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  1. I believe there's an old saying about looking a gift horse in the mouth that directly applies here.
  2. In Revelations there is warnings of the "wolves" disguising themselves as leaders within the church. Really makes a guy think at this point.
  3. This has been my struggle and I've talked to others in the church who feel the same and are having the same struggle. In times of trial and tribulation a persons true colors show through. Unfortunately those true colors of the church fly directly in the face of their teachings.
  4. As a life long Catholic the actions of our priest, our diocese (Superior, WI), and the Vatican regarding the virus in the last year and half have really caused me to question how much they truly trust in God. All of my life I've been instructed by the church to have faith in God above all others in all situations and he will provide for you. The virus hits and now we're shutting the doors, putting restrictions on what it takes to get into the church when it opened again, and restricting how many people can attend mass. All this is based on what the CDC is advising. So now the church is letting a group of people who can't decide if eggs are good or bad dictate when and how the church can be open instead of trusting in God?? On a side note, in April 2020 I was the president of the parish council and during a council meeting it got very intense when the discussion of how to handle the virus situation came up. We had all 6 members of the council in favor of staying open with no restrictions (masks optional) because in times of hardship the church should be a place of refuge. Our priest was adamantly opposed and used his veto power to overrule the council. He even stated "if Jesus were here with us he would wear a mask". I have not been back to the church since then and am having a real internal struggle deciding if I will ever return. Sorry for the long rant but this is just the tip of the iceberg of what's in my head on this topic.
  5. same here. I've got one attached to about 3/4 of the implements that need them at this point. I also like to use the 3pt arms to hold draw pins.
  6. I've been running a 50/50 mix of Trit and peas as a cover crop over new alfalfa seeding the last couple years. I like it because it doesn't go down and smother out the expensive alfalfa like oats is known to do and I get a nice forage crop when I take it off as baleage. Ideally I'd like to take it just before it heads out and the peas start to fill the pods. Last year I missed by about a week due to weather but I've been feeding the baleage to the beef cows and they haven't complained yet.
  7. This is maybe a longshot but I've got this old Old Milwaukee beer clock that was in the milk house forever. As you can see I'm missing an hour hand. I've taken everything apart to clean it and there are no significant markings to indicate a model or make. Can anyone help on where to get parts for this?
  8. Did King Timmy approve this message?? I saw yesterday that if the people west of the river are really good he MIGHT slightly roll back some of his restaurant capacity restrictions by July. So you've got that going for you.
  9. The national park system is taking notice as well....
  10. I've used them for sidewalks as others have said. The kids took some, dug a trench half the width and stood them on edge to use as a garden area. If it were me I'd put an ad up for $1/per, buyer loads and hauls, and see what happens.
  11. I bought a pair similar to these except they were uninsulated a couple months ago. Cabela's brand for $70. I think I must have caught a clearance deal because I don't see them anymore. So far so good. https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/cabelas-zoned-comfort-trac-insulated-rubber-hunting-boots-for-men
  12. Sale yesterday (Saturday) north of Woodville. One of the very few live auctions offered so far this year. NH 258 5 bar basket rake, mismatched tires, worn teeth and drive joints $2800 JD 467 round baler. Very clean. About 11,000 bales. $20,000 I went for the baler but was quickly out of the bidding. The wife picked up a nice chest with hinged cover made from hardwood that the kids are going to use for their cattle and pig showing stuff for $15 so not all a wasted day.
  13. Short answer: YES The following is specific to the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. We are seeing significant shortages in house supply. More buyers than sellers for some reason. I have a friend that works in the building industry for a national housing development company and he told me they were closing on almost 8 houses per week in the development he's currently working in. I know of other raw land developments that are sold out before the roads and utilities have been installed. This has been going on since before the China Flu made its way here last year. The scamdemic has only made the issue worse by interrupting the supply chain. I just wonder what's going to happen when the "woke mob" burns the metro area to the ground in the next couple weeks.
  14. I think this is the common practice on any of the "League Passes" for the different sports. They advertise to watch any game at any time but in real fine print it says "only applies to teams not in your area".
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