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  1. Literature showcased the new L shaped hole in the weights with a 12 hole bracket. Outer two holes were intended for the lock bar.
  2. It's likely reverse was always faster to facilitate increased retreating speed for loader applications among other uses. That mindset never vanished until the 50 Series and the New Farmall that IH didn't get to produce.
  3. The stock engine in a 3788 will not like 15-40. The later Navistar versions are different, and not just because of duty cycles.
  4. Decal on the plastic by the windshield indicates engine rpm must not be allowed to remain at or below 750 rpm or significant driveline damage will result.
  5. Left side lever by your ankle is the park brake and betting the opposite side you're speaking of is the hydraulic lever for the rear remote. Guessing it's a single remote setup.
  6. Throttle indicates 06 Series. Guessing I-806 with aftermarket hair dryer.
  7. Redneck Riviera, owned by the very patriotic John Rich.
  8. It's been over 25 years but it seems like the 5 degree arrived after the unfold sequence was completed. Move the lever to float and the wings would automatically flex upward the proscribed 5 degrees and be ready to plant. The wings would also flex upward for each cycle at the end of the field for turning or until you folded the planter. The protocol was lower the three point as you slowly moved forward to avoid plugging the seed boots, power the lift assist cylinders down, and run the marker in float. The marker was on the same circuit as the rear lift if I'm recalling this procedure correctly. On a 1066 the float is obtained with the set bolt under the lever pivot which can be locked out if desired. Both levers were in float when the planter was running and the fold circuit remained there until folding up for transport.
  9. Friend of mine replaced a whirling feed table blower with a used IH 45 degree auger feed. It kills. Even that four letter word decal doesn't slow it down.
  10. Did a literature recon since it's raining The Triple Nickel was offered as a direct-throw only economy alternative to the direct or recutter capable 650 starting in 1973 and billed as new with the switch to annual Buyer's Guide for 1974. The 650 first appeared in the Fall 1971 Buyer's Guide in direct or recutter livery along with the existing 550/350 models but was advertised as new in the Spring '72 BG where the 550/350 were absent. Guessing the 555 was essentially an updated version of the 550 and it vanished for 1975. 720/830 product lines arrived in the 1977 BG. I didn't remember a litigation matter involving New Holland over the 720/830 but since the 800 corn head product line got them in legal hot water with Deere right about the same time nothing surprises me.
  11. What you carry depends heavily on what you're wearing. Almost any overcoat or suit jacket will accommodate a quality shoulder holster and a larger frame weapon such as a 1911 or a double stack magazine style of your choice, but the coat must remain for concealment. Comfort is key and congruent with that is quality so do not skimp on any holster or you will be frustrated. You will have multiple holsters for every need and that's just part of the game. Whatever you carry and wherever it's carried involves training so muscle memory and training take over when adrenaline changes all the rules. Practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more.
  12. Send a pic of that to the Dealer Decal Thread located just around the virtual corner.
  13. Crazy We had a 403 and then a 715. They were a lot the same capacity wise but the 715 had some nice improvements, especially the quick attach feeder. The big change arrived with a 1460.
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