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  1. Chaffer questions

    Peterson style non adjustable chaffer on top, even with my specialty rotor in corn the sample was super clean, just ground up more then I'd like.
  2. Yes, the 900 and laters use the standard roller chain sprockets, the 800 used the older style long link chains, the name escapes me right now.... Its a PITA because the population charts are adjusted for the style of chain and sprockets, the 900 and later planters will use a 30 tooth sprocket, where the 800 will say 15, etc. Here is an old thread that covers all the differences.
  3. 900 is same as the late 800 planters. Offset covering disc, cast units vs stamped steel. There are some other differences I've discovered to like 1 less hole for down pressure springs, and none adjustable spring pressure for covering discs, but that stuff is minute. The 950 is same as 900, but half the row units have the right disc leading and other half has left leading, makes them pull straighter.
  4. ISO 1066 blackstripe rockshaft top cover

    Early last summer beiwers tractor salvage had a 1066 BS sitting way in the back lot with some parts already missing off it. Call them and see if they got one, other wise Petes Tractor Salvage out in Anaamoose ND might have one. Will the cover off an '86 series work?
  5. New turbo for 1586

    I've seen some with sealing rings and some without, they'll soot up over time and seal up.
  6. Anybody know anything about this dealership in North Dakota

    All I can add is our 863 bobcat has a Kristy's sticker on it. I met my wife when she was in college there, but I never looked the place up.
  7. Tractor Repair - Minnesota

    Isaac Conway, NTPA tractor puller, works at Larson Implement in Cambridge, but has his own shop at his place in Braham. Great guy, does great work too.
  8. 1480 mud hog interchange info

    Rear axle mount should be the exact same.
  9. Weight/rock boxes

    06-86 series weights on our 5088.....
  10. 2390 tractor/engine serial numbers?

    I looked in the I&T manual last night, flywheels are all the same 2090 to the latest 94 series. Under starter it lists a Delco Remy, or a Nippondeso. Looked like any model could have either starter. Not much difference in starters, small amperage difference and RPM difference. My guess is any starter will work. Seems like Case used a lot of the same parts from the 70 series all the way to the 94 series
  11. Case IH Cyclo 800 planter questions and parts

    The box needs to have power and be hooked up for the planter to go down. I've got the book with the instructions on how to change the automatic tool bar height. Send me a message if you need a copy of it.
  12. Case IH Cyclo 800 planter questions and parts

    The marker box was separate from the monitor. I think the electric markers was an option, you could get the hydraulic alternating ones. The electric marker box was part of a package that came with automatic toolbar height, you could adjust the height of the toolbar to a preset height and it would return to that height every time you lower the planter. It's all fun when it works, it's a pain when it doesn't.
  13. Looking for Allied Precision filter extension

    Are you looking for the adapter to install two hydraulic filters or the cover that allows you to change the filter without taking out all the bolts? The later 66 and 86 series covers will fit if you can find one of them.
  14. 2390 tractor/engine serial numbers?

    Two different starter options for which tractor, the 1370 or the 2390? If the flywheels are the same I would use the 1370 starter. Otherwise use whatever starter matches whatever flywheel you end up using.
  15. Why, when you’re cold and in a hurry...

    A smart shade tree mechanic would have bought all six plugs with the intention of returning the extra 5. Only to put the 5 in his toolbox and 3 years later find them again in wonder what all these oil plugs are for?????
  16. Road trip to Minneapolis.

    The last pic looks like the University of MN campus. Downtown St. Paul is 10 miles from Minneapolis so it's hard to see unless your in the right spot.
  17. Road trip to Minneapolis.

    I travel from Saint Paul to Fergus Falls over to Breckenridge back to Fergus Falls back to St Cloud over to Cambridge everyday. I recognize every picture you posted along the interstate we probably cross paths somewhere.
  18. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    What wrong with full time 4x4? Are you driving a parade tractor or working it....full time 4x4 is only a problem on the road. My 3394 has the original tires on the front still @ 20%. The rear end not handling all the power in 2 wheel is bs. The 2394, 2594, 3394 & 3594 use the EXACT same trans and rear end parts. In fact they're the exact same tractor other then front axle and rear pinion is different to drive front axle. I've been through these Case trans, the parts are big.... That being said if I found a 5488 FWA or a 3594 in the same condition, hours, and price, I'd have a hard time deciding which to buy. The IH would be the better deal, but those Case tractors are work horses for there price.
  19. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    I love my 3394, if dads 5088 was FWA I'd Prolly love that just as much. Biggest advantage the 94's have over the 50's is the cab. I've had my three-year-old daughter in the cab of the 50 with me and that was all you wanted. I've had two children and another adult in the cab of the 94 with me. I think you could have parties in the 94 series cabs, they're huge. The 504 motor is also a brute. I think it could give any stock 466 a run for its money.
  20. Ih806 with 3588 transfer case

    Transfer case ratio should be one to one. The problem is finding a front axle with a 50 to 1 ratio. Most tractors had a 49 to 1 or 50 to 1 rear end ratio. I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to disengage the front axle. Lots of case 94 series tractors running around with full-time 4 wheel drive.
  21. How far would you drive a tractor home

    I drove my combine 250 miles home... I was bored one long day of spreading fertilizer and figured that with a 35' field cultivator on a square 160 acre field a tractor and cultivator will put on 35 miles.... Even more with narrower equipment.
  22. Bean seed is $60 per acre, I put down fertilizer that's $30 an acre, spray is $30 on the high side. Expect to get 40 bushels an acre, like to shoot for $9.50 per bushel sold. Trucking cost me $0.27 per bushel. We own all our equipment, but I can't give you a per acre cost on it all, as I've never figured it out.
  23. Case 94 series power shift

    The 24 speed use the exact same parts for the range trans and the rear 3 speed PS as the 12 speed. The only difference is they squeezed in a 2 speed PS, between the engine and the 3 speed PS. It is an under or direct drive unit that alternates between under and direct as you shift up through the 1-6 PS gears.
  24. 706 L.P.

    I've got my eye on an 806 LP that was conveyed to gas, I could use all those parts to convert it back, good find.
  25. 1206 parts find

    Per a post of mine awhile ago, the "wheatland" decal was dealer installed sticker based on a specific way the tractor was optioned. Here is the thread.