonder.
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