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  1. I think the bolts for the HD/ wheatland style drawbar are longer because they use that big heavy cast bracket off the axle. I bought mine from a local parts supplier, they might work for you.
  2. My old 84 model 1480 had an electric reverser. It Had all the right wiring and solenoid behind right side cab panel. Guy I bought it from ordered 2 1480's brand new and claimed it was factory installed. It now resides in NW IA so I can't get pics.
  3. I bought 1 and taught my 9 year old daughter how to use it for bike and lawn mower tires. She's even filled the wife's car tire once, they're crazy simple, love mine!!!
  4. Do you best to get the zerk where you can grease it, odds are it will never see grease though after install. They're impossible to get to without modifying something.
  5. Valentines days is Feb 14th...... Ironical my Bday is Sept 5th.
  6. I've got 2, an IH diesel, and a Farmall gas. The diesel has a turbo, I've owned it since black Friday 2010. The gas I bought memorial weekend 2013. Both bought for collector reasons but like all things they get put to work on the farm. Dad's Farmall is a diesel, he's owned it since late 80's. It ate the cam 2000ish. Sat unused till 2015 or so, now it's got a new cam and slowly getting painted.
  7. The IH version barely made it to the 9xxx serial numbers, so 12345 will have to be a row crop.
  8. Sure doesn't appear that way from your replies. Twist it however you want but government banning the sale of an ICE is only to push people elsewhere. What are the other options??? I know you know the answer.
  9. If I'm reading past all the pop ups correctly, it's in western Australia???
  10. And yet you both conveniently glossed over the 2035 EV mandates.... agenda maybe???
  11. What if you live in a state that has banned ICE vehicle sales after 2035. Yea you can say it's a long way off, but that does change the fact that people will be forced to buy a new EV, or drive wore out old cars with no mechanical support.
  12. My diesel can go about 400 miles between fill ups, each time it's about 6 minutes. Let's call it 8 stops on that trip, at 6 minutes a stop, 48 total minutes fueling. An EV has used up 48 minutes by the time you hook up for the 3rd charge. Now I'll add in 30 minutes for a couple longer stops to grab food, but I can still fuel, get food and be gone withing 20 minutes at most and station. So the Tesla is already way behind the ball time wise with more stops being made, and way longer recharge times. Push the narrative all you want but facts are facts, an EV will NEVER travel any long distance as fast as an ICE. Can you show us a picture of your EV?
  13. And thus brings us back to the facade that is electric vehicles. Only people with tax liabilities will be able to partake in the tax credit. I'll also remind you that YOU brought ethanol subsidies into the conversation, when everyone knows that ethanol subsidies ended in 2012. Let's focus on why people aren't buying EV's instead of trying to shift the conversation.
  14. Now can you tell me what ethanol is made from? Because everything in that link is about payments to land owners, or business to build plants that use basestock OTHER than corn. Nothing in that link said anything about paying anyone to use ethanol, or buy a flex fuel vehicle, like the current subsidies going to buy electric vehicles.
  15. Can you please post a link to the ethanol subsidies?
  16. No they don't interchange. If you swap them side to side you end up moving the combine higher or lower because the wheel shaft is offset to the bolt pattern. It's buried somewhere in the 1480 operators manual.
  17. Hauled this 1 home 275 miles behind my 96 F250 diesel. 4th gear, 55 mph all the way home, PSD ran great but didn't like all that weight. It was CHEAP, has a 446, 5 speed with a 4 speed aux. So far I've only used it a couple times, 25 miles maybe. It's gutless with 550 bushels on it, runs ok empty. I'm sure it needs a full carb rebuild and ignition system. Hydraulic brakes that work pretty good. It realy needs a good run through the shop but no time for that till winter.
  18. I doubt I could ever get a permanently round object that straight.
  19. 446 in my 76 loadstar. With 550 bushel of corn, 35mph is all it'll do. I can't see how a 345 would ever do it.
  20. Should be a little one behind the box that houses the hydraulic stack. If you look above left tire should see it. Might have to follow hydraulic lines from engagement cylinder on right side.
  21. RD pump, corn picker mounts, we need more pics!!!!
  22. If you look real close you can see where the "fire ring" or the metal that is on the inside of the cylinder bore, is rolled over the material that makes the gasket. You want the rolled part up, so the the solid metal part is down against the block.
  23. FWIW, combines never got the tall pressure release style caps that every 06-66 series I've ever seen had. Both my 1480 and 1688 have the smooth chrome cap with no writing. Also keep in mind ALOT can get changed in 75 years of existence.
  24. Depends what you do with tractor and what's on it. I normally start a tractor and use it for hours so plenty of time to charge the battery. Also I rarely work at night, and everything has LED lights, so electrical load is minimal. If you have a bunch of start stop type work, or 17 monitors in the cab, you'll want lots of amps. If electrical load is low, amps required is low.
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