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  1. I guess you could just drill it out
  2. Ya I think they would as long as they fit the hole
  3. It's supposed to have ceramic like stuff around those screws
  4. Ya except the dealer couldn't even find it, and eBay doesn't seem to have anything, I'll keep my eyes open though.
  5. We need the sending unit that screws into the manifold
  6. Where can you buy a pyrometer for a 1486? Ours is broken, and we couldn't find another one. Thanks
  7. Beautiful tractors!!! Would like an 88 series some day.
  8. Ok ya that makes sense, thanks
  9. On our 1466 the fuel gauge reads empty all the time, how do you know if it's the gauge or the sending unit that is bad? It has power to the hot terminal, and I put a new wire from the gauge to the sender unit. Thanks
  10. What state is this in? We probably won't be in the field for another couple months.
  11. So we want to plant corn with our 986, how do you go about getting the front axle unstuck?
  12. One of our 966s has this exact swap, the combine motor supposedly had 5000 hours when it was put in and it still is running great.
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