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  1. Boy I must have really gotten lucky. I was able to take the snap ring (16) off from behind the gear box and pull out the shear hub and replace with a new part. $165 in parts and a couple hours of labor and I was spreading political promises on the field again. I'm sorry your effort was a bit more involved. Jesse
  2. A guys gotta be comfortable when doing some routine maintenance. Half zip wool sweaters just make me feel good. 😂
  3. Here's my real world experience. Went on a 200 mile round trip on Saturday pulling a 25+5 tandem dually gooseneck to get a feeder wagon. One way empty and back "loaded". Max speed was around 62. The old adage of "able to pass everything but a gas station" really fits this truck. Jesse
  4. I ordered mine in July and it showed up mid September so I have limited use so far. I'm getting right at 13mpg empty. I took a 16' V-nose enclosed trailer on a 150 mile round trip last Saturday and I'd rather not say what the mileage was. I had the 6.2 in my last truck and this engine coupled with the 10 speed transmission is night and day better for torque and power. Obviously a diesel is got what you want with the low end torque but it sounds like you're not consistently pulling a trailer and the price difference from gas to diesel is significant as you've found out. The ten speed trans
  5. I have the 3M work tunes as well. They are my go to in almost every situation. The only time I really can't wear them is when I'm using the grinder because my safety glasses don't fit under the ear muffs. I've got the kids trained to wear their ear muffs whenever around loud noises like tractors, lawn mowers, shooting, etc. I know I've trained them well because one boy loves to mow the lawn and yesterday we were at Grandma's house and she asked him to mow the lawn for her and he said he couldn't because she didn't have ear muffs that fit him.
  6. Jesse in WI


    I agree with the attempted extermination of the Jewish population as one of the biggest atrocities in world history. I look at it this way which is relatable. The government is currently singling out people of dissent in hopes the problem takes care of itself. The Jewish population was given an arm band bearing on the star of David so everyone knew who was Jewish and who wasn't. The government today "mandates" you wear a mask (the arm band) and that way they can tell the sheep (mask wearers) from the dissenters (non mask wearers). We've now identified the problem and know who to target fo
  7. What he said. Look, we've got some problems in this state *ahhemmm Madison*, but this isn't one
  8. Had a college professor in the engineering department tell us once that's how tight the fence should be. "Stretch it till it breaks then back it off just a bit"
  9. The best part is that the mayor used email as his main form of communication during all this. All emails with from a state issued email address are subject to open records laws. The esteemed mayor is clearly not familiar with open records laws. In the word of homer simpson..."DOH!"
  10. Did you catch his Covid "update" the other day? He's alone in his office with a mask on. You'd think someone on his team would help him put the mask on properly so he didn't look like an even bigger nimrod than he already does. The lady on the other screen doesn't even have a mask on. But I digress.... The problems in Kenosha fall squarely on his shoulders. Offered help from DC on multiple occasions and turned them away. Could have ended this problem the first night but let it go until it got out of control. He's currently using the same "do nothing" strategy in Madison. Anyone seen State
  11. I wouldn't unload until you get paid.
  12. Hasn't been a box of 9mm, or anything else for that matter, on a shelf in this area since the "intellectual elites" started hoarding TP in February/March. I'm guilty of hoarding shells as well. I figured if people were freaking out over toilet paper it's going to get real scary when there is no food on the shelves.
  13. In less than one day after opening their website for public comment and announcing a public forum style meeting the county "took their ball and went home" like the bunch of spineless cowards they are. I think they figured out real quick they were just going to spend hours getting yelled at by almost the entire county.
  14. It was 15 years ago today (9/10/05) and it was hot as blazes. Way to hot to be wearing a coat. And that was outside the church! Luckily cool beverages made the rounds soon after the "business" was handled. It was 85 degrees that day and it's 60 degrees today. This is what we looked like 4 kids, 2 farms, and a tornado ago.
  15. St Croix County, WI is proposing a "communicable disease ordinance" which after reading the draft copy appears to give their "health officer" the unadulterated ability to enter any premise (public or private) and remove any person/persons they deem to be "infected". See section 41.06(B)(2) for the exact wording. https://www.sccwi.gov/DocumentCenter/View/6193/Proposed-Communicable-Disease-Ordinance-Draft-v3 This is no doubt being handed down directly from the Health Secretary in Madison who had her hands severely slapped by the WI Supreme Court for overstepping her authority in A
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