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    Okay that makes sense
  2. superih


    Work is a measure of force over time, such as horse power, lb feet is just the force so I don't know how anyone could call that work?
  3. Long Farms, I enjoy your posts and pics, please keep posting, I learn a lot from you.
  4. Triple R has a shaft like that for your tractor.
  5. The fire was put out with $hit water
  6. Found out today the corn is all headed to the landfill
  7. superih

    Soil health

    I've been building the one farm for the past several years with the goal to get all levels including micros high and balanced. About 4 years ago black bird damage in the corn appeared and had been terrible, like 25% loss when the corn is at milk stage. Haven't figured out how to get rid of them except for finding corn varieties that carry a tight extended husk.
  8. Pretty good, still in love with No Leaf Clover, slower pace awesome sound!
  9. Never understood who or why people put some crap master tires on a nicely restored tractor.
  10. You can also adjust the set screw on the spring to make shifting stiffer
  11. 20.8-42 fit, they are tight though
  12. Normal, you are seeing your pinion shaft change directions.
  13. Seal could be stiff from sitting for a long time. A lot of leaks have fixed themselves by changing oil to new hytrans and just using the machine, the new oil will soften the rubber and it will start working again. New to me planter had marker cylinders that sprayed oil out the ram shaft seal, year later they leak no more, hytrans is pretty amazing oil.
  14. A rocket governor spring for an H will get you over 2100
  15. The bearing and bracket were updated, basically if there is movement in the bearing it needs changed. I'd check every thousand hours.
  16. Headed wrap, works awesome, I tried the Cat stuff, doesn't work.
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