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  1. Sale yesterday (Saturday) north of Woodville. One of the very few live auctions offered so far this year. NH 258 5 bar basket rake, mismatched tires, worn teeth and drive joints $2800 JD 467 round baler. Very clean. About 11,000 bales. $20,000 I went for the baler but was quickly out of the bidding. The wife picked up a nice chest with hinged cover made from hardwood that the kids are going to use for their cattle and pig showing stuff for $15 so not all a wasted day.
  2. Short answer: YES The following is specific to the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. We are seeing significant shortages in house supply. More buyers than sellers for some reason. I have a friend that works in the building industry for a national housing development company and he told me they were closing on almost 8 houses per week in the development he's currently working in. I know of other raw land developments that are sold out before the roads and utilities have been installed. This has been going on since before the China Flu made its way here last year. The scamdemic has only made
  3. I think this is the common practice on any of the "League Passes" for the different sports. They advertise to watch any game at any time but in real fine print it says "only applies to teams not in your area".
  4. You get what you pay for with these balers. The 5500 will make a 5x5 bale. The Rebel line was made from about 2000-2010 and were intended for guys making less than 500 bales per year. They have cheaper, lighter bearings, rollers and chains compared to the other Vermeers of the era. The 5' wide Rebels were well known for breaking rollers in half more often than the 4' wide balers. As someone who sold and serviced these machines it's my opinion that you'd be money ahead to look elsewhere.
  5. https://www.proxibid.com/Ron-McKercher-Auctioneers/ST-HILAIRE-SPRING-FARM-AUCTION/event-catalog/196576
  6. Both the tube and the crank arm look fine to me from a pitting standpoint. I'd really like to put in some new o-rings and put this back together. The other side of my brain says that I've got everything apart and I've got all the parts here so I should change the bushings as well so I don't have to take it apart again.
  7. That's a pool of oil. It's hard to take a good picture of this.
  8. The dark spots are just that. Nothing noticable as far as pitting when I run my finger over the area.
  9. Here's the left side. There are some scratches and a bunch of what look like cracks on the outer edge.
  10. I've replaced everything except the bushings so far and I can't stop the leaking on the left side. Unfortunately the bushings are the only thing left. I've put off doing this for 2 years now but I've wasted enough Hy-Tran on the floor of my shed to cover the cost of parts at this point.
  11. I've got everything apart except for pulling the bushings. The new ones I got are not steel but plastic/fiber. What's the best way to install these without mashing the ends?
  12. As my Statistics professor in college used to say "You tell me what you want the outcome to be and I'll show you how to make the numbers support it."
  13. Looks like my boys are going to have a new project to complete!
  14. The death of NAPCAR began with restrictor plates and the nail in the coffin was the above mentioned changing the points system mid-season to achieve a predetermined outcome. The on the track death of "3" didn't help matters either. I think a lot of people that were die hard Big E fans left when he did.
  15. I just started messing around with the 7018 (graduated up from 6011!) and have discovered that the polarity makes a big difference. I have an old Lincoln buzz box so I only have AC. The first box of 7018 I bought were obviously made for DC welding as I had the same problems you state. Hard to strike an arc on a new rod and almost impossible to restart. I bought a box of 7018AC rods and layed down about 10 of them on Saturday without issue. Sorry if this is something you already knew. I'm just learning as I go since I weld only a handful of times a year.
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