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  1. Did you get any hail this afternoon? I was at Almelund show watching radar, looked bad from your area to about Grasston. I've Got 1 corn field north of 70 that got shredded but it's late enough now it won't hurt it. Beans 1 mile east have holes in top leaves but no pods on ground. Just north of Braham saw a shredded field of beans. .85 total last night and today.
  2. I forgot, yes they bolt on where the wfe steering arm bolts on.
  3. Id's say over 200 pounds, With out hubs they're not bad. Im 41 years old, the ones with hubs are hard to lift out of the truck box.....
  4. Cool thanks. Guess I'll start hunting for PS part then and leave the belt compressor alone.
  5. Isn't this Danny Andersons? Or did he just restore it for the owner?
  6. Don't ever touch the "clutch" pedal either, if the valve sticks you'll hate your life.
  7. Fine I give in, a 5488 is the greatest tractor ever, your the king. I still stand by the fact you didn't pull 5-18's at 1200 rpm in M1. And why would you abuse equipment like that, pulling a plow through frost, way below design rpm of a tractor and way above design limits of a plow???
  8. Yea 15 is prolly closer. Kids and I were at the pool in mora Thursday, got chased out from lightning, turned to hail and wind quick. We made the turn onto 70 and it just stopped, Crazy. Got chased out Friday too from lightning so we went to the fair, rained for 15 minutes. Currently at the pool again for swimming lessons.
  9. You must have the strongest 1 in existence then.. also in my 25 years of farming, most frost has formed in the low areas first, not the high areas...... I'll stand by my comment, you'll never pull a 466 down to 1200 rpm then pull back out of it with 5-18's. They'll stall quickly from over fueling and no boost anywhere under 1600-1800 rpm. As for the Nebraska numbers, there more context to those number that we don't know. What RPM do they consider lugging, what are the parameters? Did they pull it down to a certain rpm then back up, did they throttle down under full load then back up to decide a % it can fall under full rpm and recover? Unless we know the exact test parameters it's usless info. I can tell you the Case 504 runs at 2100 rpm wide open, which is pto speed. IH pto speed was 2-300 under wot, so if your at wot, it leaves some room to pull down into the pto speed, which is often where max HP is measured. Many, many, many old guys will tell you a 1066 pulls HARD, most were disappointed when they moved into a 1086 with pulling/lugging ability.
  10. And 25 miles SE of you we got .8. Heck the neighbor 2 miles north got over 3. Crazy spotty
  11. There's NO WAY your pulling 5-18's at 1000 rpm, or even 1200. Well maybe if your in low gear. I used to put 200 hours a year on a 1066, or 5088, yes smaller motor, but not by much I've been in the seat of a a 1066, and a 5088 since the 90's, and had a 504 Case since the 2000 Era. Yes a 504 will out lug a 466.
  12. No idea on axle rating. 10 bolt bud rims all around. Says 1955 on the tag for truck model. Very new to these trucks so I don't know all the variations they came in.
  13. Picked up an 87 S1900, has a belt driven air compressor, wondering if gear drive off front cover was ever offered. Also, no power steering, was it an option?
  14. Here's a picture I took while the sheetmetal was off our 5088. you can see the opening in the rear top, the dirty passageway, and then the opening in upper right. It's important to note that the opening is in front of the radiator, but behind the fan. This is the passageway that pulls hot air from the engine compartment to the front and expels it out.
  15. On 1640 and 1660 combines, if they have large numbers on the side its still the 466, small numbers on tail are cdc motor.
  16. You better do some long hard reading about Consolidated Diesel Corp. Joing venture between Tenneco and Cummins. They built the 8.3 and 5.9 that went in all the new CaseIH tractors and combines in 1987 In 2008 Tenneco left the venture and Cummins became sole owner of the now legendary 5.9 and 8.3 liter Cummins. https://tractors.fandom.com/wiki/Consolidated_Diesel_Company 90/94 series used a Case 504, except the 1896/2096 used the 5.9 CDC motor. Look at any magnum engine tag, it says CDC, NOT Cummins.
  17. In the end it looks like Tenneco made the right choice in using their own motor in front of the IH transmission, and their own motor in the IH combine. Remember, the Case Corp was dead in 1967, Tenneco didn't kill IH, IH management and employees via strikes and demands, bankrupted IH. Fiat is boasting about 100 years of Farmall this year, are you mad at fiat for using the Farmall name?
  18. IH failed because of poor management, no because of poor products, yes the 88 series transmission, and 400 series motors became legendary. My favorite part of the Case VS IH argument is the diehard IH guys seam to forget that Case failed 20 years before IH......
  19. Right..... that's why triple R has such a booming business fixing 88 series transmissions. Let's be honest, they all break, some never do, brand has no bearing. Our 5088 went 9000 hours on the original motor, my 3394 is pushing 8000. Neighbor has wrecked his 2090 twice in 300 hours. Can't give him an IH, the TA won't last the week.
  20. Where about in western WI are you??? Depending on tire/rim conditions I'd maybe be interested in swapping my 16.9x38's for your 15.5 rims and tires.
  21. I sometimes take the daughters out on a ride, just a mile or so with whatever tractor finds its way home. The 9 year old loves to steer, 6 year old is pretty good already at keeping it out of the ditch too. 6 more weeks and it'll be getting pretty cool at night for open station tractor rides.
  22. I'd say 70 series Case is worse, cuz I absolutely hate the 70 series dash, side console is nice. I love the 66 series, especially those sweet green dash lights. Fond memories of being wedged behind the seat of a 1066 at night as a kid. As far as comfort, I'd probably still say a well insulated 66 series with AC is my choice over a 70 series Case cab. It should be noted that the 24,26,2870 Case are the newer 90 series cab, and are HUGE!
  23. You and I must farm vastly different dirt, because every 2 wheel drive tractor over farmed with, just goes straight when turning on the end of a field. If you didn't drag a brake you weren't turning, no such problem with a FWA. Mine is set up with front wheels at 36" allows you to turn as tight as possible with no steering stops. The vast majority of the crappy steering claims were from guys running them on 30". I fully understand the radis when turning, but 99% of them are on soft dirt. Plus 90% or more of the time your driving straight, so it's not an issue. Like I said before, the 6 tires pulling vs 4 raises the efficiency far more than the tiny amount of slip and drag caused by a turn. What I find truly interesting is guys will hammer the Case fully time 4x4 tractors to death, but fawn all over a FWA 66 or 86, which is the exact same setup...... Truth is FWA was the way of the future, and still is a far superior setup vs 2 wheel drive. I'll probably never by a 2 wheel drive tractor to farm with, just too much inefficiency.
  24. Your 5488 must have some special cab then because I've had 2 kids in the 2090. one on floor by door with legs stretched out, and another laying across back ledge, again full stretched out, plus room for my legs under dash. None of that is possible in an 86 or 88 series IH. Now the 70 series Case cabs 1370 1570 etc, they sucked big time!!!! 94 series is same cab, just bit nicer inside. Never could bring myself to straight piped my 3394, sign of me getting old I guess.
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