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  1. Well, turbos aren't allowed or they would be running them!
  2. I watched a handful of 560's this weekend pushing 500 horse, pretty sweet to watch!
  3. Get it squared and plumb, then reach through the hole where the filter goes and turn the clutch and speed to range shaft. Not sure what binds, took 3 tries on mine and then it popped right together
  4. Grew up in this tractor, was dad's now mine, won't ever leave.
  5. There is no filter, just 1/4 tubing looped up the right rear cab post
  6. Did this 856 come new with white front wheels?
  7. You can send your old steel hydraulic lines to In Line Tube here in Michigan, they will copy and CNC bend new ones identical to the originals
  8. From another thread but absolutely awesome.
  9. Yeti 1 gallon water cooler is awesome, carry one in the cab with me and it doesn't tip over like all the rest out there.
  10. Not to hijack the 1256 vs D21 thread. I'm curious what happened to Oliver how did White get involved? Was Oliver on hard times?
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    Okay that makes sense
  12. superih


    Work is a measure of force over time, such as horse power, lb feet is just the force so I don't know how anyone could call that work?
  13. Long Farms, I enjoy your posts and pics, please keep posting, I learn a lot from you.
  14. Triple R has a shaft like that for your tractor.
  15. The fire was put out with $hit water
  16. Found out today the corn is all headed to the landfill
  17. superih

    Soil health

    I've been building the one farm for the past several years with the goal to get all levels including micros high and balanced. About 4 years ago black bird damage in the corn appeared and had been terrible, like 25% loss when the corn is at milk stage. Haven't figured out how to get rid of them except for finding corn varieties that carry a tight extended husk.
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