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  1. Going to buy new to me and wanting some opinions.. 6100 main and 6103 splitter. Has for units on the splitter and think it originally was three. The extra unit makes it plant blocks to of 4 rows with tram skips where the tractor and planter tires run. 30"corn 8"beans 8"wheat and cover crops. No experience with the white planters and this is the only one I've seen set with the narrow rows.
  2. Where's the chicken fried steak? None to be found in Michigan!
  3. Seems that there was a topic in the archives and 5 to 7 Grand was mentioned. I would never sell it if it was on my 7!
  4. Everyone's ground and situations are different, but why chisel that is some nice winter cover! Plant right into it this spring and save the fuel. Nice to see guys doing covers and feeding cattle, do you allow any winter grazing? The radishes are awesome compaction tools, but 🦨 pretty bad when warms up. Do you have any issues in the spring with the oats roots and getting a smooth seed bed?
  5. I would not do any acid or chemicals! Pressure wash with some Dawn and call it good. No heavy brushing don't want to scratch that baby!
  6. Jeez someone jump in here and help the man out!
  7. Ace laughing my arse off over your Mad Max video!
  8. Like the Red, but the Ferd is sweet too. Is that a 1086? Can't read the# Never seen a 86 with a after market cab
  9. Not at all related to the subject, but guess rows on thirties with a four row planter.. Then split them into fifteens in soybeans, I get this all the time, how do you do it? Look straight ahead and stay on the mark that's very hard in a no till field at times. I'm sure planting perfect in narrow or wide rows, should not be a issue which ever row head and planter combo that's used? Look forward, nothing behind you're looking at will straighten the guess row! I have no GPS, a good eye ball and don't get distracted.
  10. Would not worry to much about that rubber. Thresh your beaners out of the pods the first time through the machine. You're gaining nothing by sending threshed grain back through to the rear separator on the return..
  11. Up to a certain point of moisture above 13, some elevators only charge you with the shrink, no drying discount, think that's like 15.5% Much better to cut above than below those dry beaners are a lose at the cutter bar and real!
  12. Think the 2%, per one percent under is close to being correct?!
  13. Cutting beans earlier in the day will bring the moisture up a couple ticks, helpful if their below optimum 13% Less header loss also!
  14. Michigan DNR would consider that baiting, which is currently illegal.
  15. I run the cross auger forward and down in the trough closer to where feed sheets meets the trough, grabs the beans better (just my opinion) Always check and adjust cross auger drive chain any time you move the auger! And it's free on both ends of the head, the wedges get packed full and need to be cleaned out and lubed to move freely.
  16. I was worried that ADM would reject a small load 240 bu Opening a field with a few green limas, little bit of trash from weed escapes, did not like the way it looked. Thought the moisture was more than their 18% Max. Sample 12.3 Moisture FM .5 Damage .4 Try to take that same load to the local mill. Well we're gonna Dock ya! That's why I take the time to haul a little farther.
  17. Lack of moisture is the ongoing pandemic, with no end in sight. Widespread and effecting all.
  18. Oh don't forget the reel speed seems some guys run it to fast and beat the beaners up, knocking pods off and shelling in the head. I try to just tip em over on the feed sheets and watch them suck in under the auger.
  19. Reel height increases as it's moved closer to the auger. Make sure floating cut bar is in it's full upward travel and reel at it's lowest travel one inch, plastic reel teeth tips to the top of guards. Don't want the tips getting nipped off seems common at auction sales. Oops! The degree of reel teeth cant front/rear will effect this clearance also.. For/aft, reel height, degree of cant on the reel teeth, ground speed all need to be in time to the height of the beans to prevent header losses.
  20. I'll send a up close pic of mine for proper placement, think there's no directions with the part.
  21. The round tubes that attach to the inner wing and the solid short that attach to the end walls are at your dealer. A good IH parts man will know, just show him the pics of mine.
  22. Air in the system? Someone her must have a answer for ya.
  23. Lock wishers, misspelled on purpose, they wrap and knock the beaners out of the pods more than anything, took them off the first green combine head 15 foot, 215 that were in place when I bought the head. Ran the Deere one year, next year took them off and reshaped and sharpened the auger, gets touched up every year now. This is a long process if the flighting is rounded over, make the leading edge higher than the trailing edge. Danger wear safety glasses and leather gloves! Don't buy cheap disk's they wear out quick and can blow up! My new to me 1440 and 20' 1020 eats beans, that was like 5 harvests back, it was ho hum when we first started up grading and fixing her back to like new. It's a 79 cable operated AHC, with a Cary King Kut complete kit. Not bragging, but what's been done works and can't afford anything that might be better.
  24. Is Hack Berry a different name for the Green Ash? Have one in our back yard that looks the same.
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