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  1. Umm, I'm a all night and most of the next day at my regular job Like having a silver bullet right after the morning coffee on days off 19th hole very early works for me Red Power Golf Tournament!
  2. Not really, go play the back nine at the local course, early in the morning, mid week and the city boys are still in bed or getting ready for their 9 to 5
  3. I'd be really proud of Nelson too. Golf is the most bashed on sport. Buying your kids and grand kids a plastic set of clubs for their third or fourth birthday is like a Gerber first insurance policy. Better than them running with the local pack of trouble maker kids that always are getting into trouble. Making jokes of the game is all good, but usually done by the guy that can't hit the little white ball that's sitting on the ground!
  4. Like it @searcyfarms Young man should do well having Tom Watson as a mentor.
  5. Rusty, Little over a inch on the over night into this morning, still showering on and off here in Bancroft. North and West got much more.
  6. Wow brings back memories of my past. I was the son that hated Holsteins. So stupid of me. 26000#avg and over 1000bf Bitty knows how to farm! Congratulations
  7. Mn and Wi both, bad drivers. Stating facts, not trying to offend.
  8. What a blast sign me up! See these poor ass birds headed to case farms every week, makes ya think hard about eating chicken.
  9. Common sense goes a long ways in life. Proper Pre Trip Inspections are not done as they should always be done! DOT certified chain and binders, no farm store china junk. So sorry sucks to see things like this and I see way worse on a daily basis!
  10. How can a man feed his family on 20 bucks/hour. Gave up wrenching years ago and never looked back. Start looking find someone that will pay you what your worth!!
  11. 24D ester/is the generic, not going there.
  12. In my humble opinion Can't beat 17# AMS it just works and MSO has it's place too.
  13. I'm in Ohio for a day or two, when I get home and have time I will check pressures and look it over if I get a chance. Maybe he will get the dealer on it before then. Seems there's so much to get done lately!
  14. Not sure never seen the repair order, and the owner doesn't know what was done! Problem could be something simple as a flow control on off at the remotes?
  15. Will try to get a look at the remotes and take my gauge, levers move the cable and valves, not sure if they're moving enough. This is the second time for the same problem, think it's out of warranty now? If it was mine I would be on the phone with the dealer, first thing Monday morning..
  16. 756 puller I'll check that out, not sure, only 120 hours or so. Thanks to ya for the reply!
  17. Cables to the remote, here's a few pics don't know, cables seem to move ok, way harder than the levers on my 756, just out of my realm!
  18. Power of the pre'$, next year will be looking for that unusually warm spell to burn down and then apply the 3 pre'$ right at planting.. Have to love a clean field at harvest!
  19. Helena adujvent, Smoke seems to be a very good AMS replacement too? Helena, Grounded to hold the pre's in place, have no new young weeds, just nice beans.
  20. Doing a jar test with all your tank mix enlist partners to see if it will turn into cottage cheese will give you peace of mind. Your water quality has major effects on herbicide efficiency, that is often overlooked. Liberty is a top killer as glyphosate will kill roots and top growth, had grasses regrow late season here in past seasons with liberty. If your doing your own consider a two pass game plan glyphosate, 1.5 quarts, and 17# AMS/100 gallon of water. Glyphosate still is a great herbicide and will get all grasses and most small seed broadleaf weeds. Then come back with the enlist to clean up any rouge weeds that are resistant. Dual II Magnum works real well as a post residual on grass and small seed broadleaf weeds that show up later!
  21. Another pic of this aggressive sob.
  22. Media is not talking about the potash train that derailed in Alberta, Canada. Around forty cars piled up, what a mess, hmm just a accident??
  23. This bee was very aggressive and hard to kill! Carpenter bee??
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