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  1. Looks great 👍 do you have any more pics of the buddy seat?
  2. WisIHCFarmer


    I bet it's staying in there 😂 he also had to cut the oil pan he says. I think once this one is in and going, it's going to have some performance work done to it 😏
  3. WisIHCFarmer


    Obviously a work in progress, he said he's only about half done, even if it's in and running
  4. WisIHCFarmer


    It's a dt466. he had to move his charge air cooler forward about 4 inches, and move a brace on the frame, he said he can just slide his hand between the engine and the firewall
  5. WisIHCFarmer


    His 6.4 blew up, so he bought a bus and swapped the engine, just started it for the first time the other day.
  6. WisIHCFarmer


    I've got a buddy currently putting a dt466 in an 2008 super duty.
  7. Looks like it has a tank in the back, you can see what looks like a fuel cap on the left side by the back window. It says it was done in the early 80s
  8. https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/190460693/1967-international-806Not mine, just found it on tractorhouse.
  9. We have a 900, excellent machine.
  10. I guess you could just drill it out
  11. Ya I think they would as long as they fit the hole
  12. It's supposed to have ceramic like stuff around those screws
  13. Ya except the dealer couldn't even find it, and eBay doesn't seem to have anything, I'll keep my eyes open though.
  14. We need the sending unit that screws into the manifold
  15. Where can you buy a pyrometer for a 1486? Ours is broken, and we couldn't find another one. Thanks
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