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  1. Put top link in lower hole of attaching bracket on the tractor. Makes a big difference in the geometric motion of how the implement lifts upward.
  2. They were here ( northwestern North Carolina) in late May 2013.
  3. May as well legalize fentanyl now since jury in Minnesota decided that it had nothing to do with death of George Floyd.
  4. Plows from years ago had adjustments to increase "suck" for increased penetration. Picture below is from my operator manual for a 620 two way plow my dad bought new in late 1960's. Later model plows may not be just like this, but should have some sort of adjustment to accomplish the same thing.
  5. What is red and yellow in second picture?
  6. One of those things could be fun... And noisy !!!!
  7. https://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionlist.cgi?vuid=7741 Auction on Friday about 30 miles from me. I know nothing about the owners .
  8. I have that one. Got it at dealership in 1972.
  9. There was a law enforcement officer involved shooting in Elizabeth City, NC on Wednesday. Man killed was being served search and arrest warrants. He tried to flee. He had many drug related incidents on his record. Sigh.....
  10. I grabbed the picture below from a you-tube video. I've seen full coverage fenders on 66 series but never an ice cream box cab too.
  11. Blaine, I bought two of them in 2006 from Mark Mathis, a Red Power member from Missouri. He was at the Southeast Old Threshers’ Reunion in Denton , N.C. and he had several of them ( all new aftermarket units he had built in Missouri) on a trailer there that day. He dropped them off at our farm later that day as he headed home for Missouri. I put one on the 1456 and the other on my 756. Nice units built just like IH originals. Picture below of 756 with canopy, muffler and curved pipe extension like my 14 in second picture below.
  12. Muffler. Here is picture of mine with muffler and curved pipe extension.
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