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  1. What ever you do, don't be under the header with it the safety stand locked in. Mines cable operated, no electronics. But I would think that the separator and header does not need too be on for the AHHC to work?
  2. Your right then he was an advisor for the cm welding, Indiana not sure if I should post his## or address? The shoupe pic looks the same 9 of them that attach to the keystock grates and have to have serrated bars in the rear of the rotor.
  3. My 79 1440 has the Delco Remy electric reverser and the wrench too. Never used it and I run at a good place, not putting along that's for sure. Will post pics of the ele. Reverser when I get home tomorrow if any want too see?
  4. Shoupe has his style disrupters, I think. 500 dollars in stock Does Don still out of Indiana, cm welding?? Really old posts on other forums..
  5. Good looking 1440 @chadd have you ever sharpened the cross auger on the 820? That really helps the even feed. Also clean the dirt and crud that builds up and re adjust them float springs. Nice looking 820 too!
  6. Seems that uneven feeding from the 1020 and feeder house would lead to the rotor rumble and not threshing, or roping or worse a plug, never have plugged and seems a full heavy even feed gives the best sample in the tank and very little loss out the back. Ground speed, reel speed, cant of the fingers all matched for the conditions. Rarely touch the concave setting, just slow or speed up the rotor, fan wide open chaffer and sieve, per book. Looked at the standard rotor all bars in place large wire concaves, removed the cover plates that original owner had in the front. Key stock grates with serrated bars. Checked the disrupters are available, $500, not sure if you really need them? Getting things ready want to cut asap, beans go from 15 down to 10 percent moisture real quick rather pay for a little drying, then loose bushels to 10 percent moisture.
  7. I will look at my 1440, think they are there, had two filler plates on the first section, that I removed.. Nice sample in the bin, not much in the return, and hard to find any beans out the back on the ground. If you remove the 3 straight bars will this be a improvement in soys? Beans are all green and still growing, heavy pods, may be a totally different thresh than previous years.
  8. @Jeff-C-IL this is your man to talk to. Got to get rid of the old style crimp connectors, solider and shrink tube. At the very least new style connectors with shrink on them.
  9. My 1440 is cable controlled with a converted 1020 to match. Only know that I would start with the ground, I would go back to the combine for a know good ground. Get rid of all those old butt connectors too.. Member here that's from IL,I think? He's the master at electric AHHC! Works at head sight??? Was a recent post a week ago or so. Sure wouldn't cut beans without it working, end up costing$$.
  10. I sure like my 756, 310 with m&w turbo. Sure would keep that 706 too!
  11. What's the rush, keep on mowing! The cat will be disappointed too. Wash and wax her up, take the 7 to a tractor parade or show. Better check the serial##, never know what ya got.
  12. So true @sandhiller guy in the wheel chair on top of the trailer has a good view.
  13. I'm as mellow as a mellow cup if ya know what that candy bar is! But I'm ready to stop posting any topic at any time soon.. And be a read only viewer
  14. @Sledgehammer I'm still learning the forum rules.. But if a member offered up a Red Donor? Don't see that would be a real issue to bend the rules for a good cause?
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