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  1. Nice pic. See you tomorrow 😁
  2. My phone was down for a few days and I was unable to reply. Thanks for the replies, I'll probably just cap them off and go air ride.
  3. Any idea what they did with the hydraulic lines?
  4. My 7130 is a very early model, '88 . And I need a new seat and suspension, so I'm thinking it's an air-oil suspension in there now. I'm looking at k and m's, but most of those are just air suspension, I've heard of guys just capping off the hydraulic lines, is that something that would work? Or should I look for something with original suspension?
  5. It still amazes me how Dad's 1486 tri stripe and my 7130 are only 7 years apart.😳
  6. WisIHCFarmer


    And there's a screw missing from the plastic shift cover, not that it matters, but for 35,000 you better get all the parts
  7. I know what you mean that their not always as nice as they look online, it looks like the 5488 and 7140 must have been on the same farm, they both had similar Trimble autosteer setups.
  8. Wonder who got it? Went for 25,500. Super nice looking tractor.
  9. Well apparently the compressor runs, because when I start the tractor you can kinda feel it move just a little bit, kinda like it is leveling out, but it stays down. And you can push the air lever down and it kinda settles down a little pull it up and it just barely moves. The cushions are shot too so maybe it's just time for a whole new seat/suspension from K&M😏
  10. I'm betting this could also be my problem, I have a baler monitor and an acid applicator monitor, not sure where they are pulling juice from yet, I bought both the tractor and baler together, so it was hooked up when I got it.
  11. There's the serial number for anyone that is interested. Also my seat won't air up, is there a valve or anything that can stick or go bad that I can replace?
  12. 👍🏼 Alright thanks for the help. Where is the fuse panel on these?
  13. Well a few weeks ago it would start for a second or two and then this solenoid would kick it off, that time we just cleaned up the connection and it worked fine till tonight. There was an oil leak around there and the connector plug had a fair amount of oil in it, not sure if that could cause this or not.
  14. Thanks for the help! So I get a new solenoid I guess, as far as the year I'm not sure, it has 2 speed reverse, which serial tag do you look at, the one in the cab or on the lower right hand side by the lower cab light?
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