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  1. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Being in the desert environment in Southern Arizona, I stop and inspect every windmill I come across when tooling around in the boonies. I want one for my front yard, but can't afford one yet, and most of them are full of bullet holes. Aermotor seems to be predominant out here. The centerline of the sail or wheel is offset from the centerline of the mast. This offset gives a torque reaction when the wind gets too strong and pushes the sail even more off center causing it to skew. The tail simply follows along, with the tail spring always trying to return it to center. When the wind dies down, the tail spring will bring the wheel back to facing into the wind. The big knowledge or calculation is how strong the make the tail spring. Hope this helps.
  2. Blacksmithing?

    Thought I'd throw this out there. Steel is alive in the USA, tho not as prevalent as it was in days gone by. Maybe Trump can write an executive order stating that all Fed programs use USA made steel, something that was lacking in previous administrations.
  3. IH 500C crawler; transmission running hot

    Not a crawler guy, but I chased the same thing on a different machine... Check the grounds of all your gauges. If they are self grounding, pull the back strap and clean the contact areas.
  4. Any Idea Of What This Is?

    You can see the line of mirrors lower in the photo as a blue line stretching across the view from left to right. The mirrors reflect the suns energy upward to the pipe at the top of the towers. That's why the tops are so lit up and bright. The pipe at the top contains liquid salt (I am guessing here) and the stored energy can drive steam turbines day and/or night. Linear parabolics are more economical to build since you track the sun only on one axis. Heliostats track the sun in two axis, are more efficient from an energy in/energy out point, but are more expensive to build and maintain. Bill Engineer by necessity, weldor by choice. On edit: Missouri Mule, I sometimes claim to be from Missouri. SHOW ME!
  5. Any Idea Of What This Is?

    A collector for a set of linear parabolic mirrors. Rather than heliostats that concentrate the collected energy in one spot, linear reflectors concentrate the energy on a long pipe, which is at the top of the towers. I work for the company that built the mirror frames. Bill