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  1. Think that knife drive pulley and belt needs to be changed to slow things down. Brad at CFC Distributors is a good guy to talk to. Had to many SCH cutter bars and guards. Have the Crary King Kut now. Really like this set up on the 1020
  2. Stronger800, I hope so too. Used as a hay tractor. Needs some work, but the real important parts checked out.
  3. Not much help with the governor, but knocker loose is the best stuff. Buy a can every time I'm at the local napa.
  4. Searcy, owner wanted to plug it in and has either. Told him that don't need to. Did the cold start just like you do. Fired right up, he was amazed! Needs a new rubber hose, turbo to the intake manifold. Not sure if that would be available at the IH dealer??
  5. I worked at the Ollie dealer The term, I'll say is they was a severe pain! Oliver or white, tight space, hoses and wiring all crammed together After a good long run at the new 756, with the tilt wheel, have already forgot how sloppy, I noticed it was sitting down the first time! All can say, she's a real bad Red girl! Nimble as a barn swallow in flight. With old farm grunt, love the pipe and M&W whistle!
  6. Need a long IH side panel. Anyone have? Can they still be had?
  7. Jumped on it right away triple R. All is good, and so much more than could have ever expected, and right in my back yard. Also know if a large Horse, real close by. 1456, open station. Been parked under cover for a long time.
  8. Guy that said he did not care for the 34 rear tires. It has a nice matched set of 16.9-38's Same as the duals! Will make someone a great deal for a pair of 15.5-38 firestone radials.
  9. Thanks to all for your comments Long time reading here Will post pics in the future The M&W seems so right, now that I've had just a little time in the comfy IH seat. TA,pto, and 3 point all good. Tilt wheel is sloppy, waiting for a cost and fix on that. Reminds me of my 656 Hydro when I was just a boy. Love Red memories finally rekindled.. Thanks Marc!!! If ya see this post.
  10. Thanks guys.. Checked the tractor over really well. Could never find a nicer German 310 With all the extra that this one has. Owner said it needs either and plugged in below 45 Shocked him when the German off this morning, with nothing but knowledge from the internet ..
  11. Rrr4 quality, nailed it. Now the third owner!!
  12. Thanks super A Think I'm gonna drive her home in the morning
  13. In the dark shed with my cell phone light only, the very worst thing that I saw and was a huge disappointment! Hose clamp was off at the turbo, tight short bend and kind of hidden to the guy that doesn't look.
  14. Was to dark in the shed tonight to get a good pic. The tilt wheel is very loose? m and w turbo has me wondering if that was a good idea? A mile a way and I'm gonna buy her and give it a new home!
  15. Looking to buy a756 tomorrow. D310 with M&W turbo Hyd seat 2 remotes 3 point Hub duals Tilt wheel loose!!!
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