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  1. ❓Maple Syrup Harvest 2018

    I would agree with him. I'm just a hobbyist with my 28 taps in Western WI though. I put out the taps mid March and have been collecting as needed since then. I've already put 9 gallons of syrup in jars and have another 5 gallons of syrup waiting to be put in jars. I collected 30 gallons of sap last night and the rest of the week looks like an excellent run with highs in the upper 40's and lows in the upper 20's. In the past 4 years of doing this I've been finishing about 4-5 gallons of syrup total for each season. I'm already tripling that and it looks like there will be plenty more. The weather looks like we'll be done after the weekend though. Jesse
  2. Owen and I have 5x88's coming out of our ears

    Sorry, couldn't resist this one. Jesse
  3. Really?! Come on

    We had about 4-5 inches on Friday night, yesterday 20mph wind from the North, today we woke up to 5° on the thermometer. Not any maple sap to collect with these weather conditions. Jesse
  4. Thoughts on a ''jib hoist''

    Agreed. Once you pick something up the next thought you'll have is "well that thing over there is just a little bigger. Wonder if I can pick that up?"
  5. Sap suckers of 2018

    I am out there violating said trees in western WI, just on a small scale operation. Put 28 taps out 3 weeks ago. Have gathered and cooked enough so far that we have made 7 gallons of syrup and it doesn't feel like we've even gotten into the good weather yet. Jesse
  6. JD 780 spreader opinions

    Good to know. We have a barn full of cows/calves and through the winter we put down bedding for when the weather turns bad and it builds up pretty good come spring. We would pull this with the 986. I am assuming this would be enough tractor for a 400 bushel spreader. The wife is only concerned about the hydraulics not pushing the load out the back. I guess she's not interested in updating her "shoveling skills". Jesse
  7. JD 780 spreader opinions

    Anyone have any experience with a John Deere 780 manure spreader? There is one for sale by me for what I think is a reasonable price. I see they are hydraulic push to unload which I favor over an apron chain to break with a full load. This is the only actual John Deere spreader I've ever seen around here. The rest are all frontier brand. Any thoughts or opinions are welcome. Jesse
  8. 986 won't go into park

    Ours will get locked in park and high if not careful when shifting. It's no fun to climb under the cab and rock the linkage back and forth to free it up. Really sucks when the tractor is hot. My work around is to always shift through reverse. To shift from park to high or the other way I go from park to reverse to high or the opposite. Seems to help for now. Jesse
  9. Pick One To Restore

    826 w/German engine, either hydro or gear drive I'm not sure why but I really like these tractors. Jesse
  10. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    This is the answer IMO. Ask any public school teacher what percentage of the pupils have one or more "parents" (in the classical sense) involved in the child's life that actually instill discipline and values and are good role models and I bet the percentage is rather low. Parents need to take the responsibility of molding their children into decent, productive members of society instead of using the kids as something to show off to others or using them as tokens to enhance the welfare check. The amount of actual parenting or lack thereof is the root cause of most of these evils. Society created these problems, not the gun manufacturer.
  11. McCulloch chain saws

    I brought this saw home with me instead of throwing it into the dumpster because A- it was free, and B- it looks like a light little saw and has the look of an arborist saw with the way the handle is set up. My thought was to have it around for cutting those hard to get to limbs off. I have a bigger Stihl and Husqvarna for the real wood cutting and neither of those are fun to lug around through the brush or up and down a ladder every now and again. I may throw some gas and oil in it and see what happens. The worst I'd be out if it doesn't work is the gas and oil.
  12. reddy heater

    Thermocouple is the culprit. We've had the same thing happen and so has a friend of mine. Depending on how expensive the part is it may be worth getting a new heater as they are relatively cheap. Or you can do what my buddy did and rig up a wood working clamp that goes around the base and holds the ignite button in all the time. He did this after putting in the third thermocouple and having it go bad.
  13. McCulloch chain saws

    Well it sounds like we have a consensus on it being junk and that is fine since it was free to me. Another addition to the scrap pile.
  14. McCulloch chain saws

    I've recently acquired a McCulloch power Mac 320 chain saw and I know nothing about it. Can anyone offer any insight as to start up procedure and what kind of saw they are? The online manual makes it look like it comes with an auto sharpener but I just have an open hole in that area.
  15. Farmall 656 Ignition kit

    what all is entailed in upgrading to electronic ignition? I've heard it talked about plenty on here but never really looked into it. Jesse