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  1. It is what you think it is. That's standard equipment on all those tractors. My 986 has one and it works great for plugging my phone charger into. I also have a little oscillating fan in the cab that plugs into that outlet as well. Jesse
  2. Ohhhhhh yeah I did! You can fly backwards across a field or yard. Good way to kill someone if the front tire catches something and turns. Had a guy working with me that didn't believe it was there until I showed him. He said it was the best thing ever after that. Jesse
  3. There are few if any existing alfalfa fields that made it through the winter in Western WI. It is just brown everywhere this spring. We have the same rain every other day and cold temps as it seems other parts of the midwest are having. It's not a good time to be sitting short on hay ground with the price of hay being up and the lack of a viable crop around here. I usually try to cut a week or so after Memorial Day. I could use the lawn mower this year if I kept the same schedule. We have friends that own a larger dairy and they had no viable alfalfa come back this spring. They ended up spraying everything and replanting so there will be no first crop of hay for them at all. They have been planting cover crops for the last 3 years or so on their silage corn and bean ground so they are going to let the cover crop grow and harvest that for forage. It won't make the best feed but better than nothing. I'm not sure how they do it with milk prices being what they are and they had a barn roof collapse last winter that killed almost 100 of their cows. Now they have to figure out a way to get by without any typical feed. Jesse
  4. https://leerealestateauction.com/2019/04/20/may-4-live-auction/ The Chevy C30 certainly catches my eye. I just bought a tractor a month ago so the wife said I couldn't be buying anything else. I told her it doesn't hurt to look. A guy's gotta keep an eye on sales prices after all. Jesse
  5. Jesse in WI

    656 gas

    I have a gas 656 that I bought 14 years ago and it has been a great tractor for me. It was in good condition when I bought it and the guy said it had been overhauled recently. All its cost me is a water pump, a hydraulic pump, a set of rear tires and rims (wanted to upgrade from 34" to 38" rubber for clearance), and fuel. LOTS AND LOTS OF FUEL! 😂 If you are going to be doing work where the engine RPMs are always up be prepared to not get too far from your fuel source. Jesse
  6. I would add to this that you will undoubtedly find out what broken part is making the noise at the very instant you need to use the tractor the most.
  7. I put 4 of the round LED lights into the original factory "rubber" rings and put them back in the factory holders on my 986 (front of hood and lower forward cab lights) and I didn't drill any vent holes. I just had to modify the wiring connections on the tractor side to accept spade connectors. I work a full time job during the day so my tractor hours are generally spent in the dark cutting hay and using the snow blower. The LED light improvement has been invaluable for these tasks.
  8. I have a post hole digger on the skid steer that I wanted to mount on the loader of my 656 but only had 2 sets of remote valves and the loader used both. I solved this problem by plumbing in a 3-way ball valve on both hoses that operate the bucket tilt. In one handle position I have full control of the bucket tilt and by simply rotating the ball valve handles I now have fully operational auxiliary outlets on the front of my loader arms. If you have the loader hoses connected to the rear outlets on your tractor you could plumb this ball valve into your outlets with the use of a short piece of hydraulic hose. Then plumb your loader hose into one outlet on the ball valve and plumb another coupler to the other outlet for your implement connection. When you need the loader turn the ball valve to allow flow to the loader. When you need to hook to an implement you can roll your bucket back and turn the ball valve to the other outlet. Put your hydraulic lever in float position and there should be no pressure on the system, but the bucket will stay where you put it because the ball valve is locking the hydraulic oil in place. These were about $60 per valve from Surplus Center. You'll need one per hose that you want to control. https://www.surpluscenter.com/Brands/Dynamic/3-4-NPT-Carbon-Steel-5145-PSI-3-Way-Ball-Valve-9-8595-12.axd
  9. According to the parts book the cab serial number split is at 107806. At that number and below the window height is 30.2" and above that number is 31.9".
  10. Obviously depends on soil type but in our area with heavier soils I'd say about 12-15hp per shank on a chisel disk. Little less without the disk. I have a 9 shank chisel disk (M-F brand) that we run behind a 1586 with duals. Jesse
  11. Our dealer gets them from A&I and I'd assume ASAP does as well. Gonna need the serial number for tractor though. Earlier model years had different height than later years. Be sure to order new bushings that go in the glass in the bolt holes.
  12. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Put big words on the label that mean nothing but makes the product your selling sound more important than others of equal quality and charge a premium.
  13. I'd never tell another man how to farm his land but it might work better if the side rake was in front of the baler. 😂 Very nice work on the truck though.
  14. Is there an aftermarket replacement strut for the buddy seat? I checked with the dealership and they quoted me almost $100 for the kit. The strut is only about 3" long. The seat came out of an Maxxum115. Item #6 is what I'm looking for. The black box in the parts diagram denotes Item #6.
  15. .......and a sign behind her that reads "IF YOU LIKE YOUR INDEPENDENT MECHANIC YOU CAN KEEP HIM"
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