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  1. I'm a Ford fan, but remember the Pinto? Freakin Out Right Dangerous
  2. Curiosity got me to looking... Found this in the Archives...
  3. Eat before you come to work and $ht when you get home... That guy is a waste of skin... You musta been born in a flower pot, 'cause you're daddy called you a bloomin' idiot...
  4. Being in the desert environment in Southern Arizona, I stop and inspect every windmill I come across when tooling around in the boonies. I want one for my front yard, but can't afford one yet, and most of them are full of bullet holes. Aermotor seems to be predominant out here. The centerline of the sail or wheel is offset from the centerline of the mast. This offset gives a torque reaction when the wind gets too strong and pushes the sail even more off center causing it to skew. The tail simply follows along, with the tail spring always trying to return it to center. When the wind dies down, the tail spring will bring the wheel back to facing into the wind. The big knowledge or calculation is how strong the make the tail spring. Hope this helps.
  5. Thought I'd throw this out there. https://www.cmc.com/en/global/locations/north-america Steel is alive in the USA, tho not as prevalent as it was in days gone by. Maybe Trump can write an executive order stating that all Fed programs use USA made steel, something that was lacking in previous administrations.
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