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  1. Are they a good head for running beans, anything to stay away from, any advise when looking one over? Thanks
  2. So what is the advantage or disadvantage of a 350 horse 903 compared to a 350 horse 855?
  3. Did the rotor plug or something to shear the key?
  4. Trust me on this, lube the bushing with hytran before pressing in.
  5. On the test stand the pump was putting out that much fuel, we set the pump around 110 horse of fuel, I haven't dynod the tractor to verify what it is making but it runs much stronger than before.
  6. Had the pump on my 856 rebuilt, first time on the test stand it was putting out way over 1456 spec, right around 200 horse worth, we set it around 110, haven't had it on a dyno to verify though.
  7. I ended up having to over charge my 5488 and now it runs nice and cold
  8. How big an engine and are you running speed limit or open? The stock manifold manipulates the intake pulses better, I found better torque and throttle response with the stock manifold.
  9. Looks great, thanks for taking us along for the ride!
  10. Thanks for sharing, simply awesome!
  11. Pretty cool to see the SM-TA's running the combines.
  12. I posted a couple in the tractor of the week 856 thread.
  13. I ran the antenna wire across the cab then under the right hand corner post trim, then up through the hole in the right hand step. This is what I built for mounting everything, bolt more RAM mounts to it as needed. The T2 is mounted to this also.
  14. Very cool, same light used in the combine cabs
  15. This is very interesting, the right hand ceiling light would be very handy
  16. Are those yields on a certain plot size or whole field averages? Had some dry land beans last year running in the 60's then get to the end of the field where the deer thought they needed to graze all summer and watch them drop to about 15!
  17. My little animal, there is an old post of when I went through the tractor, maxed out pump, S2E, doesn't give a $hit what's hooked behind it and burns less fuel than anything else it's size.
  18. 6AL2 programmable is the way to go, can put any curve you want into it, any rev limiter also.
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