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  1. Yep. I had a Field Boss 2-105. The only good thing I had to say about that tractor was they were good on fuel. Wasn't to interested in seeing the potential repair bill on the Perkins engine.
  2. About 5000-5500 hrs is that time. I had a 2-105 and got rid of it for this very reason. Every six months it was something. Batteries, starter, front end rebuild, injectors, etc. I think these White's were roughly the same time frame as the 86 series and there was no comparison of the cab comfort between the two. Cab on the White was cheap and rickety compared to the 86 series.
  3. And on ramps are dangerous territory too. Why does everyone wait until the end of the ramp to be 15-20mph less than the flow of traffic?
  4. Same here. We have a 400 gallon tank for diesel and I put the Howe's in at the recommended rate or a little heavier when ever the fuel tank gets refilled. I also put a sulfur additive in at the recommended rate at the same time. The 986 has not given me any trouble fuel wise at -10° or lower. The throttle cable freezing though is an ongoing battle.
  5. Same location? Google maps usually aren't that dated in populous areas like Madison. Doesn't really matter, just my curiosity I guess.
  6. Jesse in WI

    Had to share

    You sure should. The brake will help hold down the bill so it doesn't blow away in the wind. In fact I'd probably give him both brakes. That way he'll know you did a thorough job.
  7. https://www.nbc15.com/content/news/70000-in-tires-and-wheels-stolen-from-Madison-business-562430811.html I'm going to poke at the facts as we know them a little here. "68 tires and wheels missing from tractors and dump trucks" - these tires are large, heavy, and very visible if you're hauling more than 3 at a time. How many people would it take to just move that many large tires into trucks/trailers in 4-5 hours? 68 tires in this situation would be what, about 7 trucks if you assume tandem axles with duals on the drives (about 10 tires per truck). That's a lot of blocking to be just conveniently laying around close enough to the trucks. What kind of Herculean Man did they have running around with the floor jack to get the axles up high enough to get the wheels off? What kind of business that holds this large dollar amount of inventory doesn't have cameras and security lighting? On a side note I just looked on Google Maps with the aerial photo and it shows the site just beginning to be constructed. Site is rough graded and building foundations only in place which means this business is new to the site within the last 2 years plus/minus. This all seems just a little fishy to me. I'd like to see more evidence........
  8. I think there's a talking vehicle on one of the shows my 4 year old watches that looks similar to the yellow Jeep/Dodge looking thing. The GMC has the cold ironside look of a WWII tank.
  9. So I took everything apart yesterday and I have the O-ring and backup ring in each outlet. I pulled one O-ring out and tried putting a brand new #211 in its place but did not go in with the backup ring in place. I took the backup ring out and was able to get the #211 in the groove but now it seems my male hydraulic tips will not lock in place with this set up. I was hoping to replace the 2 rings with one very common o-ring but at this point it's not looking promising. Anyone know if the kit shown above comes as one o-ring and one backup ring only? This would require two kits per set of outlets then? Thanks Jesse
  10. Thanks SDman. I took that tank off and tapped the back side top and bottom and they came right off.
  11. Pork chops on the grill. Pork chop in a can.
  12. How long did it take you to get used to it shutting off and starting again at every stop light? My buddy has an Overland with the air ride and the first time I got out of it I asked him "what was making all that noise" and he says "it's just settling in for the night".
  13. I have a 2011 F250 that is in need of a new thermostat. Well it probably needed a new one last year but I'm finally getting around to it now before it turns to winter here. I was wondering if there is anything special I should be aware of prior to starting this project beside getting a new thermostat and gasket. On a couple of our past vehicles (GMs) they've had some special bleeder screws to release air upon refill. Also I think I still have the orange anti-freeze with 165k miles on it. I haven't noticed anything significant but I have had a problem with this anti-freeze plugging the heater core in a Grand Prix that we used to have. Should I attempt to flush the heater core since I'll have the anti-freeze out of the system? Thanks Jesse
  14. Just as an example take a walk around Menards. Power tools, windows, doors, etc., all made to their spec. Not the spec of the manufacturer.
  15. Put this on the back burner until I got more info. I had the tank off and was trying the top cap. Got the cap to move about 1/8" and it got real tight so I stopped. Was just using a large screwdriver to pry on it. Any help would be appreciated still. Jesse
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