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  1. Doesn't matter what's "correct" for the serial number. The tractors 60 years old, any number of things could have been changed. All that matters is if the slow R&P will be what you need to make the ratios work. I've gotten so lost in this thread I don't recall what all you said you needed for ratios.
  2. Like others stated, start with a soil sample, be sure to get the full sample with all the micros. Post the results here and we'll set you on the right path. While your plan is good, the soil sample results will give you a direction to go. You might just need lime to get the PH right. Organic matter is a moot point, I've got sand fields that have OM in the .8 range, yes .8!!!! If it rains they'll yield right up there with clay, bit they get plenty of fertilizer. In the end you need to decide what the end goal is. A grass to just look at won't take much money to put in and won't need fertilizer. if you want to raise a row crop for money you'll definitely need fertilzer, otherwise your just mining the soil making the problem WORSE. My rule is if anything leaves the field, it must be fertilized to replace what was taken off.
  3. So true. I hope 30+ years from now guys are arguing online about that very same thing.
  4. Now I feel dumb. The extentions that bolt to the platform and fenders were upside down and switched side to side. The bolts that go into the fender were under the operators platform instead of above it. What threw me off was they were like that when bolted to the 856, in fact for so long i had to cut the bolts off to slide them out. But the 856 had 66 series fender brackets, so like stated, that will booger things up. Easy fix with no one to blame but myself.
  5. The hood on a magnum says Case so.... Which one should we be looking at?
  6. Should have said they're off vertically, either too high or too low. I've done the side to side swap on another machine, didn't notice it until fenders were bolted down. These brackets have the 2 wire accessory plug so it was easy know which one was the left side.
  7. I bet you could haul 1,100 bushel with that thing, there's nothing to it!!!!
  8. Piecing together my 756 and the holes in the fender brackets to bolt it to the platform are off by an inch and a half. Was there different spacers under the platforms on the 7 series? Or are the fender brackets different? I'm using all factory parts from many different tractors. Platform and fenders came off my 856, fender brackets came from a 1256.
  9. That was my thought too. Someone put a fast 706 R&P in.
  10. Gunna be real tough, most all are scrap metal by now. Might be easier to buy an entire machine just for the parts.
  11. My opinion, pull the front ring gear out and never use the FWA again, looks only. Theirs much, much better choices of FWA tractors if you need the FWA. If this is strictly a collector, or show piece, I'd do as I stated above and gut the ring gear out and enjoy the tractor shows.
  12. No gaskets failing will put oil in the exhaust. FWIW with a turbo there's usually pressure in the exhaust and the intake so leaky valve seals will look like excess blowby.
  13. Is it the same as used on a truck. Although I bet the odds of a truck having AC is even more astronomical than finding a 68 series in a junk yard!!!!
  14. Pull out the old post, depending on how big it is, get 1 the next size smaller and back fill it with pea rock.
  15. Cool video. Never seen disc plows like that in action.
  16. Why are the tracks on backwards?
  17. I'd do the exact opposite and start trimming the turbo. 1 it's aluminum and easily welded. 2 it's a newly made part, which means a replacement is available, that factory intercooler intake is pushing 50, and NLA.....
  18. Doesn't look much lighter than a 470. Got to remember I was in dry sand. Heavy clay it'll never drop in real deep
  19. I disk all my bean stubble in the fall with more HP. Shoot for 5 mph.
  20. 66 series look wicked sweet in black like that. Someday I'll bring myself to do one in black.
  21. Must not be much to that 370, I think the 470 is light!!! I've never actually seen an IH disc with single wheels.
  22. I've got 2 landlord's that put in deer plots, I used the 14' IH 470 disc with the 856. Small field close to farm is clay and wasn't much of a load but today I went up to the sand field and worked 3 acres twice. 1st high, direct was a good load with the disc buried to the spools. Definitely needs wheel weights, plenty of tire spin. Love the sound of the turboed 407!
  23. Found pics from this spring.
  24. IH 5088 with saddle tanks, repurposed 60 foot Blumhardt truck sprayer booms on the 3 point. PTO pump and a Micro-trak auto rate controller. 3 section shut offs. Built it all myself with parts I've bought over the years. I think it's been "rebuilt" in 3 different configurations, I finally like how it's set up. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it.
  25. 600# will never break that bolt. Many many pullers already doing it.
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