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  1. Sledge hammer I'm no expert, but a ol timer once told me that the mushrooms in your pictures are false morels? He called them dog peckers? Also he said that they can be toxic to some and others have no issues eating them.
  2. Bought the ez guide 250, and the ag-15 antenna. And the optional harness to switch paint on and off. Shipped to the house. $1513.00 That's the best price that I could find, locally unavailable and on backorder.
  3. Tractor has a umbrella so I could mount the magnetic base to the umbrella post. On the left fender. So then do you put in the offset to the right to bring it back to centerline of the tractor?
  4. Billion the farm, seems that out front at the steer axle would make it highly accurate. And stay on the line.
  5. Thank you for the reply Cattech. There's no info about mounting the ag-15 to a tractor without a cab.
  6. Any suggestions on best location. Front of tractor or right behind the seat? ag-15 has 3 magnets and also a large threaded hole in the center, may be pipe threads? No instructions in box or on their web site that I have found. Cab tractor or rops with a canopy is simple. Needs to be above the straight pipe so it does not affect signal, that's all I know for sure. Hope you guys have some input and any pointers on the ez guide 250. Thanks
  7. Guy with the sap running over, has the blue plastic bags. Old style metal pails and the plastic 5 gallon buckets. First time I've seen the 5 gallon buckets.
  8. Seen a five gallon bucket overflowing here in mid Michigan.
  9. Cooper ST Maxx, great tire, big $$ El dorado CTX, same great tire and owned by Cooper, slight difference in tread pattern.
  10. El dorado tire made in Taiwan CTX no warranty, rated as commerical. No complaints here, $586 OTD
  11. Red oak pipe is 3 inch and 4 foot long.
  12. Think that Stan is having someone making them for him the same. Not the originals. I have a 756 Neuss 310 with the m&w. Going right now to measure the pipe know it's not 4'
  13. Lorenzo That's the 4' pipe from Red Oak? Had a phone conversation with Stan. He is quite knowledgeable. Said that more yellow filters will be available. Your 560 is missing the chrome rain cap!
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