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  1. I leave the large wires with every other wire removed in for both. That's why I run cover plates on the first concave. Without them, the bean pods fall through way too fast and don't get thrashed out. You want beans to stay in the concaves slightly longer to help thrash out the tougher pods, that's what the cover plats do. With corn you want it out as fast as possible to maximize capacity. with every other wire removed you should have no problem getting the corn off the cob, but still have plenty of capacity to get 200+ through the machine. I play with the fan a bit as the day goes on, generally turn it down until pods start showing up in tank, then crank it up. That's the beauty of the air foil on top, nothing to adjust, just let the fan do the work. Trick is you need to have the rotor and concave doing their jobs properly first. Too much MOG will frustrate a guy quick with an air foil. Need to keep the chaff going out the back of the rotor and not onto the cleaning system.
  2. Corn. Large wire concaves, rotor 200, maybe 220. Transport vanes in the middle to full retard position. Open rotor 5-7, then keep closing until you start breaking cobs, then open slightly. You want whole cobs with just a bit of corn on the tip. Fan 1050-1100. Lower sieve 3/4 to wide open. 250 bpa corn is gunna be alot for a 44 size machine. My rotor speeds might need to be adjusted higher, I'm used to the bigger 88 series machines with bigger rotor.
  3. Beans. Large wire concave with every other wire removed, cover plates on first concave section. 400 rotor rpm, fan at 1100 if possible, some max out at 1050ish. Transport vanes full advance. Set concave opening about 3ish on side chart, if your cracking lots of beans when they get dry, start slowing rotor down, no lower than 350. If they're still cracking open concave slightly. Once they get way dry they crack easy. Open bottom sieve just enough to get beans through it.
  4. Are the Gordon seive the ones where the top sieve is non adjustable? Just angled holes? Setting the concave is a separate thing than the lower cleaning system. What heads are you running? Approx bpa of each crop, crop condition, all effect concave settings. The sieves are for separating grain from material after the rotor has done its job. A properly set concave and rotor will make a machine handle lots of grain. A properly adjusted cleaning system will give a clean sample. Give us a few more bits of info and we'll be able to get you a very nice grain tank sample.
  5. That chart is a blatant LIE. Global CO2 levels were at 4,000 PPM in the dinosaur era and varied from 2,000ppm to as high as 6,000ppm.
  6. I fully agree. My assumption on the varying oil level on the dip stick is the tractor isn't perfectly level. As for the filters, seams like a problem that's non existent, since no one would ever know unless you pulled the canisters off. Also something for the OP to remember, the MCV circuit uses the same oil light. so if the MCV is slow to prime the light stays on for awhile.
  7. 1020 head.....So no experience with flight extensions?
  8. Ditching the fingers for fighting extensions. Anyone done it and regret it? I've been fighting every year to keep the fingers in time, or just going. seems at least once a year a rock or log gets in there and slams the fingers out of time, then things spiral quickly out of control. Floor sheet is banged up, fingers drop inside tube, then punch back out, currently the finger rod is bent and broke. 20 foot 1020 head with air reel, SCH sickle, good pans, good reel and fingers. Beans feed fairly good, just sickle of dealing with the fingers.
  9. Mike is the best, he'll look for a long time trying to find stuff. I just bought 2 operators manuals from him Sunday at the tractor show.
  10. My only question is why are you taking the canisters off and checking them????
  11. The loader specials had 2 remotes with a weird holder basically under the seat, not the side by side like most tractors. I know I've seen a video about the loader specials. I'll see if I can find it tonight. Google says no seat suspension, also dual shaft pto? Never seen a real dual speed pto on an Oliver.
  12. 3788, 3588 sold for 15K, 3388, 14,750. I bought a set of double bevel rims for dirt cheap. gunna pick them up Friday, then head to Albany show, it's only 1 mile from the sale!
  13. Tordon will smoke it, but you've got to be super careful around the trees. Only thing is it's restricted use. Fall application works awesome, this reminds me I better get busy spraying yards this week.
  14. My dad's owned a 77 since 1967 or 68. It been worn out and rebuilt into a super 77, but still small 77 carb. Slowly getting repainted. It did 40 HP on the Prony brake last year. I just drove it today moving things in the yard, love the tractor, it'll never leave.
  15. Technically yes, but they're so huge you'll never need to. I was into our 2090 case over winter, 6700 hours, wet brakes on planetarys still had cross hatch in the fractions. IH planetary brakes are even bigger.
  16. Didn't look at article but I'm picturing something like bumper cars at the fair with the gantry pole sparking away up top at night!!!!
  17. That Kasson show is cool! I won't be at Dalton Saturday, I'll look for the 650 Sunday when I'm back. I parked next to a nice 1 owner 826 gold demo. Guy is fairly local, said he painted it twice. Once to Red, then back to gold a few years ago.
  18. If you have a CDL, can pass a drug test, and show up on time, you can get hired anywhere!!!! Getting fired might be a blessing to be out of that situation. Local end dump guy here's told me if I get sick of RR, he'll hire me, 100K. No weekends, home every night.
  19. Selfie setting on cellphone out drivers side, so mirror image
  20. Anyone going? Feature is IH, I left at 8 am today with the 856 custom, 3 hour drive. Friend is bringing my 756 on Saturday. I'll probably drop tractor off at Albany on the way home for that show next weekend.
  21. Hope you find some, I need a few sets too.
  22. Why are they spraying water on solar panels? Where is the smoke? When pumping through an arial like that,I see no reason for pump operator to be at his station constantly. With that said, our engineers rarely stray from the engine control panel by more than a few feet and only to assist a tender if needed to drop water, or help with a ladder. I feel there's more to this picture than is bring told.
  23. Weak valve springs? I assume new with cam. Dad had a tractor fight him long time till he figured out exhaust springs were weak and was letting in exhaust at intake stroke.
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