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  1. Is it leaking around the joint, or is the manifold cracked? You could weld the cracks, but the joint must be able to expand and contract.
  2. I had to go look and none of the 3 806's we have here, have the upper holes for the 56 style spring loaded pins in the casting.
  3. Most likely. Seams every clamshell in existence got tossed for flat tops. I'd bet the dealer swapped out a set and had the clamshells sitting around. Now a days I'll buy ever set of clamshells I can find, I like them.
  4. I believe '65? Was the last year for clamshells? I've got a couple sets of the odd '66 flat tops with no right side hand hole. '67 I think they went to hand hole in both fenders.
  5. Only way you can install an 856 grill in an 806 is to change entire cast radiator housing, I also see the front bolster doesn't have the hole for the hand crank. I'd bet the entire front end has been changed at 1 point. As for the rear, those are just the ugly 86 series 6 hole style 38" centers.
  6. I'd run it if the grain sample stays clean. Hole that small shouldn't let much MOG through, the fan should take care of the rest.
  7. Yes, set on at a crossing. Way way to heavy and too much twist to try and climb on over the rail.
  8. Hopefully Mike becker out of WI gets them.
  9. Bring the low boy, it's 72,000 shipping weight I'm told.
  10. 10 am Friday I had my 2.5 hours of work in and was headed home. 10:15 Forman 5 hours away calls and says the machine that was supposed to be here next Monday, was sitting at the yard office.... So, back to work I went. Blew a hose 2 hours in, then again at 1830 Friday. quick 3 hour round trip to Bloomington and back Saturday morning I was up and going by 1100, went till dark. Started at 0800 Sunday and was out of fuel by 1600 so I called it good enough. So far I've put 20 hours on the machine, We've got it at work all week, needs to get run hard for what it costs to rent!!!! 325 Cat with hi-rail gear and a Fecon forestry mulcher. Biggest tree I've taken down so far is a 12" poplar.
  11. I'm fully aware of that machine, I've personally sat in it. But it wasn't a 2+2, it was a fwa that they wanted to make turn sharper. Basically test bed for the New Holland super steer.
  12. Because the 2+2 wasn't the godsend most old IH guys think it was. If it was so good a bunch of other companies could have built it, Truth is it was a stop gap to get to front wheel assists. Sometimes in business it's a better idea to cut your losses before your to far in the whole. Tenneco saw the 2+2 as a money pit and acted wisely by killing it and pouring money into the Magnums. Obviously we all know what a success those were.
  13. Every 361 I knew that was turboed and boosted hard would pressurized the radiator. I would go 360 and not think twice. Parts are WAY, WAY, easier to get. Also I don't know if you could ever get an 806/361 down to 7,000 pound. My gas 806 is 8240 with heavy rears, no cab or 3 point, narrow front, no fuel low on oil.
  14. I don't think I've ever heard the words D361 and tractor pulling since the 70's..... D360 is a mini version of the 466, and just as capable.
  15. Heads on, torqued down with a new gasket. Going to set top end tomorrow and hopefully fire it up. Looks to me like #6 on the right side cracked the fire ring, and eventually blew it out into #5 on the left side. You can see how the fire ring is bent in on the left cylinder. My initial though was water got in through the exhaust, but who knows.
  16. I forgot all about this thread. Since it's a gas it's gotten the narrow front treatment and that's about it. It's just been getting used pulling plows and wagons because it's just such a good runner.... Until my friend wanted to take it 3 hours west to a tractor show and run it though the pull. He gets there and it's missing, bad. I looked at it last week and determined it blew the head gasket between 5&6. Best guess is it got water in it on the trip to the show because this thing ran like a Swiss watch. New gasket was on hand, tore it down today, will most likely have it back together tomorrow and hopefully back to plowing in a week or so.
  17. I gave up after 2nd page, then decided to see what the latest page said, so I haven't been reading along, please bring me up to speed.
  18. So..... is current atmospheric CO2 levels something to be concerned about????
  19. Man you want to get a tree hugger twisted up, explain to them that catalytic converters are directly responsible for the modern day increase in atmospheric CO2 levels!!! Their Heads explode.
  20. What are you calling "regular" concaves??? I've said it 3 times now, just use the large wires with cover plates for beans, no plates for corn. Changing concaves sucks.
  21. The news media started spewing just that the last week or so. Star tribune here in MN had front page above the fold stating "decades of work has been erased by canadian fires. Here's a story from NYT, star tribune wants you to pay to read. Both are liberal rags..... https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/20/climate/wildfire-smoke-air-pollution.html My question is if we've made huge gains in air quality in the last 40 years, why am I told we're worse off today???
  22. Touchy subject, sounds like a good way to lose a few drivers when good drivers are impossible to find. We had them in the old jobs semis, but it was a paid subscription. Currently have them from progressive insurance. Only shows vehicle trip when vehicle is turned off, no live tracking.
  23. One other thing to think about is there's currently 10 billion people on earth, each and everyone is converting oxygen to CO2. It's also quite intriguing that global CO2 levels is increasing that same rate as world population.
  24. Answer me this, have global CO2 levels ever been higher than today???? What was the plant and animal life like if CO2 levels were higher than today. How did those levels get to there? Science and facts prove that today's levels are nothing to worry about
  25. That 984 is gunna be a heavy pig, plus 8 rows of of 225+ corn is going to be slow going. Only you know your fields, is slow or fast going to be better for staying on the ridges? Also 984 and the 1044 use different row units so most parts won't interchange. Personally I'd be on the hunt for a 1000 series head, lighter and newer if you think the 4 row isn't going to work for you and want something bigger.
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