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  1. Also forgot to mention that we did bearings and seals on both front hubs this spring.
  2. So a little over a year ago I bought a 7130 and a big Square baler from a neighbor, the tractor had been rather neglected for the last 10-15 years. It has almost 10000 hrs, and I think it's been stored outside for a lot of it's life, at least judging by the paint. So I've been slowly getting little things fixed on it, oil leaks, put hytran in it, (just had some sort of Heinz 57 in it) front tires, built a monitor bracket, LED lights, and the latest project was the seats. The things I would like to do yet are, repaint all the red, it needs a new interior in a bad sort of way, and some of the plastics need replaced, I also would like to put 89 series mirrors on it, and eventually do away with the duals and go with super singles. The way it's set up now with the wheels all the way out, plus duals are really wide for all the road travel that I do. I included pictures of the buddy seat build, last year I bought a buddy seat that just bolted in, but was quite unimpressed with it, it sat way to high, and the backrest was way too small to do any good. So this last week I set to work on it, I cut the bracket down 4 inches, and bolted up a little frame with 1inch square tubing and angle iron, then made the cushions myself, (as you can see) and bolted them up. It does flip up out of the way, the buddy seat upholstery job leaves alot to be desired, but it's not finished yet, I'll cover the bottom with something. Last night I took the operator seat in to get reupholstered, and I'm fairly happy how it turned out. Next I need to either recharge or buy a new accumulator for the suspension, it doesn't currently bounce at all.
  3. Thank you! I'll check on those, yes I'm in Wisconsin. Asap in downing wasn't answering the phone yesterday afternoon, so I'm going to try to get ahold of them yet too.
  4. On my 7130, the right steering knuckle is shot, the bearings apparently have been out for quite some time. Today I finally got the chance to check it out and this is what I have I have only had the tractor for a year, so it must have been bad when I got it. 12 is the part I need, does anyone have any idea of where to find a used one? So far I've come up empty handed.
  5. We did the engine on a 6500 hour 1486 and had a fair amount of copper showing.
  6. Five miles north of rice Lake here, small world
  7. I'm referring to the main slip clutch, ours just has the traditional slip clutch with wear discs in it, at the dealer this spring they said that now you can get a slip clutch that doesn't slip as it were, it just kicks out under too high of load. I saw in the description that this one has it.
  8. You won't be to far from our area??? that looks like a nice baler, we have a rb465, and we don't have in-cab density or a cut out clutch, the cut out clutch would probably be one of the first upgrades I would do to ours
  9. Not a fan of bears here, I had a tag for one and killed one this year. They also like to climb around on our line wrapped round bales and tear holes all over in them.
  10. Very similar to what we do except ours is usually just a little wetter. The more cob the better.
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