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  1. Yes, it is same cover on all those engines in all those various machines listed. The one I linked to in Germany is priced at 23.50 EUR which equals $ 28.91 US Dollars . The site states that they ship DHL and FedEx. Contact them and inquire as to shipping cost to you. I mentioned my friend's recently burned tractor, I can find out if the cap is available. Post a reply if interested.
  2. I entered your number in Google search and got many hits. Here is link to one available now. It is in Germany. https://www.acrar.com/en/spare/cnh-parts/cover-3136337r91-case-new-holland-parts/1590203/ Have you contacted a Case/IH dealer with that number ? I looked at Case/IH parts online catalog and see that number is listed in D-239 engine page as superseded. Dealer should tell you what the number has been changed to. Those engines were used in many models of tractors and some other machines. Perhaps a call to a salvage yard is in order. I just now remember that a fellow near here lost his IH 495 tractor in a building fire recently. Parts catalog shows that 495 engine has same part number for valve cover cap. I can talk to him and see what plan is for the burned hulk.
  3. International 504 hi clearance propane tractor

    That thing is about as rare as teeth in a chicken .
  4. Adding remote connecters to IH 504 built without any.

    Read closely what Matt Kirsch posted. Flow is continually going from pump through system and returned. There is little pressure. It is only when a valve is activated and forces oil into a closed space ( a hydraulic cylinder) that high pressure is developed and cylinder can extend and lift load.
  5. Adding remote connecters to IH 504 built without any.

    Glad those other guys explained it to you. Below is sketch of how I understand you wanting to plumb your system. Upper sketch is your system. It will not work. Lower sketch shows installing a selector valve as a tee. Selector valve sends oil to one line or the other and not both at the same time. The only way your drawing would work would be is to disconnect line to backhoe when you use the loader and vice-versa when using backhoe. Selector valve would save you having to disconnect hoses from couplers to isolate oil flow to the loader or backhoe , which ever you chose to use at the time. Install IH female couplers into selector valve so as to permit quick removal of entire backhoe unit when desired. Also picture below of a selector valve.
  6. Adding remote connecters to IH 504 built without any.

    If I understand correctly, it will not work. Will draw diagram tomorrow showing why it will not work.
  7. Adding remote connecters to IH 504 built without any.

    Need to know a few things. Do you have the loader? Those loaders were fitted to many models of tractors . Mounting attachments were model specific. If yours came off a 504, 606 or 340 , then it will bolt right on. If off of some other model you will have to do some modification to the mountings. Is the valve unit attached with the loader original IH or some other such as Gresen or Prince ? Do you have the backhoe? Below is picture of one. It shows oil supply connected to tractor auxiliary outlets. In using the backhoe the tractor's auxiliary valve lever would need to be locked ( tied or wired ) back to cause oil to flow continuously through it and to outlets (which is no problem). In my opinion you have the following options for lowest cost to you. 1. Get a new or used power beyond cover or have a machine shop modify the cover that is on your tractor now, into a power beyond. Attach IH female hydraulic couplers to the power beyond. Use IH male tips on hydraulic hose to go to your valve bank on the loader. When you need to use the backhoe, disconnect the hoses to loader valves and then connect another set of hoses to the backhoe. Loader and backhoe could not be connected and used at the same time with this arrangement. To have a system that would not require disconnecting hoses would be as acem described in post above. Being that the backhoe is three point mounted, I doubt that you would have it attached at all times so a system like that could present a problem of quickly disconnecting the hydraulic plumbing to the backhoe. It could be solved by adding a set of couplers in the supply line to the backhoe and a set in the return from backhoe. Disconnect at these couplers and put a short piece of hose with connectors to form a loop. I drew a diagram below. 2. Get the valve and lines and couplings from the salvage tractor. (Hope they are not so expensive ). Use hoses from them to your loader valves. When using backhoe , disconnect hoses to loader . Connect hoses to backhoe . With this system you will again not be able to have oil supply to loader and backhoe at same time. I use a Long three point mounted backhoe on one of my tractors. It had a PTO pump but it failed . I now use the tractor system by disconnecting loader supply hoses from tractor valves and connect supply hoses to backhoe. Causes a little inconvenience at times , but is acceptable.
  8. Adding remote connecters to IH 504 built without any.

    Here is the parts page for International 504 Utility model ( such as you have ) . Same valves , different tubes ( lines to outlets, rear and front ). Will get back with more later, have morning chores to go do.
  9. Adding remote connecters to IH 504 built without any.

    Well, as soon as I post my reply, I see that you have the International 504 , the utility model. Forget the Farmall hydraulic lines diagrams , they won't work. Utility models are different .
  10. Adding remote connecters to IH 504 built without any.

    You do have the 504 like the one on the left in the picture below, correct? It is the row crop Farmall model. Next are scans of Farmall 504 auxiliary hydraulic valves and connections. There are serial number differences, however the only difference in the two systems is how the tubes connect to the valves. I outlined valves and connections with red lines. One system uses banjo fittings, the other adapters with tubes threaded directly to the valves. Scans show all parts you would need to have complete system as factory installed. Now, here are some other things you can think about . You have a loader with a pair of valves on it. you just need oil supply to it. 4th graphic below shows plumbing system for a 2000 loader with self contained valves. Supply line from hydraulic transfer block with a special power beyond plate ( all outlined in red) designed just for this application. Return line from loader valves goes to transfer block with a rear port. Your tractor has a hydraulic transfer block, does it have a rear port ? (My Int 504 has two valves mounted on a transfer block with a rear port. It is pictured below.) Look at your tractor and compare. 6th graphic below shows plumbing a nd the special power beyond plate outlined in red. It is IH part #470603 R1. Probably be impossible to find one. Bates Corp.out of Indiana has a different style plate for $250.00. I imagine that one of them would suffice for your purpose of getting oil to your loader valves and return to the tractor reservoir. If you do install a backhoe , the line coming out of a power beyond plate could be teed,with one line to loader and another to backhoe . Returns could also be teed in same manner.
  11. IH856 diesel wiring help needed

    Do you have Operator's manual? Excellent wiring diagram is in it. Below are scans from my manual. Study it and compare to colors of your wires . Your unused dark green wire is # 35, goes to horn if one was installed.
  12. 756 radiator

    All States Ag parts has new radiators listed on their website. Bates Corp. has new radiators listed on their website. I can not tell you where they are manufactured. Your tractor is gas or diesel?
  13. Tires and Rims

    If you have 9.5L/15 now, chart below shows same rim width ( 8") for 11L/15. 11L tire static radius will be only .6" taller than 9.5 L tire.
  14. Tires and Rims

    Go to this site https://commercial.firestone.com/content/dam/bcs-sites/bridgestone-ex/products/Databooks/Firestone-AG-DataBook_08-29-2016.pdf Scroll down to page 43 & 44 for tractor front tires. Find column " Static loaded radius" and start comparing.
  15. Tires and Rims

    If you go with 18.4/38 on the 756 you will raise rear of tractor 2.9" above what you have with 15.5's. Excerpt from chart below shows static loaded radius ( circled in red ) of the three tire sizes that you mention. I agree with what Jeff ( above ) just posted.