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  1. 7and8and1456

    56 and 66 series sloppy shifter rebuild

    I bought a complete repair kit set for 756 a few years ago to have on hand the next time that I did clutch job on 756 . Did it last summer. When installing new reverse detent plate sector ( # 4 in diagram below) , it would bind and not move in housing. I examined it and found it was not built squarely. It was not correctly in jig when welded. I had bought it from ASAP, but it had been three years before, so I figured they would probably do nothing since time had passed. So, I returned it directly to A&I in Rock Valley. I sent part with an explanation why being returned along with a drawing showing how the part was out of square. I heard nothing from them, so I called. Lady checked into it and said returns did not have part. I sent her USPS proof that it was delivered on a date and time. They did nothing.
  2. 7and8and1456

    706 dash and foot kick picture

    Parts book shows 806 and 1206 have same parts numbers , they are the same height. 706 is different from 8 & 12 , it is shorter.
  3. 7and8and1456

    706 dash and foot kick picture

    You are welcome.
  4. 7and8and1456

    706 dash and foot kick picture

    This should bring it up . #5 gear selector support cover https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html?csid=e6722205555ed06c7c005c2936722814&sl=EN&currency=#epc::mr64287ar1302372
  5. 7and8and1456

    66 vs 56 Series 2 Post Roll Bars and Canopies

    Mine are not original IH built , but instead are units I bought several years ago from Mark Mathis , 756man , here on Red Power. He had them built in Missouri. They are built as nearly identical to IH originals as any you will find. I mounted my fenders as seen in pictures instead of having them bolted to the ROPS uprights. I like my fenders set as wide apart as possible , gives more room on the deck.
  6. 7and8and1456

    dairy herd sales ?

    Herd auction that I linked to in my post on page 2 was sold yesterday (cows) and young stock today. Just talked with a guy who was there both days. Milking cows average price was $1, 018. Young stock were cheap, guy said doubtful if $500. Many young stock went to a buyer putting together cattle going to beef feeders out west. 12% sales commission to auction company. Herd ( registered cattle) in Virginia that sold in June, he told me averaged over $1400 for cows.
  7. 7and8and1456

    dairy herd sales ?

    Not many dairy operations left in North Carolina . I believe it is less than 200 now. I got notice of this 1200 head dairy auction scheduled for August 28 & 29. Farm is located about 30 miles from me. http://www.walnutgroveauction.com/auctions.html Also have been told of another operation with 1000 or so cows, has already sold their heifers and is trying to privately sell the cows. A 450 to 500 cow operation 25 miles from me sold their cows privately in early 2017. First buyer took 125 or so pick and choice and went to Wisconsin, second buyer pick and choice (about same number) stayed in NC. Left-overs went to butcher I heard.
  8. 7and8and1456

    another rescued

    Here is one in use. My father used one just like the one in the video. I was a child in the late 1950's and 60's and remember well seeing it in use. Mother drove the tractor pulling hay wagon and loader. Dad was on the wagon forking the hay away from loader and piling it higher. When I got old enough to drive tractor, I took mother's job. Loaded wagon was parked at front of barn and unloaded into barn with hay fork on rope attached to pulley and trolley system on a track suspended from rafters in peak of barn roof . I or my older sister was on the Super A Farmall used to pull the rope that lifted the hay fork into the barn. Ahhhh, The Good Old Days ! Loader is still here in the old machinery row and hay fork still hanging in barn.
  9. 7and8and1456

    Difference in rear wheel casting

    My 1969 856 diesel has 8 hole wheels. It is a "Custom" model of the 856. The Custom models of 756 and 856 were tractors that were not as fully equipped as most Farmall models. I assume that those 8 hole wheels had to be cheaper than 12 holes , so IH could still sell a guy 856 power but at a reduced price. Mine had 16.9 X 38 tires on it when I bought it with 2700 hours and the Firestone rear tires showed that much usage, so I believe they were factory installed. I bought wider rims when needing new tires and installed 18.4 X 38.
  10. 7and8and1456

    806 hydro control levers

    The earliest production '06 series tractors had hydraulic valve levers that were apparently made from cast iron material. They were rather short . Later production tractors were changed to levers made from steel rod that were much longer. https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html?csid=e6722205555ed06c7c005c2936722814&sl=EN&currency=#epc::mr53293ar1293830
  11. 7and8and1456

    806 question about 3 point

    The top link bracket is not IH factory part. It has only one set of holes. IH original has two sets. This tells me that tractor was originally a two point hitch equipped tractor that someone did or at least started to convert to three point by adding aftermarket conversion parts. Now question is, where is the rest of the stuff? Remove the retaining bolt and cover disc in the rockshaft lift arms, once removed you can see markings on the rockshaft to align with marking on the lift arm pointing to proper location to install lift arms on rockshaft for two point or three point. This will be proof positive of the original configuration of tractor.
  12. 7and8and1456

    Baby buzzard

    Ten years ago we found one in an old log cabin here on our farm . We had seen adults flying into and out of an upstairs window. Adults are still seen flying from the cabin this year. Perhaps they have nested there again.
  13. 7and8and1456

    295 planter

    https://lincolnagproducts.com/ Makes them.
  14. 7and8and1456

    1066 3 point arms

    Here are pictures of sway limiter control on IH 3 pt. hitch arms . First is Cat II hitch on 756 . Second is Cat. III hitch on 1456. Your tractors should be the same . The pins (red arrows) are to be installed to make the hitch as rigid as is possible. Remove pins on both sides, hitch arms will swing left or right on hillsides. Given that these tractors are 40 years old and have wear in them they will not be as rigid as when new. Perhaps your tractors do not even have those pins in them.
  15. 7and8and1456

    1066 3 point arms

    Do you have Operators manual? It shows how to set hitch arms to sway or be rigid. You need rigid.