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  1. 7and8and1456


    To add to what stronger800 said. The purpose of setting the two "fixed" clamps first, is to set the rim parallel and true to the wheel. When a tire/rim is removed and reinstalled to the wheel, many people just install the clamp blocks one after another as they pick them from the pile they were put in when removed. This will result in a rim that is not installed true and the tire/rim will wobble when rotating. I got behind a tractor on the road once and both rear tire/rims were wobbling something bad. Place blocks in front and back of one rear tire so tractor can not roll. Jack up other side of tractor. Release park lock. Rotate raised rear wheel to put rim driving lugs ( the bumps) up, between 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock position. Install the fixed blocks at 90 degrees and tighten. Loosely install all the other blocks. I always tighten two near the bottom, then two at the sides then the rest of them. Place a bar , a wrench or other item on the tractor deck or the blocks your jack is sitting on and have the end of it at a point where it is close to the rim. Rotate the wheel and watch as the rim passes by your pointer device. This will show any amount that the rim is out of true. If out of true, loosen and tighten adjustable clamps as necessary to get rim/wheel running true.
  2. 7and8and1456


    Those are the clamp type wheel centers. Now I'm going to show you some things about correctly mounting wheels to rims as yours are not correct. Your wheel has the rim clamp blocks at locations circled in my last picture below. They should be located at points where arrows indicate. Scan from operator manual and pictures with captions will explain it.
  3. 7and8and1456

    Some 1486/66/56 eye candy for today

    Yes, it is a NH 880. Watch it in operation here ...
  4. 7and8and1456

    Some 1486/66/56 eye candy for today

    My 1456 earning its keep. I have the emblems and Turbo decals, just need to install them.
  5. 7and8and1456

    Windbreaker Comfort Cover

    I have an original IH Windbreaker that is used on 756, bought it many years ago. Later, I wanted one for 856, but no longer available from Case IH. I bought a Femco. It is identical to the IH original except for the name painted on the fabric. The instruction sheet that came with the Femco was a direct copy of the sheet with the IH. No doubt in my mind that Femco ( or same company with another name at the time) made them for IH. Just like IH had some companies to build cabs for the tractors when cabs started being available.
  6. 7and8and1456

    Windbreaker Comfort Cover

    Sorry , I do not have picture .
  7. 7and8and1456

    recent dairy observations

    My non-breeder heifer weighed 1305, price $56.00/cwt. Right at highest price for the day for slaughter cows . Slaughter bulls were $65 - $87.
  8. 7and8and1456

    recent dairy observations

    Holstein baby calves (usually always bulls) at markets this week (11-26 ) in North Carolina were 7.50 to 35.00 at one, 20.00 to 35.00 at another. and 40.00 to 60.00 at another. I sold a non-breeding Holstein heifer at one of those yards Monday. Will post weight and price when I receive settlement check .
  9. 7and8and1456

    706 front bolster came loose!

    3/4-10 X 2 " hex head cap screw
  10. 7and8and1456

    Windbreaker Comfort Cover

    Femco shows them for 06 tractors with clamshell fenders. number 307021331 http://www.femcomfg.com/index.php/products/weather-protection Also get then from here .... https://www.tractorpartsasap.com/heater-cab-kit-red-vinyl-international-706-806-1206-123044.html
  11. 7and8and1456

    Windbreaker Comfort Cover

    Get from Femco one for 756, 856, 826, etc . http://www.femcomfg.com/index.php/products/weather-protection Number 307021429 . They are for flat fenders. It will work on your 806. You may have to use a piece of flat bar stock and drill some holes in it to make an extension to bolt to the deck plate of tractor for it to fit perfectly as 06 deck is not quite as wide as 56 & 26 series. Also here https://www.tractorpartsasap.com/heater-cab-kit-red-vinyl-international-756-826-856-1026-1256-1456-123046.html
  12. 7and8and1456

    beef price lately?

    Prices Monday November 12, Turnersburg, NC.
  13. 7and8and1456

    G706 - need more power

    I have a 756 that pulled a 1100 gallon liquid manure tank over lots of hilly land with no problem. That 706 should have no problem pulling that sprayer up any kind of hill. 500 gallons of water at about 8.5 lbs./gallon is 4250 lbs. 500 gal. of liquid nitrogen solution would be a little more than 5000 lbs. Weight of that complete sprayer looks like it should be no more than 15-1800 lbs. Sprayer fully loaded with nitrogen should be no more than 6800 lbs. If it will not pull that, the engine must be worn out or there is a fuel flow restriction. Take it to a dyno and see how much horsepower it puts out.
  14. 7and8and1456

    dairy cow auctions

    Sad to see and hear of entire herds going to slaughter. But the fact is that there is too much milk being produced for milk prices to increase. There are too many cows in production and too many head of young stock (heifers) being raised for dairy replacements. Blame it all on high price of milk a few years ago. Too many dairy producers let the human nature of wanting more (greed ) , influence their decisions to expand production. Add more cows , begin milking three times daily, feeding more high powered rations , use sexed semen to get more female calves to raise and what did they think would happen ?
  15. 7and8and1456

    56 and 66 series sloppy shifter rebuild

    I bought a complete repair kit set for 756 a few years ago to have on hand the next time that I did clutch job on 756 . Did it last summer. When installing new reverse detent plate sector ( # 4 in diagram below) , it would bind and not move in housing. I examined it and found it was not built squarely. It was not correctly in jig when welded. I had bought it from ASAP, but it had been three years before, so I figured they would probably do nothing since time had passed. So, I returned it directly to A&I in Rock Valley. I sent part with an explanation why being returned along with a drawing showing how the part was out of square. I heard nothing from them, so I called. Lady checked into it and said returns did not have part. I sent her USPS proof that it was delivered on a date and time. They did nothing.