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  1. Cliff took some searching and found the company in Ontario that sells the stainless steel kit. Delta Power equipment, previously Vincent Power Equipment. Talked to Wayne, sent me a email of the instructions. Someone put a lot of time in too get it right. Would post pictures, but their well protected and won't let me copy so I can't show them here yet. Any one have this stainless kit, sure be great to hear good or bad? Sheets fit below flex bar, so there's no rock bubble on the front like the stock steel sheets!!
  2. Will post on Tuesday or Wednesday. Seems like the first thing that caught my eye was the tube grill and them duals Had a 656 hydro when I was a kid, loved that one 70 degree and up!!
  3. This 706 Gasser seems the same? Maybe not that extreme Our 2255FWA was way more balanced out front to the rear And could flip around on the head land
  4. I'll take a pic next time I'm there Covered in years of bird crap and dust, all original tractor with the duals, high hours 6000/8000hr has always made me pass
  5. Don't forget AG Daily, Monday thru Friday. 5.2 @4:30 am Here in Michigan Free hi def picture and sound is the best
  6. Deere seems to be the sponsor, case IH has the commerical 's Everyone has cable or satalitte, so they don't see, US farm report or ag daily or ag weekly Then successful farmer right after. Ditch the dish and cable, and enjoy free TV.
  7. Very Tuff! Know of a barn find just like yours. Waiting for the moment, even if we don't need a big red horse
  8. That's some different Red! Cool ride 436 without a Whistler? 466 same, I don't know,, with a turbo? My 1440 is a 436 naturally aspirated
  9. That's old school and will stay that way jass! AC is working correct now too Still need a little more 134a, little bubbly in the site glass. Don't think it has any major leaks Cable controlled 1020, cut mom's lawn right really tight, see the green on the king just bar?
  10. All really confusingly and a mess but the wires are looking the correct color Their so all red and lightly scraping the red paint off if them And very faded under the red
  11. I will j mech Had to go to the parts store, bulbs for the 1500HD Have to keep the mom happy too Appreciate all the help Should get the hi temp sensor working? Bought 4 gal of peak full strength and I'm sure the cooling system has not been drained and flushed in years 134ac is low and got 2 #s, see if that works out too
  12. Got wires correct now, big dummy should get the book out and take a look, ol brain moment. Coolant temp is still inop, and high temp sensor is disconnected by previous owner Didn't see that sensor it's behind the water filter bracket. Will go get a new sensor, looks like it's toast? Cleaned the two eng harness connectors that were nasty, but still no coolant temp gauge More help needed from my red power buds It's green country around here and I'm the only one with a ol axial flow Oh the stud on the temp sender is loose and spins, new senders on Tuesday
  13. Have a wire on the new rear solenoid on the wrong post, I'm sure have the book open and looking at the diagram, right now cranking diagram is different than charging?
  14. Think so to j-mech New solenoid looks nothing like original Wiring diagram shows 3 red wires to one large post on solenoid Plus the red with black to alt. Field connector
  15. I'm missing something simple here. New batteries New solenoid in engine compartment New ford style, from ih Starts right up but not charging Coolant temp gauge not working No battery voltage to + stud on back of alternator Has a 3 wire field connector Have never seen 3 wire Usually 2 wire Going back to check with a fresh perspective Got really frustrated yesterday Maybe you guys can set me straight Original issue #1 batteries junk #2 ford style solenoid broke Combine volt gauge and coolant temp gauge always worked
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