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  1. Are you coming to Ogilvie on the 10th?
  2. Thanks, day late again. Was too busy at the big tractor show in Rollag to check the interwebs.
  3. Should be a 3rd, can see it in top left of Pic.
  4. Pull the fuel line off the pump, if a full stream of fuel comes out, the problem is in the pump. If not keep working your way back towards the tank until flow drops off. You could have something floating around in the tank or shutoff valve, I found a tiny flat plastic piece in the neighbors 656 that would randomly plug the shutoff valve. I took the entire assembly off the tank to clean all the rust out thinking that was the problem, found the plastic while cleaning the valve.
  5. Can you manually rev it up? Wonder if it "fell asleep". Sometimes they loose residual magnetism and won't put out any power. 10SI alternators are good for that. We've got a locomotive at work that will do the same thing, quick Rev and away it goes.
  6. How the heal do I figure out where it's at? I click the map, doesn't do anything.
  7. Days late to this one, we've got a 5088 dad bought about '03-04 ish? It's got 88xx hours now, was the main tillage tractor till I got my 3394 in '15, then it became planter, fertilzer, sprayer rig. It got a good polishing fall of '20, and new rubber all around in Feb of '21, full LED lighting spring of '21. Got rid of the Crack prone 9 bolt duals and went full on cast duals. Will put new dual rubber on this winter.
  8. Bought a different head last year that had them, only did 75 acres or so but they appear to cut nice.
  9. Odds are your 1020 has the right pot on it already. Might need to swap 2 wires. Post a pic of the pot on the 1020.
  10. I work for a small shortline RR, We're currently storing 750-775 cars where I work. There are 3 RR's owned by the same company I work for, the other 2 are storing north of 15 miles worth of cars. Approx 60' per car, you'll have to do the math.
  11. 90 minutes from me but I'm stuck at a wedding in Alexandria. Check out the chocolate shop in canal Park and spend way to much money. Head up to Enger tower on Skyline drive. Very cool historic tower. Take the road across the lift bridge and way out there is a nice public beach on the lake side.
  12. Take a pic and post it. Really no reason to change it when removing a turbo manifold, but it's required with the turbo manifold. Odds are you still have it on the motor.
  13. Almost identical to what I priced out spring of '20, although I priced a pole building. Was gunna be 100K from bare ground to finished shop, I passed.....
  14. Good luck, turbo manifolds and misc parts are $1,500 if found. Do you still have the turbo thermostat housing or did that that changed too?
  15. Rotory pumps with the single plunger treat every cylinder the same because the same plunger feeds all 6 cylinders. A knock in a motor with a rotory pump is either an injector issue, or rotating assembly. On edit, could be a bad delivery valve but you usually get a miss from lack of fuel vs a knock from poor combustion.
  16. Seat behind the axle and a Detroit, it better be free.....
  17. 806, 1206 should be same head. Don't think they put any swirl- non swirl stuff in those heads like the 400 series heads. Original probably got bad valve recession so they just swapped a different head on.
  18. Guy I know sold a well painted pieced together M that wouldn't idle for $3,300 at a consignment sale 2 weeks ago.
  19. Bad ground will do that, after a few hundred acres my connector on the tractor will get dirty and needs a shot of brake cleaner, then it's all good again.
  20. There in lies what I think is a HUGE problem in the country.... I'm very much against more regulations, but a driver's license is the only license you never have to take continuing ed classes. I think retaking the test every 5 years would stop ALOT of traffic accidents, people get way to complacent.
  21. 454, auto, 4x4, super low miles, for 20K. It'll be gone Fast!!!!
  22. 2,486.42 hours. Hard to see brake pedals. Interior wear spots will tell if it's real hours or not.
  23. Should be threaded in. Weld a nut on and try to unscrew.
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