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  1. The curve in the road you describe is not the result of falling on a correction line. I'd guess the curve is there due to the natural topography of the land. The curve falls in the SE1/4 of Section 5 and this is not where the correction would have occurred. There is a hierarchy of how the land was subdivided by the Bureau of Land Management. The first surveyors were tasked with laying out the original townships (6 miles x 6 miles). They did this in 6 township x 6 township grids. After all the townships were established the second "wave" of surveyors were tasked with subdividing each township into Sections (36 per township). The subdivision of a township started in the southeast corner and worked north and west. All the sections are theoretically 1 mile x 1 mile and any excess or deficiency in land was placed in the north most 6 sections and the west most 6 sections of a township with Section 6 (the NW section in a township) being the doubled up in the excess or deficiency. So if you own land in either the north or west lines of a township there's a good chance your land has much more or much less than 40 acres to a theoretical 40 acre subdivision. Now back to the correction line....Because the township lines were already established in 6 township x 6 township subdivision they were held as the standard. So when the surveyors laying out the section lines in a township came to one of these 6 township x 6 township lines their direction was to place the section corner on the township line. Due to errors and inaccuracies in measurements and only a rudimentary understanding of magnetic declination the surveyors laying out the section lines coming in from the south never quite came to the same location as the surveyors laying out the section lines going north. This is the Correction Line and there is one every 36 miles x 36 miles. This is an example of where two of the 6 township x 6 township correction lines come together in Minneapolis. The black lines are the section lines and the yellow dots are section corners.
  2. Only if the state was included in the PLS. There are certain states (the 13 original states, Ohio, Kentucky) that were not included in this rectangular subdivision of land. Those states were not subdivided by the Bureau of Land Management and use what is called a "metes and bounds" description (starting at the oak tree, thence westerly to the farm house, thence northerly to the old axle, thence.....). States that were subdivided within the PLS are described as sectional subdivisions (NW1/4 of the SW1/4 of Section XX, Township XX, Range XX).
  3. In a perfect world it would be 160 acres. 2640ft x 2640 ft / 43560 ft^2/acre
  4. had the same mind bending experience pricing a simple three position toggle for my JD AMT626 (gator). The toggle that raises and lowers the dump box is going bad so I looked up the part number and called the dealer. Not surprising they don't have it but I drive by their place every morning and night going to and from work so I was going to have them order it. Asked them how much thinking $10-15. Nope $48 list price.
  5. Jesse in WI


    Possibly been for sale for quite some time. One of the pictures is dated 2015. "A fool and his money will soon be parted" Facebook is just helping to facilitate the separation.
  6. https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/2020/06/23/marathon-county-bomb-team-responds-suspicious-package-hudson-republican-party-field-office/3244115001/ Scene has been cleared and Highway 35 reopened. I know the owner of the strip mall this happened at. He just went through having all the riots at this building a couple weeks ago.
  7. Not exactly sure what model you are trying to build but I just did mine again and had the option of selecting 3.73 gears. Here are my main specs: F350XLT SRW, Crew Cab, 7.3l Gas Engine, 10 speed trans. After selecting the transmission I have a list of rear end gear options. None of mine require changing the engine selection though.
  8. 3.73 electronic locking axle ratio is what I'm looking at.
  9. I'm bringing this back up to see if anyone has more information on these engines. I've found a truck equipped exactly how I would have ordered it at a dealer about an hour away so my interest is really gaining momentum. Plus I think I've got Momma on board so the time is now to do something. Jesse
  10. Can you imagine if Mel Brooks tried making a movie today??? Blazing Saddles: "the sheriff is a NEAAARR" Robin Hood, Men in Tights: "a Jew? In these parts?" SpaceBalls - offensive to all Druids and large piles of talking pizza
  11. Update: replaced the sensor on the right side of the steering pump and changed all the filters (expensive little buggers). The light still comes on. It comes on about a minute or so after starting the tractor. After having the filters off I noticed there's another sensor above the spin on filter with a wire labled "Low Charge". Could this sensor be the issue? Item 14 in the diagram.
  12. I'm struggling to find the location of this sensor. There are two spots that look like it might be. The first picture is taken from behind the cab looking under on the left side. Just inside the fuel tank is a connection over pointed to. The second is on the right side under the cab attached to what looks like a small hydraulic pump.
  13. Keith "I'm out here trying to rebuild my political career" Ellison is in charge as the AG. No way this doesn't go to trial.
  14. Thanks. Is this simply gauge out of one of the rear couplers or is there a port somewhere to tap into? I just sent you a PM about the sensor.
  15. This is 150% absolute truth. For all of you guys that are a man of your word there are 8-10 people out there that can't keep all their lies and half truths straight. Don't know how many times as a seller I've agreed to show someone something at a certain time and date only to have them completely no show. Usually the lower the price of the item the worse this is. Best example I have is this: we bought a new couch and chair for our living room. The old couch went to the burn pile but the old recliner was still in good condition and fully functional so we put up a "free" ad just to give the recliner to a new home. Got a reply and agreed to meet in the church parking lot at a certain time/date. I showed up at the time and waited a half hour. Got a text that said "running late. Be there in 15". Another 45 minutes pass and still nothing so I went back home. The next day I get a text that says "sorry I didn't make it last night. I was just so tired after work. Can we meet tomorrow?". I thought about ranting at this person about wasting my time but I found it more enjoyable to reply with "No. After you didn't show up last night I took the chair and threw it in the dumpster". In reality though the wife took it to Goodwill so someone can at least use it.
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