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  1. The Great North American Platypus (GNAP). I thought there was only one? Now they (it) have offspring?
  2. You ever hear of the good doc that gave it up for the drink? "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."
  3. I guess some of us don't know any better. I'd rather have the heat than the humidity and tornadoes. To each his own.
  4. I was just asking what is a rear tractor. Tongue in cheek, you know. Missouri Mule won't be offended.
  5. What the heck is a rear tractor? Something like this?
  6. I don't consider it cheating, I did look up BajaFerries. I just couldn't come up with the exact location they were leaving from the mainland. Are there multiple ports they operate out of? My brother dived (dove?) quite a bit out of Guaymas. I wanted to go with him but my problem is my right ear will not drain and caused the right side of my face to go numb for about 30 minutes. The first training dive was my last dive.
  7. Not to be nitpicking, I don't think the driver or the rig is stateside. Maybe La Paz or Los Mochis or San Felipe?
  8. Just checked, our roof-mounted weather station says 121F. I'm on the northwest side, River Rd & La Cholla.
  9. I wish I had taken photos. Down along the border south of Ft. Huachuca is a series of watering troughs made from large earthmoving tires. They had been split down the middle of the tread, laid down and the center filled with concrete with the fill pipe and float coming up thru the middle. Rust proof, bullet proof, only maintenance needed is the float valve. They'll be there a hundred years from now.
  10. If the ambient temps are above 90F it may never cycle, the compressor will always be turning. Depending on ambient temps, it does sound like the suction pressure is a little low.
  11. To blast inside and reclaim the media you need a metal or concrete floor. Metal works best as you can seriously degrade a concrete floor if you blast with the hose pointed downward. At my former employers, we had a skid steer with a street sweeping attachment, a bin in the ground with a bucket elevator to lift the media to a cyclone filter and another tripod mounted bin to reload the pressure tank. We also used steel shot.
  12. I went to university with a guy that built a garden tractor that would lift the front tires. He appeared on Forged In Fire in it's first season and won his episode. A few seasons later he again appeared on FIF Knife or Death as a Blade Specialist and would either allow or disallow a competitor's blade to be used depending on whether he felt the blade would stay together or come apart. Travis Wuertz
  13. How many guns do I have? Not enough. Along the AA theory, one is too many and two is not enough.
  14. Dog and wedge and a BFH.
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