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  1. I see what you did there........... I do the same thing. We have a couple photos. Generally offer half price to start. Since we are third generation on our place there are a bunch of these photos from decades gone by but they are all spread around to different family members. I'll second the Vintage Aerial website. Very cool stuff there.
  2. I have a friend that bought a Ford Excursion a couple years ago out of Florida. That's about 1500 miles as well. He flew down there and drove home.
  3. Could be the way this picture is but it looks like the gooseneck hitch has been broken and welded and the jack is bent at 45°. Because of our location and the chemicals used on the road around here anything that needs repair/reinforcement under the trailer deck is usually a real good candidate for the scrap yard. As stated earlier it depends on how you value your time and how much work you want to put into it. If the trailer is 4 hours away you'll have an entire day spent just going to look at it and drag it home assuming you don't have any issues on the road. That's about 10 hours into i
  4. There's fluid in the tires right now and I don't need the extra weight for what I use the tractor for so I'll have the tire guy do it. He does it for free if you buy the tires from him anyway.
  5. I have an Oliver 1655 Diesel. It currently has 16.9-38 tires that are in need of replacing and having the fluid removed. The price tag on the 16.9 tires vs. 18.4 tires is higher and the 18.4 tires are more readily available. Is moving to the wider tire going to give me issues? I see other tractors of this size have gone wider. Just want to make sure I don't run out of HP by doing this.
  6. I have the voltage regulator grounded into the main wiring harness ground per the instructions. At almost $100 per unit and not really enjoying dealing with our local dealer I'm hoping it's not a faulty regulator.
  7. @Cattech I put the new voltage regulator kit on and got my new light bulbs tonight. Fired up the engine and I have lights but they dim the more throttle you give it. Checked voltage at headlight. Around 9V at idle and down to about 3V at WOT. What is going on here? I would have expected the opposite readings.
  8. Thanks. No electric start here. Just the old armstrong method. I'll replace the regulator after work tomorrow. Hoping that's the issue. Next question I have is if I can put an LED bulb in the headlight capsule. I see there are some options for this style bulb on Amazon.
  9. I have a 1996 Indy Lite GT and we were out riding over the weekend. Burned out both high and low headlights and tail light. After reading a similar thread last week I thought ok it's the voltage regulator. Picked one up from the dealer for $98 last night and thought I'd check to see where the voltage is before replacing it. I'm getting around 2 volts at idle on the headlight plug and between 5-9 volts at WOT. This doesn't seem out of line since these are 12 volt bulbs. Is it a coincidence that the bulbs burn out at the same time? The light behind the speedometer is still working fine. I did no
  10. "watch your own bobber" And because we are a very sarcastic bunch "don't do something, just stand there"
  11. Thanks This gets used about once a month at the most. I'm gonna put it back together sans cooling fan and run with it. If it goes bad it goes bad. I can always go buy another used welder for $100
  12. Got an old Lincoln tombstone 225 welder and the fan motor seized up on me recently. I took it apart tonight and in the process broke one of the fan blades. So now I need a new motor and the blade assembly. Any thoughts on where to get parts? The internet lists some options for around $100 but this is just a simple motor with plastic fan and I only paid $125 for the welder. I can't find any markings on the motor to help me out.
  13. That's the second best place for a Lienie's tap handle. The other is in top of a 32 gallon bucket of beer.
  14. Did they even leave you enough room to work? I have an electric transformer inside of one of my pastures. About 40 feet from the fence line. I put a fence around it so the cattle wouldn't push on it. I left the fence away from the transformer about 8 feet on each side. The last thing I want is the guys from the co-op to come looking for me in an emergency situation.
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