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  1. I saw -26 last week on the truck. I work for a shortline RR. Things move pretty slow and flanges make some loud noises at those Temps. Dreaming of warmer weather every day.
  2. Fully agree, I had my dot physical back in November, first time I ever went through chiropractor. He was way more thorough than the doctor.
  3. Pretty sure there's a 914 sitting in a cattle yard on the SW side of Barnesville MN just off hyw 9.
  4. Ours will barely burn diesel, kerosene only!!!! Used oil would smoke and smell so bad you couldn't be anywhere near it.
  5. Had mine for years, dropped it because I got sick of driving to some shady back ally office every few years to get finger printed. Last I checked, my finger prints didn't change. There was one time I was literally in a converted closet, in the back of a strip mall in St. Cloud MN getting finger printed, it was one of my last times....
  6. Maybe I did, but in the end it's a machine, designed to do work. Wear is expected, I'd much rather risk worn out pins than look at scrub brush that give deer many places to hide. Deer are a menace and the losses they cause are huge compared to worn out bobcat parts.
  7. I play with trains. Official title is track maintainer, but I put in just as many hours as conductor. Can't actually take pictures while on the clock so going to have to settle for a Saturday still shot.
  8. 1680 is same trans. They drop out the bottom pretty easy
  9. I've put hundreds of hours on a bobcat with a brush hog. I've put hundreds of hours on bobcats doing construction work. The construction machines wore pins way faster. I've never actually put pins in our 5500 hour machine. Brush hogs on a bobcat for actual brush are the cats meow. Brush hogs on tractors are for grass and cat tails.
  10. Odd, it always amazes me how much changes on tractors in 55 years, yet looks original. 66 mounts on early 06 fenders on a 56 series tractor.
  11. To expand on that for future readers, 1963-1964 706, and 806 had came shell fenders, all 1965 models had flat tops with no right hand hole and anything after 1966 had flat tops with both holes, correct???
  12. These are the fenders that came on my 856. Looks like 656 mounts and early 06 style fenders??? No right side hand hole, no 56 style wiring tube, no horizontal C channel support. Guess I'll keep them and swap mounts to another 06 if I find one.
  13. I've read and seen a few things that said no right step or grab iron around shift quadrant on the customs, but nothing about the fender. I'd assume they had the hand hole just for ease of manufacturing. So it looks like these fenders will work as original 856 custom fenders. Just need to change out lights and new wiring.
  14. Reading an old RP on 1206 options, it was said that the right side hand hole in the fender was added in '66. Was this an all models change or just the 1206? I'm putting the 856 back to factory original and the fenders that were on it, have no right side hand hole. I think they're the wrong fenders anyway because they have the 656 style mounts and tiny square U-bolts. So what's the right fenders for an 856 custom?
  15. So if you'll never own one, how do you know they're hard on machines?The hydraulic pump doesn't know if it's spinning a set of knives on a mower, a stump grinder, or a tiller. I know of 3 machines that have put a pile of hours on behind hydraulic driven bushhogs, ours being 1 of them. To the OP, you DO NOT want an open front cab, you need the lexan door, you'd be amazed at the size of brush that will fly in at you.
  16. 65 miles north of Minneapolis/ st. Paul.
  17. Awesome thanks. The 756 is a March and the 856 custom is a Halloween baby.
  18. How can I get one of them for 1969? And 1964, and 1965????
  19. I think I've got one but shipping will be crazy.
  20. For some reason I REALLY REALLY like that. Lord help us if I ever learn to paint!!!!!
  21. 301 was never orginal to a 560. Used motors are just buying time until the next rebuild..... Sleeve it back down and go. IF the rest of the block checks out ok.
  22. The hard to engage part is because I think the now solid rod under the platform is slightly too short. You can see it bending the ends slightly. The geometry between to the shift interlock pivot and the park pawl pivot must be slightly different. Regardless, I'll put it back the way it was with the updated parts and live with it. Rarely actually need park around here.
  23. Got the loader off today and gave it a quick bath. Going to be a 2 or 3 round cleaning. Got to get the fenders, front end and platform off before the next round.
  24. Do you know anything about the dealer decal? Looks like G.B. Hoober, Intercoursre PA. The 756 I bought has the same dealer decal but I can't make out the full name.
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