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  1. You were lucky. VERY lucky. You do not know how lucky you were !
  2. Back in April there was a thread in Coffee Shop about repair of a New Holland 195 Box Manure Spreader. Here is link to it... https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/129648-nh-195-box-spreader-repair/ I participated in the discussion because I had a gear case problem with a similar design New Holland spreader. I just recently got the gear case dismantled. It was a S.O.B. to say the least. After much study and thought, I determined that the only way that I could get the shear hub off the apron shaft to disassemble the gear case was to sacrifice the shear hub. Pictures below show wha
  3. I found the three dots and it gave the option to edit. Yes more clicks..... not good !!!! Improvements to any system should make things easier, not require more motions. I'm hoping that attaching a picture will now not be more time consuming. I guess I'll find out sometime in the future. Good night.
  4. Now, how does one edit a post should they need to correct a typo, for instance?
  5. So now we have to make more motions to get to the next page ? 1st motion is move mouse to place little arrow over the box and left click mouse, then look at keyboard to find the key on keyboard that has number of page desired then punch the key. Old system was faster. When at bottom of page just put arrow on button for next page, click mouse and it was done. Old better . New not better.
  6. Problem already. How do I go to page 2?
  7. Dispose of it. All it does is get wet, stay wet and cause rusting of the steel hydraulic lines that supply oil to power steering. Had to make a brazing repair to rusted lines on one of my tractors recently.
  8. It is a video game, google ARMA3.
  9. 7and8and1456


    I have a Case Corp. brochure that has print date of 7-95. Picture attached. You can see the IH models listed that had a ROPS available in the program that Case/IH was running at that time. 504 models were not listed. Is your 504 a Farmall or International? Also attached pictures of a Farmall 544 with original factory IH ROPS.
  10. It sounds like what you have is hornets and not wasp. Is the nest a grey ball shape ? If so it is probably Bald Faced Hornets. Hornets nests are usually found in trees and shrubbery attached to branches and small limbs. Hornets can be ill tempered. If nest is only a " honeycomb" looking thing about two or three inches in diameter then they are true paper wasps , either yellow or red in color. Paper wasp nests are usually found in buildings up under the eaves or rafters. Wasp and hornet killer in aerosol cans will do the job for you. Go out after dark , use a flashlight to see with and get c
  11. This one is steam powered. I saw it in 2006. It is at Denton Farmpark in Denton NC, home of Southeast Old Threshers’ Reunion ( https://dentonfarmpark.com/48th-annual-southeast-old-threshers-reunion/
  12. I bought two canopy assemblies about 15 years ago from a member of RedPower, 756Man, Mark Mathis from Missouri. He was at the The Southeast Old Threshers Reunion at Denton, NC. He was having them built near him. Below is his original advertisement for the canopies and his parts business. Also pictures of canopies on my tractors, parts book page for IH ROPS and a brochure picture of a 1066 equipped with ROPS . I prefer my fenders to be mounted as wide as possible , so I mounted them as seen in pictures instead of bolting them to the "ROPS" frame uprights. There are four bolts , 7/8 inch dia
  13. Yes , leave them alone. After all, Bigfoot Lives Matter!
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