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  1. I'm just thinking back to when I first tested for an out of town construction job at the jobsite. I was real green and not being familiar with the machine I was testing on, I overlooked the Remote switch and couldn't figure out why the machine was burning way too hot and the controls on the panel did absolutely nothing. Failed the test that day and was getting ready to head for home when a conversation with a friend clued me in to the Remote switch. I plead ignorance to the lead man and was able to redo the test the next day and passed it.
  2. Good catch. Never really thought about it much. As far as castor and camber on a McPherson strut with fixed lower A-frame mounts, I don't think you can change more than 1/4 degree, which ain't much. Too much toe-in or toe-out will really wear your tires.
  3. Set the toe. After assembly, paint stripe on centerline of each tire. Scribe a line using a fixed object (jack stand, block of wood, etc.) around tire while rotating. Measure from one line to the other after settling car on floor. Check steering wheel for straightness once the toe is set. I shoot for 1/16 total toe-in. Good luck.
  4. Just learned this the other day. Anneal the existing washers to make them soft again. It's worth a try at almost no expense.
  5. arizonian

    lemon law

    How close are you to Avoca, NY. South Main Auto has a Youtube channel and he is very thorough and honest. Check him out if you have time. South Main Auto Below is Eric O's latest video about faulty inspections. NY Faulty Inspections
  6. Clean it up and then use some hairspray to make the boots stick.
  7. I dream all the time, vividly and in color. Just woke up from a nap, this is the dream. Live in a row house condominium, first house on the corner. Exit the house, turn to the right and go around the corner, surprise an elk calf that was munching on the bushes around the corner. Calf startles, takes off and all the elk on the street stampede down the street. Hear a noise behind me and turn to look. The street fronting the house is full of dogs grazing on the grass, they hear the elk stampede and they stampede toward me baying like a bloodhound. That's when I woke up.
  8. Thank You. That is a very inspiring message, one we should all take to heart. No one gets out of this world alive. God, and only God, is in control of when He calls us home.
  9. Expenses for laser cutting parts can be broken down into four or five groups. The shape of the part will probably come from a CAD program; AutoCad, Inventor, ProE, SolidWorks, etc., then exported to a nesting program. One man to accomplish this. The programmer (usually another man) will nest the parts into the material and uses a nesting program that gets exported to the laser. Thickness, width, length, ASTM alloy, number of parts, etc. The material handler to bring the correct material to the laser operator. The laser operator to import the nesting program, set up the mach
  10. Guessing that is a 6000 watt machine or greater. Rotary table also or just x-y? Different gasses will make it act differently, also silica content of thicker plate will affect the cut. Thickest copper we could cut was 16oz (.0216). Anything greater the molten pool would reflect the laser back into the head and blow it up. We would use the waterjet for the copper.
  11. Also check the linkage bushings while your under there. My '94 needed new bushings every 50k.
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