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  1. I think that's about how far I made it as well. I couldn't believe how fast that stuff worked. Jesse
  2. This is the key step to a successful barn cleaning in the winter. If the apron is frozen down you're going to find out one way or another. Better to do it empty unless your needing a workout with a pitchfork.
  3. My wife only watches the halftime show off the super bowl. Half way through she looks at me and says "women have come so far in this country and we're still pole dancing for money".
  4. I watched it. It was not.
  5. I had one similar to that for cars and trucks. The drain hole couldn't keep up and once the oil hits the sloped plastic it just splashes out and ends up on the floor. I used it about 3 times before I cut the top off of it so it was an open container. Much less mess this way. Just don't cut off the spout for pouring the oil out of the pan. Jesse
  6. Number 616 still pulling light duty around this place.
  7. This is fantastic! You have literally added years onto your life based on this!
  8. That was my first thought. Not to nitpick but whats going on with the pre-cleaner? Also does this tractor have really small rear tires or really big front tires? Or just an optical illusion with the camera angle?
  9. I do the same thing now. If I stop to get coffee in the morning I'll usually get an apple and a couple bananas if they look edible. I also get a couple Clif Bars instead of the breakfast burritos I used to get. My doctor said caffeine can elevate blood pressure so I've switched from my favorite dark roast (high caffeine) brew to the De-caf option and haven't noticed much difference. I think some of the coffee thing was just mental as I feel just as good after a cup of De-caf as I did with the dark roast. Just need that coffee drink I guess.
  10. I think a 30 minute walk on a treadmill each day can be very beneficial. The good news for this is if you don't have a treadmill we are about to enter the "slightly used treadmill for sale" season. After everyone makes their "lose weight and exercise" new years resolution, purchases a brand new treadmill, and then decides after 3-4 weeks that it's too much work all the treadmills go for sale. I've never purchased a new treadmill but have picked up very slightly used ones on Craigslist for a small fraction of what the original price was. The one I bought in October for $400 had a new price online of $2,600.
  11. As others have said check the labels on things you eat everyday. I was absolutely shocked when I started doing this. I was eating up to 5 frozen pizzas a week and was shocked to see that just one serving (2 slices) of one pizza was up to 50% DV of sodium. Soups from the deli at the supermarket were another one I couldn't believe how high the sodium content was. It really sucks because I work outside most days and a quick stop at the gas station was my lunch most days (bottle of Pepsi, hot/cold sandwich, bag of chips). Now I find myself checking the sodium content of everything I pick up and almost all the time I have to put what I'm looking at back on the shelf.
  12. I've been told that the Himalayan Salt can be a good substitute for table salt. Apparently half as much Himalayan Salt as normal table salt has the same amount of flavoring which will essentially allow you to use half the salt in recipes. I just turned 38 and have a family history of high BP and mine was up around 150/90 this summer. I went on medicine for a while but it messed with my head so bad (dizziness/headaches) that I convinced the doctor to let me try exercise and diet changes for a while. I've been running about 20-30 miles per week and made significant diet changes (less frozen pizzas, less processed foods, less beer ) and I am now closer to 130/80 and have lost about 15 pounds in the last 2 months. I am not sure this exercise regiment is sustainable but I'm trying to do anything to stay off taking pills every day. Jesse
  13. Highline made the processors (and rock pickers) for Vermeer to sell in the US only up until about 2010-2011 when Highline terminated their contract. Vermeer then engineered their own unit which was more similar to a Haybuster with a chain and apron used to turn the bale as opposed to the two rotors in the Highline version. It has been my experience that a new processor is very expensive and a used one that isn't a pile of scrap iron is not very far behind in price. We have used them for bedding and feeding. One year we were short of hay and found some old round bales (5-6 years old probably) sitting in a fence line. We ended up putting the bales through the processor and into a windrow in the pasture. The cattle ate most of what was there and used the little that was left for bedding. We always thought that once the hay went through the processor and all the dust and dirt was blown away it was more pallet-able for the cows. I was shocked at how much feed was salvaged from those crap bales.
  14. That's good you came to in a good mood. When I came out of it my wife says I had too much sass toward her and she almost left me there. I do remember insisting on stopping and getting a box of beer for the ride home though. That idea went over like a lead balloon.
  15. Gargle and swish with salt water mix about every two hours for the first couple days. I also got the water bottle with the long nozzle to spray water on the old tooth locations to blast out any food particles after eating.
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