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  1. What was that tractor? What caused the fire?
  2. Site below has photos of some of the landing sites on the moon as seen from lunar reconnaissance orbiter (released in 2011). https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/LRO/news/apollo-sites.html
  3. For those who have no knowledge of sweet sorghum syrup, lots of video on YouTube . Go to YouTube and search "Making sorghum syrup".
  4. I used 185 units for a lot of years and then ( and now) used 295 units. Here is picture from operator manual for the 185 unit. 295 units are the same as 185 for pressure spring and parallel linkage of the unit. If you are referring to the hook-like devices on the front of the unit, they are merely pieces of steel rod . Bent into shape and flattened on one end with a hole drilled through the flat and another hole drilled into the rod for a small split spring pin. Would be simple to make if you have one for a pattern. If soil is relatively loose or soft , yes one spring will keep the unit in the ground.
  5. Pictures of my 1970 built 1456. I bought it from Leaman's in Pennsylvania in 1993. They had gotten it in Iowa. Most of it's use here is on the forage harvester. I have the emblems ( which need painting) and Turbo decals, but it runs just as good without them !
  6. Yep, Bedstraw. https://weedid.cals.vt.edu/profile/58
  7. Get a picture of the engine serial number. It is located as seen in picture from operator's manual (below).
  8. I made this. Flat bar stock with hole drilled in it. Welded it to piece of pipe.
  9. Put top link in lower hole of attaching bracket on the tractor. Makes a big difference in the geometric motion of how the implement lifts upward.
  10. They were here ( northwestern North Carolina) in late May 2013.
  11. May as well legalize fentanyl now since jury in Minnesota decided that it had nothing to do with death of George Floyd.
  12. Plows from years ago had adjustments to increase "suck" for increased penetration. Picture below is from my operator manual for a 620 two way plow my dad bought new in late 1960's. Later model plows may not be just like this, but should have some sort of adjustment to accomplish the same thing.
  13. What is red and yellow in second picture?
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