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  1. Yeah I know. I was able to talk to the previous owner for a good amount of time about the tractor and I did my best to put it through all the paces possible when I looked at it. Needless to say it's still a calculated risk as it is with any piece of used equipment. The way the tractor is equipped and a couple other factors along with the price made it tough to turn down.
  2. I am in the process of purchasing a MXU125 and it does not have the buddy seat which very much disappointed the kids. I am hoping to add one once I get the tractor. I can't find anything in the parts book for this kit. I drove a Maxxum that had the buddy seat and the cab appears to be very similar between these two tractors. Can I order a seat kit for another model and install it into the MXU without much modification? Thanks Jesse
  3. Dropping Under Armor? And essentially giving up on all hunting and outdoors apparel and gear? Haaaa.... It's been good knowing you Dick's. Say hello to the dodo bird when you get to where you're headed.
  4. The parts book is where I was going to go to solve this "mystery" as well but you beat me to it. As the owner of an early 986 and early 1586 I can assure you there are 2 different size windows because I ordered the wrong size once, it wouldn't fit on either tractor, and I had to pay the restocking fee on 2 panes of glass about 5 years ago. Jesse
  5. Thanks for the input. The tractor I'm looking at appears to be in great shape but I guess no one really knows what condition the insides are in until they fail. As I posted previously I looked at a Maxxum that I really liked but just couldn't pencil out the cost for what I'd use it for. This MXU looked very similar and was much more in my price range but the transmission scares me honestly especially since it has duals on it. Just out of curiosity what did rebuilding the transmission cost?
  6. Do a quick google search for "whole foods minimum wage increase" and you'll see exactly how businesses deal with changes to their economic situations. Amazon demands they up their minimum starting wage to $15/hr so management responds by cutting workers hours. Said workers now see the same or even less take-home pay than before.
  7. Found a 2004 MXU125 near me with 5500hrs, loader, MFWD, 4hyd remotes, and hub mount duals. Are they really a bad tractor? Thanks Jesse
  8. Air temp was -15 Sunday morning, -26 this morning, below average temps the rest of the week. With all the snow cover we have on the ground it's going to take a while for the air to warm up. Last year at this time I was violating maple trees in my running shoes. Jesse
  9. This one has a big bucket on the loader so I will check the front end play.
  10. I am going to look at a Maxxum 140 Limited this Saturday. What should I be looking for besides the usual wear points in the loader and general condition stuff? Tractor is MFWD, LX750 loader, 3 hyd. remotes, 1775 hours, Euro-tach style loader connection to attachments. Thanks Jesse
  11. We had 2 in our area of Western WI yesterday. One was a friend of ours. We go to church together and our kids are in school together. Had about 200 heifers inside. Sounds like 50-60 had to be put down immediately. They had a couple different fire crews on site trying to remove debris to get the live animals out. They're working on finding temporary homes right now. Jesse
  12. I've been thinking of upgrading to a newer loader tractor that can also run my discbine and snowblower as discussed in this Coffee Shop thread. Yesterday I was perusing the internets and found a 2015 Maxxum 130 with 625 hours in southern WI about 4 hours from me. What are the good and bad about these? They look like they might be European models as the dimensions are all in metric. The wheel base looks to be a bit shorter than other tractors I've been looking at. Here are the details listed about the tractor: 40K CVT, susp cab w/ATC, dlx air seat, pwr mirrors, 3 RMVs, CCLS pump, 540/1000, 380/85R28, 98" bar axle, 460/85R38 rear, ft fenders & wt bracket, hook style 3pt ends, 90 mm rams. L745 loader - 2 function w/3rd slice, soft ride, SSLQA, 83" bkt. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Jesse
  13. Ours is a 2014. Bought it used and put over 100k miles on it so far. Replaced the usual things in that time (tires, brakes, oil changes). We are thinking of getting a newer used one right now. My only concern at this time is the lift gate. Every one I've seen has the paint blistered above the license plate and below the back window. There are signs this is happening to ours and I'd like to move it before then. Been looking at Yukons as well as Expeditions but haven't made any decisions yet.
  14. I'm not sure how this relates weight wise but we have a 26' bumper pull camper, no slide outs, that we typically pull with an Expedition. 2 adults and 4 kids in the vehicle and all the gear and coolers in the camper. Jesse
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