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  1. Inoperative PTO is probably the tiny pin ( # 27) that connects the control valve spool parts listed in item 21 in this parts diagram, linked from Case IH . Relatively simple to repair , just need to do some wrenching . The last time I did one I did not buy pin from Case IH. I took a tiny roller needle from a used u-joint cup and bearing. It was the right diameter. Just shortened it a little on a bench grinder. Beat paying Case IH price. https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html?csid=e6722205555ed06c7c005c2936722814&sl=EN&currency=#epc::mr57669ar1274721
  2. My 756 and 856 are both Custom models. They did not have the full coverage battery covers but rather had just the battery hold down angle bar, # 6 seen below in parts diagram. The full coverage sheet metal has identical bar welded to it. Full covers may look nice but they get corroded. Without them you can easily see battery top, check fluid level in them or access post for cleaning.
  3. Does the 66 series tractor Operator manuals have diagrams such as these from my 56 series ?
  4. Bought it as a " Replacement for original IH sending unit , fits..... ( list of tractors)".
  5. I finally had to replace the sending unit on my 756 three years ago. I had bent the contact wiper arm a couple of times but it got to where it would not stay in contact. The new aftermarket unit works like a champ..... except it registers backward.... full when empty and empty when full. How does one go about reversing it? Or can it be done?
  6. Why the six hole cast centers on both sides of one of the tractors?
  7. Well now, that is a curiosity. I looked at parts on Case IH site and it does in fact list two twelve point bolts ( one each side of tractor) for the brake cover. And it lists 8 twelve point screws for the brake housing .I looked at my tractor which is all original and it does not have a twelve point bolt ... all hex heads showing on the cover. Ten on each brake, 20 total for both sides . Parts shows total Hex and twelves to also be 20 for tractor. Why the discrepancy? Go figure !
  8. 806 and 706 have different numbers for bull gears but about everything else in range transmission in rear frame and speed transmission in clutch housing are the same . Front channels ( engine side rails ) are different from 7 to 8 and also different from gas to diesel in each model. Wide front axles are the same. Tricycle fronts are different numbers. Radiators and housing and steering/gear selector supports are different (taller on 806). Most pieces of sheet metal hoods are different numbers. Same things apply to 756 and 856.
  9. 7and8and1456

    1256 wiring

    There is only one fuse on the tractor. Picture below. Does your Operator's Manual not have an illustration and reference chart as also shown below? Below are from my 1456 manual. 1256 should be identical.
  10. Should work. All 06, 56, 26. and 66 tractors should have been factory installed with power beyond at the time they were built. Would not have added $100 more to price at the time.
  11. Real easy to tell if hyd. assist, looks like this
  12. Good point. But being that they state to specify which loader it goes on, I would assume that if they build them with different widths, that they are also built correctly for top pin - bottom pin spacing for the loader designed for. If Jkobs is interested in one he needs to call them and find out.
  13. EquipmentJunkie...... The site that Jkobs linked to showing the adapter for IH loaders makes the following statement regarding which loaders it fits. ENERAL FEATURES: This Adapter will Attach to IH 1850, 2000 & 2200 Front End Loaders with Pin-On Buckets. To Ensure the Correct Adapter, Customer MUST Specify Which Loader Model the Adapter is for: 1850, 2000 or 2200! Note that the customer MUST specify which loader it is for. I think what the manufacturer is saying is that they have this style adapter for IH loaders , but because of width differences between loader arms from model to model , one unit does not fit all as they are model specific. Order the one for your particular loader . I see that the one in your photo is ATI brand. I had seen their website months ago , but for some reason website is not available to view now. I agree that the adapter will fit right on the 3000, as the parts book shows buckets , manure fork and fork lift attachment for the 2000 and 3000 are the same part numbers.
  14. Yours is definitely the 3000 loader .
  15. "From what I can see, the bucket pivot is angled more on the 3000 vs the 2000 - am I seeing that right? I’ll take a better picture of this part tomorrow and post it." To answer your question; yes, there is an pivot angle difference . Parts book diagrams below , more easily show the difference in how the pivot point is constructed. first is 2000 , second is 3000.
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