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  1. Do mine on the Weber big kettle, I'd bet cowboy Kent Rollins is a good one to try. I'll be watching his video when I get a chance.
  2. Chad Colby did a segment on Dakota Shine this morning. This week in Agri business. If the stuff works as shown may be worth the costs
  3. The DOT must of wanted a bigger fish to fry! I would of never been so lucky. Got caught with a grain head on I-75, end dividers hanging over on curb side. Made me park it, go home and get tools to remove on a 215 JD. Added 600 dollars to the price of that head.
  4. Dave that's a good looking burner and a safe looking backer and flooring. What model stove, wondering if it's still made? Your running the whole house on fan only to return cold air back to the top? Oh, catalyst stove or reburn tubes? See the temp gauge just before the ceiling.
  5. No till min till and strip till have been around for years and the old boys modified old planters, cultivators, and tool bars long before a Soil Warrior was ever brought to the drawing board. With older lower HP tractors pulling they're home made rigs.
  6. Search home made strip till.. Some guys are very creative and have done it right, others not so much. Think of the dry placed below the seed vs 2 by 2 placement. Just a starter mix 4"to 6"down and your roots grow to it! Thoughts??
  7. If it was affordable I would use a strip till with narrow shanks behind the coulter's. Deep placing fertilizer of the back side of the shanks, deep probe soil tests usually show lack of nutrients deep in the soil profile. Studies have shown that tillage adds oxygen and breaks down corn stalks, and you'll never gain any organic matter in your soil, don't disturb your harvested crop roots, corn and wheat decaying roots are the key to building OM. Soys have much less so I would never till soy stubble.
  8. Correct on the proper lubes for the gear boxes. On 1440 think you have to remove the rotor dip stick and use a suction gun. May have to use a suction gun on the front PTO box as well Move this thread to the tech page and you get more advice than here. Seems that the procedures are in the o/o manual for changing out the lubes. Run large wire bars in all the positions all wires in, removed the cover plates on the front. Keystock grates with serrated bars. 540 on the rotor and 2-3 on the concave Does a nice job
  9. Does your 1480 have the accumulator and the A,B,C valves? I don't think so, but on my 1440 if I don't have the nitrogen pre charge and the three valves set right AHHC won't work at all. 79 model before electro hydraulics.
  10. Nate read the post 1688 with 1020 header. Check the cable and sensing rod has to move freely, is there debris between the adjustable fingers and the tops of the support runners. Right and left ends not binding and full range of motion.
  11. Owning a line up like that is quite an achievement, makes getting a good night's sleep allot easier!
  12. Some get it done in style with no worries about def and computer chips. Bill what's your opinion of the ez guide 250, nice straight line, what is the unit of to the right, looks like it says omc, rate/boom control?
  13. I'm sure it does, will check with the guy that replaced a solenoid for me, it also had 2 small posts, would not energize the solenoid with small wire hooked to the wrong post.
  14. Do you really need the strap if ya are running a cable operated 1020?
  15. Red oak diesel in Iowa or @Injpumpedmember here, he's in Illinois
  16. 86985617 # comes up as a strap? Anyone have a different part# for the tool
  17. Do not use the pic as a guide, that pic was taken before the rod kit was completely installed and adjusted. Also that kit is for a 1020 paired up with a early 1440 twin stick. No electronics, mine is cable operated. Rod and lever kit made a big difference in response, really follows the ground now. Bonus is gets the cable out from under the header and all the dirt. Kit that I got did not have the tool @hippy5488 is talking about.
  18. Believe the 14 degrees that @hippy5488is referring to is the position of the short lever that's welded to the sensing rod in the pic.
  19. The little piece the holds the sensor tube? Have heard about this but never seen one. Wouldn't a couple of vise grips be the same, holding the tube stationary when adjusting the fingers?
  20. Same here will it ever quit raining.
  21. Drying some but beans are too wet, and rain forecast Thursday Friday and Saturday. On the return trip from Ohio every combine in the field making dust till I got near Toledo and nothing all the way home. Didn't even see any corn shelling.
  22. That attached header wouldn't fly in Michigan. DOT would have a field day with you!
  23. Yep that's how stuff gets done in the school of hard knocks! Also how ya can destroy the cross auger tube. **2 on the finger timing #redpower123 Not being sarcastic but sometimes it makes sense to do the job right. Points on the shaft where the bearing rides are most likely worn and undersize, if the lock collars and father time loosened the assembly up.
  24. On the 1020 the shaft had to be polished with emery cloth so that the shaft would slide on the inner bearing races. Was a long time ago!
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