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  1. Mankind has learned, and learned plenty. The supposed elites who create the conditions that result in combat ignore the costs borne by others as they profit handsomely from the carnage and the cleanup. In case you might be skeptical, please consider why The Marshall Plan to rebuild Western Europe after WWII has never ended.
  2. Was that pull shortly after the wheel was invented?
  3. 56 Series. Was supposedly standard on the big dog 1256 along with Position Comfort Power Steering but optional on the 7 & 856.
  4. Interesting. We have a show up special that's been here 6&1/2 years. He just showed up, ate all the cat food and hasn't left so he must like the joint. Has similar body structure to yours with Aussie Cattle Dog (Healer) colors but vet thinks some sort of Terrier on the other side of the coin. Wasn't very old on arrival and no collar, tags, or chip to be found. Big man when the cattle are on the opposite side of the fence but when you have an open gate he's as helpful as a cat. Herding instincts missed the genetic boat.....
  5. There's a surprise. The kids of the phony elite aren't required to go fight the foreign "expeditions" their parents ignite for profiteering either.
  6. I know a guy who was team plowing with neighbors like they always did in the area every fall. He was just a kid barely old enough to reach the pedals on the 1206 so his pop fastened blocks of wood to them with hose clamps and sent him out to plow. This was the fall of 1972 and the neighbors were all sitting happy in their shiny new 4430's pulling the same model IH plows as he was. I guess they got mad when he'd constantly catch them in the furrow and bump their tail wheels with the front tire of the 1206.
  7. The typical Marxist modus operandi is to start small and move upscale on the installment plan so as not to make large waves, not unlike plunking a lobster in cold water and slowly boiling it to death so it doesn't notice until it's rather late in the game.
  8. All 1590 of the I-1206's had red fenders except for the 6 Industrial Yellow versions that were built.
  9. I've shared this anecdote at least once but when the 06 Series was introduced a local dealer had a complete D361 overhaul kit perched over the parts counter advertised as "free to the first customer who needed one". I think it was still there when the dealership closed in 1984.
  10. They ran out of other people's money to fund their dream.
  11. Ate a rock the first or second day of corn picking in 1975 with the spanking new 715 and 833 corn head. Made a mess of the concave and most of the rasp bars. Quite a departure from the 329WN on the 403 so after that the gathering chains were kept clear of the deck when harvesting. Zero exceptions to that rule.
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