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  1. Five miles north of rice Lake here, small world
  2. I'm referring to the main slip clutch, ours just has the traditional slip clutch with wear discs in it, at the dealer this spring they said that now you can get a slip clutch that doesn't slip as it were, it just kicks out under too high of load. I saw in the description that this one has it.
  3. You won't be to far from our areaπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ½ that looks like a nice baler, we have a rb465, and we don't have in-cab density or a cut out clutch, the cut out clutch would probably be one of the first upgrades I would do to ours
  4. Not a fan of bears here, I had a tag for one and killed one this year. They also like to climb around on our line wrapped round bales and tear holes all over in them.
  5. Very similar to what we do except ours is usually just a little wetter. The more cob the better.
  6. We have an H&S wheel rake that works pretty well for balage, actually most of the people I bale for use wheel rakes, I'm not sure how it works in Sudan though, we've never done any of that.
  7. We have been loosing alot of the burr oaks in our pasture to Burr oak blight, kinda sad when you see beautiful mature oaks dying.
  8. Nice pic. See you tomorrow 😁
  9. My phone was down for a few days and I was unable to reply. Thanks for the replies, I'll probably just cap them off and go air ride.
  10. Any idea what they did with the hydraulic lines?
  11. My 7130 is a very early model, '88 . And I need a new seat and suspension, so I'm thinking it's an air-oil suspension in there now. I'm looking at k and m's, but most of those are just air suspension, I've heard of guys just capping off the hydraulic lines, is that something that would work? Or should I look for something with original suspension?
  12. It still amazes me how Dad's 1486 tri stripe and my 7130 are only 7 years apart.😳
  13. WisIHCFarmer


    And there's a screw missing from the plastic shift cover, not that it matters, but for 35,000 you better get all the parts
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