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  1. Exactly, we just bought a clean 9000 hr 7220 for about that.
  2. 12000 hrs on the 8940 I hope?
  3. So on our 7220 and 7130, the first remote is slow and choppy going down, and very slow to raise. Any ideas on what could be the issue?
  4. It's gotten pretty dirty since that picture, pulling the 24' wil-rich
  5. I actually kinda already have the neighbors 7140 lined up for next winter... we'll see how that works.
  6. About how much did you get into this setup, if you don't mind sharing? I would only run the cheaper stuff for now, don't need rtk. I was actually thinking of building my own setup, and running it with a tablet, but the next year is full, don't know if I'll have time.
  7. I was wondering about that, it seems strange that you can't, when this screen has way more capabilities than an fm750.
  8. I got a harness through ag express that runs the pro700, so now it is fully isobus compatible.
  9. Just run a big square baler for now, lb334p. We'll see what all is to come yet though. 😏
  10. Probably won't ever be this clean again 😕
  11. Well I just ordered one from abilene machine, and they never took a seriel number either, so actually the shutoff solenoid was wrong too, cause mine has the early solenoid. The old pump had 1/2 inch threads on the shaft, new one was 3/4, the pump housing was a little different too.
  12. Now for the manifold story, I had one bolt on the clear end of the manifold that was broken off. I have a neighbor that has a welding shop, so I took it to him, he tried to loosen a couple of the other bolts, and they broke too, out came the cutting torch, and he cut the rest off. and then he set to welding nuts on them to get them out. I went to put the manifold back on, and seen that it had a big crack right below the turbo, so I went down to all states to get a used one, long story short, that one wasn't in very good shape, and it had shrunk, so it didn't fit anyway. So I ended up with new manifold bolts, manifold gaskets, turbo gasket, and a manifold. Currently, the fuel pump is off, I had a reman one to swap it, but evidently it's quite a bit newer, and the shaft coming off is too big, so who knows if it will actually turn any dirt this spring 😬
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